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Grand theft auto 5 The rise of angelo.

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 10:27 PM Edited by eastcoastboy17, 06 September 2010 - 11:44 PM.

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The cell phone feature well under go a huge upgrade. Players will now get to take pictures and save them into the xbox or ps3 hard drive. Players will also be able to surf the web on the cell phones and check emails.

The wanted system has seen a dramatic change. While the game still retains the 6 wanted system the army will make a return and will replace the noose at the 4 wanted level and the 6. If a crime is commited then the players can swicth cars or change clothes or enter safe houses to quickly lose attention and the law enforcement are a lot harder than in pervious gtas. They will become equiped with shotguns pistol and machine guns and will not hesitate to use them if required.

Newspapers can be brought and read to check latest ingame news. News change over time as the story progress.

Rep points play a huge role in the game. The peds bosses and friends will treat the player more better if their reputation is high enough this can be done by completing certain main missions and side missions. Stores will offer stuff at a discount and certain weapons can only be unlock with high enough reputation.

For the first time ever season cycles will be present so expect to see the game change from hot sunny summer to cold and snowy winter.


The map consist of five locations all across the east coast. Airports can be use to fly from one city to another and trains can be use to gain quick travel time below are the five citys.

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Roxbury is the oldest city in Massachusetts. The city haviing experienced a large number of crimes is currently under gentrification. This does not stop local gangstas from carjacking murdering and stealing at their will. This is where the game starts of at Roxbury is based on boston.

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Newtown is the southern most of all the cities. As a commercial educational and cultural center. Newtown is a heavon for those who wish to escape the darker cities such as roxbury the area is a key tourist spot and makes for a perfect family vacation. Its based on philadelphia.

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Capitol city

Capitol city is the capital of the united states and the center of the country for politics. Here angry potesters are an everyday thing here and the president make his daily routine of turning the country into a new direction. Tourist attractions include the white house washington monument and the capitol it is based on Washington dc.

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Alderney makes a return this time as a full state consisting of trentdale newbank city and to name a few. Alderney has not change oer the years its still pretty much an industrial dump.

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Liberty city

The city that never sleeps. People come to liberty city in search of a better life. To escape their dreadful past in hopes of starting all over again. but very few have been able to suceed in the process.


The Game is set 2 years after gta4. Players play as angelo thorton. An african american gangster living in roxbury. Angelo lived in poverty all his life. His mother was a drug addict and his father was her pimp who would reguarly beat her. His brother wayne was 4 years younger than him. Since his parents werent staple enough to take care of him angelo played the father role in wayes life. When angelo was 16 his mother died of a heart attack. His father soon left them living angelo to take car of wayne. By time angelo was 21 he was etty criminal. Relying on stealing and selling drugs to survive. Angelo having being tired of living a rough and poor life sees running in a gang as the only way out of poverty. He soon joins a gang hoping to make something of himself and earn money in his pocket.


Angelo Thorton
Race: black
Criminal record

2001: petty theft
2002: grand theft auto
2009: Assualt

Angelo is the main character in the game. After living broke all his life he sees being a member of the uptown homeboys the only way out.

Wayne Thorton
Criminal record

Wayne is the younger brother of angelo. He sees him as the father he never truely had. Wayne looks up to his brother but he is quick to judge him when he is wrong. Unlike angelo wayne wishes to live a modest lifestyle and wants to become a lawyer much to angelos dismay.

Jordan Clark
Criminal Record

1997: Gambling
2004: Drug dealing

Jordan is the leader of the uptown homeboys he is ruthless cunning and is quick to kill anyone that gets in his way. He is the first boss in the game.

Cliford Harrison
Criminal Record

2009: Assualt

Cliford is the right hand man of jordan. He enjoys the high gangster lifestyle. Wearing flashy jewery visiting night clubs and driving flashy cars. He is the type of guy everyone wants to get to know. Angelo becomes freinds with him at some point in the game.

Officer Jacob

Jacob is a hardened cop who wants yo clean the roxbury streets he is a gambling addict and acholic. He forces angelo to do his dirty work for him in exchange of not doing time.

Arnold ''G Captain'' Johnson
Criminal record

2000:Car theft

Arnold is a member of the uptown home boys. He is a close freind of angelo and wayne.



Robbery:Players will be get to rob homes liquar stores and banks. As the players progress the robberys will become more callenging.

Gambling: Theres two types of gambling. Legit and Illlegit. Legit gambling is done at casinos while illiegit gambling is done at gang hideouts and abodaned buildings.

Car delivery:Players will be assigned to steal a certain car and return it within the time limit. The faster the player is the more money they earn.

Vigilante:Can be access by hacking into the police computer inside their crusiers. Left unchange from gta4.

Drug dealing:Playes will be able to sell different kind drugs. the first drug given to angelo is weed then later on he will be able to sell more profitable drugs such as coke or heroin.

Bouncer:Angelo will be assigned to watch oer a night club. First players will have to clear away rowdy and drunk people but as the mission progress riots will break become more frequent and bar fights will start to occur sometimes more than once at a time.

More coming soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 11:29 PM


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Posted 06 September 2010 - 11:37 PM

QUOTE (akavari112 @ Sep 6 2010, 20:29)

Please post something more substantial then a smilie, or don't post.

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 11:51 PM

I like the idea and everything, but it all seems a little far-fetched for GTA. When I saw alderney as one of the locations, at first I thought "Why that dump?" and then I thought it was stupid, but it was still acceptable. And then I saw liberty city, and I new you were running out of ideas.

And although you said the wanted system has changed alot, the only new thing you've mentioned is the return of the army.

Needs some work, but still good.

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 11:54 PM

it looks pretty good

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Posted 07 September 2010 - 12:03 AM

idk what you said buthim being a gangster is kool.
does he gang bang like Cj from san andreas?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
i say it need a los angeles in it cool.gif los santos remake the gangland of gangsters
i like arlderney and capital
uptown needs gang bangers in it like Cj monster grovestreet

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Posted 07 September 2010 - 12:07 AM

QUOTE (iRoc.Plevito.Cookie.Monstar.Thug @ Sep 6 2010, 19:03)
idk what you said buthim being a gangster is kool.
does he gang bang like Cj from san andreas?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
i say it need a los angeles in it cool.gif los santos remake the gangland of gangsters
i like arlderney and capital
uptown needs gang bangers in it like Cj monster grovestreet

This is the sole problem with the Grand Theft Auto fandom.

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Posted 07 September 2010 - 12:15 AM Edited by 02fishera, 07 September 2010 - 12:38 AM.

No offense but this is quite average, there isn't really anything fresh and original that has been introduced in this thread.

Also resize you sig, it looks double the max size thats allowed.

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Posted 07 September 2010 - 12:29 AM

QUOTE (QwertyAAA @ Sep 6 2010, 20:07)
This is the sole problem with the Grand Theft Auto fandom.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a bad influence for young children.. It makes them say things like:

-yeah cj you gangster lets kill ballas right now!!
-no no! the next gta should be in san andreas!

OT: Look's good. I think this might have some potential icon14.gif

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