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Grand Theft Auto: The Wind is East

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Posted 28 April 2010 - 11:03 AM

Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to GTA, having only bought a second-hand copy of SAN ANDREAS last week. I found these forums after getting stuck on the "Just Business" mission (and now, days later, I'm really struggling with learning to fly), and saw the fan-based concepts. I know it might seem hasty for my first post to be one of these concept threads, but I've always been that kind of guy and I'm a professional writer between projects, so I thought I might have a go. Right now, it's probably going to concentrate more on the storyline aspects than the mechanics of gameplay.



created by Prisonermonkeys

You are Sebastian Bright, an FBI agent in Liberty City who had his life torn away from him. Unwilling and unable to deal with the consequences, he flees Liberty City and America as a fugitive, buying a ticket on the first flight out of the country. His desintation: the Eastern Colonies. Once a jewel in the crown of the British Empire in Asia, Eastern Colonies has steadily been consumed by crime and corruption. Estabishing himself as part-private investigator, part-mercenary and part-bounty hunter, Bright will steadily find himself drawn into a city of secrets when the murder of a triad oyabun threatens to disrupt a delicate balance that has kept the city in check for a hundred and fifty years.

The City:
The Eastern Colonies were built on the wealth of the Hesketh-Pryor Trading House, one of the most powerful in South-East Asia. It was a part of the British Empire for over a century before it was handed back to the mainland. However, the government steadily rolled back the economic and financial foundations that made the Eastern Colonies a powerhouse, instead preferring to re-locate them in keeping with their policy of nationalism. Devoid of British influence and without the business it has depended on for a century, organised crime quickly moved in to fill the power vacuum to the point where the Eastern Colonies are nothing more than a corrupt parody of themselves. The Colonies are divided up into two major and three minor regions. As they were founded by the British, many are still known by their English name in conjuction with their more traditional moniker:

The Mainland: a fat, roughly crescent-shaped body of land that stretches from the north-east corner down around to the south of the map. The low-lying areas are humid, with the higher central region giving way to a cooler climate. The Mainland is divided into three sections:
  • The Outer Edge - Occupying the seaward side of the Mainland, the Outer Edge is home to the poorest regions of the Eastern Colonies. Slums and shanty towns are sprawled along the coastline, with little to protect them from pirates and hurricanes during the dry season (or hurricanes and pirates in the wet).
  • The Highlands - The Highlands are spread across the centre of the Mainland, remaining largely untouched. Popular with tourists, several small towns are dotted across the ridge, each one home to buildings from the eighteenth century.
  • The Inner Lip - The inside edge of the cresent that forms the Mainland is home to the Inner Lip, where land prices are so high that the only way to live there is to be born there or by becoming a Formula 1 racing driver.

The Northern Maw: originally a large volcano crater, millenia of erosion have reduced the Northern Maw to a pair of islands that form a rough ring shape split in two with a series of inlets in the north-western corner of the map. Major landforms include:
  • The Zone of Alienation - One of the loneliest and most isolated regions of the face of the earth, despite the accessibility of the Eastern Colonies. The Zone of Alienation is entierly controlled by the military, as it is home to a land border with one of the nation's very aggressive neighbours. The actual Zone is the border itself, and anyone who attempts to draw too close will be shot on sight.
  • Empire Landing - Originally a site of great importance that has diminished since the British left. Empire Landing is the original site of British occupation, largely because it has the lowest consistent coastline.
  • Satellite City - The second-largest city in the Eastern Colonies after spinning off from Pryor Peninsula. Its original name is largely unrecorded, with the local name - Satellite City - being the common name.

The Pinnacles: a series of limestone and granite mounds rising out of the ocean. There is no road access; indeed, there are no roads. The Pinnacles are home to an ethnic minority who spend their entire lives on the Pinnacles, though that is not to say they are completely isolated.

Pryor Peninsular: named for the Pryor Family, the dynasty that founded the Eastern Colonies, Pryor Peninsular is the dominnt cityscape in the Colonies. Shaped like an elongated triangle pointing westward, it sits at the bottom of the Mainland landform.

Hesketh Isle: also named for the Hesketh-Pryor Trading House, Hesketh Isle is a much smaller, narrower isle off the coast of the Northern Maw. After the exodus of the British and the government, Hesketh Isle quickly became the staging point for most organised crime.

Sebastian Bright: Originally an FBI agent stationed in Liberty City, Sebastian Bright took his family and his life for granted. While trailing a sadistic serial killer known as Caligula, it never occured to him that as he tracked his quarry, his quarry tracked him. Caigula murdered Bright's family; in return, Bright murdered Caligula after the killer revealed the only reason he targeted Bright was because Bright was the one who drew closer. After stopping Caligula's heart with a set of defribillators, Bright fled on the first flight out of Liberty City.

Caligula: A serial killer whose name was never known before his death, Caligula named himself for an insane Roman emperor notable for his sexual depravity. What is known is that the killer was a bisexual male who contracted HIV from a one-night stand. He felt that death was his curse for a moment of pure happiness, and so started killing in an attempt to give his victims that same moment of sexual gratification.

Richard Saban: Like his friend Bright, Saban is a former FBI agent. He was rated as one of the Bureau's best undercover operatives, able to be any body at any tme, in any place. But after being caught by a group of Vietnamese drug dealers and subjected to a month of weapons-grade heroin, he came out unstable and unable to remember himself. As such, Saban flits from identity to identity, trying to find a sense of self.

Nathanael Pryor: A descendant of the Pryor family, Nathanael is the antagonist of the story. Enraged at the British handover of his family's stronghold and infuriated at the way the government withdrew the city's economy, he has devised a plan to destory the Eastern Colonies once and for all as an act of revenge. Murdering a triad oyabun, he intends to plunge the Eastern Colonies into a violent criminal war.

Wu Zi Mu: Twenty years after the events of SAN ANDREAS, Wu Zi Mu has risen through the ranks of the triad to become oyabun. It is thanks largely to his efforts that the Eastern Colonies have remained stable - until he is murdered in his sleep by Nathanael Pryor.

Wu Han Li: The nephew of Wu Zi Mu, who rises to prominence after his uncle's murder. Han was contemptuous of his uncle, as was most of the triad; indeed, the only reason Woozie stayed in power was because of his will. With his uncle's death - and with some not-so-gentle nudging from Pryor - Han has set his sights on becoming the most powerful criminal in the Eastern Colonies.

Ryo Ikuzawa: The leader of the Japanese yakuza, who becomes a close friend of Sebastian Bright. Ikuzawa is the first to suspect that Wu Zi Mu's death was a murder and a part of a larger plan, but is unable to act because of his position and his need to defend his territory from the triads. He enlists Bright's help to investigate Woozie's murder, but he could be just as ambitious as his rival, Wu Han Li and using Bright to manipulate the situation in his favour.

Mie Ikuzawa: Ryo's half-sister, who falls in love with Sebastian Bright, even if Bright does not return the sentiments.

Maxim Malinovsky: A Ukrainian mobster whose cowardice keeps his ambition in check. After fleeing the Russian and Chechen mafiya in his naitve Russia, he set himself up in the Eastern Colonies, staying alive by playing one of them off the other; he is safe so long as the Russians and the Chechens hate each other more than they hate him. He becomes an unwitting - and oftentimes hostile - ally of Bright.

(That's it for now; will update as the story evolves.)

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Posted 15 May 2011 - 01:39 AM

go on...

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Posted 15 May 2011 - 01:42 AM

Sebastian Bright... lol

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Posted 15 May 2011 - 01:56 AM


It goes in General GTA Chat, or somewhere.

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Posted 15 May 2011 - 02:27 AM

QUOTE (A White CJ @ May 15 2011, 01:56)

It goes in General GTA Chat, or somewhere.

Yeah concept threads go in what is now GTA series chat. Good start though

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Posted 15 May 2011 - 02:41 AM

Last time I checked, it's 2011, which means that it was posted over a year ago, which is before GTA Series Chat existed. dozingoff.gif

Think before you post next time, and instead of everyone "OMG, dis belong in General gta chat!!!!" just f*cking report it instead of posting. Is it really that god damn hard?

Topic starter hasn't been active in over a year, so he's probably not coming back. Locked.

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