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Grand Theft Auto: Los Venturas...?

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Posted 06 October 2010 - 01:40 AM Edited by NoTime2Shine, 06 October 2010 - 01:48 AM.

This is just a rough sketch. I'm not going to start producing my idea until I have a
clear vision on what I'm planning to do.

Main character

Name: Ma Ze (Murri)

Birth country: China

Parents: Lukas Ze & Susie (Fray) Ze

Current city: Los Venturus

Ma Ze (Murri) was born in Western China, brought up in a small town named Richmond. Lukas Ze (Chinese) married a young American woman named Susie (Fray) Ze.
Lukas’s close friend “Wu Zi Mu” were friends until old age. Wu Zi Mu (Wozzie), Lukas, Susie and Ma travelled over to America; Susie insisted and Wozzie’s step brother wanted to meet up with him.
Wozzie and Lukas were held up in a shoot out in San Fiarro, China town. A deal went terribly wrong when Lukas swears at the dealer and the gang became furious. Lukas and Wozzie lost each other in the gang war. Lukas was shot in a renovating fast food restaurant. Wozzie left and told Susie. Susie couldn’t handle the pain, and she took her life. Now, Murri got called from Wozzie years later (Murri from western Florida).
He was called to do a couple of errands, which became more and more errands. Murri soon realises he needs to keep the Cloud boys safe, kill, rob and hijack whatever and take over San Andreas to redeem his father’s pride, respect and power.

Other leading character
Name: Wu Zi Mu (Wozzie)

Birth country: China

Parents: Currie Mu & Kiwa Mu/Bisar Amir (adopted parents)
Current City: Los Venturus & San Fiarro

Wu Zi Mu was brought up in Beijing with his adopted parents, “Currie Mu & Kiwa Mu”. He was blind from birth but can drive cars, move around and know where people are; he is called the Gifted Mole. Wozzie was much interested in cars; his first job was in car repair. His (real) parents were big gamblers and big alcoholics. At a young age, Wu Zi became depressed and was angry at his (real) parents. He ran away to his (real) parent’s home town called, “Richmond”.
There, he met a man the same age as him named “Lukas Ze” while fixing his car. Lukas stated his wife was pregnant and they were planning to move to America. Wozzie and Lukas were good friends from the start to the end.
Lukas, Wozzie, Susie and Ma (Luka’s son) all moved over to America to begin a new life and family. Wozzie was moving over to America to meet his new step brother (with too much power) Wozzie said and to help Lukas with his new life. Lukas and Wozzie were caught up in a shoot out in San Fiarro while attempting to buy illegal fireworks and weapons. Lukas started the gang war by swearing at the dealer and his gang. Wozzie and Lukas lost each other and that’s the last time they were going to see themselves.
Lukas was shot while escaping in a renovating fast food restaurant. Wozzie escaped and told Susie the news; she couldn’t take the stress and she took her life. Now, Wu Zi Mu works at The Four Dragons casino in Los Venturus as full time job. He also runs the Cloud mountain boys triad held secretly in San Fiarro. Wu Zi Mu enjoys going out to the countryside and race cars with friends.

Name: Yusuf Amir

Birth country: Arabia
Parents: Abdul Amir/ Currie Mu & Bisar Admir

Current city: Liberty City, Los Venturus

Yusuf Admir was born in the town of Sterling Heights, Michigan in Arabia. As a young boy, he was spoilt. Yusuf’s parents worked as property developers and got big cash. Yusuf’s first job was in a fishing shop. Abdul gave him the job as he didn’t want him to live a life as him “he said”. Currie “Yusuf’s mother” moved to America and divorced with Abdul because of his obsession with money. Currie saw to Yusuf to never become what his father was, a monster. Years pasted, and Yusuf moved to Liberty city for the fishing as they brought in huge fish.
Abdul came to visit his son; but he had no clue he was a dirty Arabic fisherman. Abdul was extremely disappointed with his son’s job so he beat him and (adult) kidnapped him with his gang, “The mighty might’s”. Abdul gave Yusuf a job in property development and a fancy car. Yusuf got a Mexican business partner/friend called Luis Lopez He owned several high end properties in Liberty City and had plans to eventually buy the whole city. He was obsessed with material things, and goes to great lengths in attempts to impress his father, Abdul, a successful, yet humble businessman who is disappointed by his son's hedonistic lifestyle. He frequently has his personal possessions gold-plated, such as an Uzi and his cell phone. He also uses racial slurs quite liberally, to Luis' discontent.

Towards the end of his business plan in Liberty city, Yusuf gives Luis his gold-plated "Super Drop Diamond" luxury convertible, SMG and the Buzzard as gifts. Yusuf gives Luis air support as he races to Francis International Airport to stop Ray Bulgarian. Just before he left the city, he got a call from his mother saying he has a step brother named “Wu Zi Mu”. She insisted to come to Los Venturus and meet him. Yusuf couldn’t argue with his mother; it it was heard that Ray Bulgarin was rushing to San Amdreas! leaving all his fallen plans behind. Yusuf had sent money to his step brother years ago, a far amount as well. He overheard a conversation on the phone saying he spent the money on a casino in Los Venturus called “The Four Dragons” casino. Yusuf wanted to take over Los Venturus and make his OWN casino, the only reason to visit Wozzie. Now, he has met his step brother “Wu Zi Mu” (Wozzie), took risks and got money and is on his way to fame and a rich life.

I already have the ending of the game plotted out.
I know the story was long, I hope you didn't suicidal.gif

Have a great day guys!


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