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Things you hate the most in GTA III

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  • Imperator233


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Posted A week ago

You can't crouch, you can't swim and of course stupid Leones at Portland.

  • ViceBoy69

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Posted A week ago

I still like the game but i have to admit the gangs coming after you is a bit much, its like they have special vision, no matter what car you drive they know its you and start firing or running towards you. its just not realistic and it gets annoying.

You have to remember back when GTA3 was released there was nothing else like it and there has been some pretty poor attempts to be like GTA too anybody played "True Crime new york city" ? play this then complain about GTA3 . Its worth having the game just so you can see how a GTA clone shouldnt be.

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  • BowlingMaster

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Posted 6 days ago

I dislike the Landstalker and the aiming in the ps2 version, since the camera doesn't always resets to Claude's back, so you can't see who are you shooting at, but that's an early 2000's thing.

just do it bob1
  • just do it bob1

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Posted 6 days ago

Not having 360 rotation. This was a problem in VC as well. I hated it and made the game feel clunky and weird. They fixed this in the mobile version of the game (III and VC), but this was still a huge pain and annoying. 

  • KingD19


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Posted 3 days ago

-You can't drive bikes
-The cars handling sucks
-You can't drive helicopters
-You don't have any train-driving job like in San Andreas
-There's no land beyond the Shoreside Vale tunnels
-There isn't any stadium challenge
-You can't sell ice-cream like in Vice City
-You can't buy companies

It was indeed a icecream truck but it wasnt icecream being sold out of it

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