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gta roleplay

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 07:18 PM Edited by mason.ace, 04 October 2010 - 07:03 AM.

this is a roleplay session that will go for as long as i play these games
its on ps3 and all i really want is to hang with some
people in liberty and have some fun at the same time
pretty much this is like any other roleplay thread started before me
make your cheracter and his or her story and then follow the simple rules i ask
from everyone and i ask these to be followed strictly cause i agree even i wont break the rules
-no mindless killin
-no walking around with guns hanging out,rpg,assult rifles,motolvs like any rediculous thing like that
-and no walking around going on a massive rampage killing civillians

i would prefer if anyone joins this u have a mic so we can make calls to eachother
in the game...and we dont stay on the phone to chat throughout the game just quick calls
pretty much these are the easy steps to play this right and get in
just send in your cheracters profile u made
send me a private message on the ps3
and show up and listen to the rules i listed before

heres and example of a profile

home town:sanfeiro
employment:auto mechanic at fenders auto
housing:uptown apartments just down the street from luis
backstory:mason is a newbie to the full patch of his biker club hes been set up by someone else in his inner circle of friends he came from sanfeiro to find out whos been trying to mess up his life its braught him to the most corrupt city in the state.he only has his sister and his biker gang as friends in liberty city now so where is that special someone from sanfeiro
vehicle:zombie custom motorcycle

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Posted 04 October 2010 - 08:59 PM

ok now everyone can elaborate on there bckstorys jsut dont make them too far out
we have the normal crime syndicates u can choose to belong to but there optional
so here is what u have for crime groups to choose from
-the lost mc
-the agnels of death mc
-the pegorino familly
-the russian mob
- the chinese mob{triads}
-japanese mob{yakuza}
-irish mafia fimillys

the list can go on these are examples of what u can choose from

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