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Grand Theft Auto: Southland

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Now that I have your attention, please continue reading.

Thanks to:
Ats. for the logo
The_Mario_Man for the weapons list
Sanjeem for the gangs
Drift Kingz for the names
Drift Kingz(again), 02fishera, Unoriginal44, & Skillz7855 for the soundtrack
Mr. C to the J for the new vehicles

Note: This topic is not done, and will be constantly updated.

First Things First

Why, Kwandilibro?

So you see there must be a lot of stuff on this page. You may be wondering a few things. Such as-

Why did you spend so much time on this topic?
Because I felt like it.
How come you chose the south, and what's with the name?
Well, I like the south, and I've wanted to do a concept thread about the South for a while, specifically in a New Orleans based city. Seeing as I haven't seen the three cities together yet, I decided to make this topic
Why would you choose another black gangster protagonist? We just had one in SA.
Well, first of all, again, I felt like it. But, basically, I felt like SA didn't really cover the gang lifestyle the way they should have. I also find the southern gangster lifestle to be more interesting than the west coast style.

What is Southland?

Southland is a compilation of multiple states in the southern United States, specifically Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. The main three cities, although not the only three, are Saint City, Artendale, and Vice City. I chose the name "Southland instead of making up a state due to the fact that Vice City is known to be in Florida. Southland is a region, not a state.

The Protagonist

Jason Moore is an African American male from Saint City, Louisiana. Born in 1986 as the oldest of 8 children, Jason often found himself raising his other siblings; as his mother was rarely home to assist him, since she worked 3 jobs. Jason also found himself and his younger brother, Stephen, having to financially support the family. Unable to find a job in Saint City’s weak economy, Jason and Stephen turned to drugs, well aware of the lucrative drug market in the area. The two continued to sell drugs until 2004, when Stephen was arrested and sent to prison on drug charges. Upon his release, Stephen attempted to become legitimate, and he began working at a local auto repair facility. But Jason continued to sell drugs, and was eventually arrested in 2005 on drug and weapons charges, but due to the Louisiana "90 Day Law", charges against Jason were eventually dropped. So Jason continued to sell drugs, later aligning himself with the LPB, a drug gang operating out of the Lafayette Park Homes, in which Jason's family resides. Jason continued to sell drugs under the alliance until 2006, when Hurricane Kelvin tore through Saint City, forcing many residents, including Jason, to relocate until the city was back on it's feet. For Jason, this meant temporarily moving in with his cousins in Artendale. Unable(and unwilling) to find work, Jason turned to his cousin, Jeffrey "Junebug" Taylor; to aid him. This, of course, led to Jason aligning himself with the Artendale M.O.B., a local street gang in the Woodcrest neighborhood. But in 2007, Jason was arrested again, this time for cocaine charges. However, unlike Louisiana, Georgia had no 90 day rule, and a verdict wass eventually reached, forcing Jason to serve time. After being released in 2008, Jason was arrested again, this time for illegal weapons charges, after police found a loaded pistol with an extended clip in Jason's car during a traffic stop. After being released, Jason decided to return home to saint City and a faultier justice system. However, he was not prepared for what followed.

SCPD Database Information

Surname: Moore

First Name: Jason Tyrell

Alias: Jay

Age: 24

Place of Birth: Saint City

Affiliations: LPB(Lafayette Park Boys)

Criminal Record:

•2000- Disorderly Conduct (Age 14)

•2001- Larceny (Age 15)

•2005- Possession of a Controlled Substance- Marijuana(Charge Dropped), Unlawful Possession of a Firearm(Charges Dropped), (Age 19)

•2007- Possession of an Illegal Substance with Intent to Sell- Cocaine, Marijuana (Age 21)

•2008- Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, (Age 22)


•Linked to the LPB.

•May be affiliated to Elijah "Hot Ice" Fisher, co founder of the LPB.

•Suspected to have been involved in up to 5 murders, although his is unconfirmed.


Jason is generally a quieter individual, although in no way shy. Jason is not hesitant to assert himself, and often make decisions out of impulse. He is also fairly smart for a gang member, having briefly attempted to attend college in Artendale in 2009. As the man of his household throughout his childhood, Jason has a leader's personality at times. Unlike most of the other GTA protagonists, Jason is openly a drug dealer, and takes pleasure in profiting from it, with no intentions to stop. He also shows no qualms towards the use of drugs, although he will turn down stronger drugs automatically if offered. Jason also enjoys drinking beer and liquor, and in friend activities will usually drink at least one beer. Jason is considerably different from other protagonists such as Niko and Carl, feeling little to no remorse for killing anyone, and claims to feel that people who get killed usually deserve it(this, however, is untrue). Jason also claims to hold little regard for women, as he feels that most women he knows are simply "bitches". During a conversation with a friend of his, Jason claims, "I give a f*ck about a bitch, just like Snoop. Ain't no ho in the world got my love. I f*ck em and I leave em, simple as that." However, he also claims that "A bitch ain't the same as a woman". Jason's ideas of women seem to contradict each other, as he becomes secretly attached to a "business partner"(who is also his regular sexual partner), eventually falling in love with her. This breaks his number one rule of thumb, as he states "Never love a bitch". Throughout the latter end of the storyline, Jason finds himslef blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on her, even buying a large home in Vice Beach. Jason is exceptionally loyal, even refusing to snitch on his fellow gang members when faced with a life sentence for murder.


Money can be made in various ways. There are the traditional ways, such as killing pedestrians, missions, etc. But GTA Southland allows the player to acquire money in a variety of ways, both legal and illegal.

Legitimate Business

There are a number of ways to earn legitimate income in Southland. The player can choose to purchase businesses, rent out houses/apartments, or start businesses, the latter being a more common method of covering up illegal business.


Your conventional nightclub or bar. This establishment with gain revenue through the sale of alcoholic beverages, as well as from strippers(only in nightclubs). Can also front illegal business, specifically prostitution.

Housing Development

Later in the game, the payer will be able to purchase a housing development company, which specifically operates in Artendale and Saint City. With the company, the player can purchase plots of land to develop housing on. This will gain large amounts of revenue. Apartment complexes can also be developed, which will generate rent payments monthly. This business is especially profitable in Saint City, as many residents returning home will need housing. However, this business cannot develop entire towns/cities, as the number of possible homes to be built in a certain location is limited.

Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships can be purchased. Car dealerships tend to generate large sums of money, although not as much as housing development. The player cannot gain a wanted level from stealing a car from his/her own dealership. Dealerships also act as extra placed to store or modify cars.

more businesses coming soon.

Illegal Business

Like most other cities in America, the larger cities of the Southland region tend to attract a fair share of crime, much of which comes in the form of illegal businesses. There are multiple different illegal businesses.


The player can choose to control the prostitution of various areas, via an independent party(in this case, the protagonist), or the gang(LPB). Prostitution in wealthier and more affluent areas will usually generate more revenue. Prostitution can be front by a number of legitimate businesses, such as a nightclub, a bar, or the back of a store.


Extortion can work in a number of ways. The first method is to force drug dealers in an area to pay the protagonist or his gang; or risk being killed. The second method is to force store and shop owners to pay a portion of their income to the protagonist to avoid being robbed by LPB gang members, or to prevent from being killed. The third method is to force store/shop owners to pay protection fees to prevent their businesses from being robber or vandalized.


The player can conduct robberies. Most houses, stores, apartments, warehouses, and guarded locations can be robbed with some careful planning and reliable assistance. The player can chooses to rob people on the street, burglarize homes, rob stores, restaurants, and banks singlehandedly. Warehouses, guarded locations(such as police stations, military armories, etc) must be robbed as a team, using either gang members(not recommended) of friends. Payoff generally varies depending on location and form of establishment, although some drug stash houses may house as much cash as a bank.

The Gang

Jason is a member of the LPB, or Lafayette Park Boys. The gang operates primarily out of the notorious Lafayette Park Homes, a housing project in Uptown Saint City. Thee projects are notorious for violence and drugs, and over the last ten years, the LPB have been an integral part of this violence, as they battle for drug turf against rival black street gangs. But after Hurricane Kelvin, a new rival arose, one that none of the local gangs chose to ally with- Latino gangs.
Latino gangs arrived in Saint City as a direct result of Hurricane Kelvin. After Saint City was flooded, many areas of the city were destroyed of left uninhabitable. Thus, rebuilding was needed. But most of the primarily African American residents had no interest in aiding the construction, because the government had promised to do it(They didn't). But new Mexican immigrants saw this as an opportunity for decent paying, solid work. As a result, thousands of Mexican immigrants poured into a once primarily Black city. This, of course, immediately caused racial tension, as the African Americans felt that there were simply too many Mexicans coming in at once.
This brought on another problem. Because most of these immigrants were illegal, they could not have bank accounts or legal housing. This led to many immigrant workers carrying large amounts of cash, becoming easy targets for street gangs to rob. But as time went by, the immigrants started to put two and two together. They began banding into groups, almost gangs, carrying knives, machetes, and the occasional pistol for protection. And at first, this was the solution, as street gangs stopped robbing the Mexicans. But new immigrants saw this as an opportunity to form gangs and begin to enter the drug market, unaware of their ruthless competition. This, of course, could only lead to trouble. As the new latino gangs began forming, the local black gangs took this as a threat to their business. and thus, new rivalries and racial tension arose within Saint City. This was the beginning of a long, bloody race war in Saint City, primarily involving drugs, similar to that of Los Santos.
As a result of this race war, new allies were formed, as well as new enemies. Gangs such as the St. Mark's Boys, who were traditionally rivals of LPB were now allies, due to a mutual rival, Los Diablos Mexicanos. Many other small Mexican street gangs formed, most of which were rivals of the Black gangs.

Gang History

LPB originally began in 1997, founded by Travis "Kokane" Hawthorne and JayChristopher "Big Jay" Drew. Originally meant to be simply a group of friends, the two were introduced to the drug trade by Elijah "Hot Ice" Fisher, a well known drug kingpin in Saint City, who at the time was handing out Christmas presents to needy children in the projects. After being introduced to drug dealing, Kokane and Big Jay began recruiting friends and young teens in the area, with the promise of good money. So the LPB was formed, and at first was very successful. But as the years went by, other teens in the area caught onto the idea of fast on through drugs, and new rival drug gangs formed. This led to a need for the LPB to arm themselves. As a result, the gang began to recieve weapons from Keith Blacksworth, a former inmate of Big Jay during is stint in prison for robbery. Blacksworth supplied the gang with hundreds of guns, including pistols, machine pistols, semi automatic and automatic rifles, assault rifles, and even snipers. This led to many trigger happy gang members waging war on other gangs for power, respect, and drug turf. But as a whole, things were going well until January 8th, 2003, when Kokane was shot 15 times after leaving a strip club. His murder was suspected to have been gang related, as the club was located on the edge of Sawmill Avenue Boy's turf. However, an investigation proved that Kokane was actually killed in retaliation to him having sex with the shooter's girlfriend, who was a stripper. However, the damage had already been done, as the murder was seen as a hostile act by the LPB, who proceeded to murder 5 Sawmill Avenue Boys in less than a week.
To make matters worse, Big Jay was arrested in 2004 on drug trafficking charges, and sentenced to 15 to 35 years. This left a power vacuum in the gang, which would eventually be filled by reckless leader after leader, as well as leading to violence within the gang. As a result, the gang was substantially weakened, and other rival gangs took control of the area.

Gang Activities

The LPB are involved in multiple criminal activites. However, their main source of income is drug dealing. Other activites include gambling, robbery, extortion, and auto theft.

Drug Dealing

Drug Dealing is an integral part of the game. The player can choose to sell a variety of different drugs. Certain area may attract different customers, who will in turn request different drugs. For example, while a customer in the Lafayette Park area may request crack, weed, sherm, or heroin; a customer in Vice Beach may request Oxycontin, ecstasy, or other pills.

Drugs include:

•Weed- can be smoked. weed causes the player to react slower, as well as to act out randomly, completely out of the players control(this happens only if too much weed is smoked)
•coke- can only be sold
•crack- can only be sold
•methamphetamine- can only be sold
•ecstasy- can be taken as pills. Upon use, the gameplay speed increase
•sherm- a weed blunt dipped in embalming fluid or PCP, causes the player to randomly have hallucinations while high.
•heroin- can only be sold.
•Oxycontin- can only be sold

Other Gangs


name: Kutty Blokk Mobb
ethnicity: African American
location: 3rd Ward, Saint City
activities: primarily drug dealing, murder, auto theft, arms dealing, extortion

name: DM Click
ethnicity: African American
location: 9th Ward, Saint City
activities: primarily drug dealing, murder, robbery

name: Sawmill Avenue Boys
ethnicity: African American
location: 3rd Ward, Saint City
activities: primarily drug dealing, murder

name: St. Marks Boys
ethnicity: African American
location: 4th Ward, Saint City
activities: drug dealing, murder, robbery

name: M.O.B.
ethnicity: African American
locations: Artendale
activities: drug dealing, murder

name: Blue Rock Gangster Alliance
ethnicity: African American
location: Artendale
activities: drug dealing, murder, auto theft, extortion

name: Woodcrest Boys
ethnicity: African American
location: Woodcrest, Artendale
activities: primarily drug dealing, murder, arms dealing

name: Unity Square Crew
ethnicity: African American
location: Unity Square, Vice City
activities: primarily drug dealing, murder, arms dealing

name: Redd Pound
ethnicity: Haitian
location: Little Haiti, Brownsburg, Vice City
activities: primarily drug dealing, murder, robbery

name: Mal Putos
ethnicity: Cuban
location: Little Havana
activities: drug dealing, murder, robbery

name: Spanish Lords
ethnicity: Puerto Rican, some Mexican
location: Artendale
activities: drug dealing, murder, auto theft

name: Diablos Del Sur
ethnicity: Mexican
location: Artendal
activities: drug dealing, murder

name: Los Diablos Mexicanos
ethnicity: Mexican
location: Saint City
activities: drug dealing, murder, robbery, kidnapping


name: Gambetti Family
ethnicity: Italian
location: Vice City
activities: drug trafficking, murder, extortion

name: Messina Family
ethnicity: Italian
location: Vice City
activities: drug trafficking, murder, extortion

name: Giordano Family
ethnicity: Italian
location: Vice City
activities: drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping, arms dealing

name: Georgian Bravta
ethnicity: Georgian
location: Vice City
activities: drug trafficking

name: Sakruvta Family
ethnicity: Russian
location: Vice City
activities: smuggling, kidnapping, murder


name: Colombian Cartel
ethnicity: Colombian
location: Vice City
activities: drug trafficking, murder

name: Chavez Family
ethnicity: Mexican
location: Artendale
activities: drug trafficking, murder

name: Suarez Syndicate
ethnicity: Mexican
location: Artendale, southern Vice City
activities: drug trafficking, murder

Biker Gangs

name: Warlords
ethnicity: White American
location: several locations on the outskirts of Vice City, Florida; Florida in general.
activities: drug distribution, murder

name: Death's Angels
ethnicity: white American
location: many rural areas in Georgia and Florida
activities: drug distribution, murder

Asian Gangs

name: Cheng Family Triads
ethnicity: Chinese
location: Vice City
activities: drug distribution, money laundering

name: Zhanghai Family
ethnicity: Chinese
location: Vice City
activities: drug distribution, arms dealing

name: Sajitsu Family
ethnicity: Japanese
location: Vice City
activities: drug distribution, auto theft

New Features

There are many new features in GTA Southland. Other features have been expanded on or improved on, and there are multpile new activities.


Robberies come in 5 different forms depending on difficulty. These forms are pedestrian, store, home, bank, and warehouse. While some robberies, such as pedestrian and store robberies can be done alone, more difficult robberies require a team of friends or gang members to successfully carry out the task. Robberies can only be triggered after they are unlocked. For home and warehouse robberies, it is recommended that you wait until nighttime, as it will provide cover.


Pedestrian robberies require either a firearm or knife. These robberies are easy to do, and provided there are no police around, rarely ever attract a wanted level. To rob pedestrians, simply point your weapon(a firearm is suggested) at the pedestrian of choice. Then press down . Jason will warn the pedestrian to hand over their money, and most pedestrians will. However, if gang members, police officers, or drug dealers are robbed, they will open fire on the player, so beware.


Stores can be robbed. To rob a store, the player must be carrying a firearm. Once a firearm is obtained, walk into the store of choice, and go to the phone menu. Select the "Contacts" menu, then scroll until you see "Robberies: Store", and select it. Then exit the phone. Take out a gun, and point it at the clerk. Now you have a number of options. By pressing up , Jason will warn the clerk calmly to hand over the money, increasing the chances of cooperation. Jason may say things such as, "Come on man, just give me the cash and I'm out." By pressing left , the Jason will take a more firm approach. This may begin to frighten the clerk, increasing the chances of the clerk hitting the panic button. Jason will say phrases such as, "Let's go man, I ain't got all day. give me the f*cking cash!". If they clerk continues to not cooperate, the player may choose to press right . At this point, Jason will get aggravated, screaming such phrases as "Bitch let's go! Money or you die, motherf*cker!". This may frighten the clerk, and he/she may press the panic button. If not, and the clerk chooses not to surrender the money, the player may resort to pressing down . However, avoid using this option, as there is an 80 percent chance of the clerk panicking at this point. If all options fail, either exit the store to avoid trouble, or shoot the clerk, as they will not surrender the money. You now have a two star wanted level. However, if the clerk presses the panic button, you will immediately gain a two star wanted level as well.


House and apartments can be robbed. When robbing homes, the player must first obtain a Mule, Boxville, Pony, Speedo, Steed, or Burrito. The Benson and Yankee can also be used, however, these trucks are larger and may blow your cover. To trigger a home invasion, go to the cell phone menu and select "contacts". Scroll to "Robberies: Home, and select it. Then exit the phone and begin. It is recommended that you rob homes at night. After obtaining a large enough cargo vehicle, drive to the house/apartment of choice(most houses and apartments in cities will be available, as many have repeated textures). The player now has the option of entering by force, which will trigger a timer, and may cause occupants to immediately alert police, forcing a 3 star wanted level; or by use of stealth. This involves entering through back doors, cellar doors, and at times windows. Whichever method the player chooses, the player must be in the truck/van by 5:00 AM.

Once the home is entered, begin searching for items to steal. Small items, such as cell phones, MP3 players, and laptops, can be carried up to four at a time before being forced to take them back to the vehicle. Similar to GTA: SA, larger items, such as TVs, stereo systems, larger computers, and video game consoles, must be carried individually to the vehicle. In poorer areas, players may find large amounts of drugs, weapons, or cash inside of an apartment or house(implying that a drug dealer lives there). These items can be collected as well.

Once the player is satisfied or runs out of time, exit the home without being detected and return to the vehicle. Once entered, drive to the lockup, where the stolen goods will be stored. These items will be redeemed for cold, hard, cash. Money, drugs, and weapons found in homes will be kept.

Note: The player will occasionally come across very rare items in home invasions, including rare weapons.


Banks can be robbed. It is strongly recommended that you get other gang members or ingame friends to assist you with this type of robbery, although it is not required. You also must have a Securicar. There is a 5 minute time limit to get out of the bank.

To begin a bank robbery, enter the phone menu and find "Robberies: Bank". Select it and exit. To begin a bank robbery, you must have a firearm. For larger banks, it is recommended that you bring a submachine gun. After beginning a bank robbery mission, enter the bank and point your gun at the bank teller. If there are guards, it is suggested that you kill the guards first. Now that the other NPC's have been alerted of a robbery, you may have to execute at least one to keep the rest of the frightened customers in order. Press up to get the clerk to lead you to the safe. If you chose to use gang members/friends for assistance, they will watch the customers. Now the clerk will walk you to the safe. If the clerk begins panicking, continue pressing up to warn him/her. Collect the money from the safe. There will be a large amount of cash, so this will take multiple trips back to the truck, which will be parked outside a door in the rear of the bank. After collecting all of the money, exit the bank and enter the Securicar. Once entered, quickly drive away. If your are seen driving away by other civilians or guards, you will immediately gain a 4 star wanted level. Now, drive back to the lockup to store the cash. If you have a wanted level, you must rid of it first.

The average payout of a bank robbery is about $200,000 to $500,000, although at times the player will obtain much more.

Note: Securicars in areas around banks can also be stolen or robbed. This will attract a 4 star wanted level as well.



This is the beta HUD.
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Coming soon.

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 05:16 AM Edited by Kwandilibro, 04 September 2010 - 01:25 AM.

Lovers and Friends

As with previous games, the player can choose to engage in friend activities with friends, or sexual activities with lovers and prostitutes. Engaging in these activities not only increases the player's like percentage(friends), but also gains respect amongst them(girlfriends and random dates).


Friends return from GTA 4. Friends will occasionally call on the player's cell phone to hang out. The friend system works very similar to GTA IV. However, friends will call less often, and not attending friend activities will not lower the player's like percentage. However, attending friend dates will raise the player's like percentage with that particular person, and once the percentage reaches 75%, a special ability is unlocked(for most friends), i.e. cheap weapons, vehicles. Friends can also aid the player in larger robberies, but the money must be split between them.

Friends will usually request Jason to take them to a comedy club, a strip club, or other activities.


Girlfriends also return from previous games, although the system is now reworked. There is a set number of girlfriends to date, and the system for the most part works like the friend system. Take the girl on a date to increase your like percentage with that individual. However, if you do not attend set dates, your like percentage will decrease. After working your way up to a 50% like percentage, girlfriends will invite Jason into their residence for sex. This increase not only Jason's health, but his respect amongst friends and pedestrians. However, being caught dating multiple women will result in a break up, which in turn will drop both girlfriend's like percentage to 0%.

Girlfriends generally like to go on dates at restaurants, nightclubs(not strip clubs), and bars. However, this varies between girls, as certain girlfriends prefer simply to have sex.

Wanted Levels

The wanted level system has changed from previous GTA's, and now includes up to an 8 star wanted level(similar to that of my Huron State topic). The army and coast guard return, and use stronger weapons to take down the player.

Wanted Levels in Southland
Number of StarsDescription
One StarLocal police officers will attempt to arrest you. Police will follow you in patrol cars and cruisers.
Two StarsPolice officers will now become more aggressive and will continue in attempts to arrest you. Officers will attempt to kill you more often as well. During chases, patrol cars will attempt to chase the player rather than follow, and may resort to running the player's car off the road.
Three StarsPolice will begin to shoot at you more often, as well as try harder to pursue you. NOOSE also begins to aid the police department. They will set up roda blocks on main roads and bridges, as well as ramming the player's vehicle from the front. A police helicopter is called in, equipped with trained sharpshooters with powerful machine guns. if the player is in or near a large enough body of water, police boats will follow, also weilding machine guns. The player is unable to use city buses.
Four starsFIB and NOOSE will appear more often. FIB officers carry M4 Carbines, and wear body armor.
Five StarsAuthorities become even more aggressive, and will seldom attempt to arrest the player. A NOOSE annihilator will aid the police maverick in pursuit. FIB and NOOSE members will begin using the PIT manuever on the player, as well as other techniques. All authorities begin shooting through windows at the player, making a getaway on a motorcycle virtually impossible.
Six StarsA second police annihilator is added, making escape more difficult. In addition, all police cruisers and patrol cars are replaced by NOOSE and FIB Cruisers, Patriots, Enforcers and Buffaloes. Authorities will relentlessly ram the player and fire upon the. If the player is on foot, escape becomes very difficult. The search radius is the size of Broker/Dukes Island in Liberty City.
Seven StarsThe National Guard and Coast Guard are called in. Armed Forces will begin to use tanks and Barracks to pursue the player. Forces will also begin using grenade launchers on the player if on foot. In additon, the Navy Hunter will begin to pursue player, firing automatic machine guns or turrets at the player. It may also occasionally fire a rocket at the player. NOOSE is no longer in pursuit. The player is now barred from use of any store or public place. All radios go to a Public Alert Service Station, and the player is labled as a terrorist. Civilians will seldom be seen, as they are warned to stay indoors.
Eight StarsAuthorities will now begin to fire rockets and grenades more often at the player, making an escape without cheats nearly impossible. The Navy will also call in airstrikes if the player is spotted on foot. If the player is in a safehouse, Armed Forces may occasionally brake in and ambush the player. Navy and Coast Gurad officers will patrol the waters, and divers will be sent to pursue the player if seen swimming, which will alert officers aboard boats to attack. The only method of escape is underground by use of the sewer system, or hiding in the swamps or bayous.


Sports cars and Supercars Muscle cars and Vintage Two door hatchbacks Four Dour Sedans, saloons and station wagons SUV's, crossovers, pickups, and vans Commercial/Industrial Emergency Public Service Bikes Boats Aircraft Offroad Other Trains
Sultan RS
Super GT
Sabre GT
Blista Compact
PMP 600
Cavalcade FXT
Huntley Sport
Mr. Tasty
FIB Buffalo
Fire Truck
NOOSE Cruiser
NOOSE Patriot
Police Cruiser
Police Patrol
Police Predator
Police Stockade
Saint City public Bus
AMTA Subway
AMTA bus
NRG 900
PCJ 600
Tug Boat
Helitours Maverick
Police Maverick
News Chopper
Mesa Grande
BF Injection
Mountain Bike
Brown Streak Railroad
Freight Train
Maintenance Train
Vice City Subway
Southland Railiroad
Metro South

The player will have the option to customize their car to their liking. Car modifications include cosmetic and performance modifications. Most of the modification options available are purely visual, and will not impact performance.

New Vehicles

Four door Sedans:
Vapid Royal- 2003 Ford Crown Victoria
Bravado Polaris- 1969 Dodge Cornet Sedan
Delaclasse Premier- 1990’s Chevy Caprice
Albany Presidente GTV-Cadillac CTS-V
Bravado Buffalo ST-8- 2008 Dodge Charger SRT-8
Delaclasse Chivalry- 1999 Chevy Cavalier
Raisu Senbon- 1992 Nissan Sentra
Benefactor Schafter T-F-2010 Mercedes AMG E63
Classuiqe Tahoma- 1985 Olds cutlass sedan
Maibatsu Vincent- 1997 Mitsubishi Gallant VR-4
Impontian D90-8FT- Pontiac G8
Impontian Grandeur- 2002 Pontiac Grand Am
Dinka Civil- 1999 Honda Civic
Karin Sunrise- 2008 Toyota Corolla
Maibatsu Spear- 2006 Lancer
Maibatsu Spear RS- 2006 Lancer EVO IX
Dundury Monstrosity- 1964 Lincon Continental
Ubermacht Orical XS- BMW M5
Bravado Greenwood- Chrysler K-series of cars

Two Door Coupes-Hatchbacks / Sports Cars / Exotics/Convertibles:
Maibatsu Thunder- 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Grotti Cheetah- 1986 Ferrari Testarosa
Raisu Elegy- 2008 Nissan GT-R (R35)
Raisu Euros- Nissan 300zx (Z31)
Dinka Sportster- Honda S2000
Delaclasse Saber GT-X- 1970 Olds cutlass/Chevy Chevelle Pro Street car
Dinka Civil ISR- 1999 Honda Civic Type R
Grotti Stinger- Ferrari Daytona GTB coupe/Roadster
Ubermacht Sential XS- 2005 BMW M3
Bravado Polaris V8-1969 Dodge Cornet Super bee
Karin Jester- Toyota Supra MKIV (JZA80)
Raisu Senbon R- 1992 Sentra SE-R
Vapid Cocaine-2009 Ford Mustang
Vapid Cocaine KRX900- 2009 Ford Mustang GT500
Vapid Peyote-1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
Pegasi Zx-009- Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
Impontian Phoenix- 1976 Pontiac Trans-Am
Pfister Cometete-2008 Porsche Boxter

Police & Public Service Vehicles:
Vapid Police Cruiser- 2003 Ford crown Vic police car
Vapid Undercover Royal- 2003 Ford Crown Vic under cover police car
Bravado Police Patrol- 2008 Dodge Charger Police Package
Delaclasse Police- 1990’s caprice police car
Delaclasse Downlow- 1990’s Caprice undercover police car
Bravado FIB Buffalo- 2008 Dodge Charge Undercover police car
Delaclasse FIB Subterranean- 2005 Chevy Suburban Undercover FBI car
Delaclasse Ranger- 1980 Chevy K-5 blazer Country Sheriff car
Impontian Interceptor- 2001 Pontiac Trans-am
Enforcer- Armored S.W.A.T Car


Dinka FCR-900- Suzuki SV1000
Las Venturas Choppers (LVC) Freeway-Classic Harley-Davidson
LVC Daemon- West coast choppers Shovelhead
LVC Wolfsbane- Harley-Davidson 1200

Delaclasse Subterranean- 2005Chevy Subterranean


Weapons are an important part of the game. Due to gun laws being far less strict than Liberty City, weapons are fairly easy to acquire. The large weapon franchise, Ammu Nation, returns for the player to use, although all weapons will not be available in Ammu Nation, and must be acquired through means of illegal gun shops, street dealers, gangs, and other means. There is also a large guarded weapon Depot Southwest of Artendale.

Brass Knuckles
Golf Club

Glock 19
Beretta M92f
Colt 1911
Desert Eagle

FN P90

Remington 870
Ithaca M37 Sawed
Pancor Jackhammer

Ruger Mini-14 F30 GB

Winchester M70
SR-25 SD
Barrett M82

Pipe Bomb
M67 Grenade
Remote Charge



The issue of weapon customization is often disputed as to whether or not it should be included. In this case, it will be included to an extent, but never required. There are certain modifications that apply to each class of weapons, excluding melee weapons and heavy weapons.


For pistols

Extended magazine( range from 5 to 20 extra rounds)
Red Dot Sights
Hollow Point Ammunition
Chrome or gold plating

For Shotguns

Lead slug shells
Box magazine
Explosive rounds

For Submachine Guns

Chrome or Gold plating(Mac 10 only)
Hollow Point Ammunition
Red Dot Sights

For Assault Rifles

100 Round Drum
Extended magazine(30 extra rounds)
Red Dot Sights
Attachable grenade Launcher(Hold 1 grenade)

For Rifles/Sniper Rifles

Optimized Sniper Scope
Larger Magazine(20 rounds)

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user posted image
Click to see full sized map

Saint City
user posted image
Saint City, the easternmost city, is located in the state of Louisiana. World renowned for it's foods, party culture, and laid back lifestyle, Saint City was a popular tourist destination. However, in 2006, Hurricane Kelvin flooded the entire city, destroying many properties, killing at least 2000 people, and displacing an estimated 300,000. Shortly afterward, Hurricane Austin reflooded many areas of the city, particularly in the more impoverished areas. In recent years, many former residents have returned to the city to find whole neighborhoods completely destroyed, inhabitable homes, and poor business. However, the city seems to finally be recovering. Due to it's near tropical environment, it rains nearly every day in Saint City, with frequent storms.

user posted image
Artendale is the ingame equivalent of Atlanta, Georgia. Thus, the city is located in the State of Georgia. The complete opposite of Saint City, Artendale is a large, bustling, more suburban city With an excellent economy, thriving tourism, and a rapidly growing population, is is roughly 1.2 million. Artendale is also known for having the busiest airport in the world, notoriously affordable housing, and constant housing developments springing up on the outskirts of town. Recently, the Artendale Housing Authority began demolishing public housing developments to make way for mixed income housing, another term for gentrification. This has caused the displacement of many poorer, mostly African American residents. It also resulted in an increase of crime. Artendale currently has a booming drug market, with recreational drugs becoming readily available daily due to Mexican Cartels.

Vice City
user posted image
Ah, the wonderful, sunny, Vice City. Previously seen in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, GTA Southland depicts the more modern view of Miami, Florida. From the warm, sunny beaches, to the Palm trees, to the clear blue waters, what's not to love about Vice City? Great nightlife, beautiful women, great shopping........ Lets not forget to cross the bridge and enter the dark side- a world filled with crime, poverty, and drugs, although in a much milder form than Saint City. But overall, Vice City is the place to be.


The Southland region is home to a variety of different culture. While Saint City is know for being extremely multicultural, as well as being notoriously laid back, Artendale is known for it's booming economy, rapidly increasing land size, and it's growing population of homosexuals. At the same time, Vice City is now the nightlife capital of America, featuring sunny beaches, beautiful women, and nonstop nightclub action. It seems there's something for everyone. While exploring the main cities and rural counties, feel free to check out the tourism and local exhibits.



99.2 Tha Mixx
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

J Cole- Who Dat
Rick Ross featuring Styles P- BMF(Blowin Money Fast)
Waka Flocka Flame- Hard in da Paint
Birdman featuring Bun B & Young Jeezy- Tool
Drake featuring Lil Wayne- Miss Me
B.G. featuring Magnolia Chop- Back to the Money
Dj Khaled featuring Ludacris, Rick Ross, & Snoop Dogg
T.I.- Yeah Ya Know
Rick Ross featurng Ne Yo, Wiz Khalifa, & Curren$y- Super High Remix
Wiz Khalifa- Ink My Whole Body
Curren$y- Elevator Music
Curren$y- Got It

91.7 Hip Hop Island
Genre: Throwback Hip Hop(Late 90's through early 2000's)

Cypress Hill- Insane in the Membrane
Tech N9ne featuring Three Six Mafia- Demons
Tech N9ne- far Away
50 Cent- Many Men
Dead Prez- Hip Hop
NaS- Made You Look
Wu Tang Clan- Protect Ya Neck
Big Pun featuring Joe- Still Not A Player

103.8 Throw it Back
Genre: Throwback Hip Hop/ 90's Gangsta Rap

Masster P- Bourbons and Lacs
DMX- What's My Name
The Notorious B.I.G.- Hypnotize
Ice Cube- Why We Thugs
Mobb Deep- Shook Ones Part II
Luniz- I Got 5 On It
Snoop Dogg- Gin and Juice
Bone Thugs N Harmony- Foe Tha Love Of Money
2pac- Hail Mary
Dr. Dre- Let Me Ride

95.2 Smooth FM
Genre: R&B

Jamie Foxx- Blame It
Jeremih- Birthday Sex
Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne- Turnin Me On
Mario- Break Up
Trey Songz- I Invented Sex
Pleasure P- Under
Maxwell- Pretty Wings
LeToya- Regret
Chrisette Michele- Epiphany

102.3 Kingston Sounds
Genre: Reggae

Jah Cure – Unconditional Love
Wyclef ft. Mavado – Hold On
Vybz Kartel & Shebba – Gal A Weh Me Duh Yuh
Mavado – House Top
Popcaan – Fake Friend
Busy Signal – You Never Knew
Vybz Kartel – Know Bout Me
Blak Ryno – Bike Back
Vybz Kartel – Pure Love Mi Give Gyal
Vybz Kartel – Turn & Wine

94.7 The Glory Days
Genre: 80's

Bon Jovi- Livin' on a Prayer
Def Leppard- Pour Some Sugar On Me
Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf
Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
Prince- When Doves Cry
Hall & Oates- I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
Guns N' Roses- Sweet Child O' Mine
Madonna- Like a Virgin
Run-D.M.C.- Walk This Way
AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
Journey- Don't Stop Believing
Whitney Houston- How Will I Know
U2- With Or Without You

106.1 Hits FM
Genre: Pop

Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me
Jay- Sean Down
Iyaz- Replay
Lady- Gaga Poker Face
Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling
Kings Of Leon- Use Somebody
Kelly Clarkson- My Life Would Suck Without You
Flo-Rida- Right Round
Owl City- Fireflies
Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say
Beyonce- Halo
All American Rejects- Gives You Hell
Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow

[b99.3 El Mierda[/b]
Genre: Reggaeton

Plan B ft. Don Omar – Hookah
Daddy Yankee ft Don Omar – Desafio
Cosculluela – Prrrum
Rakim & Ken y – Por Amor A Ti
Jadiel – Vino Donde Mi
Nejo & Dalmata ft. Cosculluela – No Necesito Remix
Tony Dize ft. Cosculluela – APunto De Cazar
Eloy ft. Jory – No Hay Nadie Como Ella
Don Omar & Daddy Yankee – Hasta Abajo Remix
Alexis & Fido ft Yomo – Me Gustas Tu

Southland Rocks 109.3
Genre: Classic Rock

Tom Petty - American Girl
Journey - Lovin, Touchin, Squeezing
Deep Purple - Hush
Bon Jovi - Runaway
Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave
Smashing Pumpkins - Zero
AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill
Kiss - Rock 'n' Roll All Night
ELO - Here is the News
Creedance Clearwater Revival - Lookin' out my back door
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's gone
The Doors - Touch Me
The Tokens - The lion sleeps tonight

The rest is coming soon


There are many purchasable items available to the player in Southland. These items will be immediately transported to a safehouse when purchased(bar weapons, vehicles).

Clothing Stores
BincoA clothing store with very cheap clothing, mostly consisting of gang and drug dealer attire.
SubUrbanLow to medium priced urban styled clothing. Contains gang attire as well as slightly higher quality clothing.
ProLapsA sports related clothing store.
ZipA clothing store that sells middle range clothing for moderate prices.
VictimA clothing store selling upper middle range clothing. Prices are generally moderate.
Didier SachsA clothing store that sells upper range, more formal clothing, as well as suits and tuxedos.
P.A.(Player's Attire)A store selling urban styled clothing at medium to high prices. Mostly consists of clothing intended for drug dealers, rappers, and athletes.
Urban HeadwearAn urban styled hat store. The franchise is known for selling gang colored hats, fitted caps, bandanas, and durags. The location in Carcer City is also suspected to front a marijuana dealing company from the basement.
A Small Town JewelerA small jeweler located in Artendale. Sells medium range jewelry at medium prices.
Delvin's Urban JewelerA Chain of urban jewelry shops. Sells all ranges of jewelry, with prices ranging from low to high. Items such as gold teeth, grillz, large pendants/chains, custom pendants, and watches are sold here, as well as everyday jewelry. Located in Saint City, Artendale, and Vice City.
Prestige JewelersA High priced, prestigious jeweler, located in Vice City. Prestige® is world renowned for it's high quality jewelry, but at very high prices.
A Girl's Best FriendA medium price jeweler. It's inventory consists of items exclusively for women, hence the name. The player can purchase female friends jewelry from here to raise their like percentage.

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name: Jason Moore
age: 24
bio: The protagonist. See first post.

name: Stephen Moore
age: 23
ethnicity: African American
bio: The oldest of Jason's younger siblings. A former drug dealer, Stephen is now a mechanic at a local auto repair shop in Saint City. Stephen suffers from chronic depression due to his use of ecstasy as a teenager, and often has a bleak outlook on life. He is also unable to find a girlfriend, further worsening his depression. It is also rumored that Stephen is a closet homosexual, although this is unconfirmed.

name: TreVon "Tre Deuce" Ivory
age: 27
ethnicity: African American
bio: A childhood friend of Jason, and a fellow member of LPB. Tre Deuce is often extremely trigger happy, rarely hesitating to open fire on enemies or anyone he disputes with. He claims to have shot people simply for looking at him, further increasing his menacing image. Tre Deuce is also a regular drug user, and can often be seen smoking joints, blunts, or drinking beer. When on friend activities or in clubs or bars, Tre Deuce can be seen drinking Purple Drank out of a Styrofoam cup, a codeine- promethozine mixture that known for slowing down it's users. Tre Deuce is a registered sex offender, as his SCPD profile shows that in 2004, he spiked a female friend's beer in order to get her drunk and rape her.

name: Michael " Mike D" Delvin
age: 32
ethnicity: African American
bio: Another fellow gang member, Mike D is currently incarcerated at the game's beginning. Mike D claims to have been selling drugs since the age of 11, and is highly respected throughout the gang. Having been shot on 5 different occasions, Mike D regularly carries a Micro Uzi. Mike D is also a regular marijuana smoker, as is Tre Deuce.

name: Marcus "Big M" Kew, III
age: 35
ethnicity: African American
bio: Big M, a notoriously wealthy individual amongst the ghettos of Saint City, has been selling drugs since the age of ten. Claiming to have killed a man at 13 years old, Big M is the most respected gang member around the LPB and the 3rd Parish(although he actually hails from the 9th Parish). A popular target for rival gangs and stick up crews allike, Big M has claimed the lives of many "Hating ass ratsh*t motherf*ckers", who have attempted to rob or attack him. Big M is also the LPB's main connection to the Suarez Syndicate, a cartel from Mexico supplying a large portion of Saint City's gangs with cocaine and heroin. Big M is also a family man and a business man, claiming to have 12 kids and "a shop in 7th Parish".

name: Lolita "Rita" DiCali
age: 26
ethnicity: Mexican American/Italian
bio: Jason's love interest, a Mexican/Italian former stripper from Saint City's outer suburbs. Rita is one of Jason's closest friends, and often motivates Jason to take a step out of ghetto mentalities to establish himself elsewhere. Rita also follows Jason along his entire journey through the Southland region, often using her striking sex appeal to lure Jason into actions he does not wish to engage in. Rita currently works as a nurse in a hospital in Downtown Saint City. Rita is also a closet bisexual, secretly enjoying "that tongue in my lips". Toward the end of the storyline, it is revealed that Jason has impregnated Rita(his second child overall), and the two intend to marry in Vice City at some point.

name: Janice Gravesend
age: 28
ethnicity: African American
bio: One of Jason's former girlfriends, Janice(pronounced "J'Neese") is the mother of Jason's first child, a daughter named LaKeysha. Due to Jason's absence at the time of LaKeysha's birth(Hurricane Kelvin being the sole cause), and Jason being unable to help raise his daughter, Janice carries an intense grudge. She will often set traps for Jason and attempt to have him killed, ripped off(drugs), or arrested.

name: Roger Gravesend
age: 32
ethnicity: African American
bio: Janice Gravesend's older brother. Roger is highly protective of his sister, and often goes to great measures to avenge those who wrong her, which will prove a problem for Jason. Roger is a member of a fierce rival gang of LPB, the Sawmill Avenue Boys. He will prove to be a very troublesome figure for Jason, openly attacking him on numerous occasions.

name: Vincent "Vince" Carnetti
age: 38
ethnicity: Italian American
bio: Jason's mob connection. Originally from Vice City, Vince is the son of a mob boss hailing from Broker, Liberty City. After moving the faimly to Vice City, Vince's father set up shop as a businessman, secretly investing all of his assets in "the family". After commiting murder in Vice City, Vince has since relocated to Saint City. He currently lives in a medium wealth neighborhood on the west side of the city, operating solely from a small pawn shop. Vince first meets Jason in Artendale(although they are both Saint City residents) on a subway. Vince later convinces Jason to invest in business oportunities to cover up his illegal businesses, as well as expanding his gang influence to Artendale and Vice City. Vince is a crucial character in the storyline, as he helps introduce Jason to a variety of new money making methods other than drug dealing. Vince is married to a "former" prostitute, and has been arrested for abusing his wife(after being caught in bed with another man, Vince savagely beat his wife to near death before turning on her lover, whom he later disposed of in a drainage canal). Vince may have a sex addiction, indicated by his fear of pornographic images and strip clubs.

name: Greg "Young Blaze" Davis
age: 23
ethnicity: African American
bio: A childhood friend of Jason, Greg is a rapper. Born in Liberty City, Davis moved to Saint City with his single aunt at the age of 12. He immediately started selling drugs to support his family. Davis is a fellow member of the LPB. Although well respected around his neighborhood as a drug dealer, Davis is struggling as a rapper after being dropped from his record label, Continental Records; after a prior shooting incident and arrest. Davis is subsequently unable to stay out of trouble, thus preventing him from being signed. Davis is also rumored to be gay, despite his 3 children and recurring themes of explicit sexual encounters in his music.

name: Daniil Volklov
age: 42
ethnicity: Russian
bio: An arms dealer from Russia. Volklov will be Jason, as well as the LPB's main source of weapons, bar raids. He is a very ambitious man, having been a primary weapons dealer in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He is very aggressive, and is a suspected terrorist. He operates under the fake identity, "Daniel Victorwolf".

More coming soon.

The Story

Jason's actions are presented in red
Jason's dialogue is presented in yellow
Other characters' dialogue is presented in orange


The opening scene starts with Jason on in an airplane seat next to a morbidly obese man. As the seat is too small for the man, he rolls into Jason's seat, crushing him under the immense weight.
Yo, what the f*ck, man?
The man rolls over, unaware of Jason's anger through his slumber. Now aggravated, Jason attempts to move the man, with little success.
Man come on, move you fat piece of sh*t!
The man groans, still asleep.Now enraged, Jason loses his patience. Out of impulse, he leans back and kicks the man to the floor.
Motherf*cker, give your fat ass the f*ck out of my damn seat before I beat your ass!
At this point, Jason is violently kicking the man before he rolls over, revealing an SCPD badge.
What the f*ck are you doing?
The officer, now awoken and angry, turns to Jason and glares at him with eyes of death. At this point, Jason knows he is in big trouble unless he explains himself.
I was just-
You know kid, I have a mind to have you locked up for good you piece of rat sh*t. And don't you forget it.
So the cutscene ends, and a new cutscene begins where Jason is seen waiting at the airport for Stephen. Stephen arrives, and Jason enters the car, an old Blista Compact.
Stephen begins a conversation.

Hey, how's life man?
f*ck you think, stupid?
Damn, nigga! I was just asking a question. You don't gotta get all aggressive.
sh*t man, my bad. sh*t just ain't going well, know what I'm sayin'? I mean, my ass done been locked up twice in Georgia, can't keep a dollar to save my life, and all the hoes be choosin'. And the muh'f*ckas sho' ain't choosin' me. They either into all them local niggas, or them marshmallow ass niggas. No love out this bitch unless you paid.
I thought you were slangin' out there, man? What happened?
Man, Artendale got a f*cked up market. I mean, niggas trap and sh*t, but all the damn work come from the Mexican mu'f*ckas. And Carlo, the nigga that put me on, nigga ain't got sh*t! He try to tell me it's cuz' he don't speak Spanish.
What kind of sh*t is that?
Man, I don't know what the f*ck is up with the nigga, be his ass is crazy. I mean, he claim he bunkin', but er'body know nigga ain't got no money. Nigga got like, one corner. And the nigga crazy too. He act like he fiendin' himself. I mean, nigga got caught smokin' weed behind a f*ckin' police station. And bullsh*t too. Nigga wasn't even smokin' no purp.
Yeah, and the dummy even got caught speedin' in a f*ckin' donk! Man how the f*ck you get caught doin 80 on 24's? Tryin' to blow them mu'f*ckin' rims off? Know he ain't got no 26's, nothing the real niggas be ridin'. Nah, he steady got that bullsh*t. So what you up to?
Nothing. Man, I can't get promoted to save my life. You know, that's what I can't stand about being legit. That, and having to speak like a f*cking prick sometimes.
Haha, stupid nigga. That's what you get. Tryin' to be Mr. Shiny, and sh*t. Man leave that sh*t for the f*ckin maids man. We raised grimy, that's how we gonna live. All that sh*t with pretendin to be no f*ckin' good guy ain't never did sh*t in nobody life, man. Nobody.
See, Jay? That's your problem. You know why I left the game? I was tired of the bullsh*t. Tired of getting caught up, having to pour $5,000 into a bucket of acid and run like a f*cking madman to try and outrun the cops every few weeks. I mean, don't get me wrong, trapping had it's perks, but nothing beat a good ole' clean life with no DA or po po up your ass every five seconds. I bet you don't know how that feels, huh? being locked up every other day done made you more of an asshole than before.
sh*t, at least no f*ckin' hurricane done changed you. Still actin' like a ho. So how mama be?
Stephen pauses, then sighs.
Still bitching.
Well she ain't change neither. Rest of the fam's ight?
Well, apart from Aisha sucking dick 24/7, pretty normal. You know she's a ho now, right?
I know now.
So where you want me to take you?
sh*t, home I guess.
Jason gazes out of the window in amazement, realizng he had yet to so much as peer out of the window to look at his surroundings, which contrary to popular belief, weren't much more repaired in some areas than the day after the storm.
Stephen drives Jason back to his home, a rundown apartment in the eastern half of the Lafayette Park Homes. This will spark a conversation between Stephen and Jason, in which the two discuss their lives before Hurricane Kelvin, and how it has painfully impacted their lives. Jason recalls living in a house around the corner for LaFayette Park, but having to move into the projects after their chilhood home was destroyed. He also recalls the horrors of living on a highway overpass, as well as living in a football stdium. Finally, he recalls the days of unimaginable violence struggling to survive before finally taking off to live with his aunt in Artendale. After the cutscene ends, the camera will again focus on the run down apartment, which has been seriously damaged from the hurricane, but still standing. This will be the first of many safehouses. *Safehouses can store clothes, extra weapons, drugs, and other items.* After arriving at the safehouse, Jason exits the car and the cutscene ends. Enter the safehouse and save the game. *Saving is similar to savin in GTA IV, as Jason will fall asleep on a small bed in his bedroom.

Mission #1: A Ride Down Memory Lane

A "?" blip will appear on the map. *Follow the blip and walk into the icon to trigger the mission.* In this case, the icon is directly outside of the apartment building, in the parking lot. Walk into the icon. A cutscene will begin.
Jason is seen fumbling with his cellphone when a tall man with nappy dreadlocks walks up to him, smoking a marijuana joint. Unaware that Jason was even there, the man is startled.

Who you? And where you come from. I ain't seen you standin' there before. You best not be runnin' up on me.
sh*t, nigga, I live here.
I ain't seen you yesterday. f*ck you was then, shawty? Was you hidin'? wait wait, I know I done seen this nigga somewhere, but I can put my balls on it.
What the f*ck? You high?
Nah, nigga. I'm f*cked up bro.
The man takes another puff of his joint, gazing idly into the bright sky.
Nigga, don't act like you don't know me. I know you Lil Jay from yo voice. You ain't remember me?
Oh sh*t. Wait, hold up.... Tre Deuce?
Damn, it's been a while, man. Almost forgot who you was. 'Cept them damn nappy ass dreads, ain't nobody got em nasty as you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, come take a ride with me, see what's goin' down.
Ight, nigga. Finna know what's up anyway.

Follow Tre Deuce to his car, a black Hakumai. Enter the car from the driver's side, as Tre Deuce feels he is too high to drive. A blip will appear on the map. Follow the blip to the "Hectors Food Beer and Smoke". While driving, Tre Deuce begins rambling on about how much Jason missed, mentioning that old friends Dom Dom and C Side have been murdered, while Pooh Bear is currently incarcerated with Mike D and Sha Fresh, who is serving 15 years for manslaughter. He also claims that Jason's sister, Aisha attempted to have sex with Tre Deuce, stating that she is now a prostitute.
Continue driving until you reach your destination. Once the store is reached, Tre Deuce will signal to stop, screaming "Hey, slow this bitch up!" Park in front of the store and exit the car, following Tre Deuce to the store. Tre deuce will only but a beer and some rolling papers, but this is the introduction to the ability to buy and store items. After leaving the store, Tre Deuce will claim that he needs to pick something else up. Follow him down the street until he stops at a small green house. There, a cutscene will begin where Tre Deuce will be seen knocking on the door. Jason peers out of the corner of his eye briefly, just long enough to notice a man in all black walking up to Tre Deuce with a pistol. Jason quickly turns and punches the man in the face to prevent Tre Deuce from being robbed or killed. Angry, the man climbs back to his feet, pistol in hand. The cutscene ends. Run back to Tre Deuce's car and escape with your life. Be sure to wait for Tre Deuce, as you will fail the mission if Tre Deuce is left behind. Drive Tre deuce back to the projects and park. Tre Deuce will exit, handing Jason a 20 dollar bill. The mission ends.

Boss: Tre Deuce
Rewards: $25, ability to purchase store items.

Mission 2: Back 2 Business

Tre Deuce will text Jason on his cell phone, telling him to meet Tre Deuce at the corner of Jeffery Street and Long Street, at a small deli. He also tells Jason to bring a weapon. There will be a pistol lying on a discarded couch in the parking lot. Retrieve the pistol and meet Jason. After meet Tre Deuce, he tells you about a junkie who recently robbed him of his weed. The man is standing in a store a block away, surrounded by other armed junkie. Go to the store and kill the junkie. Be careful, as the other junkies will open fire on you as you are leaving if they see you. After evading the junkies, find a car and take Tre Deuce back to the projects. Watch out, as the junkies will be waiting around the corner with pistols and a shotgun. A hail of gunfire will erupt after they spot you, and it is suggested that you kill the junkies (or at least disarm them) before heading home, as they will continue to fire at you until you are out of sight, and will run with unusual speed. Once you evade the junkies for good, head home, avoiding any main roads, as they may attract a wanted level.

Boss: Tre Deuce
Reward: $30 (as you can see, Tre Deuce is short on money due to the recession)

Mission 3: Welcome Home

This mission is simple. Tre Deuce will swing by the projects to pick you up, suggesting that you drive, since he has been drinking. Take over the driver's seat. Tre Deuce informs you that Mike D, a childhood friend of the two, is being released from jail today after serving time in prison for assault. He needs to be picked up from the police headquarters in the Central Business District. All the mission entails is that you pick him up and drive him back to the projects. After arriving, the two will walk off, claiming that they are going to throw a party soon, once they gain some money.

Boss: Tre Deuce
Reward: Nothing

Mission 4: Re Up

Tre Deuce calls you, explaining that he and Mike D are going to the 9th Parish to re up (re stock on drugs). The two will be collecting a large quantity of cocaine and weed, and wish for you to come. Since you have no money, you agree. Get a car and meet the two at St. Patrick's Community Center in the 9th Parish. Bring a weapon, just in case. A blip on the HUD will indicate the location of the community center. After arriving, a large Hispanic man (probably of Mexican descent, walks towards the back of the building, with Tre Deuce and Mike D following. Follow them. The man will eventually open the door of a white van, retrieving two sets of 3 large duffel bags. He will hand Jason two bags. After receiving the bags, the man suggests that the three leave the area, as people may have been watching. Reenter your car. Take the drugs back to the projects.

Boss: Tre Deuce
Reward: 4 kg's of cocaine, 4 lb's of weed available to sell, unlocks the backpack (automatically worn, cannot be seen). *Drug Dealing is now available.

Mission 5: Back on the Block

Tre Deuce calls your cell phone and tells you to meet him and Mike D at another apartment in the projects (2 blocks away). When you arrive, Mike D spots Jason and tells him to follow. After the two walk a short distance, they reach a small house with boarded up windows. This is one of the many stash, or "trap" houses amongst the city's impoverished areas. After entering, other LPB members turn to glare at Jason, most likely out of distrust for him (as he has been in Artendale for so long). Mike D continues on towards the kitchen where Tre Deuce is seen dividing a brick of cocaine, with pots on the stove. Another suspicious man is seen dividing weed into small portions. Tre Deuce turns to Jason, signaling him to enter the back room of the house (the house only has 3 rooms, as it is a shotgun house). Here, Mike D tosses Jason a plastic bag with a brick of cocaine inside, telling Jason to "Get cuttin'". A short cutscene begins, where Jason is seen cutting the brick into smaller portions, then bagging it.

After the cutscene ends, Mike D directs you to follow him outside and into a car, duffel bag in hand. After a short drive around the corner, Mike D pauses to instruct Jason. "This yo corner man. Don't let nan' nigga try no funny sh*t. You feel funky, nigga jump. Buyer talkin' f*cked up, pop that ass on the spot. I ain't 'bout no muhf*ckin' bust. Nigga a pig, he die. Nigga try robbin', duck off and smoke that ass like suasage. Niggas runnin' up, get buckin'. And if ANY nigga call 5-0, or you see some one times, DIP!"

After exiting the car, you will have to wait on your corner for each of your customers. There will be three customers. When each customer arrives, a yellow triangle with "!" will appear over their head. When the customer approaches you, open the drug dealing menu and give them what they ask for (captions of the speech made by customers will appear on the screen). Watch your quantity meter. Beware, as the third customer is a police officer disguised as a prostitute. After serving the third customer, you will gain a two star wanted level. Evade the police by fleeing the seen and/or hiding. Once the player's wanted level has diminished, return to the trap house to give the gang leader (who is never seen), his share. All leftover money is profit. This mission will serve as a tutorial for the drug dealing system. After giving the gang leader his share, return to the projects.

Boss: Mike D
Reward: $360

Mission 6: Set Tripping

Mike D calls you on your cell phone, alerting you to immediately report to the projects (which you are already in). After finding him, Mike D hands you an AKS 74U, explaining that Tre Deuce and several other LPB members are pinned down in enemy gang territory, with a large quantity of drugs and money on hand. You must defend your fellow gang members. After receiving the assault rifle, a marker on the HUD will appear, indicating where the gang members are located (they are trapped behind a cluster of abandoned houses and overgrown grass) You will have to gun your way through multiple rival gang members, with a variety of guns (most rival gang members are carrying Glocks, Uzis, or Remington shotguns). You will have the assistance of three goons, or shooters, who will carry Glocks and Uzis. There will be three waves of rivals, combined with sniper attacks from inside of the houses. After defeating the rival gang, your fellow gang members will emerge. However, it will come to your attention that three of your fellow gang members were killed during the battle. After calling an ambulance, Tre Deuce will flee, and you will have to leave the scene. The other gang members will stay back with the deceased members. After the paramedics are called, you must flee the scene as well, as you will have a two star wanted level. You may wish to pick up and dropped weapons or ammo.

Boss: Mike D
Reward: Nothing

Mission 7: Death of a Businessman

One of the slain gang members, Snake Eyez, is being buried. He was the interim leader of the gang (as the gang has not had a permanent leader in years). The only task of this mission is to take Mike D and Tre Deuce to the funeral. After arriving, the funeral will start and the mission will end.

Boss: Mike D
Reward: $250

Mission 8: When it Rains, it Pours

Mike D calls, explaining that he is enraged at the rival gang (now revealed to be the Sawmill Avenue Boys). He is plotting an attack. He wants you to find a way to attack the Sawmill Avenue Boys without them knowing who attacked them. This will entail a stealthy attack. However, before starting a war, Mike D wishes to avenge his slain friends' deaths. He tells you to find the shooters (who are unknown) and kill them. You will have to supply your own weapons. Mike D will hand you a slip of paper with an address on it. You will have to drive to the address, a small house in the 3rd Ward. Once you find the house, pass by and park around the corner, being careful not to be seen. After parking, head out to the front of the house. You will have to knock on the door to drive the rival gang members outside. After the gang members exit the house, kill them and collect any dropped weapons or money. Then, get back into your car and begin driving. A cutscene will begin, where one of the surviving gang members will enter a Calvacade and begin chasing you. Be careful, as the Calvacade will be faster than the standard model. The gang member will also have an Uzi, and will attempt to chase and kill you. Evade/kill the gang member to end the mission. Watch your driving, as the streets of Saint City will prove as poor race tracks. After escaping, return to Mike D's house to collect your payment.

Boss: Mike D
Reward: $1,000

Mission 9: War

Mike D will call you, telling you to report to his apartment immediately. After arriving, Mike D will sit you down, bringing out 2 bottles of beer. A cutscene will begin.

What up, my nigga
Aye, what's happenin' D? What you up to?
Hey man, you could keep a secret, right? Cuz' I got some sh*t on my mind Tre D don't need to know about. Nigga panic too much.
Yeah man. What it look like?
Nigga, I've had enough of them mothaf*ckin' Sawmill bitches! Them niggas murked another one of our dudes, man! Shot the mothaf*cka' right fronta' his momma. Point blank bullet to the head. sh*t piss me the f*ck off, bunch of disrespectful little hoes. We ain't even did sh*t to them.
For real man. Niggas didn't even know about them muhf*ckas' till they came through buckin' last week. Catchin' the whole f*ckin' connect by surprise. Three niggas dea, right off the bat.
Word. So we finna take them mothaf*ckas' to war. Take everything they got. Every one of they blocks gon' be ours. They hoes bout to be on my dick, man.
Wait, hold up though. I don't wanna start no deep sh*t man. Make one false move, f*ckin' pigs gon' be so far up our ass, every time we take a sh*t, they gon' be bustin' through the door.
Eh, man. Chill out dude. All we gotta do is get some guns, get some armor, little bit of backup, murk a couple pigs. sh*t gon' be easy.
Man, where the f*ck we gonna get that sh*t from?
Chill out dude, I know people. Right now, all I want you to do is buck some dude might be a witness.
Man, I don't know about this. I mean, I like money, but this sh*t seems like some sideways sh*t.
Just do what the f*ck I tell you.

You will have to kill a witness of the shootings involved in the previous mission, to prevent the police from getting vital inforamtion, including your personal description. The witness is headed to the police station, and must be intercepted. The witness's location will be indictated on the HUD. There are two ways to stop the witness.

Method 1 involves following the witness in a car, tailing at a reasonable distance behind, then ambushing the witness at a stop light. After cornering the witness, exit your car and attempt to carjack the witness. The witness will flee, at which point you can kill them.

Method 2 is more challenging, and involves waiting at a street corner multiple blocks away from a stoplight nearby. When the witness reaches 1 block away from the stoplight, pick up speed and ram your car into the witness's car. This will involuntarily eject the witness, causing them to richochet off of their windshield, slamming into a lightpole. After checking to make sure the witness is dead, flee the scene. You may want to pull a hit and run.

With either method, after successfully killing the witness, return to Mike D's apartment to collect your payment.

Boss: Mike D
Reward: $1,200

Mainland Marauder
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Posted 08 July 2010 - 05:46 AM

And the areas in between N'Awlins, Atlanta and Miami will be a little like this...

  • RedDragonsBOOM

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 06:09 AM

Kwan great post man! love the business ideas the setting and the cities cant wait for more.

  • TommyMufc-Champs

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 06:21 AM

Nice start man! cant wait for the next update.

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 06:39 AM

Thanks guys biggrin.gif

@Mainland Marauder- Yeah, almost all of the small towns would be redneck towns.

  • vincentmillidge

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 02:40 PM

yeah and then half way thru the game halliburton can sabotage an oil rig and cover the coastline with precious sticky oil.

f*ck you cheney f*ck you halliburton

  • skillz7855


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Posted 08 July 2010 - 07:43 PM

u shouldd ad sproofs of houston tx and disney world

  • ObsydianRaven

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 07:46 PM

Very good so far. I can't wait to see more.

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 09:49 PM

QUOTE (skillz7855 @ Jul 8 2010, 15:43)
u shouldd ad sproofs of houston tx and disney world

I thought about adding Houston, as it would be a lot easier to get a wanted level due to Texas' strict laws, and therefore stealth would be very useful.

  • Sanjeem

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 11:02 AM

I like the concept and features however, in the Story you can't just leave it open like that, "He wasn't prepared for what was ahead" after that sentence you should continue on the story, tell us what he does face, otherwise thats not a story, thats just a backround, the story would not just include his past, but his future aswell.

  • mrpain

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 03:55 PM

Very nice. Love that you included Vice City.

But Story was kind of average. You have a lot of hardwork to do, keep it up!

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 04:47 PM

That was just a backstory. I didn't finish writing the entire story for the plot of the game, and the whole concept isn't done. I still have to add a lot of things.

  • Sanjeem

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 04:57 PM

QUOTE (Kwandilibro @ Jul 9 2010, 16:47)
That was just a backstory. I didn't finish writing the entire story for the plot of the game, and the whole concept isn't done. I still have to add a lot of things.

Cool, looks good biggrin.gif

  • Drift-Kingz

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 05:24 PM

Nice to see it's looking good so far Kwandilibro. Hey just in Case you need some headers? I'm almost done with Side Missions and Radio Logos so I could get some headers if you want.

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 05:33 PM

Sure, ifyou can help with headers, go for it. Make sure they're green, and PM them to me. And try and use a font similar to that of the logo.

  • unknowngtafan


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Posted 09 July 2010 - 07:52 PM

I like the idea but the buisness section sounds exactly like that of The Godfather. Love the idea of a New Orleans, Atlanta, Florida location though

  • Drift-Kingz

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 08:17 PM

Kwandilibro I couldn't find a font not even close to the one in the logo. So I thought, why not use the pricedown font? It's a good font and it's also the font in the logo (the one saying 'grand theft auto'.)

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 08:33 PM

Sounds good. I found a font close to it at one point, but I forgot what it was called.

  • MyDog


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Posted 09 July 2010 - 08:55 PM

I like this! Although I don't like one thing: safehouses aren't safe anymore as police is breaking in it. So I think it should be better that the safehouses are the only place police can't reach you.

  • SilentSeas

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 09:49 PM

Good start and great locations. I can't wait to see the rest.

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 07:12 PM

QUOTE (MyDog @ Jul 9 2010, 16:55)
I like this! Although I don't like one thing: safehouses aren't safe anymore as police is breaking in it. So I think it should be better that the safehouses are the only place police can't reach you.

Well that's only when you have 8 stars(Or was it 7). And it's pretty hard to stay alive at that point anyway. But it's very rare, they don't do it all the time.

PS I have a map coming soon, and more updates.

  • Sanjeem

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 07:14 PM

Please make an actual Gang list, based on Real gangs and organizations, gives it the real feel that way that the area is Dangeriouse ph34r.gif

  • Drift-Kingz

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 07:17 PM

I like the idea of having 8 stars. Its way improved than the previous wanted level systems in past GTA's. I mean they were all rubbish.

P.S-Did you notice that you've been on this website for EXACTLY a year? (starting today)

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 07:18 PM

QUOTE (Drift-Kingz @ Jul 10 2010, 15:17)
I like the idea of having 8 stars. Its way improved than the previous wanted level systems in past GTA's. I mean they were all rubbish.

P.S-Did you notice that you've been on this website for EXACTLY a year? (starting today)

Yeah, I was going to add it to my member title, but I thought having my balls tucked in my socks was a little better.

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Posted 11 July 2010 - 01:31 AM

Don't forget about Alabama. Mobile would be great for the gang culture and you could have small cities on the gulf coast with oil everywhere. Love the idea of being able to use the drugs. However coke should be available to use. Also you should be able to buy a 40 from the gas station and walk around with your homies gettin drunk.

  • Drift-Kingz

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Posted 11 July 2010 - 01:40 AM

QUOTE (CJ_BeatUpTheOtherProtagonist @ Jul 10 2010, 21:31)
Don't forget about Alabama. Mobile would be great for the gang culture and you could have small cities on the gulf coast with oil everywhere. Love the idea of being able to use the drugs. However coke should be available to use. Also you should be able to buy a 40 from the gas station and walk around with your homies gettin drunk.

Ummm.... This takes place in the past so there WASN'T an oil spill on the Gulf Coast.

Something tells me you haven't read the first post. Well here's some advice, READ IT.

  • CJ_BeatUpTheOtherProtagonist

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Posted 11 July 2010 - 02:55 AM Edited by CJ_BeatUpTheOtherProtagonist, 11 July 2010 - 03:08 AM.

QUOTE (Drift-Kingz @ Jul 11 2010, 01:40)
QUOTE (CJ_BeatUpTheOtherProtagonist @ Jul 10 2010, 21:31)
Don't forget about Alabama. Mobile would be great for the gang culture and you could have small cities on the gulf coast with oil everywhere. Love the idea of being able to use the drugs. However coke should be available to use. Also you should be able to buy a 40 from the gas station and walk around with your homies gettin drunk.

Ummm.... This takes place in the past so there WASN'T an oil spill on the Gulf Coast.

Something tells me you haven't read the first post. Well here's some advice, READ IT.

I did READ IT and he said that was BACKSTORY.
EDIT: Agree to disagree I don't want to turn this post into an argument.

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