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LittleBigPlanet 2

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Posted 19 May 2010 - 11:07 AM Edited by oldage, 18 August 2010 - 04:11 PM.

DISCLAIMER: I know that there is a topic of Littlebigplanet 2, but Minic says he can't be f*cked to maintain it. y'all can ask him for confirmation

LittleBigPlanet 2 has been announced, with a promised release sometime this year! There's an announcement trailer packed to the brim with new information, as well as a fantastic new Official Littlebigplanet 2 website which also happens to be filled with information about the new game.


LittleBigPlanet 2 in 60 seconds:

Sleepyhead - Passion Pit (video song)

Qore LBP video

level design

Theme and Style


(page stretchers so I'll just link)

Announcement video breakdown

Eurogamer preview


EDGE scans







KNOWN THINGS (some of it might not be confirmed.)

    * LBP 2 has less of a focus on platforming altogether and it's more of a platform to actually create games with
    * There is an all-new level creator and it is not just a tool to create platform games.
    * As examples, the game 100% encourages the player to create game types and wants you to make a shooter, a racer, puzzle games, Space Invaders clones, even RPGs
    * A player can even customize a HUD. The example given is a health bar for a fighting game.
    * A Media Molecule developer has created a fully-functioning Command & Conquer Clone
    * Media Molecule loves that a lot of user-created levels in LBP1 were homages to classic games and laments that so many manipulations of the creation tools were necessary to do them. Sackboy won't need to be "hidden behind the curtain" when you make games with LBP2.
    * There is a new super-important creator tool called "direct control seats"
    * (from previous point) In LBP1, lots of people made rudimentary "hold R1 to accelerate" vehicles. Mark Healy created a car out of rubber wheels and a bottle, then placed a direct control seat in it. He pulled up an interface that resembled a PS3 controller and assigned commands to buttons.
    * Example given was assigning Sixaxis tilt for forward and reverse, horn on the X button.
    * You are no longer limited to the game's stock sound effects. You can record your own sounds and voices, attaching them to characters or objects. Magic Mouth from the original LBP is gone
    * Direct control seat's control scheme is instantly accessible and you can attach it only to the part of the vehicle you want it to control.
    * Example was given about the 8/16-bit remakes/tributes having to use the signature gameplay mechanics of LBP. That is no longer true in LBP2. A creator can place a direct control seat on their own platforming protagonist and complete it with a customized control scheme.
    * Example of the previous was Yoshi's Island. If a player creates the perfect recreation of the SNES-era jump they can share it with anyone in the community.
    * There is an in-game microchip that functions as a calculator and it is a direct response/homage to PSN user Upsilandre (seriously, he's mentioned by name)
    * Enemies in the original title could only be programmed with super-basic commands and most resembled marionettes.
    * Users will be able to take a template for an enemy called a Sackbot, tweak the AI and dress it in any way they choose.
    * Creators can choose the weak points on the Sackbot, determine if it is scared of heights, and even program acting routines.
    * A disco scene was set up by Media Molecule and two employees recorded together on a single Sackbot. They moved its arms and bobbed its head in a dancing routine. JUST the AI was copied and pasted onto twenty different Sackbots. Each Sackbot was given its own unique look.
    * There are now movie editing options as well.
    * Every LBP2 player will receive their own profile on LBP.me. It will display your activity feed as well as previews of their own stages
    * There will be user-created integration in QR codes as well. They can be printed on advertisements, business cards, and automatically load a level when held up to the PlayStation Eye. There is no special menu to do this. Any time the PS3 is turned on and running LBP 2, you can wave it in front of the Eye.
    * If you are not near your PS3 you can take a quick photo with your smartphone to see an online preview of the level and add it directly to your level queue.
    * For creators of multiple levels, you will be able to string your stages together so that they flow from one level to the next.
    * Sackbots can be drastically increased or decreased in physical size.
    * Sackbots can be controlled by direct control seats as well.
    * There is a new gadget (like the MGS paintball gun). It is a big-*** grappling hook.
    * Media Molecule says explicitly there are multiple more gadgets coming.
    * All DLC from LBP1 transfers over to LBP2. Including downloaded content packs, costumes, etc.
    * There is a major overhaul to the story level as well. There's the same 3-plane perspective for the story mode and the levels so far have a similar run-jump-grab platform style.
    * Storyline is not country-based like last time, but is based in periods of time
    * Here is a list of levels and summaries so far:
          o Techno Renaissance: Whimsical alternative take of the Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci-like character to guide him through a technology-based twist level
          o Steam & Cake: Steampunk-style level based on a ****ed-up tea and cake party
          o Neon Propaganda: Cold-war era posters line a factory environment where Sackboy is liberating oppressed workers. There is a grim nature to the level that is totally opposed to the neon lights and signs.
          o Fluffy High-Tech: Various high-end technology equipments like video walls are mixed with bunnies and fluffy sheep. It is a cold, futuristic environment populated by adorable creatures
          o Designer Organic: Eco-architecture comes together around a designed and controlled version of nature. Described as "art noveau". The closest to nature Sackboy gets in this game. Elaborate designs comprised of plants.
          o Hand-Made Arcade: A super-tribute level to tons of arcade classics. Embraces the hand-made art from the first game. Pixels made of cardboard and wood.
    * Circuit boards (like the calculator) can get extremely complicated and they have a very distinct interface
    * Creators can make full-on cutscenes. Camera angles and voice-overs included. Creators can even make little five-minute short films. These levels are clearly marked on the stage select screen so you can tell whether you're watching or playing the level.

-You can make Sackbots harmful (electrify, fire etc)
-You can grapple sackbots
-Microchips work like so: Once you place them, it projects a space in which you can build logic etc. When you are done it minimizes the logic and store it inside one little microchip
-Colour filters for certain areas, eg x-ray
-Instead of sliders in lighting and sound menus, they have percentages
-It IS possible to record something and apply it to a sackbot
-If you program a sackbot to follow you, and then jump into a vehicle, the sackbot will catch up and jump in with you.
-You can use direct control seats with sackbots
-Cutscene cameras are now white... (Seen in a screenshot)
-You can program sackbots to hang off things
-New hazard: Laser
-Direct control does control momentum, so no unwanted shooting up into the air
-Photos on lbp.me will be the ones posted on the level itself
-Usernames on lbp.me will be PSN names
-New torch/flashlight lighting object (Just looks like one, sackboy cannot actually hold it)
-You can place decorations and stickers on your planet
-There will be a facebook-style 'stream' (possibly lbp.me) which will show highscores, hearted levels etc for each player
-So far it is 4GB extra content (will get bigger).. Meaning it is too big for a patch
-If they were to make it as DLC it would be VERY expensive DLC. (Last 2 points for all those 'Is LBP2 necessary'-ers)
-There are cool Futurama-esque green clear tubes which suck Sackboy through them

you can tweak gravity for your levels:

Speaking to the website, creative director Mark Healey explained why Media Molecule use the SixAxis to create the officially packaged levels: “The funny thing is that the PC tools we were using were quite crap, to be honest, a pain in the ****, and it got to the point where the pop-it in Create mode was actually much better.”

“Obviously, we’ve really embraced that now, and from scratch [on LBP2] we’ve only been using that to create stuff,” he added. “Which is the obvious thing to do really because it forces us to make the improvements that mean you can do things better and faster, so it’s real-time playtesting of it, if you like. But something we’ve also added is keyboard and mouse support for the PS3, so you can draw things and navigate Pop-it with a mouse and stuff.”

New in LBP2 will be "Grappling Hooks and Power Gloves

- Finally, the game will feature bonus levels that support the PlayStation Move as well. No word if players will be able to make levels that support the controller or not

- Also included are new multiplayer abilities so games can have life meters, scoring, and other elements to advance the types of games available for a social/competitive multiplayer experience, including puzzle games, sports, action/adventure, and more.

- compose your own music

1. Sackboy can, at will, do flips, presumably using the right stick whilst jumping.

2. The costumes can be shaped in a variety of ways including new flat costumes.

3. You can change the length and width of a sackbots pieces.

4. You can make anything follow you whether it has moving parts or not, example given is a light.

5. Older costume pieces are brought back with some unexplained new actions. (No detail given)

6. You can change different attributes of sackbots, like how shiny, texture, etc..


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Posted 19 May 2010 - 11:36 AM

The disclaimer at the top is true, i just couldn't be bothered to put time into maintaining the topic so i let oldage make a new one, plus it has way more information.

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Posted 19 May 2010 - 06:27 PM

I have closed the original topic as per the agreement between the two of you.

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Posted 20 May 2010 - 04:49 PM

Thanks Dave. smile.gif

new LBP2 FAQ!

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Posted 20 May 2010 - 04:58 PM

ageold, you crazy guy.

I might just keep hold of my PS3 for this

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Posted 23 May 2010 - 08:44 PM Edited by oldage, 23 May 2010 - 08:49 PM.

New scans from EDGE. (Dave says it's okay...)








New video interviews:



nice, they worked together with Santa Monica (GoW3) for the graphics of the new engine.

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Posted 16 June 2010 - 08:53 AM

new information from game community Jam, if you got more questions you should give it a read.
Interface Updates and General Stuff

    * Objects can be hidden, to edit things behind them.
    * Preview option allows all objects that are invisible in play mode to be made invisible in create.
    * Multiple select of objects (equivalent to ctrl-click on a PC) as well as box select.
    * Connectors are stiff by default.
    * When rotating objects, you can snap to a given angle - any multiple of 5 degrees.
    * Popit updates
          o Fullscreen mode (optional).
          o Categories can be collapsed and also skipped for faster searching.
          o There is a section detailing everything used in the level - very useful for your material / sticker palette.
    * New create tools
          o UV tool (possible placeholder name) - allows you to rotate and shift the texture on a material.
          o Advanced glue - allows you to select two objects to directly glue, rather than just objects that are adjacent.
    * Keyboard and Mouse support - uses standard keyboard shortcuts and should be possible to enter distances etc. using keyboard (not implemented in the version we played).
    * Plasma Hazard, with colour tweaks.
    * Visual overhaul is amazing, all of the effects (fire / smoke / lighting etc.) look beautiful. In general everything looks crisper and more detailed / polished.
    * Competitive Scoring modes in multiplayer
    * Competitive levels be can set to end on a timer, which will transport you deathlessly to the scoreboard.
    * Complete thermo overhaul - more intelligent & flexible system. Full details unknown.
Switches and Related Changes

    * Wires are pulled from the centre of the switch rather than off to the side.
    * You can connect a switch to something that already has a wire connected - the new one replaces the old one.
    * You can zoom the camera whilst holding a wire!
    * Magnetic keys (and switches that detect them) can take a custom label as well as a colour - both colour and label must match to trigger the switch.
    * When tweaking a magnetic key, or devices that respond to magnetic keys, the game shows up ranges / angles etc. for all of the other devices that respond to the same keys.
    * Magnetic keys can be turned on / off via switch.
    * Magnetic switches and proximity switches can be configured to activate above a threshold - i.e. you can have a switch that activates when three or more sackpeople are in range.
    * Magnetic switches (possibly proximity switches too) can be limited to specific layers.
    * Signal type is determined at destination, not source. This allows for multiple signal types from a single device. So a magnetic switch could output speed to a wheel and on/off to an LED.
    * Wiring is neater and less ugly. It already has improved routing, but in the final game it should be greatly improved, making the construction of complex systems far less messy.


    * Emitters can now emit at 0.0s intervals, which makes them emit as soon as there is a free space.
    * An optional tweak stops the emitter from emitting when it reaches its max at once value.
    * Emitter can ignore parent's velocity, so the emitted object does not take into account the movement of the object that it is attached to.
    * Have effects for emit and destroy, including:
          o Explode - Note: the explosion is just aesthetic, does no damage.
          o Appear / disappear - vanishes with no sound.
          o Dissolve - as in LBP1
          o Shrink / Grow
    * You can link emitters to an object in the level, rather than something in your popit (although that is still an option).
          o Any changes to the object in the level are reflected in all emitters that reference it.
          o It works with nested emitters, so emitters inside emitters inside emitters, will update all of them with any changes made.
          o When done editing you can delete the object in the level and the emitter remembers the last version.
          o It's awesome!

Cameras and Magic Mouths

    * The camera can now be pulled out far further.
    * The camera can be rotated in the plane of the screen, so the view can be turned on its side or even completely upside down. This can also be controlled by having the camera on a rotating object (i.e. a vehicle or similar).
    * You can add activation times to cutscene cameras and magic mouths so that they close after a given time.
    * Magic mouths and cutscene cameras have output switches, so you can detect when the player has closed them, to open the next object or trigger timed events.
    * The custscene cameras have a whole host of cinematic options.
          o Pans
          o Changes to angle / zoom
          o Fades and other transition effects.
          o Camera shake effects.
    * The cutscene camera also lets you choose whether the player can interact (or whether they are frozen in place), if they can then you can use the cutscene camera as normal gameplay camera and integrate visual effects into your gameplay.
    * There is a tweak for "flatness", to make the level more like front view in create mode.
    * It is possible for each player to have their own camera when playing online (no splitscreen was evident).

    * Loads more sounds available than in the original game.
    * Volume control on individual sounds is supported.
    * A tweak that allows the sound to be heard no matter where in the level it is.
    * Reverb (and possibly other effects as well) can be added to sounds.
    * Global sound tool has been added - allows global control of sound volumes (music vs sfx) and also globally apply sound filters to everything in the level.


    * New lighting engine looks great.
    * Lights now have far more colour options available.
    * Fogginess is a percentage scale now, rather than on / off.

Bounce Pads

These are a massive improvement on the current piston-based bounce pads we have. The distance they fire you is tweakable and very accurate / consistent. In addition, they don't have any kind of reset time, so 2 Sackpeople hitting in rapid succession will both be fired the same distance. It doesn't sound like much on paper, but they really do make a big difference to high-speed bouncy gameplay.

Power Ups

    * Grappling hook - no tweaks, for consistency, but player can grapple anything grabbable and also control the length of the line whilst swinging (between preset min/max)
    * Creatinator (Possibly the rumoured "magic bag", we're unsure) - effectively an emitter gun. Has all the options of the new emitters and can be aimed much like the paintenator. Looks like a helmet with a flashlight on it Note that the creator is responsible for choosing the emitted object.
    * Power Gloves - allows the player to pick up objects, carry them above their head and throw them. Also allows the player to swap layers whilst holding the object and take it with them.

Logic Tools
These are all non-physical and can be placed inside microchips.

    * Basic logic gates: NOT/AND/OR/XOR - ANDs and ORs can take a variable number of inputs.
    * Battery - just outputs a constant full signal.
    * Toggle - inverts output each time and input is given.
    * Timer - can be used to output speed / strength proportional to its current value. Can be reset.
    * Selector - cycles through its outputs each time activated. Can also take overrides to jump to specific outputs.
    * Counter switch - increments each time it it activated up to a max value. Can be reset as well.
    * Randomiser - This is very versatile with a large number of options to vary up the randomisation pattern.
    * Splitters (unsure of name) - allows a bi-directional signal (i.e. from a three way switch or analogue stick) to be split into 2 signals.
    * Combiners (unsure of name) - allows two signals to be combined into a bi-directional signal.

Other Tools
These are all non-physical and can be placed inside microchips.

    * Magic Joystick - hard to explain, but can be used to map an analogue stick to a rotational mover (see movers below) so that if you push up and right, the object points up and right.
    * Anti-gravity device - allows objects to be unaffected by gravity (or partially affected by gravity). Also has a variable dampening tweak which will slow the object down as it moves, preventing it from flying off into the distance.
    * Movers - see section below
    * Collision Switch - Activates on any collision, or can be tweaked to only activate when hitting sackpeople, or when hitting an object which has a specified magnetic key (matches both colour and label).
    * Material tweaker - allows you to change the friction and bounciness of the object it is attached to. Also allows the object to be made indestructible (so excessive force will not crush it).
    * Lethaliser - allows object to be made lethal / not lethal at will.
    * Smoke machine - tweakable colour and intensity - gives far better effect than the current jet.
    * Score switch - can give or take away scores. Engine does a good job of detecting which player triggered it (when triggered by logic network) for competitive scoring.
    * Score detection - Will activate when the score is above a certain value.
    * Global sound object - vary music / sound etc. global controls, and also various global effects to be applied to all sound in the level.
    * Global gravity object - allows for altering of gravity.
    * End switch - ends the level instantly.
    * Notes - Just little text notes to allow for comments.
    * Also, not a tool, but there is a light source that is non-physical (note we're unsure exactly how this interacts with decorations / microchips etc.).

There is a new category of tools called the "movers", which literally move objects about. They come in two broad types - linear and rotational. Both have simple variants that move the object in a specified direction, but can be switch controlled (on/off, speed, strength control), through to more complex versions. If you combine movers with anti-gravity devices, you can gain incredibly precise, complex control over contraptions for top-down dynamics and flying machines, etc. We spent loads of time playing with these and the possibilities are endless, hence why there is so much detail in this section.

The linear movers are controlled by x and y speeds and also have speed, acceleration, and deceleration properties. x and y are normally the x and y directions for the level, but it is possible to tweak them so that x and y are relative to the orientation of the object. The difference between these two modes is how the mover responds to the object being rotated. There are also follow devices, which can be used to follow (or flee from) a player or magnetic key. Maximum range to follow can be set, as can minimum range - so your object will stop if it gets too close. You can even get the follower to be locked into a single axis (so it only follows horizontally for instance). There is also a magic rocket device, which simulates the existing jet object, but as a non-physical tool that can be compacted down into microchips etc.

The rotational movers rotate the object, as with linear movers there are speed, acceleration and deceleration tweaks. Similar to the follow object, there is a "look at player" device, which will point itself at the player, or at a magnetic key. This gives very smooth aiming mechanisms. There is also the gyroscope tool which will attempt to keep an object upright by rotating it back to vertical - again, this can be tweaked to modify how well it corrects and can also be switch controlled.

There is also a special mover, for shifting objects between layers. This is what is used in the trailer to make the wheel move out and what is used to make the little top-down racers work on ramps. Note that all objects are still locked into the existing layers - when you move it back a layer, the movement happens instantly as far as physics is concerned, but visually the object takes a short period to shift. You cannot stop an object between the layers so the game is very much still 2.5D.

Most of the movers can take one or more inputs, and a disable / enable signal which can be used to neatly override them.

Direct Control Chairs

    * Every button is mapped, bar R3, start, select and the PS button.
    * D pad is mapped as four separate buttons.
    * Analogue Sticks are mapped as two bi-directional controls each. i.e. each analogue stick has a x and y bi-directional control.
    * Sixaxis is fully mapped as three bi-directional controls.
    * Full analogue outputs (optionally).
    * Trigger radius can be tweaked (player is prompted to enter seat when within radius).
    * You can make the player automatically (force them to) enter the seat when within the trigger radius.
    * You can disable the player's popit and their ability to leave the seat.
    * Player in the seat is still detected by proximity sensors.
    * Can map player popit colour to objects controlled by the DCS (lights / vacuum material etc).

In LBP2, the microchip is a single place where you can compress all your logic down into a single device. What we found was that just about anything that you can stick onto the side of an object - including sounds, sensors, all the new logic tools, collision detection, gyroscopes, even emitters - can all be placed in a microchip. Microchips can even be placed inside one another!

For things whose positioning is important (i.e. magnetic switches and emitters), these are considered to exist at the point that the microchip exists, which means you can organize them however you want inside the microchip circuitboard making everything neater. When tweaking them, the engine shows the tweaking as though the object exists at the point of the microchip. For things that affect the object that they are on - material property changers, lethaliser, anti-gravity etc. - it is the object that the microchip is attached to that they affect. This effect works through multiple levels of microchip as well.

You can also wire-control the microchip to disable / enable everything inside it. This means that you can effectively have 2 microchips with different programming and just switch between the two very easily, which is fantastic for control systems and AI.


    * Tweak whether the sackbot can switch layers.
    * Tweak whether they are afraid of hazards and heights.
    * Tweak how fast they are.
    * Tweak whether they can use Direct Control Seats.
    * Recording player movements as we are aware.
    * Replay of movements can either happen once, loop from where the sackbot finished, or you can tell the sackbot to return to where it started before looping.
    * Various simple behaviours and animation styles allow for quick customisation.
    * Setting sackbot to follow does a pretty good job of following over basic platforming.
    * If sackbot is following and enters direct control seat, it will attempt to follow, as long as the control system isn't too complex.
    * You can use simple action triggers as well as user-recorded / default behaviours - includes run, jump & grab.

New materials

    * Loads of new materials, including the hairy / fluffy ones etc.
    * Light material - the floor from the disco in the trailer. Has the same extended colour range as normal lights and is switch controllable.
    * Vacuum material (see below).
    * Animated materials, can have the animation speed tweaked.
    * Filter materials - can be placed in front of objects and everything behind them is filtered.
          o Retro Neon Green outlines on black background.
          o Grayscale.
          o Pixelated.
          o Possibly more to come.

Vacuum Material
Worth mentioning on its own is the vacuum material, which looks a lot like a holograph. Visually it looks pretty cool - it is lit up without actually casting out any light and has a translucency as well as an animated texture. Colour is tweakable to all of the new colors available for lights, and the brightness can also be tweaked - turning the brightness down to 0 will make it completely invisible and up to full will make it intensely bright and opaque. It's also possible to control its color/intensity by switch - on / off and "fade" are the options - fade allows you to control it in an analogue manner. However, you can tweak the colour and brightness for both on and off states, so you could fade between visible and invisible, or between two different, visible colors, etc.

You can also modify the transparency by using stickers - dark colours will make the area less visible and light colours will be more visible. This also works with gradient stickers and custom stickers, so the customisation possibilities of trasparency fades etc. are fantastic.

The ability to switch it on and off and the brightness of it makes it perfect for retro-style effects and for designing custom HUDs / player interfaces. At this point it is worth noting that there is not a default customisable HUD - it's all created by you. That said, Christophe at MM showed us the RTS level he's made, which is mind blowing - you can place buildings and spawn units, select them, tell them where to go etc. so the scope for HUDs is fantastic, and Johnee has made some levels out of purely vacuum (giving cool retro visuals), which are mindblowing.

Physically it is similar to gas (although it can exist as a thin layer) - it is unaffected by gravity and does not collide with anything. However, you can make it so that when it overlaps with other objects, it triggers collision switches. This is great for weapons etc, but is also very useful as you can create a custom shaped magnetic key detection area using this vaccum material. Both visually and in terms of your logic, vacuum is almost certainly going to become one of the most significant things in the new game.

Community Updates
The entire Community system will be given a complete overhaul. Tags are being redone in an effort to ensure they are meaningful. You will be able to search for individual tags this time around as well. The creator may assign tags themselves with far greater weighting than the players. Players can improve their weighting by writing quality reviews (other people vote upon how useful the review is) either in game or on LBP.me. Simply yea / nay style voting, so no one person can skew the average. On LBP.me you can heart a person and then get a twitter-esque feed of the levels they have hearted and reviewed. Through all of these improvements, it now becomes advantageous to heart players with good taste as well, even if they aren't skilled creators themselves.

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Posted 05 July 2010 - 04:47 PM

Littlebigplanet 2 in 60 seconds:

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 12:10 AM

I was very disappointed in the original

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Posted 23 July 2010 - 02:36 PM

collectors edition:
user posted image

    * A copy of LittleBigPlanet 2 – duh.
    * Your own little “Sackboy” – 7” of plushie-goodness for you to accompany you on your journey thru LBP2.
    * Exclusive LBP2 “game ends” – keep your PS3 games in a tidy, organized and ‘Sack-ured” within these unique bookends
    * One stop shop for exclusive DLC + more – regarding in-game content, the LBP2 Collector’s Edition comes packed with 11 different pre-order costumes, including:
          o Disney / Pixar’s Toy Story 3’s “Aliens” Sackboy Costume
          o Disney’s TRON: Legacy “Clu” Sackboy Costume
          o The Muppets’ “The Great Gonzo” Sackboy Costume
          o PlayStation’s “Ratchet” Sackboy Costume
          o PlayStation’s “Clank” Sackboy Costume
          o Even More Animals’ “Crocodile” Sackboy Costume
          o Even More Animals’ “Vulture” Sackboy Costume
          o Even More Animals’ “Cobra” Sackboy Costume
          o Even More Animals’ “Mandrill” Sackboy Costume
    * And exclusive to the LittleBigPlanet 2’s Collectors Edition:
          o PlayStation’s “Jak” Sackboy Costume
          o PlayStation’s “Daxter” Sackboy Costume
          o 5 exclusive LBP2 PSN Avatars – Lastly, complete your PlayStation experience with a new identity on the PlayStation Network with these new avatars.

Do want.

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Posted 09 August 2010 - 07:32 AM

almost forgot tounge.gif :

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Posted 13 August 2010 - 11:29 AM

Beta confirmed!

user posted image

Hi all

There will be an LBP2 beta soon. We will have some more news on how we will recruit for this beta soon, but in the mean time i wanted to drop in and say that you will all be in witha chance to get in. If you are already in the beta group, you will automatically be in, and the forum has now been re-opened, so come along and say hi

ok more news soon, i promise


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Posted 18 August 2010 - 04:10 PM

the Story trailer from gamescom

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 03:14 PM


beta "start"

and for those already in:

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Posted 15 November 2010 - 06:41 PM

damn, deserted.

beta key giveaway

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Posted 15 November 2010 - 10:58 PM

Well seeing as I missed everything doing with the beta, i'd like to say:

I can't wait for this game to come out. I'm still addicted to the first one and love everything about it. I've got it pre-ordered and ready to go.

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Posted 21 January 2011 - 03:47 PM

game's pretty much out everywhere today smile.gif
storyline feels kind of short compared to LBP1 but god I can see myself enjoying all the new tools in create mode, sackbots for the win.

  • ptiko

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Posted 21 January 2011 - 04:10 PM

Went around town today, no one has the collectors edition. Not pleased.

  • NickRad

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Posted 22 January 2011 - 01:52 AM

I gave the 1st one another chance so I'm gonna look for the special edition of it

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Posted 22 January 2011 - 08:26 AM

  • ptiko

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Posted 22 January 2011 - 11:04 PM

Why is nobody f*cking discussing this game? Its awesome.


user posted image user posted image user posted image

The best one is me and minic brofisting.

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Posted 22 January 2011 - 11:07 PM

Agreed. I've been too busy playing it to discuss it. f*cking awesome. They somehow made LBP even better.

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 12:02 PM

My copy's coming in a few hours...

While I'm waiting I got this from deviantART. LBP Assets. It may be useful for signatures or I don't know, be creative smile.gif

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 07:14 PM

I am loving this game, as Blackout? said, they've somehow managed to make LBP even better.

I'd love for a couple of players to do some of the levels with and have a regular set of people to run though levels and get all the items/ace them etc. So add me on PSN (it's in my profile) if you want to play, let me know you're from here though. tounge2.gif

Oh one annoyance I have with this game, the infinite load screen bug, it's so frustrating when you're in the middle of a puzzle and it happens.

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 12:09 AM

They give you too much freedom.

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 02:19 AM

Crap I can't decide whether to get the Killzone 3 Hellghast edition or the LBP2 collectors edition

  • cactus.

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 05:25 PM

Just rented LBP2 yesterday and it's a blast, needless to say. Even my brother who never plays video games joined in on a couple levels with me and had fun.

  • ptiko

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 08:09 PM

Just Aced the Negativitron.

What a f*cking relief.

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Posted 28 January 2011 - 11:12 AM

Does anyone know what level you collect the green circuit board metal material?

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Posted 28 January 2011 - 01:56 PM

How do you upload Lbp2 screenshots you've taken

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