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ballad of gay tony roleplay

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Posted 12 October 2010 - 06:20 AM

this is a roleplay for all the people who wanna play TBoGT but can find anyone on the servers

the basic things to do are
-make a cheracter
-give them a job if they have one
-give them a house if they have one
-give them a backstory
and other details like that this also includes if u want ovcourse
-car -crime family
-home town/city

the crime familys u can pick from
-irish mob
-italian mob
-asian mob
-russian mob
-irish hoods

and if u dont like these u can make up your own gang or group
and if u dont roll in the gangs u can be a part of the liberty city police force as either an undercover cop
or a well known street cop...cops will not be given jobs but can investigate and question other players if they look like they are doing a job.

in this roleplay there will be a banking system once we get going theres gonna be little jobs i call out
for spacific people...you will get a private phone call with your job and it can be as easy as picking up a car and droppin it off on the
other side of town or as heavy risk as assasinating a local player...dont worry it doesnt happen all the time and other then on a job no one can randomly kill anyone else or they will be given a penalty and then banned if they continue...pretty much if u kill somone theres gotta be a point to it just like in real life and if its in the roleplay story then there will be a cop chase and that
can end randomly amoung players but aslong as i know of it taking place.

job rewards are as follow
-hired hits $1000-10,000
-stolen vehicles $3000-75,000
-dropping off drugs and other $50-20,000
-guns and arms deals $30,000-100,000

stolen cars go under these prices
-classic 4-doors $500-7500
-muscle 2-doors $3500-10,000
-exotic 2-doors $15,000-100,000

it would be cool if people that joind have a headset and if not thats also ok we can work that out
but just to remember this is not a tdm its a roleplay or more its your cheracter and his or her life in liberty city
anyone can join men and women

and if anyone has any ideas on how we can make this roleplay better pitch your ideas and im sure we can work them out

bank accounts

account#001 name:mason.mcneil balance:$1500.50
account#002 name:VACANT balance:$00.00
account#003 name:VACANT balance:$00.00
account#004 name:VACANT balance:$00.00

more accounts will be opend when they are requested

heres and example of a profile of a cheracter

ocupation:club runner and money launderer for tony price
home town:las venturas(san andreas)
car:admiral and emperor
house:downtown alderny(by old theme park)
backstory:as a low brow irish drug pusher in a gamblin town mason didnt get much work anywere till he ran into some italian mobsters
son and got work in caligulas casino as a delivery boy for the italian mafia soon he was in to deep with the mob he rose through the ranks too fast and was too good for them just to let walk away so they tryed to assasinate him but before they could put there plan into action the casino was robbed and it was right when mason was working too,after crossing cj when he was lost trying to find the main vents that go to the safe mason told him the casino details and cj told him to get out while he could so mason took the last bit of money he was saposed to deliver and bailed off to get a new start in liberty city and with some help from a quick friend made luis mason met tony price and hes been working his way to the top ever sense

ok your backstory doesnt have to be as nearly as long as mine i just got on a roll
but everyone sees what im looking for now hopefully people see this and dont hate it
and to all who joins ill see you on the ps3
everyone add my psn its down below

PSN!!! masonchance

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