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GTA Mapmaking

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Posted A week ago

This is what I got right now. There won't be many updates anytime soon as it is going to take a long time.


To keep the NOICE train going, NOICE!

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Niko-las RUS
  • Niko-las RUS

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by Niko-las RUS, 6 days ago.

How about tropic-teme map?


Egdamo Islands WIP:



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Posted 5 days ago

Quick question regarding mapmaking...


is this topic Only restricted to world maps, or are we allowed to make Interior Maps as well?


I'M asking because i might make some Savehouse maps/blueprints if it's ok.

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Posted 5 days ago

Interior maps are perfectly fine, yes, in fact it'd be quite interesting to see some of those :)
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Posted 4 days ago Edited by GroveDude, 20 hours ago.

I hope you guys like it! Please tell me anything that I could improve or give me some suggestions for future projects...


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Posted 3 days ago

My First Interior map for a Savehouse i made a Long Time Ago...


Blueprints are of 14 Rue Romero-Mort, Aubin, Parliament City. Enjoy

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Posted 3 days ago

So close to completion i can almost taste it:

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Posted 2 days ago

Anywhere City HD Concept: The Mass Transit Update Part I
I've broken ground on the subway system and have already finished up the monorail system, and here's a nice fresh look at them.
The monorail system serves the airport with key Zaibatsu territory in the East Anywhere City District (which is probably why, as an in-universe explanation, the monorail 
was so controversial to begin with) and as a result, I wouldn't expect the elevated train system to have much area to work with in this part of town.
I plan to have multiple subway lines to serve each district. This is actually the first time I've drawn maps with a subway system, so I really could use some suggestions
as to how I should implement this subway system.
Here's my first draft of the subway system (again, I'll be doing Downtown first)
And here's the monorail system and a complimentary station map.
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Posted 2 days ago Edited by UrbanAdventuring, 2 days ago.

I think Los Santos in GTA V is a little small and needs to feature more of Southern California, like Orange County, the Inland Empire, and the San Fernando Valley.  I'm starting on a new map to try to fix this.  I am basing it off the real terrain of the Los Angeles area, but the scale will be smaller.  I will also try to fit as many parts of GTA V's Los Santos map as I see fit.


This is what the base terrain looks like so far.






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Posted 2 days ago

@GroveDude: the plan is clear. Now it would be the time to start making the actual map, which in my mind include roads and terrain. You might want to scale it down a little? I take it that you're a beginner, so starting small is something you should consider. Just saying. Even I started small considering how big my maps currently are. Not saying that big is wrong. It's just more rewarding, when you actually finish what you've started.

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Great Britain
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Posted A day ago Edited by Great Britain, A day ago.




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Posted A day ago

....But I am a man of my word....

That is absolutely awesome! You must have an amazing sense of achievement after a year of work. Top stuff!
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  • DaniLekBom

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Posted A day ago









....But I am a man of my word....

That is absolutely awesome! You must have an amazing sense of achievement after a year of work. Top stuff!


Thanks Natasha and Great Britain! <3

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