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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 03:04 PM Edited by xpb, 25 September 2010 - 06:05 PM.

MC: Joe Shooter
Joe is no older than 26. He's white. He recently dropped of the army because he didn't like being told what to do. He is rebellious and independent. He is looked after the police, but the police don't know his face, therefore he doesn't have 6 stars throughout all the game. He has like 7 different fake ID's so police don't know it's him. He is chased for accusation of bombing and drug trafficking. He didn't do neither, but police didn't believe him when he said he was innocent, so he ran away to San Andreas. A place were cops care less and opportunity is "big." He looks a lot like Nathan Drake from Uncharted 2.

Bryce Anders
Bryce is Joe's best friend. He meets him in the hospital because he bumped into him. Bryce was visiting his father and Joe was getting out and they bumped. Bryce is african american. He's big and tall. He's sensible though, he cares about his family and friends. Bryce is 27 and he owns a nightclub. He had money but doesn't show it, he's afraid he'll get kidnapped.

Shane Myers
Joe's second best friend. He is introduced to Joe by Bryce, and he is the only person that's not black that has respect.He's about Joe's age. He thinks he's so awesome and so cool. He has a really high self-esteem and he's really fun to be with. He cares about himself a lot. He drinks but doesn't smoke because he says he will smell bad. He is pretty good with guns and you can call him if you are in a gang fight. He's tan, so he's neither black or white. It isn't known exactly where he's from, as he had a really terrible past and doesn't like talking much about it. He works at a gun shop.

Joe's Past:
Joe hardly finished high-school, and then he was sent to the army by his abusive father. He hated it, and he was already older than 18 so he dropped out. Then a bombing on a the airport happened, it was everywhere, on the news, on tv, everywhere. He didn't do it, but they didn't believe him, the real bomber had an excellent lawyer and has said he saw Joe on the crime scene. Joe has two options: Saty and go to jail, or run away and build a new life. He chooses wisely, he chooses option two. With only his brother Vance's stolen car, 100$, and his jacket, shot and exhausted he finally makes it to San Andreas, the land of opportunity. He goes to a hospital to cure his shot arm, and then he blacks out.

Joe wakes up in the hospital. He's disoriented and he feels like dirt. Then he remembers. (Flashback) He was shot in the arm by the police. They were after him. they didn't get him though, he had outrunned them all the way from Vice City to San Andreas and had gone to the hospital. Now he was afraid of being questioned. He stood up and saw his arm. "Crap, this ain't good." he said. A bandage covered his arm. He sneaked out of the hospital and just when he reached the exit door, he bumped onto this huge, black guy. He fell down. "I'm sorry little buddy, here, let me help you up." said the big guy. "I don't need help, and who are you calling little buddy? Give me a break." the guy didn't listen, he pulled him up to his feet. "You look a little lost. You new?" Joe hesitated. "Yeah." "I'm Bryce. I'll show you around, my father can wait." Joe looked up. "I'm Joe." He said quietly.

First Mission: Rough Start: Joe and Bryce head to the parking lot. Bryce asks Joe to drive (which is mean because of Joe's shot arm. But he doesn't know, so yeah.) You drive around while Bryce explains and bump onto loan sharks. Bryce owns them money he doesn't have, so he asks you to outrun them while he shoots. You outrun them and Bryce pays 200$ and asks if you have a place to sleep. Joe says he has nothing but a stolen car and and his wallet. Bryce feels really sorry for him, so he asks him to be his roommate. Joe says okay and the mission ends.

Safehouse: First safehouse is a very small one room apartment. It has two rooms, one of the rooms has a bed, a couch-bed, a small tv, and the kitchen located in a corner. The other room is a bathroom. You can sometimes find Bryce in the house, but you won't see him outside in free roam or going out of the house. You can call him to hang out and he can call you if he needs a "bodyguard" or just to hang.

Second Mission: Adapting to Home.
Again he meets Bryce, this time Bryce asks you to drive him to his friend Bobby's hood. It's kind of like CJ's hood. He arrives and they are in the middle of a gang fight thing. Bryce yells "HELL YEAH!!!" and passes Joe a gun. Together they help Bobby's gang beat the other gang and Bryce sees he has skills. At the end all the gang starts calling you white trash, and white boy, and how you don't deserve to be there, but Bryce helps you out and explains. You gotta earn respect from them because they are kind of racist and don't like you much.

Third Mission: Shane in Vain
You enter the safehouse and Bryce is going outside. He asks you to come, you got nothing better to do, so you say yes. You drive up to a poor neighborhood. Then you and Bryce walk up to one of the houses and knock. Then comes this tan guy, taller than average, pretty young. Bryce says he's called Shane and that he owns the gun shop. (He's 8-Ball's brother) He tells you that some members from the Cruiser Hood are attacking his business by bombing all his warehouses. You have to head to his warehouses and kill all the Cruisers. Once it's done, Shane will reward you 1000$ (pretty cheap for saving his business, don'tcha think?)

I'm not going to tell you all the missions 'cause then I'd bore you to death, therefore, i'm just going to stop there and continue with features, etc.

-Eat: Cluckin' Bell, Burger Shot, Vinnie's, 69 Healthy Dinner.
-Get drunk
-shower (optional) in every safehouse there is a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower.
-go to the bathroom (optional)
-Go to jail, only if you reach 6 stars. But you can call Bryce and he will come bail you out of jail. While you wait you can fight your cell mate, and do other stuff like that.
-You can earn a killing license by finishing vigilante missions, but only works until 2 stars.
-Taxi Missions: Reward: You earn a Taxi Cab Clothes, and now you can pick up ANYONE in the street (useful for kidnaps)
-Firefighter Missions: Reward: Fireproof suit (not a firefighter suit), molotov now can be found in safehouse.
-Paramedic Missions: Reward: You get extra life and now you can use medicine. Medicine can be bought at Pharmacies and used when you have low health. They can be used with your cell phone.

Things you can change about Joe:
*Short And Shaggy
*Spiked Up
*Short Emo
*Medium Emo
*Long Emo
More coming soon...

*Modo: Casual Clothing
*ProLaps: Sportswear
*Perseus: Expensive Clotheswear (Tuxedos)

*Very Skinny: Do actions slowly
*Skinny: Do actions at medium
*Average: Does actions fast
*Buff: Does actions very fast
*Very Fit: Does actions extremely fast
*Fat: Does actions slowly
*Obese: You get tired after running every 50m.

Ending: There are two different endings as in GTA 4.
Ending 1: Flee: Joe is in the airport with the whole gang that now respect him, Bryce, Shane, and his brother. As you get in, the bomber that accused you of crime wants to kill you, so he bombs the airport's roof. It breaks and everyone but you and Shane is hurt. You have to carry all the people you see outside of the airport, like Forest Gump carried his friends in war, But while you do that, you have to dodge small bombs that are like fire crackers. Then you find out that your girlfriend/fiancee Emily isn't there, you have 1 minute to go to the airport and get her out, if you fail, she dies, and theres no marriage for you. If you do it, you get married 1 week later.

Ending 2: Stay: You are in court with the judge. You are about to be declared as innocent when suddenly, all of the real bomber's gang enters and kills the judge and a bunch of security guards. You have to kill all of them in order to be declared free. Once you are done, another judge comes and declares you innocent. Then the bomber is fleeing in helicopter and you gotta chase him down. He will kill 3 members of your gang, in it being Mickey, the smallest and youngest of the gang, the one you took under your wing, the one that comes up and helps when you are in fights. Your choice.

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 03:06 PM

Again I take the first comment for a concept thread tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif
ANyways I love the story! Its great.

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 04:10 PM

Yeah Its not bad smile.gif Keep It coming.

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Posted 21 September 2010 - 02:05 AM

Looks good but to make it look more better you should ask for a logo in GFX requests and tutoriouls

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Posted 22 September 2010 - 09:28 PM

I like it.

But it would be sick of Rockstar to make cheeky references to San Andreas.

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Posted 23 September 2010 - 02:21 PM

Honestly, If they bring back GTA San Andreas to GTA V, then i hope they bring the 90's gangster scene back. or atleast a "moderner" version lol rampage_ani.gif

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