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What is the worst gta game ever?

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 06:55 PM

QUOTE (02fishera @ Jul 28 2010, 18:20)
QUOTE (Mokrie Dela @ Jul 28 2010, 17:09)
QUOTE (02fishera @ Jul 28 2010, 13:09)
For me III is the worst, whilst technologically amazing, the story was average, the city was to dull and Claude is the most boring and overrated protagonist of the series (CJ comes a close second:p). Having said that I do still love and play III but its nothing compared to the other titles.

Ah, but when III was out, did you think that.
We should cast our minds back to when it was out, i bet most of us loved it. I did. it was awesome. Then Vice came out and OMG that was awesomer (Tho i tire of the 80s) - the jump from seedy dark Liberty to gold and peach sunkissed Vice was so good.
Then San An came out and SOMEHOW i managed to not play it AT ALL until the PC version came out. A year after my mates had completed it i played the PC version and loved it, on a tie with Vice (although Vice remains the best III gen game for me).
LCS came out on PSP and i though "cool" PSP GTA!
VCS was, like III>VC a great jump.
Then of course IV came along and NOW III looks sh*t. But back then it was amazing.

Circumlocution aside, my point is that we should judge each game on its own, or how it was back then, because now we've become corrupted by the amazing graphics and physics etc.

TBH Mokrie, I didn't think that at the time but III was not only the first GTA that I'd played but also the first PS2 game. As much as I like III, to me it lacks the spark that the other GTAs have that make me want to keep playing. That doesn't make it a bad game, its just my least favourite in the series.

That wasn't entirely directed at you, more of a general observation.
That said, i misunderstood what you said, that GTA III is merely your least favorite, and not a sh*t game smile.gif

Undoubtedly it lacks the spark of future games, but it's one of few games that i've played where the game oozed atmoshpere. IMO anyway. Liberty circa 2001 felt gritty, dark and dismal. Just walking down the street felt dangerous, and i had hours of fun playing "Liberty City Survivor" (peds have guns cheat + everyone hates you cheat).
III and VC hold alot of nostalgia to me, not for the dates they were set but because of how much i played them. i play them now its almost like im back in year ten smile.gif

Also III is one of the most important games ever. It has spawned Vice and San an, and indirectly IV. It all comes from III. It was a pioneering game that set the bar for others to follow and rockstar have been raising it since. Sure, it wasn't packed with features, with amazing graphics but the only other game out at the time that was on a par with GTA was Driver 2 and, well which one looks better?

That said though, i like to, every now and then, play the old games, to see where we've been etc. I still have GTA III on the PC in front of me right now and im tempted to load it up. Morpheus skin FTW! (I loved the matrix mod i had that turned the rain green, and thanks to Demarest, (whatever the hell happened to him?) an awesome Neo mod (Which he made after my suggestion!)

Ahhh good times.....

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Posted 29 July 2010 - 03:58 AM

III is classic, it's my favorite GTA, I never get tired of it lol.gif ! Maybe people who only likes graphics don't like it very much, but I love it, even the graphics I love!!!

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 03:14 AM

GTA online is the worst one ever.

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 03:32 AM

No need to bump an almost 4 year old thread.

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