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How to make GTAIV smooth on inetl GMA 4500M!

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Posted 08 November 2010 - 07:36 PM Edited by pixeliousic, 08 November 2010 - 07:41 PM.

Hello gamers, wassup juste passing around with my NEWEST ideas for intel GMA4500m who are tyred from playing with 4~10fps
well i have the solution juste follow the TUTORIAL Carefully!![SIZE=7][COLOR=blue]

my laptop is user posted image
my specs:
-Intel Core 2 DUO 2.4GHZ
-500Gig HDD
-Windows7 ultimate 32bits
-Intel GMA 4500M

first of all get GTAIV (make sure it's original version if is not, never mid) wink.gif

-Download The latest Intel GMA4500 m driver (this driver let GTAIV to be patched with patch wink.gif i tried it and it's working)
Get the Driver here for WINDOWS7--32bits

-get the patch here "uploaded by me" Get it heretounge2.gif : (if you needed the crack e-mail me at : [email protected])
-now after installing the game+ updating it launch the game see if it's working turn everithing on LOWWWWW "espacially the shadows quality" sly.gif
-now quit the game
-go to the directory and do the following (now to the tweak Guide) maybe long but if u wanna good game wink.gif

In game options, off clip capture

Clip Capture takes up alot of fps just off it


First, make a text document, call it Commandline.txt. Save it in your GTA4 folder.

in the document, type this

-height 240
-width 320
-renderquality 0
-shadowdensity 0
-texturequality 0
-viewdistance 0
-detailquality 0
-percentagevidmem 100
-availablevidmem 0.235
-framelimit 0
-memrestrict 188743680
-memrestrict 209715200
-memrestrict 230686720

this make it playable but horrible graphics

but there is tweak to make the graphics look better(will discussed that later)SEE n2 for graphics fix

Tweak N°2
Ultimate Graphics Tweak wink.gif get it here :
Ultimate Graphics Tweak by "bartekxyz"
If you want greater graphics in low GFX settings then download this
The installation instructions are in the README file
(i personnaly choose the n2 cuz the n1 have the Smooth Shadows and we d'ont have shadows "remembre u have t take them out cuz they eat so much fps)

Tweak N°3

get the Textures Replacement HERE
(NOTE: this one fix your fps and replace the old textures setings to the lowest as possible)
make backup and replace it in : C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\pc\data\cdimages "DEFAULT"

Tweak N°4

Get the farclp Tweak
(this one is actually make your vision while playing GTAIV so with the default "1500"you can see the 3 islands while standine in the front of them so here we are going to make the vision short from 1500 to 50 wow.gif wow.gif
now its smooth get the farclp 30 tweak By Clicking HERE

Intel Display management tool (Very Important for intel gaming)
get it : By Clicking HERE!

FOLLOW THESE STEPS for using intel display management
1)Double click the tool, it should automatically detect your display adapters.
2)If your display adapter's vendor is Intel then go to the "Vertex Processing Modes For Specified Executables" tab.
3)Press "Add Executable" button and select your game's main executable.
4)After adding it find it in the list, click it, then click on "Change Vertex Processing Mode" button.
5)There you go, your game should now use Software Vertex Processing instead of HWVP. If this doesn't increase your
FPS then you should switch back to HWVP by clicking "Change Vertex Processing Mode" button again. Also you don't
need to restart for your changes to make effect.
these are gonna work ..

now my fps got from 9~35fps


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Posted 09 November 2010 - 06:20 AM

-availablevidmem 0.235
-detailquality 0
-framelimit 0
-height 240
-memrestrict 188743680
-renderquality 0
-shadowdensity 0
-texturequality 0
-viewdistance 0
-width 320

You have many errors/duplicates/nonexistent switches in your commandlines, I suggest you use these. Even though, the point of using nomemrestrict, memrestrict and availablevidmem at the same time is highly dubious.

.Michael De Santa.
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Posted 14 November 2010 - 12:09 AM

First of all you have error in your title.
And second I think you should credit me for finding out that this driver works with patches!
"Every Intel GMA User Look Here!"

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 03:09 AM Edited by Rizqan, 07 August 2014 - 03:11 AM.

I'm really interesting in this topic, because my laptop's VGA also the Intel GMA 4500M which has VRAM: 64 MB - approximately 780 MB. Ever heard Royal BNA Driver? It's the modded driver for Intel GMA to replace the original Intel GMA driver and overlock its clock and makes the VRAM more bigger.

I'm also newbie on GTA IV just installing it yesterday and when first playing it I got missing texture, fortunately by using commandline.txt, the bug is fixed, but the most common problem is my GTA IV is very laggy, only got 8-12 FPS and also I think the common effects which makes GTA IV laggy is the shader water and DOF (Motion blur doesn't too affect performance).

My laptop specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 ghz
Mobile Intel 4 Express Chipset Family (Intel GMA 4500M)

BTW, sorry for the bump, I'm just really want to report my experience playing GTA IV here.

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