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GTA IV: Dealing and Stealing

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 03:50 PM Edited by Claude4Catalina, 06 April 2011 - 05:33 PM.

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Alex Jackson is a small time thug based in Bohan and Northwood. After laying low since 2006, he returns back to the hood scene, looking to get back in the game.

user posted image

Chapter One-Alex is just getting started again, with the help of his associate Tyler, younger brother Jamie and equally small time dealer Papi.
Chapter Two-with a few more contacts established, Alex starts working for Police Commissioner Mitt Fitzsimmons and Gerald McCreary, alongside helping Papi.
Chapter Three-Alex gets involved with the Ancelotti family and starts helping them run the Heroin trade, making a few enemies on the way.
Chapter Four-Alex uses the contacts and information he has gained in the past three chapters to take down the Ancelotti drug cartel.

#Mission NameMission Giver
1What's Good?N/A
2The Alderney ConnectionTyler Fairbanks
3The StickupTyler Fairbanks
4Burning BridgesTyler Fairbanks
5Fight MusicJamie Jackson
6It's Not HardJamie Jackson
7Scream'Jamie Jackson
8Money Over BuddiesPapi
9Bite The BulletPapi
10Express DeliveryPapi
11Triad TroublesPapi
12Death Without DignityMitt Fitzsimmons
13Driven To The EdgeMitt Fitzsimmons
15Seal The DealPapi
16Slow RideRique Garcia
17The Crack SpotTyler Fairbanks
18Finishing UpTyler Fairbanks
19Transporting The TransporterRique Garcia
20Modern Day CriminalsGerald McCreary
21All Our TurfGerald McCreary
22New Rock CityGerald McCreary
23Flight Of The RussianAndriy Maximov
24Crime Doesn't PayAndriy Maximov
25The Master's KeeperAndriy Maximov
26Farewell ComradeAndriy Maximov
27Turkish DelightBeniamino Marcello
28ProductBeniamino Marcello
29Live Your Life!Rique Garcia
30Spin And DryBeniamino Marcello
31That sh*t's MineGaleno Rivera
32Set SailGaleno Rivera
33The Last SupperUnknown
34Finishing MovesAlex Jackson

Introduction-What’s Good?
Cut to a scene of a twenty nine year old African American in white Eris kicks, black jeans and a green and white Eris track jacket.

Alex Jackson is searching his South Bohan apartment, sifting through his cupboards, his .45 sitting on the kitchen table amongst empty beer bottles and pizza boxes.
“Ah, found it.”
Alex tucks the package into his jacket and leaves his apartment. The camera cuts to him getting in his black Willard Faction, and ‘Hypnotize’ by Notorious BIG starts playing as he cruises through Bohan, over the Northwood Heights Bridge, and parks outside some garages, before entering the project.
“Yo, what’s good homie?” A twenty-something black male said as he opened the door to Alex, standing with his arms folded, leaning against the door.
“You ready?”
“Yeah, yeah man. JAMIE! Your brother is here!”
Alex’s younger brother, the 21-year old Jamie Jackson steps into the frame, buzz-cut hair, and black body warmer over a white hoodie with blue jeans.
“Bro, how’s it going?”
“Get ready, we have a deal to get to. These cats won’t wait much longer.”

You then start outside in Tyler’s black Landstalker, with a waypoint marked in East Holland.

Tyler: Who are these chumps?
Alex: Dominicans. Two of them, they local to you two. Henrique and Amanda I think, I spoke over the phone to Amanda, it’s a f*cking man!
Jamie: Amanda? HA! Gotta be a fag!
Alex: Yeah, well keep your mouth shut on this one Jay, this package should be worth about 2000$ to us, you two will be making a bit of money to keep you afloat.
Tyler: Alright man, let’s just hope it goes to plan…

The trio arrive at the small construction site, with a crane overshadowing them.
“They are just around here.” Alex leads in the way to where the dealers are.
“You lucky, we was just about to leave.” The dominant Dominican said, trying to sound tough. “You got the sh*t?”
“Yeah, show me the money.” Alex replies.
After a quick exchange, the two dealers cut through a house and into the streets, just as two stickup guys emerge.
“Hand over the gear, and you won’t get hurt.” The biker demanded, his accomplice wielding a sawn-off shot gun.
“No chance.” Alex looks the biker in the eyes, shooting his accomplice.

The biker is pleading for you not to kill him, but you have to choice.
Alex takes five steps back, aims his .45 at the biker and shoots him between the eyes.
Alex pushes the biker to the side, and tells him to “get the f*ck out of here.”

Whichever option you chose, you will then find yourself back in the Landstalker with Jamie and Tyler.

Jamie: Take me to my garage bro? Told a client I’d finish his car today. Looks like not.

You will be directed to Jamie’s garage, two blocks away on Astoria. When you arrive, you will be shown the following onscreen text.
This is Jamie’s garage. Here you can tune cars and visit him to help find parts and vehicles for him in return for special car parts.

Now you need to drive Tyler back to his apartment in Northwood. On the way, they have the following conversation.

Alex: You still got the guns I left at your lock up? I have a feeling we may be needing them at some point.
Tyler: Of course bro, I’m still selling some of that sh*t on the side, y’know? Just to keep my head above water.
Alex: Yeah, I feel ya man.

When you arrive, Tyler thanks you for the cash, and you’ve finished the mission.

Mission Complete
Phone unlocked
Tyler and Jamie contact/abilities unlocked.
.45 always in your gun stash.
The Biker Random Character (if you spared him

You get a phone call from Tyler and Jamie confirming their abilities.

Alex: Speak.
Jamie: How it happen man, holla at me if you need a car sent out, I’m sure my clients don’t mind you taking their cars for a spin. And remember, I’m always open for jobs and sh*t.
Alex: A’ight bro, that’ll come in handy.

Tyler: What’s good Al? About them pieces, give me a shout if you need me to come out with the ‘Stalker, or my lock up is always open to you if you need.
Alex: Thanks man, never know when I’ll need anything more than my .45.
Tyler: Drop by my place soon, I’m sure we got sh*t to do.

With that said, two mission icons appear on your map. Tyler at the apartment, Jamie at his garage, you have the choice to go back to Bohan to save your progress, explore Liberty City or continue the story.

user posted image

Alex Jackson “Shut your f*cking mouth.”
The playable protagonist of the game. An ex arms dealer, is coming back from laying low in Bohan for a few years after killing Pavano Family capo Joe Corolla. Alex is known for keeping a level head alongside his violent temperament, and is more of a leader then a follower, but more than willing to help.

Tyler Fairbanks “What’s good bro?”
Best friends with Alex’s younger brother (see below). Took over Alex’s arms dealing business when Alex went into hiding. Tyler can supply Alex with weapons and has a lockup in Northwood which serves as a makeshift armoury.

Jamie Jackson “You gotta be sh*tting me?!”
Alex’s younger brother, not as refined as his elder, but can hold his own in a fight, as well as running a Garage where Alex can modify cars and help Jamie with car thefts.

Papi “f*cking pendejo”
A Broker based drug dealer, becomes one of Alex’s closest friends by the end of the game. When Alex has done a bit of work for Papi, he can call Papi for some back up in the form of himself and two Micro SMG-wielding gangsters.

Mitt Fitzsimmons “In all my years…”
The current Police Commissioner, Mitt is dedicated to ‘reaching out to those of the community who are out of work and helping them find work.’ In other words he employs street thugs to clean certain precincts, Alex is one of his best ‘employee’s’.

Gerald McCreary “Whiskey or rum?”
Gerald is the head of the McCreary Family-the Irish mob consisting mostly of drunks and drug addicts. Alex does some work for him before Gerald gets sent down.

The NOoSE Narcotics Team
The elusive joint NOoSE/FIB Drugs Task Force are elite team of NOoSE Agents under jurisdiction of the FIB. the old unit lead by Samuel Santana was a crooked as a barrel of fishing hooks and de-activated in 2006. the NNT appear as antagonists later in the story, alongside the Ancelloti drug cartel.

user posted image

This DLC features a mixed bag of 'gangsta' and 'mil-spec' weapons, due to Tyler's arms dealing connections.

.45-an eight round magazine with medium stopping power. Alex's chosen handgun, also used by some gangsters and the elite 'NOoSE Narcotics Team'.

Stubby Shotgun-Similar to the Sawn Off, this shotgun carries two shells before reloading and boasts high damage.

.45 SMG-similar to the Micro SMG, but with a 30 round magazine and more damage.

Machine Pistol-another low level SMG, holds more rounds to a magazine but low powered.

Silenced SMG-a upgrade from the usual SMG, with a built in silencer, but decreased range.

Burst Rifle-replaces Carbine Rifle as main choice for standard NOoSE agents and Police Officers, fires a tight 3-round burst, enough to down a normal target in one burst.

Heavy MG-replaces the Advanced MG of TBOGT fame, but is more accurate and powerful. a special version can be used with Incendiary rounds.

Incendiary Grenade-a powerful mix of the grenade and Molotov Cocktail. extremley potent, but you can only carry 20 instead of the usual 25.

Automatic 9mm-the TLAD Automatic 9mm updated to a Glock 18 with a 33 round magazine but the same accuracy and damage.

Sawn Off Shotgun-A re-hash of the TLAD version, can now hold four shells before reloading.

Pump Action Shotgun-updated to resemble Mossberg 500 Cruiser with heatshield, statistics remain the same.

SMG-reskinned to better resemble the MP5A3 to go along with the Silenced SMG.

Grenade Launcher-reskinned to look like an M79 'Thumper', still functions the same way.

Carbine Rifle-carry handle added to go better with the Burst Rifle's design.

user posted image
  • All new storyline and characters.
  • New weapons.
  • New vehicles.
  • Racket side missions.
This currently is a work in progress.To do list:
  • Character Images
  • Vehicle list and images
an insane amount of credit goes to The Lolwut Pear for the amazing logo's. thank you so much mate for visually improving my thread! you're work is incredible.

ditto to EduardKoeleJuck for most of the weapon icons, the .45, Heavy MG and Incendiary Grenade icons are the only ones I've made, most icons are from EKJ's incredible weapon icon sheet or pieced togther from it. legendary work man!

akavari112, you my brother, are one of a life saver! if you didn't piece together the table of missions, I would have been sitting here for ages trying to figure it out! I'd also like to thank you for coming up with the idea of having an epilogue, I hope it doesn't seem like I plagarised your idea.

also, thank you to everyone else who contributed ideas, criticism or just posted in this thread, I wouldn't be anywhere near as I was without your words of encouragement!

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 03:55 PM

You posted It a day early icon14.gif Nice start though xmas.gif

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 03:59 PM

haha, I know, I just thought I'd get done what I can, I'll post the first mission later tonight.

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 04:02 PM

Good start, although the name is not the best.

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 04:06 PM

the name has been troubling me for a while, I've chosen the current name to reflect the nature of the game, and I'm open to suggestions before I even attempt any graphics such as logos and box arts.

The Lolwut Pear
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Posted 23 December 2010 - 04:08 PM

Although I like how you formatted the character section...It seems to be severely lacking. Maybe you should ask for a logo (Or I can make one for you) and take some more time developing it.

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 04:32 PM

everything will be updated, I've got the bare basics down, I'm gonna work my way up from there.

and if would wouldnt mind, could you create me some logos and headers please Lolwut Pear?
I'll PM you the details, obviously credit will be given.

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 07:31 AM

Well done! Good job icon14.gif icon14.gif icon14.gif

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 08:11 AM

Its Mcreary, not Mcceary
other than that, good job.

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 09:09 AM

thanks for the comments lads, I've added the introduction/first mission into the original post, I'll be making updates throughought the day!

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 09:16 AM

Nice mission, you should work on better layout trough.

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Posted 25 December 2010 - 11:13 PM Edited by Claude4Catalina, 17 January 2011 - 08:38 PM.

just thought I'd take time out from the festivities to post the second mission. Enjoy!

Tyler-The Alderney Connection

“Yeah, I just buzzed him in. He’s here now.” Tyler said, putting the phone down.
“Hey man, who’s that?” Alex asks, closing the door behind him.
“My boy in Alderney says he can hook us up, says to meet him in an alley just off Farnsworth in Acter.” Tyler replies, heading for the door.

Alex: What’s he hooking us up with?
Tyler: Heroin. And a lot of it. We ain’t buying today, just meeting with the man to smooth things out, get a deal going.
Alex: And if we get hit, like the last time?
Tyler: This ain’t the guys spot, he usually operates in Broker, he just don’t want use to get tailed back to his place…paranoid f*ck.
Alex: Understandably, the NOoSE have re-activated the NNT, joint task force sh*t with the FIB, anyone caught carrying will face life in Alderney State. Future in there ain’t a future.
Tyler: Yeah, I hear ya. As long as me, you and Jamie keep our noses clean, we should be a’ight.
Alex: And Jamie keeps his mouth shut, you know what he can be like.
Tyler: Ha-ha, yeah, I’m glad I got you with on this one and not him, he can be such a dick when it comes to dealing.

You will reach the alley and be on foot, walking until you hear a Spaniard.
“What’s good homies?”
Papi, the dealer, stood there with his 9mm drawn, and nodded, telling Tyler and Alex to follow him.
“I hear you boys need a set up?”
“Could do with a steady source, you able to hook us up?” Alex took charge of the conversation, Tyler sat back and let Alex do the talking.

Scene cuts to Alex and Tyler exchanging handshakes with Papi, before making their way down the alley, only to be met with three choppers, five Angels of Death with guns drawn.
“Papi! You f*cking Mexican scumbag!” The leader biker shouted. “What are you doing dealer with ni**ers?!”
“f*ck you, racist piece of sh*t!” Alex replied firing his .45.

You are then thrown into combat, you find yourself behind a wall, taking cover. Papi is firing from over the ledge, and Tyler is in cover with a .45 SMG.

Tyler: I got us covered, go!

Tyler will cover you and Papi as you both shoot the bikers, and when they are dead, two more bikes pull into the alley, but it cuts to a cinematic of the three of you tearing the bikers to pieces.
“You mind giving me a ride back to mine? Me and Papi got sh*t to discuss.” Tyler asked as you head for the Landstalker.

You will now need to drive back to The Heights, discussing street politics with Papi.

Papi: What the f*ck are AOD doing in Alderney? Its Lost MC turf.
Alex: Big biker gang war going on, f*cking pathetic sh*t.
Papi: Still, motherf*ckers shouldn’t step on rival turf. It’s just wrong.
Tyler: We was on they turf?
Alex: But we had specific, harmless business, the AOD were just out for blood. Racist dickheads man.
Papi: f*ck ‘em, we got out of there alive.
Alex: Yeah bro, always got the positive side.

You will drop Tyler and Papi off at Tyler’s place, and Tyler slips you a wad of cash for your troubles.

Mission Complete
Papi contact unlocked.

You shortly get a phone call from Papi.

Papi: You did good out there bro, could use a cat like you in the business. Drop by my place on Rotterdam in you need work.

Papi’s missions unlocked.

happy holidays people!

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Posted 25 December 2010 - 11:25 PM

Nice mission man.

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Posted 25 December 2010 - 11:33 PM

What a brilliant and detailed storyline so far, happy Xmas to you too. Are you going to add any new achievements/vehicles relating to the missions lol.gif If you need help on some be sure to PM me! Love it

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 09:59 AM

I've been working on a vehicl list, need to finalize it before posting, it'll probably come when I've got the storyline typed up, I'm aiming to post a mission a day on here, to keep the topic fresh and keep everyone up to date. I'll add achievements after I've posted the final missions. cheers for the positive comments boys.

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 09:37 PM

The writing is very good, but I'm not a big fan of the story. The main character doesn't have much backstory given, so he comes off as just another drug dealing gangsta character that are a dime a dozen. I would work on that, and maybe find a better name for the topic. Put some graphics/images to enhance what you've written so far too.

Other than that, not a bad start icon14.gif

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 10:21 PM Edited by Claude4Catalina, 17 January 2011 - 08:39 PM.

characters will be updated over the next few days, now that Christmas is over, I can get back to normality, I'm gonna start work on some placeholders until something better comes along, I PM'd Lolwut Pear about graphics but haven't had a reply yet, he's probably too busy with the festivities. anyway, on to todays mission. I'm posting missions in their strands, so its another for Tyler.

Tyler-The Stickup

Alex walks into the apartment to see Tyler and his girl arguing.
“f*ck you, you small dicked pussy!” Abbie shouts, storming out of the apartment.
“f*cking bitch.” Tyler scowls, throwing a mean punch at the plasterboard.
“Ain’t we got things to be getting on with?” Alex asks, trying to avoid and confrontation.
“Yeah, Papi told me about a deal them bikers are going to, with the Spanish Lords.
“Ain’t Papi and his crew part of the Unified Legion of Latino’s though?”
“Yeah, some sh*t about different crews fighting for the same spot, f*ck knows.”
“Let’s do it then man.”

You find yourself outside, Tyler walking to his lockup.
Tyler: We could do with some heat for this, I got just the thing.
Tyler emerges with two assault rifles, handing one to Alex.
Alex: Nice, where we going?

You and Tyler then enter your black Faction, a waypoint marked for Beechwood City.

Alex: How’d you meet Papi?
Tyler: He was up The Heights looking for a place to get weapons. He told me about a load of H that came in Broker docks and how he wants to snatch that sh*t. Some Triad motherf*ckers is holding it.
Alex: And we getting dragged into it? Might as well see where it takes us.
Tyler: I dunno man. I can’t see it ending well.
Alex: See what Papi has to say for himself when it comes to it. Anyway, what’s the plan for today?
Tyler: The AOD are handing over some brown, the SL are paying half the money now, half when they get the van back to their compound in Cerveza Heights. The vans in the garage at the top of the slope.
Alex: I say we bust the deal, fight our way to the van, if it tries escaping, we get out of there and chase the van, follow it to wherever it goes.
Tyler: Sounds like a plan bro.

Soon enough, you reach the deal, and park across the road. You are then treated to a panoramic cutscene of the deal, which then focuses on the garage at the top of the incline. You then see a red Primo with gold trim pull into the yard.

Alex: That’s gotta be the buyers.

Alex raises his Assault Rifle and sprays the rear of the Primo, killing the two occupants in the back of the Primo. You are put back in control as the AOD and Spanish Lords are shooting at each other, leaving them as easy pickings. There will be one sentry on a roof with an Assault Rifle, when he dies his rifle will drop to the ground, providing you with more ammo if you need it. When you and Tyler reach the garage, Tyler will kick the main door in and firing a magazine of his Assault Rifle, killing all but three Angels of Death, who proceed to get in the Pony, smashing through the garage door. You and Tyler sprint to your Faction, where you are out in the passenger’s seat, firing your Assault Rifle from the sunroof.

You follow the van onto the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway, with bikers following you. Once you kill the first wave of six bikes, the back doors of the Pony swing open, revealing a biker with a Heavy MG firing at your car. You need to kill him quickly before he rips your car to shreds. Once he is dead a second wave of four bikes arrive. If you dispatch of them quick enough, you will get a cutscene of Tyler bringing your Faction level with the Pony, and you firing off one magazine into the driver and his passenger. If you don’t kill them before the Algonquin Bridge, the van will make its way to the biker hangout in BOABO but the van will crash into the back of a Trashmaster on Creek Street, cueing a scene of you and Tyler gunning down the remaining bikers as they crawl from the wreckage, and Tyler searching the van for any gear, emerging with a duffel bag of drugs.
“Let’s get back to Nor’wood, I’ll stow this sh*t in my lockup.” Tyler says as you two get in the Faction.

You will then be instructed to drive back to Tyler’s place with the drugs on-board.

Tyler: That went well!
Alex: What else do you expect, dancing with the devil and all that sh*t. We got away with our lives, and a bit to sell on the side.
Tyler: Used to be a time we could walk up to a dealer, wave a few guns around, and walk away with the sh*t, no blood spilt, nothing. At least it’s keeping my gun dealing afloat, everyone killing everyone else.
Alex: Nothing is ever easy is it? Took a look at when we took down Santana. His bodyguard was a mean bastard.
Tyler: Ha-ha yeah, he wouldn’t go down, would he! What’s this about the NNT getting reformed?
Alex: The FIB has reactivated it as an anti-narcotics branch, it’ll be handling a lot more than drug busts, apparently they got clearance to tap phone lines.
Tyler: f*ck. Where you hear that from?
Alex: Remember Mitt Fitzsimmons? He keeps me updated from time to time, the old bastard will probably get me to do his dirty work at some point, but if he pays good, then I’m not too bothered.
Tyler: The man’s got connections, would be useful to keep him around.
Alex: Yeah, I’ll keep him at arms-length though, I don’t want anyone getting suspicious.
Tyler: Now who’s paranoid? Ha!
Alex: f*ck you bro.

Pull up outside Tyler’s lockup and he gets out, and throws the duffel bag in there.
“I’ll see you around homie.” Tyler says, walking towards his apartment.

Mission Complete

Tyler will call you, suggesting you have a look around for packages.

Tyler: Hey bro, I hear gangs are leaving packages of you-know-what in dumpsters, if you don’t mind getting dirty, I’m sure you could drop that off in my lockup, then we can make some money selling it.

Hidden Packages are now unlocked. There are 50 of them dotted around Liberty City, and for every 10 that you drop off at Tyler’s lockup, you’ll get a weapon in your gun cabinet.

10 Packages-Machine Pistol
20 Packages-Incendiary Grenade
30 Packages-Grenade Launcher
40 Packages-Carbine Rifle with Grenade Launcher
50 Packages- Heavy MG with explosive rounds, 10000$ and the achievement unlocked:
Hide and Seek-75gamerpoints.

I'm trying to keep the first chapter more about getting back in the drugs game, so it will be a few stick up missions and such, then things will pick up in chapter 2.

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 10:51 PM

I love the mission.

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 11:36 AM Edited by Claude4Catalina, 17 January 2011 - 08:39 PM.

thanks mate, I'm trying to have a few on rails missions, throwbacks to Vice City, one of my best gaming moments was shooting the M60 from Lance's chopper, have to love it! I'm gonna post a mission now and then one later this evening.

Tyler-Burning Bridges

Tyler is seen pacing his apartment, waiting for Alex.
“There you are! Thank f*ck, been waiting on you!” Tyler exclaims when Alex opens the door.
“What for?” A confused Alex replies.
“Convoy coming through Bohan, over the Dukes Bay Bridge. I’ve got everything in place, six of my boys are down there, they waiting for us!”
“Wait. What are taking, and why do you need me?”
“A pick up is transporting some white, it’s the Albanians’ sh*t. And I need someone I can trust on this one bro.”
“A’ight, I’m down.”

You’ll be outside in Tyler’s Landstalker, where a waypoint will point lead to the Bohan side of the Dukes Bay Bridge.

Tyler: Take these bro, got some Incendiary ‘nades and an Assault Rifle.
Alex: What’s the plan?
Tyler: Well, I got two guys up on the road above, one with an RPG, the other with an MG, they gonna take out the escort, then we need to clean up everyone else, then you swoop in a grab the sh*t, then burn up the cars with the Incendiaries.
Alex: Sounds too simple to f*ck up.
Tyler: Ha! It probably will, but f*ck it, it’ll be a good day whatever happens.

When you arrive, four of Tyler’s thugs will be standing around an Esperanto.
“Get in position boys, the convoy has just gone through the toll according to my contact.” Tyler says, ensuring his crew we’re ready.
Alex will be in cover with his assault rifle drawn, Tyler will have a Grenade Launcher in hand.

Tyler: Let the RPG do some damage first, then take out anyone you see shooting.

The convoy will appear in the distance in the form of a black Dukes, a beige Marbelle, a silver Contender, then a blue Cavalcade.

Tyler: Keep the Contender in shape, that’s good the drugs in!

An RPG will be fired from above, destroying the Dukes and damaging the Marbelle.

Alex: Take this you f*ckers!

You know have to clear the remaining Albanians, there will be ten in total. Once you and the crew have killed everyone, you will be instructed to grab the drugs and destroy the vehicles.
Tyler: Grab the sh*t, we’ll cover you!

Approach the Contender to see a cutscene of you opening the tailgate and taking a duffel bag of coke. You will then be attacked by two Albanians is Hakumai’s.

Tyler: Oh f*ck, they behind us!

Once they are dead, throw an Incendiary Grenade at each vehicle before getting into Tyler’s Landstalker with him, any remaining thugs will follow.

Tyler: Whoa, f*ck me! Ha-ha!
Alex: That was wild bro!
Tyler: Yeah, I’m glad we got out of it alive, was lucky!
Alex: Ain’t about luck, that was pure skill up in there!
Tyler: It cool if we drop the sh*t off at your old garage?
Alex: Yeah man, that’s fine.

Tyler will throw the duffel bag out of the Landstalker and you will step out, accepting a wad of cash from Tyler.

Mission Complete
Abbie Random Character.
Incendiary Grenade Unlocked and free Assault Rifle.

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 12:18 PM

When in GTA IV does the story start?

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 01:21 PM

it'll start at around Roman's Sorrow and should finish Flatline for Jimmy Pegorino. I intend to have up to 35/40 missions, making it feel more standalone, but still in the same old LC.

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 09:45 PM Edited by Claude4Catalina, 17 January 2011 - 08:44 PM.

I do apologize for the double post, I just like to keep the missions seperate from other posts. here this evenings mission, the first job for Jamie.

Jamie-Fight Music

Alex will walk into Jamie’s garage to see his working underneath his Tampa.
“Bro! Get up!” Alex will holler, Jamie pulls himself from underneath the muscle car.
“How goes it man? Some dick who thinks he’s big has been dealing on our turf, from the Club Liberty sh*thole. I did a car for him and he hasn’t paid up for it.” Jamie begins to explain.
“I’ll go sort him out for you homie.” Alex said, turning to leave.
“Yo, wait up! I’ve had Ty fix me up with something perfect for this.” Jamie replies, searching his cabinets, before producing a Silenced SMG. “Take this, I’ll drive you over there, bring the Huntley Sport back here, you can keep any cash and drugs you find.”

You will be in Jamie’s Tampa, he will drive you down Wardite Street, and the following conversation will happen;

Alex: You gonna wait for him to turn up, just so I know who I’m aiming for?
Jamie: Yeah bro, he hangs in the VIP section of the club, right at the back.
Alex: Get in, take him out, grab anything that takes my fancy, and I’m gone!
Jamie: You f*cking know it! Prick won’t know what hit him!

The Tampa will stop, and cue a scene of Alex and Jamie waiting, the black Huntley Sport will eventually turn up, the dealer will step out of the SUV, his bodyguards wielding Machine Pistols.

Jamie: Good luck in there bro, I’ll wait for you back at the garage.

You must now walk to the main door, where you will be let right in for the price of 100$, or let them search you and fail the mission.

Once inside, you need to locate the dealer. People will be partying to hip hop, everybody blatantly high on something or other. When you find the dealer, walk up to him to trigger a cutscene.

“Hey man, you looking to get on it tonight?” The dealer will ask, snorting a fresh cut line of coke.
“I’m looking for you to pay your debts.” Alex replies, emptying 10 rounds into the dealer.
“Ha! I’m motherf*cking invincible, motherf*cker!” The dealer laughs, so high that he doesn’t feel any pain. “Where my boys?”

You will need to contend with three thugs with Machine Pistols who attack from behind as you leap behind the sofa. Once they are dispatched, you are told to track down the dealer.
After some investigation, you find him desperately trying to open a locked door leading to the alley outside the club. Aim your Silenced SMG for a cinematic execution.
Alex will spray an entire magazine into the dealer, before pulling out his .45 to finish him off.

You now need to escape the club, a few gangsters have shown up with 9mm’s and Machine Pistols, but they are easily killed. When you emerge outside, you have to get in the black Huntley Sport and bring it back to Jamie’s garage.

“Thanks for that, bro. I’ll give you a call sometime, probably gonna need your help, Papi told me bout something big coming up.”

Mission Complete
+$1000 from the dealer’s corpse.
+$500 from Jamie.
Custom Huntley Sport available for delivery.

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 10:26 PM Edited by The Lolwut Pear, 27 December 2010 - 10:50 PM.

You asked, I came:
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user posted image

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 10:50 PM

sir, if you were not male, I could kiss you! thank you an unbelievable amount! I attempted a placeholder earlier on MS Paint, and I failed. more then Justin Bieber comparing himself to Kurt Cobain! thank you a thousand times!

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 10:56 PM

Why do people keep saying that to me when I give them something?

QUOTE (The Lolwut Pear @ Nov 21 2010, 14:34)
Here's a better picture of the Pillows Club.

Did I ever mention that I love you sincerely?

QUOTE (mati1501 @ Nov 14 2010, 21:47)
I... love you (Not the gay way) . F**kin great! Thanks man!
BTW updating right now.

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 11:07 PM

I didnt mention love, just a kiss, ya'know, like the drunk kiss everyone encounters once in a while! tounge2.gif haha, seriously through, you have saved me a whole lot of work, and you deserve more then one crappy little cookie icon cookie.gif thank you so much man!

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 04:39 AM

Does your character have an appearance in IV or EFLC?

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 10:23 AM

he's the dealer from Shifting Weight in TLAD, I thought making him a minor characters would make sense, instead of using up someone with alot more potentional such as Willy Valerio, I can make the dealer my own, and only one crossover is mandatory.

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 10:39 AM

Nice work man, keep It up! Love the story.

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 10:45 AM

QUOTE (Claude4Catalina @ Dec 28 2010, 10:23)
he's the dealer from Shifting Weight in TLAD, I thought making him a minor characters would make sense, instead of using up someone with alot more potentional such as Willy Valerio, I can make the dealer my own, and only one crossover is mandatory.

Yeah he's an interesting character. How would his perspective of Shifting Weight be? I added a similar mission in my topic where you help the guy fight cops after the deal(Shifting Weight) goes bad. Maybe since Papi is in this you could add a crossover with TBOGT's Corner Kid's. It could explain how Papi get's away. Also will that gurl in Shifting Weight appear?

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