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[ALPHA] M.C. v0.04

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Posted 07 October 2010 - 02:31 PM Edited by iriedreadlock23, 17 November 2013 - 03:56 AM.

I introduce you:
MidnightCrime v0.971

<> UPDATE 07/11/2013





This mod is actually a collection of extensions for GTA IV game. It now includes some very well features, such as advanced NPC's, drug-wars like simulation-mod, some classic GTA features aka KILL FRENZY, new places to go. Watch this thread for new videos and pictures. I must thank Aru, HazardX and other folks who made it possible to develop GTA IV mods. Below is development diary : some of the planned features may be excluded in ALPHA/BETA releases


This project is using aru's Scripthook & HazardX's ScripthookDotNet, and plenty of custom commands and even reimplementations of some of the original game features such as ScriptedSpeech/Vehicle Recording/Radio and All Sound control.


Here you can find all mods that are part of

Midnight Crime tools



%MidnightCrime: Phone Mod SDK


%MidnightCrime: DopeWars 1.0 beta


%MidnightCrime: Music & Weed (Interior+Props)


%MidnightCrime: Speech Helper widget (vb)


%MidnightCrime: Scripted Speech (sco)


%MidnightCrime: The Detonator

%MidnightCrime: Vehicle Recording tool v1.0.0.0

%MidnightCrime: ParrotBay Radio player v1.0.0.1

%MidnightCrime: Kill Frenzy


%MidnightCrime: Multi-Single Player (2 player coop)



Features update 13/11/2013


# 10000+ scripted speeches (EFLC)

# Over 2000 speeches linked to voices

# Phone cracked & hacked



Features update 10/11/2013


# MLO Interior Music & Weed released

# DopeWars beta released



Features update 14/6/2011

# Totall control of character animations
# Finished TheBomb class (used in TheDetonator)
# Rewritten Vehicle Recording / Playback

Features update 7/3/2011

# Added ability to program all game movies (+add new without replacing)
# Dope Wars test mission with Lil Jacob & albanian gangs
# Experimental hiring of custom gangs (biker gangs just like The Lost of TLAD)

Features update 4/3/2011

# You can use scenario objects to make your own missions
# Included: pickaxe, drill, icecream, walkietalkie, shopping bags, grocery, sax, bags...etc (with default Rockstar anims and action, no hacks)
# Created video of Lil Jacob digging road, and playing saxophone with sound
# Experimental GTAIV radio and other sound added to EFLC

Update 28.2.2011.

# Added dozen new triggers / actions
# Now fully supports GTA IV scripted speech
# Using new rewritten faster version of MidnightScript
# Play as any character / record it / play it

Update 1.1.2011.

# Easily create advanced characters (in searchable database with names)
# Record any vehicle at any time, and use it for playback in missions
# Predefine damage level of any vehicle (mold that metal as if it was a jelly)
# Add any visual effect to the gameworld
# Set custom scenarios, triggers, and action sequences
# Supports unlimited number of going car recordings
# Supports unlimited number of scripted characters
# Minimal coding required 4 maximum action enabled
Part 1 : Dope Wars § OK

Props, cash, and medical dispensaries. Obtain it in Leftwood, deliver anywhere you want. Everyone is in your game, any LC pedestrian on your screen, and not only. Smoke the bud, slow down the game time, and see the whole world in different light. Literally, as dozens weed types are available, with incredible visual effects (can customize to unlimited) aka time cycle effects (the same way GTA IV video editor lets you change those effects), but in real time. This is beta. Test it, and we'll see what updates are coming next. This version was done from scratch, and is in BETA phase. You must have required files (gs_props/ganjashop etc) to make it work.

Part 3 : Shottas (Co-op/Driveby mod) § OK

Shottaz, as it stands for people who shoot another people in jamaican sleng, is a mod that is sort of a new type of a bodyguard mod. It has many nice features, including the long awaited two player cooperative mod. Shottaz are your new best friends in LC, and your friends are always there for you. Also, your real life friends can hop in and take control of any NPC character on your way to the top in Liberty City. Second player is able to play on keyboard, and also on Joypad, featuring melee fights, aiming, shooting, driving cars, running, ducking, jumping, etc. Street Life is also part of Shottaz.

Part 5 : KILL FRENZY!!!!! v1.0.0.0 § OK

# Added timer & explosion for frenzy vehicle (done)
# Set frenzy to use any weapon or vehicle (done)
# Add unlimited spawn position (done)
# Basic Level (done)
# Sound (done)
# Rewards (done)
# Activate on Pickup (done)
# Tracking dead peds(done)
# Statistics (done)
# Spawn points (looking for suitable places)
# Advanced Level (done)
# Setup GUI (done)
# Online scores (not finished yet)

GTA GARAGE << direct download link >>

§ OK <<< Mod working independently.



Drug Wars

A employee is looking at his mobile phone for new calls.


Dealer recieving a call.
Customer coming to the venue.
Dealer discretly handing over the package.
A satisfied customer with Niko's product

Liberty City is full of crime! Lets have fun with it!



Very rough version of 2 players game

Car Damage editing in realtime


UPDATE :: Contact to get new ALPHA/BETA releases (when available) and all additional info!

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Posted 07 October 2010 - 03:07 PM

Screenshots? What's the aim of the mod? confused.gif

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Posted 07 October 2010 - 04:57 PM Edited by iriedreadlock23, 07 October 2010 - 05:01 PM.

The aim of the mod is adding new action to Liberty City. It features side missions, with all of the story going parallel to GTA IV storyline. Missions will get characters to use other mod features (eg. selling drugs for Niko on the street, much like ambdealer script, but improved and fully controllable).

And aswell all classes will be available as standalone add-ons to GTA IV. Like new traffic control script, or Co-Op. I just tested the last mentioned feature, and at the moment Player2 can walk, run and enter/drive vehicle, and all happenes on the same computer/display!!! Just to make it more interesting, there will be support for more than just 2 players. More information is available to people involved in the project. For others, check this thread regullary for new updates.

So you can see, how the mod is actually targetting larger goals - which is adding /improving GTA IV gameplay, and enabling players to enjoy their game for longer time.

p.s. (screens/video will be ready soon)

  • archey


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Posted 11 October 2010 - 05:53 AM

it's looking good i cant wait to actually use it biggrin.gif

  • WolvenWolf

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Posted 11 October 2010 - 09:12 PM

QUOTE (iriedreadlock23 @ Oct 7 2010, 16:57)
Like new traffic control script, or Co-Op. I just tested the last mentioned feature, and at the moment Player2 can walk, run and enter/drive vehicle, and all happenes on the same computer/display!!! Just to make it more interesting, there will be support for more than just 2 players. More information is available to people involved in the project.

Ok, thats genius. If you realease this you will be like Chuck Norris, for GTAIV. Almighty

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Posted 20 October 2010 - 09:16 PM Edited by iriedreadlock23, 26 February 2011 - 06:59 PM.

rampage_ani.gif rampage_ani.gif rampage_ani.gif rampage_ani.gif rampage_ani.gif

Ok lets get it back to the old school. Those people who dont know where it's at, go google KILL FRENZY of GTA 2, and see what this game is all about. And now, sit back, roll a joint, relax ... and maybe this evening, you will be doing that in GTA IV. I represent the past, coming to the present : GTA IV KILL FRENZYv 0.76 >> This mod is created from scratch.

It features:

# Original kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil frenzy Sound from the good ol' game
# Huge screen title that says "KILL FRENZY!!!"
# It is activated when you pickup FRENZY object
# You must kill 20 people for $1000
# There will be many difficulty levels (+more ca$h!)
# There could be some new designed features
that were not included in original GTA2 game
# 100% Free and Working

rampage_ani.gif rampage_ani.gif rampage_ani.gif rampage_ani.gif rampage_ani.gif
KILL FRENZY //// MOD by ## iriedreadlock23 ##

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Posted 21 October 2010 - 12:17 AM

Hey, it's looking good so far! KIIILLL FREEENZYY! Haha, can't wait to test it. Should it work with EFLC?

  • iriedreadlock23

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Posted 21 October 2010 - 12:22 AM

I don't have EFLC, so it will be up to the first one who test it there, to confirm whether its working or not. I use Scripthook v 0.40, and latest ScriptHookDotNet BETA.

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Posted 23 October 2010 - 04:21 PM


  • MrAgentGuy


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Posted 24 October 2010 - 10:58 AM

This is amazing!!!! biggrin.gif

Can you add some awesome features from san andreas like getting fat, and going to the gym and getting huge? lol

Keep up the fantastic work buddy! i cant wait for this! smile.gif

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Posted 24 October 2010 - 02:10 PM

wow! this is going to be the best of the best! bookmarking now!

  • WolvenWolf

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Posted 25 October 2010 - 01:58 AM

QUOTE (iriedreadlock23 @ Oct 23 2010, 16:21)

K dude, I've tested your mod with EFLC version with the latest scripthookdotnet.asi and It does the job. Bugs I've found:
1) When I press M, several frenzy objects appear. I pick one, finish the frenzy and the other objects are still there and the Km icon on the map doesn't disappear, and if I pick those nothing happens, I have to press M again for another frenzy.
2) After a car frenzy, my weapons are removed. They appear back when I try a new gun frenzy.
3) I'd really like to see a timer, instead of the mod version. And a level indicator.
4) Getting killed doesn't always cancel the frenzy.
I think, instead of pressing M to spawn the object, or pressing ctrl+M to spawn the car, you should set fixed locations (spawn points and parked cars)... maybe "press M to turn on/off kill frenzy locations on the radar" (something like this mod: http://www.gtaforums...owtopic=411353).
Pretty hard to kill 20 pedestrians when they all run away from you haha. ph34r.gif

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Posted 25 October 2010 - 12:13 PM

Yes, thank you very much WolvenWolf. This is alpha release, so there are bugs, yes. You can check development diary in first post, for current plans, and updates.

- There will be better counter and new timer.
- THere will be spawn locations, and offline editor
- Frenzy will disable itself on player's death

Your weapons do not dissapear. You'r AK47 is being locked as only weapon to be used. And in vehicle frenzy, no weapon can be used. So all your weapons are there, but you just cannot select them (switch weapons:disabled). Offcourse, using a simple trainer can override this. When you start frenzy, you can change weapon/vehicle in trainer.

Sorry because of the small bugs. I will fix it soon, and update it to version 0.78. And yes, wolf, do me a favor, make a video of you killing 100 pedestrians.

  • iriedreadlock23

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Posted 04 November 2010 - 12:11 AM Edited by iriedreadlock23, 13 November 2010 - 06:46 PM.

I have updated KILL FRENZY. Finally I will post a public link for download since GtaGarage seems to be down for new mods. It features text GUI in pre 1.0 version, but It shows current frenzy level, number of peds to kill/run down, and time left. Since now I have EFLC, I will certainly make use of those explosive shotguns, and APC. Also for those interested, I have videos of Cooperative Mod tested in EFLC 1.1.0, but also working in GTA IV 1.0.3. As of this moment, I have added driving, walking, running, and both drive by and on foot shooting (with simple aim - including automatic and manual). Thanks to my brother who was testing this with me in 2 Player mod, I will make very advanced, precision aiming so other players can enjoy shooting, and also playing any mission with no problems at all. Also, I would use this chance to invite good modders, to help me out to complete simple mission editor, so any modder with basic skills could create new missions quickly, so we would see tons of new missions uploaded. It will feature full GUI, and easy way to create/edit mission characters, vehicles, and their actions. At this moment, I can build fully playable mission in just few minutes, with characters driving on prerecorded routes (or anywhere you want), they shoot, talk, hide, jump, climb. etc. So, there is no need to code every single mission separately. Goal is that editor do the job for you.

So far i have done this:

# Recording/playback of multiple vehicles in the same time (done)
# Creating simple character definition script / loader (done)
# Easy way to add new objects to map (done)
# Setup and run missions created by MC tools (done)
# Game tools for creating mission entities (and recordings etc) (done)

To do:

# Recording camera movement / fov etc
# Recording character animations / timings
# Realtime recording of game action
# Character and Camera (Cutscene) playback
# Viewing entities positions and actions in MC editor in real time


skin NIKO
voice NIKO
position 124.44 1988.23 238.9 100.0
watch gamestart 1
task entercar mafia1 1
watch health 30
task cower 1000
task die 1

With this script, we create character with NIKO skin and voice, set his position, and at the gamestart, just after 1 second of the game, he will enter vehicle named mafia1. If his health gets under 30, he will cower for 1 second and die. Offcourse, all details on object definitions, references etc, will be found in release documents. Many many features will be included, so stay tuned.

Just havin fun

user posted image

user posted image

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Posted 09 November 2010 - 10:25 PM

Wait, I know your nick...Wait lololol, aren't you the guy who made that 'ol .net bodyguards mod back in teh '09?! Man, wassup.
That's some amazing progress you made there, need any help on the ideas and such?

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Posted 24 November 2010 - 10:12 PM

Update 24.11.2010.


I am currently working on the set of tools for fast development of new missions, and scenarios. So far i have made a robust system that reads the data from external files and perform actions and creates mission entities within game. Actions are triggered when player enter certain area, or use an object, etc. Mission characters are defined in character class script, where you can easily set skin, position, health, weapons, etc. and also the 'Watch' points, which are used to trigger certain chain of events (Task Sequences).


Gta Objects
Gta Peds
Gta Vehicles
Gta Lights
Gta Pickups
Car Recordings


Entity Names are defined in separate mission entity definition file (*.mced), where we set the spawn positions and names for vehicles, and objects. We will after be able to use these entities in mission character script, where we easily interact with them by calling their name. These entities are totally interactive. We can for example, set damage level of every vehicle, with predefined damage ammount (yes, visual damage, dents and all). And also, interactive objects that can be picked up and carried.

entity definition:
vehicle manana mycar1
vehicle infernus mycar2

character script:
task shoot mycar1
task enter mycar2 1


Code currently supported:

Skin (sets skin and model for mission character)
Weapon (sets and selects weapons)
Position (starting position of a character)
Gamestart (performs all tasks below watch line)
Health (performs tasks when health goes below this)
Time (performs tasks when mission timer reach desired time)
Character (performs tasks after interaction with certain character)
Phrase (performs tasks on spoken phrase)
Player (perform after interaction with player)
Entercar (task enter vehiclename seat)
LeaveCar (task leavecar)
Wait (task wait interval)
Die (task die)
Shoot (task shoot player 1000)
Drive (task drive vehiclename destX destY destZ speed)
Say... (task say sh*t)
.... etc

Mission characters can use car recordings, repeating the exact same route every time you play the mission. Everything is planned to be placed into MC Editor tools (collection of editing tools with many many new features), that im working on. So, even the dummies could learn to make missions, and custom action. Stay tuned, for more info.



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Posted 25 November 2010 - 04:06 AM

Very impressive! wow.gif

  • iriedreadlock23

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Posted 28 November 2010 - 04:33 PM

Please check first post for new videos. There is 2P Coop mod, and Damage editor video. Also, a new version of Mission Tools is almost ready, as I have been testing it very much. At the moment, it is possible to create new scenarios for pedestrians, aswell as new interactive missions. Characters can use animations, speech, weapons, events (triggers). Also, a complete GUI of my standalone tools is almost ready. It features script highlighting, easy keyword selection and interaction (every script object has context menu). You Do not have to type it all in notepad, but rather use menus to add/edit mission character files (*.mccd), aswell as entities definition files (*.mced), and also mission definition files (*.mcmd). As you probably learned already, it will feature standalone version, and aswell in game version, which both would communicate in realtime, so you could easily send object locations, and much more directly to editor, who creates script from collected data.

New features/Soon come
#### Many new triggers (position, horn, time...)
#### New tasks (animation, explosion, mobileringing, usemobile, etc...)
#### Car recording file editor (to tweak recorded cars)
#### Car damage recorder/editor
#### Map tool with exact coordinates
#### Real time data exchange
#### Character Action recorder
#### Ingame GUI
#### Much more triggers/tasks

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

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Posted 28 November 2010 - 10:57 PM

I'd Love to try this is, it looks epic

  • royaltony

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 05:38 PM

Very nice , I can help you with something?

sorry for my english sigh.gif
I am from Latvia biggrin.gif

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Posted 12 December 2010 - 06:03 AM Edited by a-k-t-w, 12 December 2010 - 06:09 AM.

Are you gonna charge for this mod?

If not, release the source and you will get cookies. cookie.gif

Edit: Is this mod dead?

D5 Driver
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Posted 12 December 2010 - 09:01 AM

Hope he releases the mod, before it's "dead"... But nice work! wink.gif

  • iriedreadlock23

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Posted 12 December 2010 - 04:00 PM

Its alive and moving forward. I have released Kill Frenzy 0.77 on GtaGarage, but for other releases you will have to wait since i am developing the tools for creating missions/scenarios. I want to make sure that all the releases are easy to use. Also, since i have started Mission Editing Tools, i want to get all missions written with my tools, in an external files. So they can be tweaked, with no recompiling needed.

As i have stated before, you can get alpha/beta release if you wish, but stability or performance may not be as it will be in proper release. So link me up for more information. Also, I really want some other gtamodders to help me out. My intention is not to self-promote, but to advance the modding community with fresh ideas and solutions. This projet is huge, and it will go faster if there is more of us.


# Updated car recording to 99% presicion
# Added 8 new self-triggering checkpoints
# New tasks and triggers for external scripts
# Interaction with any nearby objects
# Added VisualEffects (PTFX) support
# Tweaks on main character (pain voice)
# Basic visual car damage editing
# Native joypad support (with events)


# Character actions recording
# Camera recording
# Tons of mission scripts
# Mission to Position links
# External Map viewer
# Smart auto mission generate
# In game mission editor / viewer
# Better character navigation in Coop
# much more

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Posted 25 December 2010 - 03:17 PM

OK, here I am, spamming my own thread. Good news. New version of KILL FRENZY is almost done. I have to add spawn locations, and simple mechanism for dynamic loading of vehicles when you approach certain locations. It has unlimited levels, simple GUI, and maximum action. In future releases, it will be partly based on your feedback. On the other hand, MidnightCrime Mission Tools is approaching its release, i am debugging the code at the moment, and testing wheter its working like a swiss clock or not. I have fixed numerous bugs, and enabled many new features. Finally you will be able to create real scenes (chases, shootouts, etc), just as if they were from real movies. I have a sample showcase scene for all of you. Set contains 4 characters, 3 vehicles, recorded routes and simple scripted action. One is lighting up a spliff in his vehicle (with huge fat smoke), while cops appear 100m away. They turn on their siren, and the guy freaks out and hit the pedal, trying to run away. Cops speed up, and next thing you notice, that cops are the ones being chased, and they are trying to get away from Redneck freaks looking for payback. Its nothing much, but it shows many of the features of my Tools. Characters dynamicly do everything. They use the triggers (TIME, DISTANCE to player or other character...etc), and can do pretty much anything. They use built in scenarios (from scenarios.dat), they talk, drive, shoot, follow, do animations, use explosions, effects, etc. I have to upload the video, and then you just enjoy it.

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 11:21 AM Edited by royaltony, 27 December 2010 - 11:42 PM.

Nice Work . cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

You are my GOD.

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 02:39 AM

wow this really looks epic o_o can't wait

  • a-k-t-w

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 06:28 AM

Can I ask how you are making this giant mod? Are you using the scripthook, did you make your own tools.. Wha?

  • iriedreadlock23

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 03:43 PM

Thanks for your support. Its appreciated.

I am using ScripthookDotNet as a wrapper, within VisualBasic.Net, and massive amount of Gta Natives. There are many new functions that I use. But, few minor bugs are preventing me from releasing the project.

I had to create new system for playback car recordings. And now I have to make sure that it works correctly alongside other parts of my tools. Coz, you would want to have someone drive vehicle on recorded route, and in the same time to shoot thru the window. Or talk to player, etc.

Sorry for keepin you waiting, but I want to make sure that everything works smooth.

  • royaltony

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Posted 29 December 2010 - 01:46 PM

Thats okey .

I wait. I will be here.

  • iriedreadlock23

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Posted 30 December 2010 - 03:16 AM

I am releasing first MidnightCrime.CarRecorder tool. If you manage to install it fine, it will work very well for you. It will record your routes, your paintjob, your car components. Just make sure you drive normally. It means, that you can't do handbrake turns, but you may go as fast as you want. When you do U turns, make sure to make bigger turns so carrec drivers can get to desired spot. You can drive anywhere you want, in alleys, in parks, underground garages, etc. This is first alpha release, so bugs could occur. When playing recordings, make sure that cars have clear road, coz if they get stuck or get into obstacle, they will try go around.


Record : # Press Insert, enter filename, hit enter

Playback : # Press End to preview, hit delete to remove

Load: # Press +, enter filename, hit enter to autoplay


Known: # On loading multiple different recordings at once, will fix it.

Not known: # Post all bugs here.


Records: # Tweak values to change speed, positions, colors and components

INI File: # Change tick_time to get more-or less precise recordings.

Requests: # Much more stuff related to car records can be tweaked, but not in this version


REQUIRED: ScriptHookDotNet 1.7+, ScriptHook 0.5.1, EFLC or GTAIV.

NOTE: WORKS with custom cars, anything new you put in Vehicles.IMG it will handle it.

Download path:


Enjoy, and make sure to post feedback. It's required so I can tweak it even more.

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