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  • blender803

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Posted 12 October 2010 - 12:15 PM

When i play the bar brawl mission it freezes during the video when tommy talks to the owner of the bar and it freezes at the exact same time everytime. After it freezes if i press anything it goes back to the desktop and a pop up says that gta has stopped working and then gta soons closes.
what i must do?

  • radioman

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Posted 12 October 2010 - 11:57 PM

First, Are you playing from the Original CD OR a No-CD crack? Have you used any cheats/Mods/Trainers? Is this the Retail(CD) version OR a Downloaded version? If Downloaded, from where?

Next, Please post the REQUIRED Information from the Pinned Troubleshooting topic by Wolf68k located here:
Before you post a topic, please read the pinned bug list. It is likely that you're not the first person to encounter a problem, and we may have found a solution already.

If the bug list cannot help, you'll need to post a new topic. Please provide useful topic titles. "Help" or "problem" give us no insight into the problem - every topic in the Troubleshooting forum will no doubt entail a problem seeking help!

To get the most amount of help for your problem, we need as many details as we can get about your system's specs. Therefore it is highly suggested (read: demanded) that you provide:
• What platform: PC, PS2, or X-Box
• What version number of GTA: VC for PC, the 1.1 patch was pretty much obsolete a month after it was released-- for certain problems on PS2, it would be a good idea to post what version-- original, platinum, doublepack, triplepack.
•Did the game work normally at any time before, did you change anything

(To accurately diagnose problems the following should be posted for any PC problems)
• What CPU and its speed
• How much RAM, also what kind (DDR, SDRAM) and speed
• What video card and driver version
• Which version of Windows (and any service packs)
• Which DirectX version and driver version
• What sound card and driver version
• History: Is this your first install? Did it work once before? Anything that is relevant.
• Screenshots, if applicable. This is especially necessary with display issues which can be explained far easier by use of visual aids.
• Above all else, a detailed description of your problem. Give as much information as possible! Keep it relevant, though. We don't need a fifty-page printout from some diagnosis program. Usually the above prompts will suffice.

To find the above info, go to Start, Run(XP)/Search(Vista and 7) and type in DXDIAG and press Enter, then the first page will tell your Processor, Ram, OS, etc info, the Display tab will show the Video Card info, the Sound tab=Sound card info, etc. If on 7, there is no SP's as SP1 has not came out for Windows 7 yet, btw.

Also, Are ALL Drivers up to date for you DX, Sound card, Video card, etc? All the above info-including quote WILL help in coming up with solutions for you....


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Posted 21 October 2010 - 05:28 PM

Have you replaced original Angel or edited MAIN_SCM file?

Eris Maken
  • Eris Maken

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 11:14 AM

Actually i also experienced the same problem..I couldn't finished the game because of this bar brawl error, I started playing the game since 2004...Can you believe that that I just finished the game about four days ago..because that wasn't the original copy of the game..I searched and found the original copy recently...and GAME OVER!
This error is very popular and almost everyone facing this problem..because everyone getting this game or downloading it is not the original copy..Those copies have mods already installed...which meaning overwriting the game's original command line..makes the so called 'UNHANDLED EXCEPTION' error.
Ok, now for the SOLUTION to the Bar Brawl Error and since this is 100% pure solution so you might share this to those who are facing this problem or similar kind of problem...

1.You must download the original copy of the game when it was first released on 2002/03..for that you have to download ISO file like 'Gta vice city.iso' or Gta vice city CD1 or CD 2.iso'

2.you can hit google or download it from torrent
This is just the half of the solution..I will tell you later after you download and inform me. Meanwhile, you can ask me about the topic if you don't understand something

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 11:18 AM

Please don't bump old topics. Also don't discuss piracy on these boards.


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