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GTA IV Ultra high settings pack for high-end PCs

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 11:16 AM

First, sorry if I posted this topic in the wrong section. I couldn't find more appropriate place for it.

What do you think ? Whould it be nice if R* release in a year or so some kind of a super texture pack or something like that. For the people who have really high end PCs.

All settings should be extended to at least one more.

The Texture Quality should have Very High and Highest setting.

Reflection resolution, Water quality, Shadow quality and Texture filter quality have to be improved.

View Distance and Detail Distance should go to 200, or just the 100 mark to be like 50% improved.

I'm sure in a generation or two of videocards that kinda settings would be playable for sure on the high end GFX cards.

I know, this will be used more for benchmarking by the PC enthusiast rather than actual play. But still, I think this is going to be a kickass feature if ever done.

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 11:37 AM

Moved to GTA IV.

  • EduardKoeleJuck


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Posted 21 August 2010 - 12:29 PM

We have a Mod Showroom for that, you know. I'm sure you can find what you want there. Most of the things you mentioned can (probably) be acquired by the use of ENB series and some changes in data files.

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