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Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro stories

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Fan fiction wiki page
(The fan fiction wiki pages have a lot more content than this page and is in a better format)

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Release date: October 21st 2011
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and MAC
Set: Summer 2011

Setting: The game is set in San Fierro and its surrounding area in the summer of 2011. the overall size of the map is about the same as the GTA IV map.

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San Fierro
Population: 800,000
State: San Andreas
Mayor: Jeffery Blomberg (D)
Based on: San Francisco

The San Fierro Financial district with the Garver bridge in the background. And Ridgemont seen across the bay.
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Districts and neighborhoods (In game representation-Real life inspiration)

The numbers correspond with the San Fierro districts map below.

1.Financial District-Financial district
4.Garcia-The Mission district
5.Queens-The Castro
6.Ocean Flats-Sunset District
7.Gant Point-Fort Point
8.Carbon Heights-Diamond Heights
10.West San Fierro-Merced heights
12.Little Moscow-Little Russia
13.Easter Basin Docks-China Basin
14.Atlantic heights-Pacific heights
15.San Fierro city college-City college of San Francisco
16.Apollo park-Balboa park
17.Soviet Hill-Russian Hill
18.Fisherman's Coast-Fisherman's wharf
20.Micheal Square-Jackson Square
21.Mercer Square-Alamo Square
22.Cole Valley-Noe Valley
23.Little Vinewood-Little Hollywood
24.Teamster Square-Union Square
25.Eastwood-Westwood park
26.Marina-Marina District
27.Paradiso Heights-Presidio Heights
30.Rancho Rincon-Excelsior District
31.Foster Heights-Ingleside Heights
32.Outer Garcia-Outer Mission

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Population: 450,000
State: San Andreas
Mayor: Steven Grucho (I)
Based on: Oakland

View of Downtown Ridgemont with San Fierro in the background.
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Districts and neighborhoods

Creekfield Village-Brookfield Village
Silver district-Diamond district
Port of Ridgemont-Port of Oakland

More to come later

South San Fierro
Population: 100,000
State: San Andreas
Mayor: Larry O'Donahue (D)
Based on: South San Francisco/San Mateo

North Bay
Population: 20,000
State: San Andreas
Mayor: Harry Brocklin (I)
Based on: The north bay area

San Fierro: Considered by many to be one of the greatest cities in the world, a leading culture and financial center San Fierro has long been portrayed in the media as a city of love and peace do in large part to the hippies of the 60s and for the large part it is. But if you step away from all the art museums and high class theaters you will step into an underground of organized crime and gangs that is slowly tearing the city apart at the seems.

Ridgemont: Sitting just across the bay from San Fierro, Ridgemont has always played the role of the unwanted neighbor to San Fierro. A city filled with viscous street gangs and organized crime Ridgemont has had one of the highest murder rates in the country for decades with no sign of letting up in the near future.

South San Fierro: A mid-sized suburb located to the south of San fierro, South San Fierro is considered by many residents of the area to just be a quiet suburban community where nothing bad ever happens. But in recent years the cities crime rate has been growing as the Triad has begun to expand into the town to increase their drug territory, This move promoted action from the Cruz syndicate out of Ridgemont who also want to sell to the suburbanites. Tensions continue to grow in the area.

North bay: One of the Smallest communities in the bay area, North bay is a town of little over 20,000. Most of its residents are wealthy well off individuals who either made their fortune legitimately in the financial district of San Fierro or most likely as a gang or drug syndicate boss in Ridgemont.

Other locations or landmarks.

Ayala island: A former Prison located in the bay northeast of San Fierro, Ayala island is a top tourist destination long after its time as a prison has ended bringing in thousands of people from all over the country who want to see what remains of it. But little of the tourists know there is a mafia run casino underground on the island. Only accessible if you know the hidden entrance. Which you learn about 60% through the games main story.

Blackmon naval base: One of the largest naval bases in the country located directly south of Ridgemont and only accessible by water. This naval base is home to many of the United states most important naval craft as well as a few helicopters which make it one of the most important military instillations on the west coast. You can commonly find Leviathans, Annihilators and Coast Guard Predators parked here.


Note: The story may break IV cannon by including Tommy Vercetti but I just thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal to bring one character over from the other Era. Otherwise it is in the IV era.

27 year old Jack Steele grew up in San Fierro with his two brothers. Greg (26) and Andy (24). Times were tough for the Steele family growing up and the three brothers turned to the streets to help support the family. They began selling drugs at a young age and were soon bringing in more money in a month than their father made in a year. But tragedy struck when Jack was 19 years old. Their father was gunned down at a local convenience store in what appeared to be a planned assassination. Jack fled the state as he was afraid that whoever killed his father would come for him next. both of his brothers volunteered to stay behind and protect their mother. Jack then went to Vice city where he met a powerful but aging crime lord named Tommy Vercetti who needed someone to help maintain his empire. Jack then spent the next 8 years working for Vercetti and his name quickly became know in the Vice city underground. After 8 years Jack believed it was safe to come back to San Fierro and Tommy believed this was a good opportunity to expand some of his operations into San Andreas and instructs Jack to set up operations in San Fierro. This is where the game picks up.

Mission 1
The city by the bay...
Giver: none (opening mission)
Payout: $500
The game begins with Jack reuniting with his brothers after landing in San Fierro. The mission has you drive to the Steele's childhood home on the west side of San Fierro, When you get there Andy gives you $500 to start you off and says he will call you in a little bit. You then are instructed to enter the house where you recieve a brief tutorial on how to save progress, Change clothes and use the other features of the safe house. When you exit the house the mission is complete.

Achievement unlocked: 5G, Guess who's back...
New safe house: Childhood home.

Mission 2
The boys are back in town
Giver: Greg and Andy Steele (G&A. on radar)
Payout: $150
After you exit the house Greg calls you and tells you to meet him and Andy at the 8 ball bar on the edge of the Finacial district. This puts a (G&A) on the radar for you to follow. Drive over there and meet up with them. A cut scene follows in which Greg invites you to a party not to far from the bar. you And your brothers head out and hop in a vehicle. Drive the 3 blocks west to the party at a house. pull into the marker outside the house. When you and your brothers get out of the car you spot a man trying to steal a womans purse. Even though Jack is a career criminal he decides to help. You run down the street and confront the man. He tries to fight back, you are instructed to beat him up using your hand to hand combat but if you have any weapons you can still use them. Beat up the man and after you are done return to the party. You regain control of Jack in front of the house 5 game hours later and the mission is complete.

New elements: All shops and businesses are now open for you to shop in.

Mission 3
Staying strapped
Giver: Greg and Andy Steele
Payout: 9mm Pistol.
After the house part make your way back to your safe house which is also marked by a (G&A) blip. Step into the marker near the door to begin the mission. You meet your brothers as they are coming out of the garage. Greg and Andy then tell Jack that last night made them realize that they have no weapons in a hostile world. Jack asks if their old friend Ernesto is still selling guns out of his trunk. The brothers decide to find out. Hop in a four door car and wait for your brothers to enter. Follow the map blip and GPS route to Ernesto's place just south of your location. Along the way Jack explains that Tommy has asked him to set up drug operations here in San Fierro your brothers say they dont want to get back into the drug game right now but Jack doesn't want to let Tommy down. When they get to Ernesto's place they find him sitting in his garage and sure enough he still sells weapons. He decides to give you each a 9mm pistol free of charge and invites you to test it out in his backyard. you the reappear in Ernesto's backyard with 5 targets to shoot out. Aim at each target and shoot each one. he then tells you to shoot the dummy in the corner and use your lock on. Lock onto the dummy and shoot it 3 times. Ernesto then tells you he knows the weapons work and tells you to leave before the police come to investigate the shots. This has been your armed combat tutorial. Drive your brothers back to your home to complete the mission.

Mission 4
Test run
Giver: Greg and Andy Steele
Payout: $150 plus Tec-9
After you recieve a pistol from Ernesto head back to the marker in front of your safehouse. Here we see Susan Steele for the first time and Greg tells of The triads who rule chinatown, The Wangs. And Greg says he got to know one of their underbosses really well after doing some work electrician work for him. He says that he told him about how well you use a gun and your criminal history and he wants to "test you out" before he refers you on to the boss and that he could have the connections you need to set up Tommy's operations in the area. His name is Jerry Han. Greg wants to go see him in Chinatown as soon as possible. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and wait for Greg to enter. Follow the GPS route to Jerry's house in Chinatown. Chinatown is located directly south of the finacial district. When you arrive pull into the marker arrow. A cutscene shows you and Greg appraching the door and ringing the door bell. Jerry answers the door and refusses to admit knowng Greg or being part of the Traid thinking that Jack is a cop. Greg calms him down and explaind the situation. Jerry says that he wants to see if jack knows how to use a weapon as well as Greg says he can. After the cutscene get in Jerry's car parked across the street. He hands you a Tec-9 and points out 3 drug dealers standing on a corner down the street. Pull up and open fire with the Tec-9 If one runs off chase after him and either run him over or shoot him down. Jerry then directs you to take out a group of Feng Triads around the corner. Pull up and either run them over or gun them down. This earns you a 2 star wanted level and Jerry instructs you to use a nearby pay n spray. Pull in and Jerry pays the fee. He tells you he needs one more thing. Follow the gps route not too far to a burger shot in Queens. Located West of Chinatown. Pull in front and get out and follow Jerry inside. He tells you to hold up the clerk as he steals some cash from the register. lock onto the clerk and Jerry takes the cash from the register. Leave the Burger shot and drive Jerry home. He lets you keep the Tec-9 And gives you a cut of some of the money he got from the Register. Greg has gone home while you nwere gone. Jerry is now a contact in your phone. He will be calling you shortly.

Mission 5
The brothers Steele
Giver: Greg and Andy Steele
Payout: $300
After you meet Jerry you return home. Greg and Andy are playing cards on the back porch with Ernesto and a new character named Eric Malley. Eric introduces himself and tells Jack that he has a hot car parked downtown that needs to be picked up. He doesn't say what is in the car but insures Jack that it should be no problem. He wants you to take it to a lockup near the Airport when he has picked it up. Andy Decides to come along. Hop in a vehicle and wait for Andy. Head to the alley in the Financial district located behind a strip club. When you arrive exit your vehicle and enter the Black Merit down the alley, Once you enter the car and Andy is also in a white van pulls up at the end of the alley and three Albanian gangsters hop out and yell that the car is being stolen, one hops out and begins shooting at the car with a pistol. The alley is a dead end ahead of you so your only way out is to back out. So slam on the reverse run over the guy shooting and into the van. If you hit it hard enough it should slide out of the way. turn around and begin heading toward the lockup. The Albanians do not pursue. Along the way Andy brings up the topic of their father. Here we learn the first details of his death and says that the guy who shot him was seen in a black coat and ski mask and only targeted their father. Jack says that he doesn't want to hear more and says its water under the bridge. When you get to the Lockup pull the car into the garage and a short cut scene shows Andy saying he needs to go "meet somebody" and leaves. Jack then calls Eric to report his success and Eric invites you over to his apartment in Garcia located south west of Queens. This puts a red "E" on the map marking Eric.

Phone call: After Jack is finished calling Eric, Jerry calls you and invites you Back to his place. This puts A "JH" on the map at Jerry's house in Chinatown. We will cover his strand first as the G&A strand is stopped temporarily.

Jerry Han.

Mission 6
Ghosts in the fog.
Giver: Jerry Han.
Payout: $350
Jerry will call you after you complete "The brothers Steele" and tell you to come visit him. Enter the marker in front of Jerry's house in Chinatown. Jack enters and Jerry asks him for a favor. He wants Jack to take a group of his men to a meeting at a pier along the northern water front of San Fierro. They are meeting a drug supplier to discuss an upcoming shipment. After the cut scene hop in the indicated four door car containing three Triad members. Drive to the meeting on the western most pier of San Fierro's water front. Pull into the marker and a cut scene shows the three guys exiting the vehicle and approaching a man dressed in a trench coat. It is very foggy out at this moment. jack sees three Feng triads sneaking up through the fog carrying weapons. Exit the vehicle and gun down the Three men. The Wangs run back to you and when they do a carload of Fengs pulls up. Jack takes cover behind his car. Use your cover to protect yourself from the bullets and gun down all Four of them. when you do you and the Triads quickly hop in the car. Another carload of Fengs approaches and begins shooting at you. If you have used all your remaining Tec-9 ammo the Wangs will shoot for you so dont worry. But just shoot through the windshield and windows and when you kill all the attackers drive back to Jerry's house pull into the arrow to finish the mission.

Mission 7
Dead to rights
Giver: Jerry Han
Payout: $500
After you drop off the guys and Jerry's apartment his mission arrow disappears temporarily so you could use this time to complete a mission for Eric until you receive the phone call. Jerry calls you after a little while and says that he wants revenge on the Fengs for assaulting the meeting with the supplier. And wants to teach them a lesson not to mess with the Wang family ever again. He says that the Fengs commonly hang out at a gang owned warehouse in Doherty. He tells you that taking a couple of his men to assault the warehouse would probably teach the Fengs a lesson that their aggression wont go unpunished. After the cut scene hop in a four door vehicle and pick up the two Wangs standing on the sidewalk. Follow the GPS route to the warehouse in Doherty located southeast of Chinatown across from the airport. When you get there pull into the marker arrow near the entrance to the Warehouse. If you dont already have a MAC-10. One of the Wang guys gives one to you with a lot of ammo. Exit the vehicle and walk toward the open garage door of the warehouse. Take cover on the wall and you can see three Feng members sitting around a table inside the warehouse. Open fire on the men and the Wang members you are with will also. Once you clear the three men at the table wait for the second wave. Three more guys come in. They are shooting their MAC-10s so stay behind cover. Once you clear the second wave then continue into the warehouse. Move through the first room and approach the door that opens up to the larger room behind it. Get behind one of the crates and start shooting at the four guys inside that room. Once you clear them out move to another crate. If your Allies die during the mission it is alright. After a little bit of time 3 more men will enter the room and begin shooting. Kill them and continue towards the door they came from. Once you enter the office in the back you find the last remaining Feng he is unarmed and begs for his life. You can either kill him or let him go and choose to let him live. Its your choice. All that happens is that he will show up as a random character later. Leave the warehouse and Jack calls Jaerry to report his success. He then calls Greg and says he doesn't want to get involved in the Triad war. And just wants to do what he was sent here to do. But Greg insists that this is a great opportunity for the family to make some extra money and to keep the Wang's on their good side.

Mission 8
Sunday drive.
Giver: Jerry Han
Payout: $425
Return to Jerry's apartment and you find him in his garage working on his Blista compact. He tells Jack that the boss wants has heard of his handiness with a gun and driving skills and wants to meet him soon. But in the meantime Jerry needs you to kidnap a a guy named Miguel who owes money to the family and is unwilling to pay. He says that he is probably hiding out at his apartment in Doherty. He tells you to head on over there and bring him back to Jerry so he can try to get the money out of him. get the money out of him. So after the cut scene enter a vehicle or taxi and head to Miguels apartment on the west side of Doherty. When you arrive enter the building and walk to Miguel's apartment on the second floor of the building. step into the arrow outside of his door. Jack knocks on it and when Miguel answers he asks him about the money. Miguel runs away through his apartment. Chase him through to the door at the end of the central hallway and hop out onto the fire escape. Run down the stairs and Miguel hops on a motorcycle. There is a nearby Sultan in the parking lot. So hop in that quickly and give chase. Miguel winds through the streets and eventually crashes in Gant point. If you have been giving chase a short cut scene shows Jack putting the wounded Miguel into the trunk of the Sultan regardless if you took it or not. You are then instructed to drive back to Jerry's garage. So head back over there and pull into the arrow. Jerry takes him in and puts Miguel in the garage. This puts his missions on hold while he is "talking" with Miguel.

Eric Malley

Mission 9
Dead money.
Giver: Eric Malley
Payout: $450
After you complete the brothers Steele you receive an opportunity to visit Eric Malley at his place in Garcia. Head on over there and when you do you find Eric inside on the phone. He wants to sell off some of the drugs he stole from the Albanians and has a potential buyer. He wants Jack to accompany him to the deal and they decide to head out. After the cut scene hop in any vehicle and drive to the location of the deal in an alleyway in Carbon heights located in south central San Fierro. follow the GPS route to the marker arrow at the entrance to the alleyway. Jack and Eric walk down the alleyway and meet two Mexican men in the alleyway. Eric and one of the guys talk for a few seconds and then three guys enter the scene and attack. Eric and Jack scramble to cover. Use any weapon you have to shoot out of cover at the attackers. Once you kill all three of them quickly grab the briefcase containing the money and you and Eric make a getaway to your car. You have a 2 star wanted level after the firefight and you must lose it. So evade the police and once you do Eric asks you to drive him home. do this and you complete the mission.

Mission 10
Rocket to Russia
Giver: Eric Malley
Payout: $500
Return to Eric's apartment in Garcia. Jack knocks on the door and Eric isn't home. Jack calls him on his phone and Eric says that he is at the apartment of Brian Williams. Someone who is going to help them get the drugs sold. Enter a vehicle and follow the GPS route north to the apartment along the water front. When you get there pull into the marker arrow. A cutscene shows Eric and Brian exiting the apartment. Brian tells Jack and Eric that the best buyer for their drugs will be the Russian mob. They will pay the best because they have the best connections to ship it overseas. Jack agrees and Brian says that he has already set up a buyer at Easter basin docks. Enter a vehicle and Eric and Brian will enter with you. Follow the GPS route to the warehouse in Easter Basin Pull into the Marker arrow and a cutscene shows Brian, Eric and Jack entering the warehouse. Inside we meet Andrei a Russian mod boss visiting San Fierro. He presents a suitcase full of cash and Eric presents the drugs. When they are about to make the exchange one of Andrei's men enters the warehouse and screams something. Andrei draws a gun and asks Brian if they were followed. He denies it and a group of BATE storm the warehouse. Jack takes cover behind a crate. Start firing at the group of cops. Once you gun them down Andrei leaves out the back door and Jack and Brian run toward the exit. Once you are outside take cover behind the nearby cop car. Shoot at the cops across the street and once it is clear quickly hop in a vehicle and burn rubber. Lose your 4 start wanted level as quickly as possible. This is significantly harder than any chase you have encountered so far. Once you lose the wanted level return Brian and Eric to Eric's apartment. Once you do the mission is complete.

Mission 11
Street cleaning.
Giver: Eric Malley.
Payout: $50
After you return Eric to his apartment after the failed deal at the warehouse head back over there. Jack says he wants answers from Eric about what happened at the deal. He says he doesnt know what happened and that someone probobly snitched on them. Brian then comes out of the bathroom and sees Jack. Eric tells Jack that him and Brian think they may know a guy who could of tipped the cops off. Eric talked to him about the deal before they went and the guy is a known criminal so it possible that he tipped of the cops for protection from his crimes. He says he was only talking to him because he thought maybe he knew some people who wanted to buy some drugs. But he doesnt know where he lives and he only talked over the phone. Jack thinks this sounds suspicious but doesnt care and he wants answers. Brian tells Jack to use a cop computer to track him down. His name is Jesus Boroda. After the cutscene take out your cell phone and dial 911. When a cop shows up steal his car and evade the wanted level. Once you have lost the heat atop the car and bring up the computer. Go to criminal search and type in "Jesus Boroda" when the search is complete mark his location on the map and head over there. His apartment is in the far south of San Fierro in Foster Valley. Once you have gotten there pull into the marker arrow in the parking lot of the apartment complex. A group of 3 Mexican men are seen standing around a car and Jack exits his vehicle and asks for Jesus' location. Thinking you are a cop one of the men flees. After the cutscene the other 2 men are shooting at you with pistols. Either take them out or just chase Jesus. You ar einstructed to not kill him as he runs to the back of the building and up the stairs. Once he is on top of the building he runs to the other side. He realizes that there is no where left to run and gives up. He pleads he has straightened his life out and doesnt want to be arrested. Jack realizes that Jesus didnt tip of the cops by how he is begging for his life and claims he has changed. You can either execute him or leave him on the rooftop unharmed. Its your choice and if you let him go he will show up later in the game as a random character and offer a few missions but in the meantime your choice has no effect. Once you have made your choice the mission is complete. Jack calls Eric to report his findings.

Phone call: After this mission is complete Brian Williams calls you and tells you to give him a call if you ever want to hang out and do anything together. This opens up his friend activities.

This ends Eric Malley's missions for a little bit and Jack decides to go and see how far Jerry has gotten in his interrogation of Miguel.

Jerry Han cont...

Mission 12
Death of a salesman.
Giver: Jerry Han.
Payout: $150
After you complete Eric's mission "Street cleaning" Jerry's strand is re opened. When you arrive at his house Jack enters the garage and finds Miguel strapped to a chair. Jerry is also in there asking Miguel questions. Jerry tells Jack that Miguel is a drug addict who owes a huge sum of money to the Wang family. Miguel tells of his everyday dealer who operates in Hashbury. Which is located north west of Chinatown. He says that he could have up to $5000 on him at any given time. Jerry tells Jack to head over there and get his money from him. Hop in a vehicle and drive to the marked location in front of a barber shop in Hasbury. When you arrive a brief cutscene shows Eric pulling up by a man who appears to be a drug dealer by every indication. The man sees Jack driving by slowly and quickly runs to his car parked on the street not too far away. Give chase as the dealer drives west and will eventually arrive in Ocean Flats on the far side of San Fierro. he then drives south toward West San Fierro where your safehouse is. Chase him and when you get near open fire on his vehicle from yours and once his car catches fire he will bail out. Either run him over or gun him down. When he is dead approach his body and Jack searches it but only finds $150. He calls Jerry to report and he tells Jack just to keep the money for himself. And then tells him to head back to visit later.

Mission 13
Body packing.
Giver: Jerry Han
Payout: $1000
Head back over to Jerry's house and when you arrive you find out that Jerry has killed Miguel on accident. He says that the boss is going to be angry with him for not keeping him alive. Because not only does he have a debt to the family he is also a local member of the Cruz cartel. So they were going to use him to get information about the gang from him. He tells Jack that they should take Miguels body to a man who buys dead bodies located in Foster in the far south west of San Fierro. They will at least get some of the Debt Miguel owes back. Jack and Jerry load the body into the trunk of Jerry's Sultan and pull out of the garage. As you are driving toward the location a cop sees the blood dripping out of the trunk of the car and you get a 2 star wanted level. As you try to outrun the cops Jerry opens fire on them only making the situation worse much to Jack's dismay. Your level is elevated to a 4 star level. You must evade the cops before you get the body to the purchaser. So use the techniques you have learned so far to evade the police they are fairly hard to evade ona four star wanted level in the tight streets of San Fierro. But once you have evaded them head to the buyer in Foster. If you acquire a wanted level again along the way you must lose it. When you arrive at the buyer's apartment in Foster Jerry directs you around back. He gets out of the car and knocks on a back door. A man dressed in a bloody apron appears and takes the body out of the trunk. He pays you guys $3000 for the body. Jerry gives you $1000 for saving them from the cops and says he will meet you at the Boss' place in Chinatown two blocks east of Jerry's house. This places a W on the map for "Wang triad".

Text message: After the mission Greg texts you and tells you to meet him and Andy back at the house in West San Fierro. this puts the G&A back on the radar. The continuation of the G&A strand will be covered first.

Greg and Andy Steele cont...

Mission 14
Bad memories.
Giver: Greg and Andy Steele.
Payout: $200
Head over to you safehouse in West San Fierro. Start the mission and Jack finds Greg and Andy as well as Ernest sitting around a table in the backyard. Jack asks why Greg needed him and he tells Jack there has been a development in the case of their father' death. He says that Ernesto heard about rumors of the Feng triads putting a price on their dads life. The Steele's dad (revealed to be named Russell) as well as Jack had a price on their head because of the growth of the brother's drug business. So Jack made a good decision escaping town. Greg says that the Feng's have found out of Jack's return to the city because of his recent actions against them. SO they might be coming for him next. After the conversation Ernesto asks Jack to drive him home as he is drunk and doesn't want to crash. You and Ernesto get in his Manana parked out front. Follow the GPS route to Ernesto's house which is located a few blocks south of your current location. When you arrive at his house a carload of 4 Feng's pull up quickly. You and Ernest take cover behind the car. Pop out of cover to kill the four Feng's when you do kill all of them one more group of 4 arrive. Once you kill 3 of them the fourth will hop back in the car and try to get away. Hop in the Merit left behind by the Feng's and give chase to the fleeing gang member. Open fire on his car. When his car catches fire he bails out. Run him over and once you have killed him the mission is passed and Jack gives Greg a call explaining what just happened and telling him to watch his back. Greg tells Jack to come home to see them soon.

Achievement unlocked: 10G, from bad to worse.

Text message: After jack calls Greg you receive a text from Brian Williams telling you about some street races that are going to be happening in San Fierro in the coming days and for you to give him a call when you are interested. You can now call Brian to start a street race.

Mission 15
In the name of my family
Giver: Greg and Andy Steele.
Payout: $100
Head back over to your childhood home and this is where Jack finds Greg sitting on the front porch. Greg tells him that he is growing scared because of the surprise attack from the Fengs. He tells Jack that things could go south quickly if they are not careful. Jack tells him that they should try to send a message to the Fengs not to mess with them. He has his eyes set on a Heroin house owned by the family in Ocean flats. Greg says he has an idea. After the cutscene hop in a four wheeled vehicle and wait for Greg to get in. Follow the GPS route to Ernesto's house. When you arrive you are instructed to drive the car into the garage. Ernesto fits the car with a bomb and after you are done you are instructed to head over to the Feng's drug house. Follow the route to the house in Ocean flats and when you arrive pull the car into the open garage that is located under the house. Leave the house and follow Greg to the safe spot across the street. Pull up your phone and select Greg's contact. Select the option "Bomb" and when you call it the bomb explodes and destroys the house. Many Fengs survive and exit the house. Kill the 5 Fengs that have escaped the house. When you have killed them a group of 4 are seen pulling out from the backyard in a Merit. Hop in the nearby Ballista and wait for Greg to get in. Give chase to the Fengs. Greg will open up on the car with his Tec-9 and you can shoot it too. You must damage the car enough to get the Fengs to bail and when they do kill them all. After they are dead follow the GPS route back home and drop Greg off. He says this should send a message to them.

Phone call: Ernesto calls you and tells you to come by the house and see him. This puts a red "EC" on the map. The G&A icon dissapears from the map.

Mission 16
A night out
Giver: Andy Steele
Payout: Jessica Hanson as a girlfriend.
A little while after you compete "In the name of my family" Andy Steele will give you a call that starts this mission. He tells Jack that you should take a night to relax and go out. He tells you he knows a girl who lives in Ocean flats who would love to go out with you. Jack agrees but first he has to get a haircut. After the call follow the icon to the barber in West San Fierro a few blocks from the childhood home. Enter the building and take a seat in the chair. Select one of the haircuts from the list and get it. The barber knows Jack from when he was a kid so he gives him this cut on the house. After you get the cut leave the barber shop and head over to Jessica's house in Ocean flats. Pull into the marker arrow and it shows Jack knocking on the door. She has been expecting him and they decide to leave. From here you can decide what to do. You can do any of the activities on the map such as eating, drinking, bowling etc. All you have to do is complete one of these activities and return Jessica home. It doesn't matter what activity you do the date will end positively no mater what. Jack takes her number and you can now call her up for dates whenever you feel like it.

Completion of this mission pauses the G&A strand for now. You have the Ernesto and Steven Wang strand available. I will cover the Steven Wang strand for now.

Steven Wang.

Mission 17
Giver: Steven Wang
Payout: $500
Head on over to Steven Wang's place on the Eastern edge of Chinatown. Jack encounters two bodyguards at the door who wont let him in at first but after Jerry sees Jack he tells the guards to let him in. Jerry leads him upstairs to talk to the boss. jack sits down in front of his desk and the boss tells Jack that he has heard of his abilities with a gun as well as his driving abilities. He tells Jack there is a job he wants him to do for the family that will pay $500. Jack agrees and Steven tells him that he suspects there is a snitch in the family who is talking to the feds. He tells Jack to tail him and if he does meet with anyone suspicious to take a picture on his phone and send it to Jerry. He shows you a picture of what he looks like and that he lives in an apartment a couple blocks away. Hop in a vehicle and drive to the apartment north of your location. When you arrive you see the man who was in the photo getting into a car. Follow him as he drives west but maintain a good distance so he doesn't spot you tailing him. San Fierro is a busy city so you can get fairly close but if you tailgate him too closely for too long he will notice. Eventually he will arrive at a F.A.R.T station in Gant point. Exit your vehicle and follow him in to the station. He walks down the stairs and buys a ticket. Approach the turn-style and buy a ticket for $5. Follow the man as he walks further down and eventually steps foot on the platform. He stands and waits for the train to come. Wait on the platform as well and when the train comes he gets on. Follow him onto the train and Jack will take a seat and the camera switches to a cinematic camera. The train runs to the station at San Fierro international airport. This is where he gets off. Jack automatically leaves the train. Follow him as he walks back up the stairs and when he passes through the turn-style he goes down a tunnel that leads to a parking garage. Keep a good distance and when he gets to the parking garage he is seen meeting two men in a Jet black Buffalo. Take out your phone and snap a picture of the meeting. After you have a good picture Jack sends it to Jerry's phone. This ends the mission and the snitch gets into the black car and drives off. You can either get back on the train or go up the ramp to the street.

Mission 18
Shoot the Snitch
Giver: Steven Wang
Payout: $900
Head back over to Steven's house in Chinatown. There you find Steven along with a new person. A black corrupt cop named Brady Keith. He has gathered the information regarding the Snitch's location in the witness protection program. He says that he is being housed in a house in Rancho Rincon. Steven wants you to go over and deal with him before he turns over evidence to the state by testifying in court. Hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the house. When you arrive Jack exits his vehicle and walks on foot. He sees the house and takes cover behind a car. There are 2 cops standing near a Buffalo in the driveway. Once you regain control of Jack take out the cops out front. Leave your cover and when you reach the driveway two more cops exit the house. Take them out before they do too much damage. Then go up the stairs and into the house. Take cover on the nearby wall and shoot the 2 cops as they come down the stairs at the end of the hall. After you do that continue down the hall and up the stairs. Turn around and take out the cop in the corner of the landing. Continue down the hall and into the bedroom. The room is empty but Jack hears something coming from the closet. He shoots through the door and the body of the snitch falls out. You must escape the house after you kill the snitch. You can either fight your way back down our climb out the side window into the alley. You will fall and lose a little health but you dont have to fight through all of the cops storming the house. Once you are outside the house get into a vehicle and drive to lose your 4 star wanted level. Once you lose it Jack calls Steven and reports his success. he tells you to meet him at the "China King restaurant" in Chinatown.

Mission 19
All the King's men.
Giver: Steven Wang
Payout: $950
Head over to the large ornate restaurant in Chinatown. Jack approaches the door and the guards let him in and tell him the boss is upstairs. Jack goes upstairs and finds Steven, Jerry and Brady sitting at a table in the corner. Jack take s a seat and Steven tells Jack that the a local biker game known as the Angels of death have been becoming more aggressive in the criminal landscape recently and they are now angered since one of their men was killed by a Wang triad. As they are talking a man runs up from downstairs and warns of an AOD attack. He says they are attacking from both the front and the back. Brady goes to fight them off in the front and Jack, Jerry and Steven will escape through the back. Follow Jerry and Steven when they go across the bridge that goes over the main floor. Brady is fighting off the AOD who are coming in the front so just follow Jerry as he walks to the other side. Head into the kitchen and take cover along the counter. Take out the 3 AOD who are inside the kitchen. Once you have taken them out move up to the row of ovens in front of you. Take out the 2 AOD who enter the kitchen and then continue to the door. Once you are on the balcony kill the AOD who are in the parking lot below. There are 7 of them. Once you have killed them head down stairs and Jerry and Steven hop into his Presidente. Jerry gets into the passenger seat and Steven climbs into the back seat. He tells you to go to his low lying house in Outer Garcia. Two bikes of AOD pursue you and you must either lose them or kill them before you go to the house. They are hard to lose because their motorcycles are faster than your car. So the easiest way would be to kill them. Once they are dead follow the GPS route to the house in Outer Mission. When you arrive you drop Steven off and he tells you to come back. This places the "W" on the house.

Mission 20
Returning the favor
Giver: Steven Wang
Payout: $950
Go back to Steven's house in Outer Garcia. When you arrive Jack finds Steven being patched up from the minor injuries he received during the gun fight. He tells Jack that the Angels of death are not going to get off easy for what they did. If they want war they got war. He tells Jack to head over to their clubhouse with a few of his men and take them all out. You Jerry and two other Wang thugs hop in a four door car. Drive over to the AOD clubhouse in Doherty. When you arrive you and the men exit the car and take cover behind it. Pull out a weapon and shoot the 3 AOD standing in front of the clubhouse. Once you do 5 more will pour out of the front door. Kill them and then continue around to the back door. Take out the 4 back there and enter the back door. Once you are inside the clubhouse you are in a community room with a pool table and TV in it. Head through the door and into the hall. Shoot the lone AOD who is at the end of the hall and then follow the hallway. Head up the stairs and kill the 3 up there. Jerry says that their leader isn't here and must of escaped. You have killed all of the AOD in the clubhouse but more might be coming soon. So quickly leave the building and once you are outside two more ride up on their bikes. Jerry asks you to take him and the other guys to his house in Chinatown. Take out the 2 bikes of AOD if you didn't kill them before you got in the vehicle. Once you are in a vehicle head to Jerry's house and drop him off. He tells you that things just keep getting more violent. This puts the Wang triad strand on hold.

Radio report: After this mission you hear a special radio report about the rise of gang wars in the city. Talking about the destruction of the Feng's drug house and the attack on the clubhouse.

Ernesto Cortez

Mission 21
Powder raid
Giver: Ernesto Cortez
Payout: $1000
After Ernesto calls you following the "In the name of my family" and invites you over. Jack heads over and finds him in the garage working on his car. He sees Jack and tells him that he has received word of some coke that is being held by the Russian mafia at a motel room in Little Moscow. He says that Eric's attempt at selling his drugs is futile and that he never will. So he tells Jack that this is a better option for Jack in order to get some product to help set up Tommy's operations here. He says the deal is 60/40. Jack and Tommy will get 60% of the profits and Ernesto will get 40% He says its a major load and should bring in alot of cash if they can secure a buyer. Ernesto is looking to the Cruz cartel that operates out of Ridgemont. After the cutscene get in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the motel in Little Moscow. When you arrive Jack parks in the parking lot and watches two Russians heading upstairs and into a room. One of the Russians he recognizes as one he saw at the botched deal in Easter Basin. Take control of Jack and exit the vehicle. Walk around to the back of the hotel and you see two Russians standing around having a smoke. You must engage in a fist fight with them and nor shoot them. It will alert the ones upstairs. So use melee to kill them. One has a knife so you can use the disarm maneuver to take it and use it against them. Once you have killed them your instructed to climb the ladder to the fire escape to the second floor. Once you are there approach the window and Jack take cover along the wall and sees three Russians inside the room. Pull out and automatic weapon and kill the quickly. They ar surprised by your attack and one takes cover behind the bed. He pops to shoot so use that opportunity to kill him. Jack enters the room and finds a large duffel bag filled with coke and puts it over his shoulder. As he exits the room through the front door he is seen by a car load of Russians and they start shooting. Either run back into the room and escape through the fire escape or take cover along the low wall and take out the Russians and leave through the front. If you go through the back once you get into the alley you are attacked by 2 of them. Take cover behind the dumpster and take them out. The easiest way is to climb over the low wall to the other side of this wide alley. go in between the two buildings off to your right and once you are on the street get into a car. If you went out the front way you would simply have to kill all the Russians and get into a car. Either way once you are inside a vehicle Jack calls Ernesto and asks him where to take the coke. He tells him to go to a lockup in Queens. Follow the GPS route there and pull into the marker arrow in front of a garage. Ernesto opens the garage and meets Jack. He puts the bag of drugs on a table in the back and closes the garage. He tells you to come see him back at his house and drives off.

Mission 22
Pigs on parade
Giver: Ernesto Cortez
Payout: $975
Head back over to Ernesto's house and Jack finds him on his front porch talking on his cell phone. He hangs up and tells Jack that the owner of the storage facility found the drugs and called the cops. One of his friends is there watching right now and just called him. He wants you to go over there and make sure they dont leave with the drugs. Hop in a vehicle and drive to the indicated location. It is across the street from the lockup and Jack finds Ernesto's friend hiding behind a car watching the cops inspect the bag. Jack says they have to get it back. Ernesto's friend (Who is named Armando) hands jack a silenced pistol that replaces his current pistol. He says they are going to tail the cops to the station and get the drugs back there. The cars leave the are and you and Armando hop in the car and follow them dont get to close or they will know you are following them. They drive to the police headquarters in the Financial and pull around back ad one parks in the front. You and Armando exit the car and sneak around to the back. The two cops exit the car and head to the trunk. Use your silenced pistol to kill both cops. You receive a 3 star wanted level so quickly go to the trunk and grab the bag of drugs. Hop in the car and lose the police. Once you have lost them Armando tells you to head back to Ernesto's so drive to his house and pull into the marker arrow. You and Armando enter the house and give the drugs to Ernesto. He says that they are better being stored here.

Phone Call: After this mission you receive a call that shows up as "Tommy" (Which was previously not in your contact list) It is Tommy Vercetti and he asks Jack how things are going there. He says that he has gotten some coke and has some connections to the organized crime network now. Tommy is happy with Jack's progress and says he is planning a trip there to see you in person.

Mission 23
Ernesto's adventures
Giver: Ernesto Cortez
Payout: $925
When you return to Ernesto's house you find out he is no where to be found. Armando says that Ernesto is nowhere to be found and is not answering his phone. Jack says they need to find him and he leaves the house. When you regain control of Jack after him and Armando leave the house you receive a text from Ernesto saying that he has been kidnapped and is being held at the Easter Basin docks. Hop in Ernesto's Manana with Armando and head to the Easter Basin docks. Pull into the arrow next to the warehouse closest to the water. When you pull into the marker you and Armando are ambushed by three carloads of Russians who are pinning you to the warehouse wall. Slam on the gas and plow through the car in front of you. Exit your vehicle and take cover behind it. Pull out a weapon and kill the Russians. There are 10 of them. Armando helps you out in the fight, once you have wasted them all another car pulls out of another warehouse and Ernesto is seen screaming from the back seat before he is pistol whipped over the head by a Russian. Quickly hop in one of the Russian gangster's Oracle's as they are faster than the Manana. Give chase to the car as it leaves the docks area and heads north.You can not shoot at the car for fear of injuring Ernesto so you are instructed to run it off the road. It is moving quickly and skillfully through the dense traffic so it is hard to keep up with. If you have not damaged it to the point where the Russians abandon it before they reach the Tram station in the Financial district the Russians leave the car and hijack a Tram. Chase the tram as it moves through the streets along the Trolley line. You and Armando must kill all 3 Russians on the train through shooting but if you are not careful you could kill Ernesto who is lying on the floor of the Tram. Once all 3 of the Russians are killed the Tram grinds to a stop and you and Armando rescue Ernesto. Armando tells you to take them to the hospital in Mercer Square. So follow the GPS route to the medical center near Mercer square's border with Cole Valley. Pull into the marker arrow at the main entrance and Armando and Ernesto are dropped off. Ernesto tells you the Russians stole his phone and sent you the text to lure you to your death. They knew you were the one who stole the Coke.

Note: Ernesto's friend activities will be paused until after he is released from the hospital.

Phone call: Not long after you complete this mission or the last Wang mission (If you completed these first) Greg will call you and tell you he is worried about Andy. He hasn't come home for a couple days and isn't answering his phone. This automatically starts the next mission.

Note: After you reach a point where you have only one mission remaining Andy's friend activities will be disabled and it will just go to voice mail if you call him.

Mission 24
Playing big brother
Giver: Greg Steele
Payout: None
After you have completed both the Wang strand and the Ernesto strand Greg will call you worried about Andy. He hasn't been answering his phone and Greg is worried about him. He tells you to pick him up by the barber shop near your house. After you have picked up Greg he tells you that the last time he saw Andy he was going to go and hang out with Eric. So follow the GPS route to Eric's house in Garcia. When you arrive you find Eric inside working on a car. He sees Jack and tells him he is glad to see him. But Jack isn't as friendly and threatens violence if Eric doesn't reveal Andy's location. When Eric says he has no idea what he is talking about Jack becomes violent and grabs Eric and throws him against his car. He says that he really doesn't know where he is and the last time he checked he was going to meet someone in Hashbury. He says he said something about Burger shot. Hop back in your vehicle with Greg and drive to the Burger shot in Hashbury. When you arrive you find the alleyway behind it empty. Jack says he is afraid of what will happen if they cant find him. Just then Andy calls you frantically saying he is being attacked in an alleyway in Queens. Follow the GPS route to his location. Once you arrive Jack and Greg exit the car and run down the alley. They find Andy rolling around on the ground in the alleyway with no one around him. Jack tells him to get up and when he realizes they are there he thanks them for saving him. He is obviously not right. He says he was being jumped by a gang when there is clearly no body around. Jack looks at him and sees that he is on some kind of drug. He asks whats going on and Andy says that he has been taking Meth lately. He says its "The best thing ever" and then thanks you again for saving him from the gang that jumped him. You and Greg load him into a car. After the cutscene drive to your house in West San Fierro. When you arrive Jack drops Greg and Andy off and he tells Greg to get Andy off the drugs and to not let him out of the house. After you finish the mission the G&A appears back on the map at the house.

Note: After this mission Andy's friend activities remain unavailable until after you get to Ridgemont in the coming missions.

Greg & Andy Steele

Mission 25
Relentless revenge
Giver: Greg and Andy Steele
Payout: $500
After you find Andy and return him home the mission marker reappears. Jack returns home and finds Greg and Andy in the living room with Andy lying on the couch and your mom Susan caring for him. Greg tells you to head out to the driveway. He tells you that Andy has been on the drugs for a while now and this was a serious OD. He admitted that he got the drugs from a dealer in Hashbury who operates from the Burger shot there. Where you went but didn't find anything. Jack says he wants to go over there and mess with the dealer but Greg says he should be careful. Jack ignores him and decides to go anyways. After the cutscene Get in the Blista Compact in the driveway that has always been there indicating that it is Greg's. Drive to the Burger shot in Hashbury where you went in the last mission. When you arrive Jack pulls around back and sees the dealer in the back alley selling to some customers. He grabs a bat out of the back seat and exits the car. Approach the dealer and start beating him with the bat. The customers run away screaming. You cant kill the dealer or shoot him. Only beat him with the bat because Jack wants to teach the most painful lesson to the dealer. After his health has been reduced to one bar he falls to the ground and says that he is sorry for selling to your brother. He says he is just trying to support his kids and family by selling drugs and didn't mean no harm. After hearing his story you can either pull out a gun and kill him execution style if you are using a pistol. Or you can leave and let him live. After you have dealt with the dealer the way you see fit the mission is finished.

Optional Achievement: Forgiveness is... 10G. If you call an ambulance for the dealer before you leave the area. The description would just say "Saved the Drug Dealer's life" And there are no specific instructions. Its just something you would stumble upon if you take the most honorable route.

Mission 26
One Night in San Fierro...
Giver: Greg and Andy Steele.
Payout: Springfield rifle.
Head back to your house. When you arrive Greg tells you that he is growing more scared of the Fang triads and their intent to kill you and the rest of the family. He says that they have yet to find out where you live and he doesn't want them to find out or else they would harm your mom. So he knows a man who will feed the Fengs false information on your whereabouts so they will be thrown off on the search. But the man demands payment so you and Greg have to go and meet him up at a space below the Garver bridge in the Financial district. After the cutscene get into Greg's Blista Compact and follow the GPS route to the secluded alleyway beneath the Garver bridge in the Financial. to get there you will have to get to the alleyway that runs in between the buildings the bridge runs over before it crosses the bay. The area is a lot hidden from view by the road and directly under the bridge surrounded by buildings. Pull into the marker arrow in the middle of the lot and a previously unseen man exits a vehicle on the other side of the lot and comes to Greg's passenger side window. As they begin to discuss payment a carload of Fengs pull up into the lot and open fire. Jack, Greg and the man hide behind the car. Open fire on the men in the car and once you have killed all four of them 5 more appear in the windows of the building across the lot. The man scrambles over to his car and grabs a Springfield out of the trunk. He calls you over to his car. So make a mad dash across the 20 foot gap between you car and his and try not to get hit by the bullets. He says you are probably a better shot than him and hands you the rifle. Once you have it zoom in on the building and start to pick off the shooters. Once you have killed them all a sniper appears in the window of another building and shoots Greg in the neck. After he does kill the shooter. Jack and the man run over to the car and find that he has already died. Jack is filled with anger and even begins to cry. But the man says they better get out of here and let the police handle the body. You will be able to get it at the coroners office later. So you and the man hop back in Greg's Blista compact and the man tells you he knows somewhere to go in Ridgemont. Follow the GPS route as it leads you onto the Garver Bridge and across the bay. As you are crossing the bridge he says that his name is Packie McReary and he moved here from Liberty City a couple years ago. He says that he moved in with his cousin named James McReary in Ridgemont and that is where you are going. When you arrive at the house in Creekfield village in eastern Ridgemont you drop Packie off and he tells you to stay at an apartment he has been renting down the street. So drive there and when you arrive Jack goes up stairs and screams in anger. He sits at the table and throws a glass against the wall and calls his mom on his phone as he weeps. He tells them what happened to Greg and tell them to go to the Morgue and claim his body. He says that he is fine and has a place to stay. Your mom tells you to get some sleep and she will call you when she has the body. The game then prompts you to save your game at the bed in the bedroom. So go in there and save the game and Jack will go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning a "P" appears on the radar at the house you dropped Packie off at.

Note: After you complete this mission the next time you get into a vehicle you will hear a report on the radio saying the earthquake threat on the bay are has been lifted and all the bridges are now open. The entire map is now accessible and the F.A.R.T runs the whole route and Taxis can now take you to the other areas.

Safehouse unlocked: Packie's apartment.

Packie McReary

Mission 27
The Unlucky Irish
Giver: Packie
Payout: $1200
After you take a nap and save your game at Packie's apartment head down the street to the "P" marker. Jack approaches the front porch and expresses anger toward Packie. He blames him for letting his brother die. He says that the Fengs followed him to the meet and he should of been more careful. Packie says that he had no idea that he was followed or even how they even knew he was going to meet you and Greg. You two go inside and meet Packie's cousin James McReary. He is the head of the local Irish mob and tells Jack he is sorry for what happened to his brother. Jack says that his mom and his brother are going to go Downtown and claim the body and that he expects there to be a funeral sometime soon. Packie says that if there is a funeral he will attend out of respect towards Greg. James then says that he has some business to attend to and asks Jack if he can help him. He says it will just be an easy drive along the coast and will help take his mind off of the situation. He wants you and Packie to drive to a house in North bay and get some money for him. He says it shouldn't be much of a problem. After the cutscene hop in Jame's Sultan with Packie and follow the GPS route that leads into the hills north of Ridgemont. The route leads you into the North Bay area. Keep driving until you reach the large house all the way at the end near the entrance to the Gant bridge. Pull into the driveway and you and Packie approach the front door and find a box sitting on the doorstep. Packie takes it and you get back in the car. After you have the package Packie tells you they need to drop it off at a barber shop in Queens San Fierro. So follow the GPS route across the Gant bridge and into San Fierro. The toll on the Gant bridge is $5 and if you crash through the gate you incur a one star wanted level. Once you arrive at the drop you are ambushed by the Fengs. Jack is frustrated once again. Kill the Feng attackers. There are 3 of them. Once they are dead you have a 2 star wanted level. Flee the wanted level and take Packie back to his cousin's house in Ridgemont.

Andy Steele.

Mission 28
In Mourning.
Giver: Andy Steele
Payout: None.
After you complete the first Packie mission your brother calls you and says they are ready for Greg's funeral. You must go to Packie's apartment and put on the suit in the closet. After you put on the suit head to Packie's cousin's house and pick him up. Drive to the church located in Cole valley in San Fierro. Along the way Packie says that he went to a funeral a couple years ago that didn't end too well. When you arrive people are seen entering the church and you emerge 2 game hours later. You, Andy, Ernesto and Packie are the carrying the casket. You put it in the back of the Romero and just as you are about to get in a car load of Fengs arrive. Take cover behind the hearse and take out the Attackers. After you do Packie says that he sees some coming up from behind the church. Head over there and kill the 5 Fengs coming up the side alley. Hop in the Romero and drive to the Cemetery in the Brazil district in South East San Fierro. When you arrive two carloads of Fengs are waiting at the entrance. Exit the car and take them out. Drive through the cars blocking the entrance and approach the grave. Jack bids farewell to his brother and Packie says that this funeral worked out the same way his brothers did a couple years ago. After the cutscene Jack calls Steven Wang and says he is sick of the Fengs constant attacks on them. And wants to settle the debt. This puts his "W" on the radar and Packies logo re appears.

Ernesto's friend activities are reopened after this mission.

Packie cont..

Mission 29
Opening old wounds
Giver: Packie
Payout: $950
Jack returns to Packie's place and he says he is sorry about what happened at the funeral and that they are lucky they came out alive. His cousin appears and asks Jack if he is willing to do some work for him from now on. Make some money and help out his family. He says that he is willing to. James tells him and Packie that a guy from the Marino crime family they have been hunting for a while is going to be arriving at the San Fierro airport later today. jack says he dealt with the Marinos when he was in Vice City. And that he was once sent to kill a guy named Vito but failed and he got away. James says that's the guy. Jack and Packie head out to go to the airport. Hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the entrance of the cargo bay of the San Fierro airport. You and Packie sneak in undetected and you don't get the wanted level. Packie says that Vito is going to be landing in a private helicopter near their location. He says that he will be heavily guarded and they will need to take out all of his guards as well. You and Packie take cover behind a shipping container as the helicopter is beginning to land. % guards are spread among the shipping containers. Right before the helicopter lands you and Packie hands you a silenced pistol. Kill the 5 guards with the pistol so you don't alert the others. When the helicopter lands Vito and 3 guards exit. Open fire on the group and 2 return fire. Vito and the last guard make a dash to the car parked not too far away. Kill them before they reach the car. If they do reach the car you will have to chase them and destroy the car. But either way once all of the targets are dead you and Packie get a 3 star wanted level. Enter a car with Packie and lose the cops. If Packie dies you fail. Once you have lost the cops drive back to James' house and drop Packie off. He says that his cousin will be grateful for Jack's assistance.

Mission 30
Man of action
Giver: Packie
Payout: $1200
Return to James' house. He tells you that the Marinos are not happy about the death of Vito. But no one saw what happened so they are safe for now. But he says that there are still some things that need to be attended to. He says that one of their men has been kidnapped by the Marinos and is being held in an abandoned apartment building near the port. They don't know exactly why he has been kidnapped but he needs to be rescued before he says something. Packie will go with to help out. He doesn't expect things to go easy. Head on over to the old derelict apartment block near the port of Ridgemont. When you arrive Packie says that they should go around back and fight there way up to find him. He believes that they want to keep him alive so they wont kill him until the last moment. Follow Packie as he heads down the alleyway and around to the back door of the 3 story building. You and him enter the door and hear screaming coming from the upper floors. Kill the man coming down the stairs before he sees you. If you use your silenced pistol it doesnt alert the others unless he sees you and manages to yell or fire a shot. Head up the stairs and on the second floor there are 3 more Marinos. Kill as many as you can before you are seen. The floor is almost gutted except for a few standing walls. And most walls are just shells. There is various furniture spread about the area. Take cover behind anything solid and kill the Mobsters. After you kill the first three 2 more will appear. Take them out and Packie heads upstairs. Follow him up and get behind the overturned table at the top of the stairs. the screaming is heard from the back of the floor. Take out the 5 Marinos and move closer to the back. 2 more appear from the back room and after you take them out move into the back room. A man is seen tied to a chair and he is shot in the head by a mobster. Packie kills him and cars are heard speeding up and car doors slamming. You and Packie get ready to fight out. You start behind a sofa in the main area. Kill the three mobsters who come up the stairs. Move towards the stairs and head down. Get behind something and take out the 5 mobsters on the second floor. You will have to move around to different points of cover to get angles to take them out. After you do head to the main floor. Exit the building and get in a car with Packie. Another car of Marinos appears and pursues you. Destroy the car or lose them. After they are dealt with return Packie to James' house. Packie says that something is going on. Maybe they do know that they were the ones who killed Vito.

More missions to come later........


The gameplay in San Fierro stories will be a mix of 3 era and Gta 4. With San Andreas level character customization and RPG elements such as weapons skill and character stats (Muscle, Fat, Stamina etc..). But the graphics and physics engine is 4 era. The armed and unarmed combat is also like Gta 4.

wanted system.

Evading the police will be the same as Gta 4 with emphasis on escaping the circle and avoiding the cops. Each city has its own police force but use the same vehicles. North Bay is serviced by the Ridgemont police department and South San Fierro has its own police cruisers but not motorcycles. All areas rely on the B.A.T.E for assistance in the higher levels.

* = One maybe 2 foot police come to investigate the disturbance and may try to attack you with melee weapons or shoot you if you are holding a gun.

** = More cops come to bust/kill you and will pursue you in vehicles until you lose them. The police will shoot on sight.

*** = Helicopter join the chase now making it much harder to escape. you will also see more police in pursuit.

**** = BATE (Bay area tactical elite) Join the chase. they are more well armed than the average cop carrying MP5's. you now have two helicopters pursuing you and even more standard police units.

***** = An increase in ground units. A third helicopter also joins the chase and more BATE appear. More police in cars and on motorcycles will also appear and will shoot to kill.

****** = Almost unsurvivable. The national guard joins the effort equipped with M4 assault rifles. The sky now buzzes with 5 Police helicopters at all times and the streets are swarming with BATE and Standard police everywhere you go.

HUD and radar

user posted image

user posted image

The HUD and radar share similarities with the GTA 4 HUD and Radar. GPS routes are brought over and the HUD disappears when not being used and comes into use when you are using it. (changing weapons, shooting, Spending or receiving money and attaining or losing a wanted level)

Cell phone.
The cell phone in San Fierro stories serves all the funtions that the one seen in GTA 4 does. You only have one cell phone throughout the game and it can be customized to include different backgrounds, ringtones and colors. You can buy all three of these things from the. VIP ringtones website like on GTA 4. The overall appearance of the phone is similar to the Motorola RAZR and includes a quick opening animation when bringing it up.

user posted image

Public transport

The San Fierro bay area has a large public transportation network that is available for you to use. Your options are listed below.

F.A.R.T: Stands for Fierro Area Rapid Transit. This is a rail line that services San Fierro, Ridgemont and South San Fierro. This exists as an underground subway when it is in San Fierro and Ridgemont and as an above ground train as it ravels through South San Fierro and when it is crossing the bay between the two cities. Works like the subway on GTA 4. You buy a ticket for $5 that allows you to access the platform and when the train arrives you get on the train and ride it to your destination. Before South San Fierro and Ridgemont are unlocked the trains just runs up to the barricade on the tracks and then starts to go in reverse and it repeats this pattern. But when you unlock the other areas the trains will run in a continuous loop. There are 2 tracks with a train that goes in each direction.

City buses: Located in both San Fierro and Ridgemont you can board these at a bus stop. You pay a $3 fair and then ride the bus as it goes along its route and you can get off at anytime by holding the exit button and the bus will make an emergency stop and you can exit the bus.

Trolleys: In San Fierro. These are a symbol of the city known throughout the world. these will stop at marked locations throughout the city and you can pay $1 to ride the trolley. You can get off whenever you want similar to the city buses.

Taxis: The BATS (Bay Area Taxi Service) services all the major area. You whistle for a taxi when one gets near and it will stop for you. The Taxis work like the ones in GTA 4 and your fair depends on how far away your destination is.

Mini games/odd jobs and pastimes

San Fierro stories includes many mini games, Odd jobs and pastimes you can partake in. These include.

Games/ Activities: These are things you can do with your friend, girlfriends or even complete strangers.

Pool: This was featured in both GTA SA and GTA 4 and has pretty much stayed the same. you play a standard game of stripes and solids pool with standard rules. Up to $5000 can be bet on a single game and winner takes all.

Bowling: Bowling returns from GTA 4 and uses the same mechanics. You can play with your buddies or by yourself at a bowling alley. One game costs $10 to play and there is no wagering.

Darts: The darts mini game is the same as GTA 4's. You can play by yourself or with a buddy. You can wager up to $5000 on a single game.

Air hockey: Works like the game featured in TLAD. You can challenge a friend when you are out with them or you can just challenge a local. Tables are located in Bowling alleys and bars around town.

Dancing: You can take friends and girlfriends on dancing dates to different cluns around the city. most of these clubs are only open at night but some are open 24/7. The dancing mini game works like it does in TBOGT.

Strip club: You can visit a strip club alone or take a friend to one. There are private dances available in the backroom. there is one club in San Fierro. "Lucky's Wetbar" in Doherty and one in Ridgemont called "Woody's"

Cabaret/comedy club: You can visit a comedy club or cabaret and take your friends along. There are 2 comedy clubs in San Fierro. One in the Financial district and one in Little vinewood. There is also a cabaret club located in Queens. There is one comedy club in Ridgemont. Located in Upton.

Drinking: You can drink in a minigame like in TBOGT. You can do this with your friends as well and if you black out when you are with a friend you will wake up the next day passed out in a random location around town with a text from your boddy thanking you for hanging out or saying it wasnt that great and the occaision will be either a success or failure.

Video games: There are two arcade games to be played in San Fierro stories. These games can be found in gas stations, Bowling alleys and bars. The games are.

Earth Invaders: A game similar to space invaders where you defend mars from a human invasion. The default high score is 1,000,000 points. An achievement is awarded for beating the high score.

2D Bros. Extreme!: a rip off of Super Mario bros. The game has 10 worlds and each world should take about 3-5 minutes on average to complete. An achievement is awarded for competing all of the worlds.

Gambling: You can gamble at the Ayala island casino when you gain access to it. There is no gambling skill in San Fierro stories. The chances of winning the jackpot and the jackpot remain the same throughout the game. The games available are.

Slots: You can play slots similar to Gta SA. The payouts are as follows

$1 slots: $5000 Jackpot. 5% chance of winning the jackpot.
$5 slots: $10000 Jackpot. 2% chance of winning the jackpot.
$10 slots: $20000 Jackpot. 1% chance of winning the jackpot.

Video Poker: Video Poker is similar to The kind seen in SA. The cost to start a game of poker is $5. You can bet up to $10000 on a single hand.

Blackjack: A game of Blackjack can be played at one of the tables. the max bet is $50000 per draw.

Roulette: Roulette can be played like in SA. The max bet per spin is $50000

Horse race betting: You can access horse race betting like in GTA SA inside the casino at one of the machines. There is no max bet on Horse racing.

Odd jobs and pastimes.

Vigilante: You can start vigilante by entering a police vehicle and accessing the computer. And selecting "Live crime stream" The rewards are as follows.

Level 5: $500 cash reward. and 10 shotgun shells instead of only 5 every time you enter a police vehicle.

Level 10: $1000 cash reward. and full armor as well as 10 shotgun shells every time you enter a police vehicle

Level 12: $5000 cash reward. plus full armor every time you enter a police vehicle plus 15 shotgun shells and full pistol ammo. You also unlcok a 50G achievement for attaining level 12

Most wanted: each area has a list of 10 most wanted criminals. Northbay and South San Fierro are combined into one area. Rewards are as follows.

One area Clear: $5000 Cash and Body armor delivered to all safe houses.

Two areas clear: $10000 Cash and body armor plus a shotgun with 100 shells at each safe house.

All areas clear: $15000 Cash and body armor plus a shotgun with 100 shells plus a 9mm with full ammo at each safehouse.

Complete all the law enforcement odd jobs and receive a contact that clears any wanted level up to 3 stars with a call. can only be used once every 2 days and not during missions.

Taxi driver: An old GTA staple returns in San Fierro stories. You can earn money by driving passangers around in a taxi cab. You start the mission by stealing a taxi and pressing the same button you would use to access the police computer in a police car (LB on 360, L1 on PS3) Rewards are as follows.

50 Fares complete: Receive a contact which delivers you cab and drives you to your destination free of charge.

Races: You can receive races by calling one of your buddies you meet earlier in the story. There are 15 Four wheel vehicle only races and 15 motorcycle only races to compete. winning each one earns you a bit of money depending on the difficulty of the race and is required for 100% completion.

Ridgemont fight club: A fight club similar to the one seen in TBOGT. It is located in south Ridgmeont inside of an abandoned liquor store. The prices are $100 to fight. $50 to watch (Where you can bet on the results). When you choose to fight you will face rounds of 3 opponents. When you defeat all 3 of them you earn $500. The opponents get tougher as you go. There are 3 rounds total. So there are a total of 9 different opponents. Once you beat them all you are awarded a 20 point achievement. And whenever you go back you will progress through the final round again.

Car thefts: After you meet a certain contact during the game he will send you an email asking if you would like to make some money stealing some cars for him. Since this is a required activity for 100% the only response is positive. He will then start to send you text messages with cars he wants. The message will include a picture of the car and the general area it was last spotted. Once you have the car it must be taken to his garage in Ridgemont. The amount you get per vehicle is dependant on the vehicle and the condition it is in when its delivered. There are 25 cars to be stolen and stealing all of them is required for 100% completion.

Helitours: Go to the helitours port near the airport in Little Vinewood, San Fierro to start a helitour job or to just watch the tour of bthe bay area. When you start the job you are tasked with flying to marked locations around the bay are within a certain amount of time. Once you have been to every location you then need to land back at the helitours port and when you arrive you are paid $1000 for your efforts.

Assasination missions: After you meet Packie's cousin James you are given contact to a local fixer who works as a middle man between organized crime and assassins. You will occasionally recieve a call from this mystery man who will offer you an assassination mission and tell how much it pays. If you accept you are put into the mission and once you assassinate the target you are payed. there are 10 scenarios for one of these missions. Some of these include.

1. The target is eating at a local fast food restaurant and must be dealt with. He has no body guards or weapons. Payout $750
2. The target is being escorted from his home to A store or restaurant. He is inside of a four door car with two guards armed with pistols. He must be dealt with before he reaches his destination. Payout: $1500
3. The target is making deliveries around town on a PCJ-600. He must be dealt with before he can finish all his deliveries and escape. He is armed with An MP5 and is good on his bike. Payout $1750
4. The target is being escorted to the airport by a motorcade of armed henchmen. Either kill him before he arrives at the airport or wait for him to get in his private helicopter and shoot it out of the sky. He is being escorted by 5 bodyguards armed with assault rifles. He must be dealt with before his helicopter gets away. Payout $3500
5. The target is in police custody. He is being transported from one police station to another. He must be killed before he arrives and is under heavy protection from the police. He is inside of a bulletproof stockade so you must find a way to get him out. Payout $5000

more to come later....


Weapons will obviously play a large role in the game. You can purchase weapons from underground gunshops, Pick them off of dead enemies or purchase them from a friend once you have unlocked their ability. The San Fierro gunshop is located in Queens. The Ridgemont one is in Chinatown and the Northbay one is in the garage of one of the large houses along the main road. There is no Gunshop in South San Fierro.


Brass knuckles: Adds some more damage to your punches. Cost: $50

Knife: A regular Switchblade knife cariied by some street gangs and thugs. cost: $75

Hatchet: A fireman's hatchet. A more powerful but slower attack than the standard knife. Cost: Can not be bought.

Baseball bat: An aluminum baseball bat. A quick powerful attack. Cost: $25

Crowbar: A crowbar. A similar attack to the baseball bats with less power. Cost: $20

Pool cue: A slow weak attack. Should only be used when there are no other options. Receive one after every game of pool. Cost: Can not be bought.

Golf club: An attack similar to that of the baseball bats. but slightly faster. Cost: Can not be bought.

Night stick: Carried by every police in the game. Can not be bought.


9mm pistol: The standard pistol. you receive one in the third mission and is carried by most police and gangs. Cost: $350, Ammo refill: $100

Silenced pistol:A 9mm pistol with a silencer on it. Is the preferred weapon for stealth missions. Cost: $400, Ammo refill: $100

Desert eagle: Stronger than the 9mm pistol but with a slower rate of fire and more expensive. Cost: $800, Ammo refill: $150

Revolver: Same stopping power as the desert eagle with a smaller clip and cheaper. Cost: $750, Ammo refill: $150


Tec-9: A small caliber high fire rate SMG. Easy to find and cheap ammo. Cost: $1150, Ammo refill: $200

MAC-10: Similar to the Tec-9 with slightly more power and the same clip size. Cost: $1200, Ammo refill: $200

MP5: Stronger than the MAC with better range and a longer clip. Cost: $1500, Ammo refill: $250

P90: The best SMG. Same statistics as the MP5 but with a faster fire rate, Cost: $2000, Ammo refill: $300

Assault rifles

AK-47: A powerful assault rifle. A long clip with great range and great power. Cost: $3500, Ammo refill: $500

M4: A formidable weapon with great accuracy. Not as powerful as the AK but has a high fire rate. Cost: $3250, Ammo refill: $500

Scar-H: Full auto. Great accuracy but a little less powerful than the the AK-47. Cost: $3000, Ammo refill:$450

AUG: An extremely high fire rate. Same power as the m4 and same accuracy as the AK. Cost: $3500, Ammo refill: $600

FAL: A very accurate rifle. As powerful as the AK but with a lower rate of fire. Cost: $2500, Ammo refill: $500


Combat shotgun: A powerful shot gun 8 rounds per clip. Cost: $1500, Ammo refill: $650

Sawn-off: More powerful but with less range than the combat. Cost: $1100, Ammo refill: $600

Spas-12: The most powerful shotgun. Also has great range. Cost: $1550, Ammo refill: $675

Auto shotgun: Seen in TLAD. This shot gun fires automatically and is a great weapon. Cost: $1700, Ammo refill: $700

Sniper rifles

Springfield: A standard bolt action Springfield sniper rifle. Cost: $5000, Ammo refill: $300

Laser sniper: Higher fire rate than the Springfield but the same accuracy. Cost: $5500, Ammo refill: $400


Grenade: A powerful explosive that detonates 5 seconds after you release it. Cost per unit: $75

Molotov: A bottle of gasoline that creates a ball of fire when detonated. Cost per unit: $55

C4: Sticky explosives that can stick to people or vehicles and is detonated by pressing down on the D-pad. Up to 3 can be placed at anytime. Cost per unit: $65

Pipebomb: A cheaper alternative to grenade. Produces a slightly smaller explosion. Cost per unit: $60

RPG/Machine guns

RPG: A rocket propelled grenade that detonates upon impact. Max ammo is 8 rounds. Cost: $10000. Ammo refill: $15000

RPD: A powerful full auto Russian machine gun. Cost: $5000, Ammo refill: $1100

M60: An american Machine gun. Very powerful with a high rate of fire. Cost: $3000. Ammo refill: $1000


Parachute: A weapon featured in GTA SA and TBOGT. This version functions the same as the one from TBOGT. Can not be bought and you receive one whenever you bail out of an aircraft. They also spawn at the top of some of the highest points in the game (Transworld pyramid, Top of the Gant bridge etc.)

Flashlight: Mostly mission specific this can be used to illuminate the area in front of you by turning it on. You can turn it on and then switch to other weapons. When it is selected it can be used as a melee weapon with an attack similar to the crowbar.

Fire extinguisher: Found at every fire station as well as some missions. Mostly used to extinguish fires but can also be used as a weapon which works the same as the one in San Andreas.


The vehicles are basically the same as the ones from GTA IV as designs usually dont change drastically in 3 years. But I did add some new vehicles so for the ones I added I included a picture.

Exotic/High performance

Sabre GT
Super GT
Sultan RS


Blista Compact

Four door sedans

PMP 600



Government/Emergency vehicles

BATE Buffalo
BATE Cruiser
BATE Patriot
Police Cruiser
Police Patrol
Police Motorcycle

Civil Service and transportation

Air tug
Airport cab
Mail Truck
F.A.R.T train

Small trucks and Vans


Large trucks and utility

Fork Lift


Mountain bike
NRG 900
PCJ 600


Helitours Maverick
Police Maverick


Bay Tug
Coast Guard Predator

Rare vehicles

News Van
Infernus T8


Childhood home: The first safehouse available in the game and is unlocked after you complete the first mission. It is inhabited by Jack and his family at the same time but the other family memebers are not seen inside the house outside of cutscenes. Jacks room is located above the garage and this is where you save games and change clothes. The house has all the rooms you would expect from an average home and all the rooms are explorable. The garage can also be used to store one vehicle. The arrow marker that starts missions is located on the sidewalk in front of the house so you can still access the garage and the house without touching the marker. The safehouse has a TV in the living room but does not have a computer so you are unable to access the internet from the house.

Main floor (entry floor)

Jack's room
Greg's room
Master bedroom (Susan's room)
Living room

Bottom floor

Andy's room

Packie's apartment: Located in Creekfield Village in eastern Ridgemont. The apartment is located on the second floor after you enter the building and is given to you as a place to stay by Packie. It only features two rooms and you save games and change clothes in the bedroom. And you save vehicles at the parking space in front of the building. The apartment is considerably high class compared to other ones and it shows the wealth the Irish mob has. The Safehouse includes TV in the living room as well as a laptop in the dining area you can use to access the web.

Main area


Jack Steele
Race: White
Age: 27
POB: San Fierro
BIO: The playable character. Bio is described above.
*Yes i know its Matt Damon but he is similar to how i envisioned Jack when i was writing the story. So i just used a picture of him.
First seem: As the protaganist he is seen in all missions.
Last seen: See above.

Greg Steele
Race: White
Age: 26
POB: San Fierro
BIO: Jack's oldest brother, helped Jack rise to the top of the drug game when they were teenagers. After his dad died and jack went to vice city him and Andy stayed back to look after their mom. Worked as an electrician during this time.
First seen: The city by the bay.
Last seen: One night in San Fierro..... (Dies)

Andy Steele
Race: White
POB: San Fierro
BIO: The youngest Steele child. Also stayed back when Jack left. It is revealed that he has developed a drug problem in his brothers absence.
First seen: The city by the bay.
Last seen: Stories Finale (Final mission, May be contacted for friend activities after the main story)

Susan Steele
Race: White
Age: 52
POB: Ridgemont
BIO: The mother of the Steele Sons. Plays a minor role in the story line.
First seen: Test run.
Last seen: Stories finale (Final mission)

Ernesto Cortez
Race: Hispanic
Age: 31
POB: Tijuana
BIO: Known the Steele family since the boys were young. Well known as a local arms dealer in San Fierro.
First seen: Staying strapped
Last seen: Soaked in tears and Tequila (Dies)

Jerry Han
Race: Asian
Age: 30
POB: Hong Kong
BIO: A member of the Wang triad in San Fierro, Gets Jeck and his brothers hooked up with the boss and is seen throughout most of the story as jack works for the Wang Traid.
First seen: Test Run.
Last Seen: Chinese new year.

Eric Malley
Race: White
Age: 29
POB: Los Santos
BIO: A local criminal who spends most of his time organizing work for other people to do in order to advance his career. Is small time until he steals a large quantity of Cocaine from an Albanian crime family and attempts to sell it.
First seen: The brothers Steele
Last seen: Caught in a vice. (Can be assassinated by the player or let free, The choice only affects some dialog near the end of the game and Eric is no longer seen again regardless)

Brian Williams
Race: Black
Age: 26
POB: San Fierro
BIO: Jack meets Brian through Eric's effort to find the best deal for the drugs. He started out as a small time dope boy and knows the drug system inside and out and also has worked in car thefts. He is a help to Jack throughout the story line and can also be contacted for friend activities after you complete the Eric mission "Street cleaning"
First seen: Rocket to Russia
Last seen: Drop N' Go (last story appearance. Can still be contacted for friend activities after the mission)

Steven Wang
Race: Asian
Age: 64
POB: Beijing
BIO: The head of the Wang triads. Started the gang when he moved to San Fierro from China when he was 20 years old. He changed his first name and then started building the gang into one of the largest gangs in the bay area. He is getting older however and is looking for a replacement to take over the family.
First seen: S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Last seen: Chinese new year.

Brady Keith
Race: Black
Age: 30
POB: San Fierro
BIO: A cop who has now gone corrupt to help support his family. He gets connected with the Wang triads and helps them out using his connection to the police force. He is the playable character in the "Police Stories" DLC.
First Seen: Shoot the Snitch
Last Seen: Chinese new year

Patrick "Packie" McReary
Race: White
Age: 32
POB: Liberty City
BIO: A member of the former McReary crime family that used to operate in Liberty City. He grew fed up with the violence and felt threatened in Liberty City so he left it to live with his Cousin in Ridgemont. But the violence seemed to just follow him to this new location as his cousin is also a criminal and involved with the local Irish mob. Jack meets him right before his brother is killed. He at first distrusts him but eventually finds out he had nothing to do with his brothers death.
First Seen: One night in San Fierro...
Last Seen: Stories Finale (Final mission)

James McReary
Race: White
Age: 34
POB: Dublin, Ireland
BIO: The cousin of Packie McReary. His parents stayed in Ireland when Packie's left. Eventually he made it to the U.S and lived in Liberty City for a while until he moved to Ridgemont. He is the head of the local Irish mob and assists Jack once he reaches Ridgemont.
First seen: The Unlucky Irish
Last Seen: You may have won the battle...

More to come later........


Name: Wang Triads
Leader: Steven Wang
Areas controlled: Eastern San fierro, Western South San Fierro, Chinatown (San Fierro)
Clothing: Suits.
Description: One of the large Triad families in San Fierro, Control a lot of the city and have been at war with the Feng triads for a while now.

Name: Feng Triads
Leader: Wei Hang
Areas controlled: Western and northern San fierro
Clothing: Suits
Description: Slightly smaller than the Wang family but still powerful. At war with the Wang family for control of the city.

Name: Cruz Cartel
Leader: Jorge Cruz
Areas controlled: Eastern South San Fierro, Ridgemont.
Clothing: Jeans, T-shirts and occasionally, suits.
Description: Control almost all of Ridgemont, Their main business is drug dealing but they also operate in prostitution as well.

Name: Angels of death MC
Leader: Steven Storey
Areas controlled: North bay, Doherty (San Fierro)
Clothing: Biker jackets, Jeans.
Description: The San Fierro bay area chapter of the Angels of death MC seen in Liberty City. Control little territory but their influence has been rising as they are becoming more and more aggressive.

Name: Irish Mob
Leader: James McReary
Areas controlled: No definitive territory. But only operates in Ridgemont.
Clothing: Casual dress (Jeans, T-shirt)
Description: A relatively small mob branch that operates in Ridgemont. Mostly only delves into Extortion and occasionally Prostitution. Headed by James McReary who is the cousin of Packie.

More to come later.....


In modern day America the media is an important and omnipresent part of our lives. There are many forms of media within the game.


Station: Classics 106.3
Style: Classic rock (60's, 70's and 80's)
DJ: Jim "Hair" Henry

Eagles-Hotel California
Bad company-Bad company
Kiss-Detroit rock city
Jimi Hendrix-All along the watchtower
The Beatles-Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Creedence Clearwater revival-Fortunate son
Rolling stones-Under my thumb
The Stooges-Search and Destroy
Golden Earring-Twilight Zone
Blue Oyster Cult-Don't fear the Reaper
Journey-Wheel In the Sky
Boston-More Than a feeling
Guns N' Roses-Sweet Child O' Mine
Queen-Another One bites the dust
AC/DC-You shook me all night long
Led Zepplin-Kashmir
Scott McKenzie-If your going to San Francsico
Fleetwood Mac-Go your own way
The Outfield-Your Love
The Doors-Break on through to the other side
Foreigner-Cold as ice
Jefferson Airplane-Somebody to love
Jackson Browne-Running on empty
Greg Kihn band-The Break Up Song

Station: hood 92.5
Style: Modern Rap and hip hop
DJ: Jazzy Forbes

Flo Rida-Right round
Akon- Right now
Eminem-Shake that
Young Jeezy-Put on
Young Jeezy-Soul survivor
The Game ft. 50 Cent-Hate it or love it
Ice Cube-Why We Thugs
LMFAO-Party rock anthem
The Game-Dreams
Lloyd Banks-Start it up
Shabazz Palaces-Church

Station: Back in the day 98.2
Style: Old school hip-hop and rap
DJ: Damien "KUSH" Brown

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop dogg-Nutin but a G thang
Eazy E-Boyz n da hood
Eazy E-Real Muthaphuckin Gs
Tuapc-Dear mama
Tupac-Brendas got a baby
Biggie smalls-Big poppa
Sugarhill Gang-Rapper's Delight
Ice Cube-Today was a good day

Station: The London Underground
Style: Punk (not necessarily from London)
DJ: Izzy Spikes

The Clash-Rock the casbah
The Clash-White riot
Green day-American Idiot
The Ramones-I wanna be sedated
Sex Pistols-Anarchy in the U.K
Billy Idol-Dancing with myself
Dropkick Murphys-Shipping up to Boston
Generation X-Kiss Me Deadly

Station: 97X
Style: Modern rock (90s-present)
DJ: Corey Sinder

Alice in chains-No excuses
Alice in chains-Check my brain
Nirvana-Come as you are
Nirvana-Rape me
Collective soul-Shine
Linkin park-New divide
Metallica-Seek and Destroy
Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun
Creed-With Arms Wide Open
Hinder-Lips Of An Angel
Hollywood Undead-Young
The Decemberists-Down by the water
R.E.M-Losing my religion
Arcade fire-Ready to start
The White Stripes-Seven nation army

Style: Electronica
DJ: Yuren Lutzen

The chemical brothers-Do it again
The crystal method-Name of the game
Massive attack-Teardrop
Infected mushrooms-Psycho
Infected mushrooms-Heavyweight
Daft punk-Digital love
Phantogram-Mouthful of diamonds
LCD Soundsystem-Tribulations
The Prodigy-Firestarter
Fatboy Slim-Funk soul brother
M83-We own the sky
Nicolas Jaar-El Bandido
Mogwai-Take me somewhere nice

Independence F.M
Style: User created playlist.
This station was also featured in GTA 4. It plays the songs you currently have on your Xbox 360, PS3 or PC hardrive. When you start the game it automatically imports all songs you have on your hardrive and whenever you add songs to your hardrive the game will add those automatically as well. You can choose to remove certain songs on the pause menu. When you select the station in game it will play the songs in a random order and will not have any ads or conversation in between songs like on regular stations.

WKTT (We Know The Truth)
Style: Conservative talk.
Hosts: Erik Johnson and Bill Hickey.
Description: A nationally broadcast conservative talk station that was featured in GTA 4. Most of the time is spent ranting about the Liberal president (Who is never named) and the state of the country and taking calls from people who agree with them as well as disagree with them. The station features two shows that are played at certain time during the day.

Take back America: Plays from 4P.M-6P.M everyday. This show consists of the hosts discussing a topic and taking calls from listeners. Some of the topics discussed are The president, Gun control and the war on terror.

The morning show: A morning show that plays from 7A.M-9A.M. The show consists of the hosts starting of the day by continuing to rant about the government and proposing ways the citizens can declare their independence resist the government (Often humorously small things such as littering, Parking in front of fire hydrants and not picking up after their pet).

SFPR (San Fierro Public radio)
Style: Public radio broadcast.
Host: Real Truth.
Description: A public station based in San Fierro and hosted by an old hippie named "Real Truth". With San Fierro being one of the most Liberal cities in the world their station is also very Liberal and can be considered to be the answer to WKTT. The show mostly consists of callers calling in and discussing topics with the host. Some of the topics covered include The anti fast food movement, The movement to legalize Marijuana and the upcoming mayoral elections. The station has one show.

History of the bay: This station details the history of the bay area starting at the early settlers and continuing up into present day. The show runs from 11P.M-3A.M. The show is divided into three four minute parts and the parts run consecutively.

More to come later....


In game TV returns. There is TV inside of every safehouse in the game. The shows include.

Republican space rangers: Returning from GTA IV with new episodes. The show follows the exploits of the Republican space crew as they explore the universe and hunt down threats to America. The show has 2 episodes.

Channel 69 news: A local Bay Area news channel that provides streaming news updates and even features reports on some of the events you witness in the game such as gang shootouts and other notable acts of violence. The reports run in a loop but will break loop to report on events seen in A mission up to 5 game days after that event. After the days are up it will go back to the standard loop if no new events have happened.

Police auction TV: A TV broadcast of a San Fierro PD police auction. They sell items they confiscated from criminals. Some of these items are. Cars, Boats, Weapons, Bongs, Dildos etc. You cant actually buy the items because that would be ridiculously complicated so its only for entertainment.

Alderney Shore: A parody of Jersey Shore. This show follows 3 Italians as they spend the summer on the Alderney shore. the show has 3 episodes and mainly consists of constant profanity and over the top Italian stereotypes.

Venturas poker challenge: Another show that retrns from GTA IV. A aprody of WPT events that are broadcast on TV. The game take place at Caligula's casino in Las Venturas.


In game internet will also return. Jack has an email account on Snafoo.com and this serves as your homepage. Some people you meet throughout the storyline will send you emails and the Car theft side activity is started by replying to an Email. Almost all emails give you the opportunity to reply either positivly or negativly. And Jack will type a message that fits the tine of what you selected. Junk mail can only be replied to negativly with Jack usually cursing at the sender for Spamming his inbox with their crap. The in game internet also features many in game websites. Some of these are similar to the ones seen in GTA IV but there are some new ones as well. The new ones include a website for both the city of San Fierro and Ridgemont. One for the B.A.T.E.S most wanted criminals (Who are the same ones seen in the Most wanted side mission) And one for channel 69 news who is the local news station. You can access Love-meet.com as well to set up dates with girls. You can access the internet through the [email protected] internet cafes for afee of $1. You can also access the internet at some safehouses that have a computer.

[email protected]: There is an internet cafe in each city as well as one in South San Fierro. At each location you can approach any computer and pay $1 to access the internet.

San Fierro: Located in the Financial district on a street corner near an Asian food store.
Ridgemont: Located in a small shopping complex in Downtown. Right next to a Binco clothing store.
South San Fierro: In the same strip mall in the eastern part of the city the gym is located in. Located two shops down from the gym.

More to come later......

Character customization and development

Character customization returns from San Andreas. You can Get haircuts for Jack as well as tattoos and clothing. You will also develop skills like in San Andreas.

Skills and stats

Weapon skill: All weapons except explosives and heavy weapons can be upgraded in skill. For melee weapons more damage will be added to each attack and for all guns you will receive an accuracy and damage upgrade as you level up. There are 3 levels of mastery.
Punk: The level you start on each weapon. Almost no mastery at all.
Gangsta: You have obviously been practicing. You now have increased accuracy with your weapon of choice and a slight damage enhancement.
Master: The highest level of skill. You have mastered this weapon and now have an accuracy upgrade and even more of a damage increase. And you may now dual wield selected weapons.

Muscle: Working out increases your level of muscle, This changes Jack's appearance and also increases the amount of damage done with every melee attack.

Fat: Eating excessively and not working out increases your fat level. Eating is no longer mandatory like in SA but does provide you with a health boost.

Stamina: Stamina is developed by working out, Running and riding bike more often. It determines how long you can run and bike and developing stamina is directly related to your fat level. The more you develop stamina the more your level of fat will go down. Its impossible to have full fat and full stamina.

Lung capacity: Lung capacity returns from San Andreas and determines how long you can dive underwater without losing health.

Sex appeal: Sex appeal is determined by your clothing and body composition. This skill helps you achieve more progress with girlfriends faster.

Driving skill: Driving skill is upgraded by driving. It improves the handling of all four wheel vehicles and when maxed out gives a speed boost to high performance vehicles.

Bike skill: Your skill on two wheeled vehicles. Makes it harder to fall off bikes and improves the handling.

Fighting skill: Fighting skill is improved through hand to hand combat. As it improves you gain opportunities to learn new moves at gyms found throughout the game.

Stores and Gyms

Character customization is achieved through these stores where you can purchase new clothing, Tattoos and haircuts.

Clothing stores.

Binco: The cheaper clothes store seen throughout the GTA world.
Black T-shirt $20
Red T-shirt $20
Green T-shirt $20
Earth invaders T-shirt $25
San Fierro 69ers T-shirt $30
Green hoodie $35
Yellow hoodie $35
Brown hoodie $35
Faded jeans $40
Regular jeans $40
Holed Jeans $40
Camo pants: $35
Cut off shorts $25
Khaki shorts $30
Blue baseball cap $20
Black baseball cap $20
Ski mask $25
Green Face bandanna $20
Black Tuque $25
White Sneakers $35
White high tops $40
Black sneakers $35
Digital watch $20
standard watch $20
Fingerless gloves $25
Black gloves $20

Pro laps: Seen in SA this clothes store sells sports related items.
69ers jersey $55
San Andreas Warriors jersey $45
Red Basketball jersey $45
Black Over Armor shirt $30
Liberty city sluggers T-shirt $20
Los Santos saints hoodie $35
Basketball shorts $35
Black Basketball shorts $35
Green track pants $40
Black track pants $40
69ers hat $25
White tennis shoes $40
Black tennis shoes $40
Sport watch $25

Brockeys: Sells Nicer more professorial clothing.
White button up shirt $45
Black dress shirt $55
white dress shirt $55
Black Suit top $60
White suit top $60
Black Dress pants $35
White dress pants $35
Black Suit pants $50
White suit pants $50
Black dress shoes $50
White dress shoes $50

Perseus: Sells the nicest most expensive clothing in the game.
Black Tuxedo top $150
White tuxedo top $200
Black tuxedo pants $150
White tuxedo pants $200
Nice suit top $100
Nice suit pants $100
White Tuxedo shoes $100
Black Tuxedo shoes $100
Diamond watch $250

Food: You can buy food from stores, vendors and machines to receive a health bonus. But if you eat too much you will gain fat and your stamina will decrease. These stores, vendors and machines are located almost all over the map.

Vending machines: Found all over the city. Inside bars, gas stations, bowling alleys and pretty much everywhere else inclusind on the street. You simply approach the machine to purchase a snack or beverage and regain some of your health. Food machines cost $2 and pop machines cost $1. Food replenishes more health than pop.

Street vendors: Found mainly only in tourist heavy places such as the Gant bridge, Fisherman's coast and Chinatown in San Fierro. They can also be found in the financial district and in downtown Ridgemont. There are 2 types of vendors. Hotdogs and popcorn. Hotdogs cost $3 and popcorn is $2. Hotdogs replenish more health.

Well stacked pizza: A pizza place. Buying a $3 slice of pizza earns you 50% of your health back.

Cluckin bell: Purchasing a $5 chicken meal will regain 60% of your health back.

Burger shot: Buying a $6 burger meal regains 70% of your health.

Barber/Tattoo shops: You can visit these stores to customize your hair and get Tattoos.

Buzzcut $15
Crew cut $15
1/2 inch $15
1 inch $15
2 inch $15
Mullet $20
Tall Mohawk $25
Short Mohawk $15
Shaggy $15

Tattoos: You can get tattoos for Jack. You choose where to put it on your body and then choose the tattoo.

Skull & Cross bones $150
"San Fierro" across back (Upper back only) $400
Broken heart $200
Large cross $250
Small cross $200
Smoking gun $200
Jesus on cross $300
"Greg 1985-2011" written in small letters(Only available after you complete "One night in San Fierro..." because Greg dies) $200
"Ernesto 1980-2011" written in small letters(Only available after you complete "Soaked in tears and tequila" because Ernesto dies) $200

GYMS: You can workout at gyms. There are two Gyms in San Fierro and one in Ridgemont as well as one in South San Fierro. The workouts offered at each gym are.

Bench press: Select the amount of weight to Bench then press the buttons on screen to perform the exercise. This builds muscle as well as a little stamina and burns fat.

Dumbells: Select the amount of weight for each arm and use the on screen button prompts to lift. Builds muscle and burns fat.

Treadmill: Select the level and rapidly tap the run button to run. Keep the energy bar from emptying or Jack will fall off! Builds Stamina and burns fat.

Exercise bike: select the level and tap the button you would to move on a normal bike. Burns fat and builds stamina.

The four dragons gym: located in Chinatown in San Fierro. This Gym offers everything a normal gym does and when your fighting skill is high enough you can learn some kung fu from the gym master.

Silvers Gym: Found in West San Fierro this Gym offers all of the standard exercises and will let you learn boxing style fighting moves when your fighting skill is high enough.

Rusty's Gym: In east Ridgemont, This is a standard Gym and allows you to learn more fighting moves.

South San Fierro Gym: Located in a strip mall in South San Fierro. This Gym offers all the standard exercises and does not allow you to learn fighting moves.

Vehicle customization

You can customize vehicles like in GTA San Andreas

There is one mod shop in San Fierro located in Garcia and one in Ridgemont located in Creekfield village. Pull into any of these shops with any Exotic, Compact, Four door or Lowrider and you will receive customization options.

These options are.
Trim color
Interior color
Rim color
Neon color
Sound system
Engine size (increases performance)

Options breakdown

Colors. $75 to change color


Trim colors. $25 to change color


Interior color. $50 to change color



Dalton wire wheels $250
Clover leaf $250
Infinity 8 Ball $300
Celtic cross $250
Dalton wire spinners $400
Celtic cross spinners $400
Star $350

Rim colors. $100 to change color


Neon. $150

Toggle on or off

Neon colors. Choose color when you purchase Neon. $50 to change color


Sound system

Sub woofers $100
HIFI stereo $150

Hydraulics $200

Toggle on or off

More to come later......


In San Fierro stories you will be able to hang out with friends in order to achieve some special abilities. There are only 3 Buddies available in the game and if they call you and you ignore them it will not affect how much they like you. But if you go a long time without doing something with them they will begin to like you less.

Andy Steele
Friendship unlocked: After completion of "Ghosts in the fog"
Wake hours: 9 A.M- 11 P.M
Likes: Bowling, Cluckin bell, Drinking, Strip club
Dislikes: Darts, Burger shot, Nice restaurants
Special ability unlocked at: 70% like
Special ability: Backup. Achieving your brothers friendship will give you access to two body guards Andy will send your way if you request them.

Ernesto Cortez
Friendship unlocked: After completion of "Powder raid" (First mission of strand)
Friendship lost: After finishing "Soaked in tears and Tequila" (Dies)
Wake hours: 8 A.M- 10 P.M
Likes: Drinking, Well stacked pizza, Pool, Strip club
Dislikes: Bowling, Cluckin bell, Cabaret
Special Ability unlocked at: 75% like
Special ability: Gun car, Give Ernesto a call and he will drive a gun car to your location and sell you weapons at discounted prices. If you have unlocked the friend ability when Ernesto dies the Weapon shops will offer his prices in honor of him. He was well known and respected among underground arms dealers.

Brian Williams
Friendship Unlocked: After completion of "Street cleaning"
Wake hours: 10 A.M- 12 P.M
Likes: Fancy restaurants, Strip club, Cluckin Bell, Darts
Dislikes: Pool, well stacked pizza, Diners
Special ability inlocked at: 65% like
Special ability: Sends either a Stallion or Super Gt to your location for you to use.

Girlfriends: In San Fierro stories you can take girls out on dates like in GTA: SA and GTA IV.
These will earn you some perks throughout the game.

Jessica Hanson
Found: Met through Andy Steele during the mission "A night out"
Likes: Drinking, Dancing, Fancy restaurants.
Dislikes:Strip club, Fast food, Bowling
Ability unlocked at: 65% affection
Ability: Clothing discount. Call her and she can give you a discount on all clothing, Haircuts and tattoos for about 12 hours.

Alexis Snow
Found: On Love-Meet.com
Likes: Fancy restaurants, Bowling, Pool
Dislikes: Strip club, Fast food
Ability unlocked at: 60% affection
Ability: Heal through phone. Call her and she can heal up to 75% of your health through the phone. this can only be used once every 24 hours though.

Natalie Brooks
Found: On Love-Meet.com
Likes: Dancing, Fancy restaurants, Cabaret.
Dislikes: Strip club, Fast food, Drinking.
Ability unlocked at: 75% affection.
Ability: Her dad's driver will bring you either a turismo or a comet to you. This can only be used once every few days though.


San Fierro stories will feature a multiplayer mode similar to GTA 4's and features all modes seen in GTA 4 as well as two new ones. Up to 16 players will be supported on the consoles and 32 on PC.

Seen in GTA 4

Team based:
Team Deathmatch.
Team Mafiya work
Team car jack city.
Cops N crooks
Turf war

Co-op modes:
Deal breaker
Take the BATE (Hangmans NOOSE)
Bomb Da Base

Solo modes:
Mafiya work
Car jack city
Free mode

Racing modes:
Gta race.

New modes.

Demo Derby: In this mode you compete in a Demolition derby with up to 7 other players. The concept is simple. Destroy the other players cars and if yours is the last one standing you win. You are only allowed to use a 9mm pistol to destroy others cars and you cannot leave your car. Your character can also not die and its impossible to leave your vehicle. When your car is destroyed you are warped to a spectators area Above the Demo bowl where you can watch the rest of the match. No weapons are allowed during this time.

Convoy: This game mode involves two teams. The defending team and the attacking team. The defending teams objective is simple. Protect the truck from destruction from the attacking team. 8 players are required per team. One player from the defending team is selected as the driver who must drive the truck to another location on the map. The other players are given choices of weapons and four door sedans to drive at the begging of the match. The attacking team starts a fair distance from the convoy and are also given a selection of weapons. The only weapons not allowed in this mode are the RPG and M60 only 3 grenades are allowed per round. There are two rounds. each team gets a chance to be the Defending team and the attacking team once. After two rounds the team that was most successful is the winner. Success is defined as successfully delivering the truck (Defending team) or destroying the truck (Attacking team). If it is a tie the team that was closest to the objective as the defending team is the winner. If both teams were an equal distance from the delivery point upon destruction of the truck the match is officially a tie. Players can re spawn after 3 seconds upon dieing and reappear at their teams base.

More to come later......

Expansion packs

San Fierro stories will feature two DLC's like in GTA IV. The exclusivity deal with Microsoft is still ongoing but the DLC's Become available for PS3, PC and, MAC when they are released in a packaged deal.

DLC 1: GTA: Police Stories
Release: June 10th 2012
Price: 1600 Microsoft Points
Synopsis: Brady Keith is a faithful officer for the SFPD who always tries to do the right thing. But When he finds out his family is strapped with massive debt and is at risk of losing their family home that has been in the family for generations he is forced to use his police connections to benefit organized crime. The rewards are tremendous and Gives Brady the opportunity to save the house but it also comes at a price. Being involved in the underground crime scene not only puts himself at risk but his family as well...

DLC 2: GTA: Faith & Familia
Release: October 22nd 2012
Price: 1600 Microsoft points
Synopsis: Juan Mendez is a Son of Mexican immigrants. Growing up in Ridgemont he struggled to stay out of the gang life. But his desperate poverty and the influence of his cousin slowly pushed him to crime. in the present day Juan is one of the highest ranking members in his cousin's gang. Known as the Cruz cartel. As it is trying to expand its business into the neighboring suburbs but comes into conflict with the San Fierro triads who also want to control the area. Mendez thinks himself and his family should just leave the gang lifestyle behind but the desire to support his family and his loyalty to his cousin keeps him tied in. Juan has a struggle ahead of him that is going to tear him apart trying to decide between right and wrong and what is best for himself and his family.

More to come later......
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Those are some cheap motherf*ckin' weapons, sh*t, an RPG for $1,000?

Anyways not a bad start. Maybe add some pictures for the characters so we can visualize the story better. You must have created the protagonist with some kind of appearance in mind, so share it with us.

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QUOTE (akavari112 @ Dec 12 2010, 04:26)
Those are some cheap motherf*ckin' weapons, sh*t, an RPG for $1,000?

Anyways not a bad start. Maybe add some pictures for the characters so we can visualize the story better. You must have created the protagonist with some kind of appearance in mind, so share it with us.

I am going to put some pics up in the next update. And i wasn't really thinking too hard when i was making the prices for weapons but i don't think they are that bad.

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good start

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I like your map most don't make the effort of making a good map.

I will add more to my post soon i just gotta do something.

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nice start.

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Very good man icon14.gif

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Nice start icon14.gif Cant wait for next update smile.gif

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oI've always liked the idea of San Fierro - I even made a concept myself, but I think this could use some work

apart from that, its AWSOME colgate.gif

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What do you guys think of the new updates?

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There might be another update coming up when i get time for it so stay tuned.

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Nice! When will the update be up?

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Thats not a bad start, but your story is way too loose, like a prostitues bra...

You need to explain to us, why his father was killed, and who were the killers and go into way more detail in that aspect, other weapons and features are looking good but you could give it abit of a tidy up. The story is a little cliche because that kind of story has been done before however it is hard to think of somthing completly original.

e.g. these are some questions that need explaining, not in mass detail but small ammounts and also enough to keep the reader reading, and make it original.

Why was his father murdered? Because he owed money to the mob... dozingoff.gif Really? that has been done all but too many times, try and think of somthing else, i know it is hard but try and not come up with somthing easy...

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Why just San Fiero?

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QUOTE (TommyMufc-Champs @ Dec 18 2010, 19:24)
Nice! When will the update be up?

Possibly tommorrow.

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QUOTE (Sanjeem @ Dec 18 2010, 19:31)
Thats not a bad start, but your story is way too loose, like a prostitues bra...

You need to explain to us, why his father was killed, and who were the killers and go into way more detail in that aspect, other weapons and features are looking good but you could give it abit of a tidy up. The story is a little cliche because that kind of story has been done before however it is hard to think of somthing completly original.

e.g. these are some questions that need explaining, not in mass detail but small ammounts and also enough to keep the reader reading, and make it original.

Why was his father murdered? Because he owed money to the mob... dozingoff.gif Really? that has been done all but too many times, try and think of somthing else, i know it is hard but try and not come up with somthing easy...

I had planned to explain the entire story through upcoming missions. Did you also realize that i left his relationship with Tommy Vercetti completley open? I will add more missions in the next update. So check back later.

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I will be updating more today to go with last nights minor update.

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You should of used the EDIT button icon14.gif Anyway, what things will you be adding?

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 11:43 PM

New update. I added new missions and more characters

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Only in name or this mod will be downloadable?

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QUOTE (Aaron R1-5 @ Jan 3 2011, 06:18)
Only in name or this mod will be downloadable?

Im sorry but i dont understand. Are you asking if this is meant to be a standalone release or a DLC? in that case it would be a standalone release. Not a DLC.

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Wow first update in a while. I will be updating this topic but my Bully 2 concept has been taking a lot of the time recently so i might not update a lot. But i eventually will.

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Posted 14 June 2011 - 06:40 PM

What do you guys think of the DLC's?

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Posted 11 December 2011 - 04:54 PM

If you want you can visit the Fanfiwiki page here: San Fierro Stories
It has more content than this page.

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It's concept thread. That's only written variant of the game the author want to be made. There's no downlioad, it's not a mod.

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