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Grand Theft Auto: Huron State

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"It could be worse. You could be living in the Midwest."- Iggy Pop, GTA IV

This topic is replacing my GTA: Carcer City thread, although the content is the same. I needed to make a few major changes.
Please, leave a reply to tell me how I'm doing.

So you're looking at this thread. Right now you're probably wondering a few things. For example:

-Why did you make this topic?
I saw other people making fanfic threads about the next GTA, so I thought, why not/ And I made this topic.
-Why did you choose a location like detroit/chicago?
I saw how many VC and SA topics there are, and hoping to be original, decided on a different unused region of America. It is also a region ripe with history and crime, both on an organized and street level.
-Why did you choose a black protagonist?
Wel, I didn't like the fact that GTA San Andreas had started with a gang scene, but failed to elaborate on it..

Note- This topic is not done, i am still working on it. Any help or feedback is welcome!
thanks go to:
Sanjeem- gang ideas
02fishera- logo
GTA_Panda- Headline logos

Theme Song: Grand Theft Auto: Huron State Theme Song

Intro:You start off in Venteux, it city based on Chicago, Il. It is currently suffering from gang problems, which have escalated over the years.

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Jamal Cambridge is an African American male. Born on September 5, 1985 to a single mother of 6, Jamal was always the man of the house, as he was the oldest of his mother , Sandra’s 4 sons. When Jamal was 8, he witnessed his sister Jennifer get raped by unknown males, although they looked familiar. His brother, Malcolm, was became a heroin addict at the age of 13. Subsequently, he was killed in a failed robbery after attempting to steal his dealer’s cocaine. Jamal’s sister, Keisha, is a prostitute.
Jamal began selling weed at the age of 12 to support is struggling mother, although he claimed to have a job at a local bodega. At the age of 15, he was arrested after being caught in school with 6 oz. of cocaine in a sneaker. After the incident, Jamal became a full time drug dealer, rarely attending school, although he did manage to make it until 11th grade. After dropping out of school, Jamal continued selling drugs until he was arrested for murder after shooting a rival drug dealer to death over a dispute. However, the case was dropped due to the fact that the victim had allegedly fired shots at Jamal at the time of the murder, thus Jamal was set free. Over the next three years, Jamal committed two more murders; both over dug related disputes, but was never caught.
In 2004, Jamal met Dwight ‘D-money” Taylor, an affiliate of the notorious “Dusty” Marvin Phillips, at a night club. White was later introduced to Dusty, who began to supply him with drugs. But in 2006, Phillips was shot 4 times after leaving a night club, sending him permanently into hiding, and allowing other affiliates of Phillips to take over his gang set, the Lonsdale Courts Crew, a subset of the notorious 7th Street Hustlers gang. The gang fell into total chaos, allowing many members to be arrested and killed. During this time period, Cambridge was shot 3 times during a shootout with a group of rival gang members at a nightclub. He was later arrested on weapons charges, after he allegedly fired an Uzi into the air at a passing patrol car. The charges were eventually dropped due to lack of evidence.
After his release, Cambridge began to focus more on his drug dealing affairs. He also began to feel an increasing urge for more power.
In 2007, the Black Kings took a major blow, when police raided the Lonsdale Courts projects, in search of drugs. Fifteen members of the gang were indicted, including one of the high ranking governors of the Lonsdale Courts set, Demetrius “Heavy D” Jenkins. Many members, including Jamal, were forced to stop selling drugs for a time in the area. This resulted in rival gangs attempting to take over turf previously ruled by the Hustlers. Eventually, the police pressure subsided, as did the gang violence. Jamal continued selling drugs under the 7th Street Alliance, until March, 2007. Again, Jamal was arrested and charged for Possession Controlled Substance: Marijuana. He was subsequently sentenced to 3 years in prison. Upon Jamal's release, he decides to return to drug dealing yet again, unable to learn from past mistakes. This is where the game starts.

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Drug Dealing player can obtain a variety of drugs. drugs include

•Weed- can be smoked. weed causes the player to react slower, as well as to act out randomly, completly out of the players control(this happens only if too much weed is smoked)
•coke- can only be sold
•crack- can only be sold
•meth- can only be sold
•ecstasy- can be taken as pills. upon use, the gameplay speed increase
•sherm- a weed blunt dipped in pcp, causes the player to randomly have hallucinations while high.
•heroin- can only be sold.

Drugs can be purchased from various gangs in large amounts, then sold by the player. Gangs can also be robbed for drugs, but this will cause them to retaliate against you.

Robbery there are three types of robbery missions: house, store, and bank. all robberies can be escaped without a wanted level.

House Requires a firearm, and a van or truck.
Player has the ability to either sneak into a house through a side or back window; or burst through the door and alarm all occupants- this method will attract a 2 star wanted level. When robbing a house, player must enter between 20:00 and 6:00, like in san andreas. the player has the option to pick up any items of value and bring them back to the vehicle. the player also has the option to search the house for money or a safe(many house will have a safe, because the city is very dangerous). The third option is simply to wake the occupants and demand money

Store Requires a firearm. Optional- player can be accompanied by up to 3 friends or gang members, but player will have to split the money amongst them.
Player walks into any accessible store or restaurant, and points a gun at the clerk, demanding money. The player can choose to calmly demand the money, which will result in a less likely chance of police being called. player can also forcibly demand money, resulting in a higher possibility or the clerk alerting police, as well as the chance of other customers in the store calling police. Customers can be robbed throughout the store. if the player does not leave the store within 6 ingame hours(3 minutes), police will be alerted and a 3 star wanted level will be issued.

Bank Banks can now be robbed. will require a firearm. Smaller banks can be robbed alone, while larger banks require 2 or more accomplists.
In Huron State, there are multiple banks that can be robbed. If the player does not leave the bank within 6 ingame hours(3 minutes), the police will be alerted and a 4 star wanted level will be issued. larger banks will also have armed guards, so it is advised that you kill them first. After entering the bank, the player walks up to the counter and demands money from the clerk. if the clerk does not cooperate, the player has the option to pistol whip them until they comply. the player then leads the clerk to the safe, where the clerk will empty out the money into a backpack. the player then exits the bank.

Gang Wars

Jamal is part of the gang, "the 7th Street Hustlers", which is primarily a drug gang. Therefore, the player now has the ability to complete gang wars, similar to the gang wars of GTA: SA. During a gang war, the player must first kill 3 to 4 members of the opposing gang while on foot. An option will then appear onscreen for the player to start a gang war. If the player chooses yes, a number of enemies ranging from 3 to 5 will appear in a car. The player must kill the gang members and take whatever drugs they have onhand. Then another carload of gang members will appear, of whom you also must kill. After killing them, you must find the enemy strongholds, which will appear as blips on the map. There will be anything from 3-5 strongholds, which are usually abandoned houses or apartments that hold drugs and stolen items. The player must enter the strongholds and kill any enemy gang members inside, and again steal all of their drugs and money.

*Vigilante missions from gta iv return
*firefighting returns
*ambulance missions returm
*taxi missions return from gta iv
*random character missions
*car theft missions


*Darts- same as gta iv
*Bowling- same as gta iv
*Drinking- same as TBoGT
*Stunting- player has the ability to show off their cars, jewelery, and money to other individuals in hopes of gaining respect in that neighborhood. occasionally one or two pedestrians may get angry and try to attack Jamal.
*Car modding- a feature that returns from SA, now allows more performance modding, as well as appearance
*Pool- same as gta iv
*Eating- similar to gta SA's eating, too much food intake results in fatness, but too little results in health loss. player can eat at various restaurants throughout carcer city
*Dating- same as gta iv, player can also date strippers from various clubs
*Friends- similar to gta iv, however; if a friend calls, the player can choose the option of not being availabe. this will not effect the friend status
*TV- same as gta iv
*Comedy- same as iv
*more coming soon

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customization returns from gta SA. you now have the option to buy a variety of clothes and other attire. You can also purchase haircuts. Haircuts include:
*medium afro
*high afro
There are also a variety of facial hair options, completely seperate from haircuts. These include:
*clean shaven
*thin beard and goatee
*beard only
*chin strap
more coming soon

There are multiple clothing stores in Huron State that are accesible to Jamal.

Clothing Stores
BincoA clothing store with very cheap clothing, mostly consisting of gang and drug dealer attire.
SubUrbanLow to medium priced urban styled clothing. Contains gang attire as well as slightly higher quality clothing.
ProLapsA sports related clothing store.
ZipA clothing store that sells middle range clothing for moderate prices.
VictimA clothing store selling upper middle range clothing. Prices are generally moderate.
Didier SachsA clothing store that sells upper range, more formal clothing, as well as suits and tuxedos.
P.A.(Player's Attire)A store selling urban styled clothing at medium to high prices. Mostly consists of clothing intended for drug dealers, raappers, and athletes.
Urban HeadwearAn urban styled hat store. The franchise is known for selling gang colored hats, fitted caps, bandanas, and durags. The location in Carcer City is also suspected to front a marijuana dealing company from the basement.
There are also multiple jewelry stores around Huron that Jamal can purchase jewelry from.

Car Modding

Throughout Huron State, there are many shops to mod your car, which include

•Ricky's Auto Body
•Redstone Auto Repair
•Calvin's Mod Shop
•Orgasmic Auto Body

There are also many different mods you can apply to a general vehicle, which include

coming soon

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Jewelry Stores
Tha Bizness JewelerzA jewelry store that sells mostly urban and hip hop styled jewelry such as grillz, gold teeth, pendants, bracelets, and chains. Prces are upper moderate to high.
Contemporary JewelersA jewelry store that sells medium price jewelry. Quality is generally medium range. Also sells womens jewelry.

The Huron State area is based on Detroit, Chicago, and parts of Indiana and Canada, as well as other areas of the Midwest. Therefore, seasons in the game will be very different. Seasons include winter, fall, summer, and spring. but instead of being 2 months apart, seasons will now be 2 ingame weeks apart. The player must dress Jamal accordingly. If it is winter, Jamal will lose health if dressed in summer attire, and if it is summer, Jamal will lose health if dressed in winter attire. However, the Seasons feature can be toggled on and off through controls in the pause menu. If the feature is turned off, it will always be summer in the game.


Because Jamal is an up and coming drug dealer/ businessman, the player has the opportunity to operate a number of illegal bussinesses throughout Huron State. Businesses include:
Drug traffiking
Strip clubs
Prostitution(run through strip clubs)

Drug Traffiking
The player has the option throughout the game to expand his drug running business. Earlier in the drug traffiking business, the player can take over abandoned houses to stash drugs in, as well as apartments and abandoned stores. As Jamal progresses through the drug traffiking business, the player gains the ability to purchase and take over abandoned factories and warehouses. These buildings , including houses, can be used for storage for drugs and weapons. The player can then sell thhe drugs to lower ranking dealers throughout the Hustlers and other street dealers for a profit.

Strip Clubs
Strip Clubs can also be purchased by Jamal. Strip clubs contain back rooms and basements, which can also be used for drug storage, as well as executions. Strippers in the clubs will feature more nudity, as strippers will get fully naked. Strip clubs will provide revenue from bars, strippers, and illegal fight clubs.

Prostitution is a business operated either as an independent business, or through strip clubs. In strip clubs, all strippers can be hired as prostitutes. However, unlike traditional stripping, prostitutes do not show nudity or intercourse. Instead, the customer(or Jamal), is led to a back room or bathroom where they will engage in sex. Sex itself cannot be seen, it is only heard outside of the confines of the room or bathroom stall.

Bars can be purchased. Bars provide revenue through payments based on how many people use the bar. The player can go to the bar for dates, as well as drinking games and outings with friends.

Clubs can be purchased. Jamal can go to the club on dates, as well as compete in dancing contests. Clubs provide revenue similar to bars.


There are multiple women throughout Huron State that Jamal can date. Dating involves Jamal taking his woman of choice to an outing(depending on what she likes), and making her happy. Dates generally require Jamal to buy the woman dinner or a drink. After satisfying his date, Jamal has the choice to either take her home or make a move. If you decide to take your date home, she will either simply go inside her house, or she may invite you in for sex. If you choose to simply have sex at the location of choice, an option to "make a move" appears on the screen. If yes is chosen, Jamal and his date walk to a back room or bathroom stall, where they will have sex. Again, you can only hear them having sex.
Dating is categorized into two categories. They are Girlfriends and Random Dates.

Generally, Jamal will go on dates with his girlfriends. Girlfriends will request that Jamal take them someplace that they enjoy, usually a bar or club. Girlfriends will occasionally ask for sex after a date, although it becomes increasingly common throughout a relationship.

Random Dates
Jamal will also have the option of going on random dates with women he meets at the bar/club/strip club. If the player is not seen with a date, a random date will always approach him. The woman will approach Jamal and ask him to buy her a drink. She may also begin giving Jamal a lapdance. Occasionally, random dates may simply offer Jamal a blowjob. The purpose if random dates is always to have sex, so after 2 ingame hours, if the player does not lead the girl to a room or car for sex, she will ask him again. An option to "make a move" with the girl will appear on the screen. If the player chooses no, the woman will simply walk off, and may be seen with other men or very rarely, women. But if the player chooses yes, a cutscene will begin where Jamal will lead the girl to a location for sex. The woman may also tell Jamal to "follow me", again indicating sex.


There are multiple myths in Huron State, including urban legend, mythical creatures, and strange findings. These include:


•Bigfoot- Although speculation may have led many to believe Bigfoot resides in San Andreas, there have been many sitings of Bigfoot in Huron, specifically in mountainous and woodland regions. Bigfoot is often very hard to find, as he may appear as a deformed tree. There are also alledged sitings of multiple large aelike creature in these areas, suggesting multiple "Bigfoot" lifeforms. However, it is unknown whether or not Bigfoot even exists.

•Aliens- There have been multiple alledged sights of UFO's, and even aliens, in Huron Stat, specifically on the westernmost island. The player will very rarely encounter these extraterrestrial beings, but may spot UFO's in the countryside.

More coming soon!

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For the most part, gameplay will be the same as GTA IV. However, there will be some changes to the gameplay. A few changes include:
•trunks on cars are now accessible, and can be used to store items
•drugs can be stored in a packpack, which cannot be seen
•player can now switch cars without being seen to lose wanted level
•player can hide from police in wooded areas, water, abandoned buildings, and tall grass*
•police will now attempt to "chase" the player, rather than annihilate them
•cars can now be purchased
•explosions will now dismember pedestrians
•spray paint can be used to tag most walls
•airplanes return
•dynamic fire returns
•small buildings can be burned to the ground, however, after one ingame day, they will respawn. Burning beings also gains a wanted level for each building destroyed
•car modding returns
•gang wars return, drug wars return
•cars can be parked in driveways, as well as returning garages
•animals and children appear, however, THEY CANNOT BE KILLED, OR HARMED
•cars can now fit up to 6 people, depending on the type of car. However, this is not advisable for missions
•destrutable environment- many smaller builings can be destroyed
•player can mug pedestrians
•Transfender returns, along with multiple other car modding shops**

*Abandoned houses like these are very common in Carcer City and Harry, and can provide cover not only in gunfights, but also in losing wanted levels. If the cops cannot see you, your wanted level will gradually deplete itself. They also, however, may serve to your disadvantage. There are whole streets full of abandoned houses with heavily overgrown plants, and enemies will hide behind them to prevent you from seeing them.
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The player can also hide in many of these houses, as some do not have windows or doors. As a result, these houses are good for sniping and ambushes, which may also come as a disadvantage.
user posted image

Players can also hide in growing wheat and corn, as there are many farms in Oneota County.
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user posted image
Multiplayer will be the same as GTA Iv, with one exception: There will be an option for co-op storyline missions, which will be completed online in multiplayer mode.

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Jamal Cambridge
ethnicity: African American
age: 22
bio: The protagonist, a drug dealer from Carcer City. See above for more details.

Louis "Mad Lou" Carter, Jr.
ethnicity: African American
age: 28
bio: a fellow drug dealer and former friend of Jamal, Mad Lou claims to get his name from his lack of anger management, and his first name, Louis. Mad Lou is also known for being ruthless, as well as for using cocaine. This makes him mildly psychotic.

Kalil "AK" Williams
ethnicity: African American
age: 27
bio: a member of M.O.B., AK is a reckless killer who ironically does not actually like to kill. He does, however, wish to find true love some day. AK claims to have been arrested at 12 years old for burglary, however, this is just a rumor that is never actually proved.

Michelle Gutierrez
ethnicity: Puerto Rican/ Caucasian
age: 24
bio: a "friend" of Jamal's. She serves as his partner and adviser in crime, as she guides him in being a white collar criminal rather than a thug. Although Jamal claims she is "just a friend", it is suggested multiple times throughout the game that the two regularly engage in sexual relations, even though Jamal has girlfriends. Late in the game, it is revealed that Michelle is pregnant, which further proves her and Jamal's relationship. Jamal often refers to Michelle "The White Girl", his"Wifey", or his "Shawty", despite the fact that he denies a relationship.

"Officer" Marcus Williams
ethnicity: Caucasian
age: 35
bio: A former "cop", Marcus states that he only joined the police force to hide his dealings with the Canadian Mafia. he was discharged from the force when it was discover that Marcus had been stealing money and weapons from the police headquarters since his first year as a cop. many of his crimes are directed at the police force, of whom he deeply despises. When in pursuit, police officers will occasionally call Marcus a "dirty son of a bitch", and a coward.

Morgan "Freeway" Little
ethnicity: African American
age: 26
bio: Freeway is a former prison inmate of Jamal. He claims to have been involved in drug trafficking, although it is suggested in a cut scene by corrections officers that Freeway was actually arrested for attempting to steal cell phones. He is known for his intense exaggeration of stories, as well as his terrible grammar, both of which work to his disadvantage.

"Little" Jacob Hughes
ethnicity: Jamaican
age: 29
bio: Previously seen in GTA IV, Little Jacob only appears briefly in Venteux for a "business matter", which turns out to be a large drug deal, of which many of 7th Street Hustlers' gang members stash up on drugs.

Willy Freeman
age: 29
ethnicity: African American
bio: Willy is a stick up man who robs drug dealers. He is notorious for causing fear in nearly everyone, even children, when seen. He is also known for his eye patch, because he was shot in the right eye during his childhood. he serves as a main enemy of Jamal, and he will often interfere with 7th Street business due to his robberies.

Jose "Shocka" Sanchez
ethnicity: Puerto Rican
age: 25
bio: Shocka is a young thug who specializes in stealing cars. He has yet to be caught. However, Shocka feels that the police are onto his schemes, and becomes increasingly nervous, often checking around looking for cops. He also has a wife who suspects he is involved in illegal matters. This is especially dangerous, because his wife is a reporter for a local news station.

Michael "German Mike" Brown
ethnicity: African American
age: 23
bio: German Mike is a hit man. A childhood friend of Jamal, German Mike is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact, he is one of the dumbest men in Huron. Although he calls himself German Mike, he claims that hes not sure where Germany is. But German Mike is also very powerful. His large stature makes him an overall menacing figure amongst his friends, and only Jamal would dare insult his stupidity, because German Mike has a strange admiration for Jamal.

Tony Amontillado
ethnicity: Italian American
age: 36
bio: Tony is El Pavo Loco's mafia connection. He is a high ranking member of the Amontillado family, and he is known for his methods of torturing enemies. He claims to have "liquefied a guy's ball and made him drink them". About Midway through the game, Tony will become a very important character and powerful affiliate of Jamal, as he will begin to work with him in order to take control of drug trade throughout Venteux.

Pyong Joo Lee
ethnicity: Chinese American
age: 23
bio: Pyong Lee is a poor Asian immigrant who moved from China to South Langston, Carcer City, Huron in 2001 at the age of 16. Pyong has a strong hatred of white people, for he feels they lied to his family in convincing them to move to South Langston, a very poor, ghetto neighborhood in Carcer City. He feels that only black and hispanic people could possibly feel his pain, yet he struggles to associate with them, and is often shunned by them. He is a member of the Taiwo Boys, a street gang in South Langston. He befriends Jamal as a drug dealer hailing from the ghetto. Pyong Lee has a son named Ryan.

Cpt. Robert Lewiston
age: 37
ethnicity: White American
bio: A high ranking police officer who often pursues Jamal and several members of 7th Street. He has a deep hatred for drug dealers, claiming that his father was killed by a soldier for the legendary Teddy Johnson. He at times uses racial slurs when referring to Michelle, and is openly racist towards Jamal. He is eventually killed by an unknown assassin.

Random Characters

1. Crazy Chris- A crackhead living in an abandoned apartment near your home.
2. Lakisha Thompson- an old friend of Jamal who is now a prostitute.
3. Juan Guaderez- a shopowner who wishes to advance his store through means of intimidation
4. Kevin White- an upcoming white rapper who wants to develope a street reputation by means of violence
5. Joo-Wa Kim- a young Korean thug wishing to start his own gang within Carcer City
6. John Wellington- a former fire fighter who will stop at nothing to have his family killeed for insurance money
7. Olaf Kavitsky- a European immigrant who wants to learn to be tough and feared
8. Tyrell "Terror" Orleander- an upcoming rapper who wants to find the men who ripped him off in a failed drug deal
9. Thomas Lee- a slightly psychotic drug user who wishes to "find himself"
10. Norton Hill- A low wage factory worker who wants to live a better life through crime

more coming soon!

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Huron State Police Department

In Huron State, the police department is split into two divisions: state, and local. Local police departments handle wanted levels up to four stars. Once a 5 star wanted level is reached, the state police department takes over. The wanted level system has now added 2 more stars for a total of 8. Wanted levels are handled as follows.

Wanted Levels in Huron State, American Side
Number of StarsDescription
One StarLocal police officers will attempt to arrest you. Police will follow you in patrol cars and cruisers.
Two StarsPolice officers will now become more aggressive and will continue in attempts to arrest you. Officers will attempt to kill you more often as well. During chases, patrol cars will attempt to chase the player rather than follow, and may resort to running the player's car off the road.
Three StarsPolice will begin to shoot at you more often, as well as try harder to pursue you. NOOSE also begins to aid the police department. They will set up roda blocks on main roads and bridges, as well as ramming the player's vehicle from the front. A police helicopter is called in, equipped with trained sharpshooters with powerful machine guns. if the player is in or near a large enough body of water, police boats will follow, also weilding machine guns. The player is unable to use city buses.
Four starsFIB and NOOSE will appear more often. FIB officers carry M4 Carbines, and wear body armor.
Five StarsAuthorities become even more aggressive, and will seldom attempt to arrest the player. A NOOSE annihilator will aid the police maverick in pursuit. FIB and NOOSE members will begin using the PIT manuever on the player, as well as other techniques. All authorities begin shooting through windows at the player, making a getaway on a motorcycle virtually impossible.
Six StarsA second police annihilator is added, making escape more difficult. In addition, all police cruisers and patrol cars are replaced by NOOSE and FIB Cruisers, Patriots, Enforcers and Buffaloes. Authorities will relentlessly ram the player and fire upon the. If the player is on foot, escape becomes very difficult. The search radius is the size of Broker/Dukes Island in Liberty City.
Seven StarsThe National Guard and Coast Guard are called in. Armed Forces will begin to use tanks and Barracks to pursue the player. Forces will also begin using grenade launchers on the player if on foot. In additon, the Navy Hunter will begin to pursue player, firing automatic machine guns or turrets at the player. It may also occasionally fire a rocket at the player. NOOSE is no longer in pursuit. The player is now barred from use of any store or public place. All radios go to a Public Alert Service Station, and the player is labled as a terrorist. Civilians will seldom be seen, as they are warned to stay indoors.
Eight StarsAuthorities will now begin to fire rockets and grenades more often at the player, making an escape without cheats nearly impossible. The Navy will also call in airstrikes if the player is spotted on foot. If the player is in a safehouse, Armed Forces may occasionally brake in and ambush the player. Navy and Coast Gurad officers will patrol the waters, and divers will be sent to pursue the player if seen swimming, which will alert officers aboard boats to attack. The only method of escape is underground by use of the sewer system.

There is a different wanted level system for Canada. There is also a 2 star boost to the player's wanted level if the player enters Canada with a current wanted level.

Canadian Wanted Level System
Number of StarsDescription
One StarCanadian Police officers will begin to follow the player, will attempt to arrest the player if the chance arises.
Two StarsPolice will begin to pursue the player rather than follow. Police will fire shots at the player rather haphazardly. Cruisers and Patrol Cars will pursue the player at moderate speed.
Three StarsPolice Officers will begin to attempt to kill the player more often and become aggresive. All borders and roads into America are now blocked. A police Maverick will appear in the pursuit.
Four StarsThe Canadian Border Services Agency will beigin in pursuit. Police officers will begin to open fire on the player's vehicle hith pistols. a second Police maverick will appear in the pursuit as well. All bodies of water will be closely watched by the Canadian Coast Guard.
Five StarsThe CFNIS will pursue the player, along with all other law enforecement agencies. Police are now seen less often, and seldom attempt to arrest the player. Snipers will be stationed in building, and will fire upon the player if given a chance. The Canadian Coast Guard now appears in the water.
Six StarsAll police officers are replace by Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian National Guard will attempt to kill the player at all costs. All major roads will be blockaded, and heavily armed troops of National Guard officers will patrol the player, and will open fire upon the player with M4 Carbines. Some civilians may also attempt to kill the player. A National Guard APC will pursue the player and attmpt to destroy the player's vehicle, as it causes heavy damage. It is also armed with a turret. At this point it is nearly impossible to secape police. Because the player is in Canada, if the player manages to reenter America, an 8 star wanted level will immediately be issued.

What do you think?

more coming soon

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Internet: coming soon


Rap- 98.3 Sound of tha Street

Gucci Mane ft. Plies & OJ Da Juiceman – Wasted
Royce da 5'9"- Something 2 Ride 2
Obie trice- Don't Come Down
Jadakiss ft. Swizz Beatz & OJ Da Juiceman – Who’s Real
Eminem- Crack a Bottle
Drake- Best I Ever Had
Drama ft. Gucci mane, Yo Gotti, Lonni Mac, & Oj Da Juiceman- Ridiculous
Crime, Jim Jones, Freeway, Strike- Thug Music
KRS-One & Buckshot ft. Talib Kweli – Oh Really
Drake- Forever
Fabolous ft. The Dream- Throw It In The Bag
Obie Trice ft. Akon- Snitch
Waka Flocka Flame- Hard in Da Paint

R&B- 95.2 Smooth FM

Jamie Foxx- Blame It
Jeremih- Birthday Sex
Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne- Turnin Me On
Mario- Break Up
Trey Songz- I Invented Sex
Pleasure P- Under
Maxwell- Pretty Wings
LeToya- Regret
Chrisette Michele- Epiphany

Reggae- 102.3 Kingston Sounds

Jah Cure – Unconditional Love
Wyclef ft. Mavado – Hold On
Vybz Kartel & Shebba – Gal A Weh Me Duh Yuh
Mavado – House Top
Popcaan – Fake Friend
Busy Signal – You Never Knew
Vybz Kartel – Know Bout Me
Blak Ryno – Bike Back
Vybz Kartel – Pure Love Mi Give Gyal
Vybz Kartel – Turn & Wine

80's Hits- 94.7 The Glory Days

Bon Jovi- Livin' on a Prayer
Def Leppard- Pour Some Sugar On Me
Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf
Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
Prince- When Doves Cry
Hall & Oates- I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
Guns N' Roses- Sweet Child O' Mine
Madonna- Like a Virgin
Run-D.M.C.- Walk This Way
AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
Journey- Don't Stop Believing
Whitney Houston- How Will I Know
U2- With Or Without You

Classic and Throwback Hip Hop- 104.9 Back in the Day FM

Master P – Burbons and Lacs
DMX – What’s My Name?
The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize
Ice Cube – Why We Thugs
Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice
Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II
Luniz – I Got 5 On It
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – Foe tha Love of $
Dr. Dre – Let Me Ride
2pac – Hail Mary
Big Pun ft. Joe- Still Not A Player
The Notorious B.I.G.- Who Shot Ya
2pac ft. The Outlawz- Hit Em Up
N.W.A- F*ck Tha Police
Eazy E ft. Gangsta Dresta & Bg Knocc Out- Real Muthaphukkin G's

Heavy Metal- 103.5 Headbanger FM

Pop- 106.1 Hits FM

Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me
Jay- Sean Down
Iyaz- Replay
Lady- Gaga Poker Face
Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling
Kings Of Leon- Use Somebody
Kelly Clarkson- My Life Would Suck Without You
Flo-Rida- Right Round
Owl City- Fireflies
Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say
Beyonce- Halo
All American Rejects- Gives You Hell
Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow

Classic Rock- 101.8 BAM


"R" is For Republican, "D" is For Death!- An extremely conservative talkshow hosted by John White, which features racist ideas, reasons to deport Mexican immigrants, and intense use of "the f word".
OMG!- Hosted by Jessica Calamari, this seemingly out of place talkshow discusses common teen situations that occur generally in the white community.
Not on My Watch- Hosted by Louis Calder, this talkshow discusses current issues in the Carcer City area, including healthcare, crime, and urban decay.

Reggaeton- 99.3 El Mierda

Plan B ft. Don Omar – Hookah
Daddy Yankee ft Don Omar – Desafio
Cosculluela – Prrrum
Rakim & Ken y – Por Amor A Ti
Jadiel – Vino Donde Mi
Nejo & Dalmata ft. Cosculluela – No Necesito Remix
Tony Dize ft. Cosculluela – APunto De Cazar
Eloy ft. Jory – No Hay Nadie Como Ella
Don Omar & Daddy Yankee – Hasta Abajo Remix
Alexis & Fido ft Yomo – Me Gustas Tu

more coming soon



•The Mens Room
•Republican Space Rangers
•Rule & Disorder- a parody of Law and Order
•Venturas Poker Challenge
•Weazel News


•I'm Rich, Season 2
•The Serrated Edge
•Princess Robot Bubblegum, Season 3
•CNT News


•A place of wonders: A Professional Look at Vice City Politicians


•Carcer City Pistols vs. Venteux Rams(basketball)
•Liberty City Swingers Analysis with Mike Hunt
•Sports History- The Los Santos Saints: In and Out of a Hole

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New map coming soon.

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Major Locations

Carcer City(based on Detroit, MI)
It was once the automaking capital of the country, however, recent urban decay has caused the city to permanently settle into a general poverty state. It is currently overrun by abandoned or burned down buildings, as well as gangs and drug dealers. The downtown area portrays a very deceptive, calm, business view of Carcer. but upon leaving the richer areas of Carcer, one realizes the devastating affect of poverty and crime.

Venteux(based on Chicago, IL)
Venteux, the largest and most populated city in the game, is located in the eastern portion of the map. it's name translates literally to "windy" in french, because it is known to be a windy city due to the nearby inland sea, Lake Venteux(named after its wind). Similar to Carcer, many areas of Venteux are very poor and crime ridden; however, there are also many wealthy areas of the city, which contain the notorious Venteux mob families. Home to Jamal Cambridge.

St. Charles(Based on St. Louis, MO.)
Similar to Carcer City(and many other cities in Huron), St. Charles is experiencing serious urban decay, and thus, a crime epidemic close to that of it's cooler cousin, Carcer City. Once one of the most populous cities in America, St. Charles is now merely a large, crime filled wasteland. A haven for gang members, pimps, prostitutes, and young professionals alike, St. Charles is commonly labeled the third most dangerous city in America, behind Carcer City and Saint City.

Cuyahoga(Based on Cleveland, OH.)
A large, once industrial city, Cuyahoga, unlike it's industrial cousins, is not experiencing an urabn meltdown, and thus, is a fairly safe city. The odds of being gunned down in Cuyahoga are exceptionally low compared to a majority of Huron State. As a result, tourism is a much more popular activity in Cuyahoga(Although there really isn't much to tour). Beware of the eastside, know for gang wars and large drug crews, as well as frequent shootings. But overall, Cuyahoga is a nice city. For the most part.

Other Locations

Harry(based on Gary, Indiana)Harry is a historically African American city just south of Venteux. It is currently afflicted with poverty and crime, quite similar to Carcer City.

Rose City(based on Windsor, Canada)The wealthy, far safer neighbor of Carcer City. The city and it's northern outskirts contains many large homes, as well as mansions. You will not find many gangsters in this city, although the mafia is said to operate here.

Oneota CountyA county of Huron State, which is mostly rural. it consists of many farms, and is known for Tornadoes.

Minnetonka CountyAnother mostly rural county in Huron. Minnetonka also contains a national forest and a mountainous region.

Little AppleA medium sized city on the westernmost island in Huron. Little Apple is based on Minneapolis, Minnesota. The city is known for its wealth and seemingly "low" crime rate, although it is revealed later in the game that this is not at all the case.

MeskousingThe ingame equivalent of Wisconsin. Consists of mostly small farms and large wooded areas, as well as it's main city, Meskousing City.

Bucknose County Based on the US state of Ohio, Bucknose County mostly consists of vast woodlands, similar to a large portion of Huron State.

Ozark County Based on the US state of Missouri, Ozark county consists of mainly woodlands and small towns, although the Arks Mountains also occupy a large portion of the county.

Minor Areas

Huron State Neighborhoods include

•Carcer City
-West Carcer City
-East Freeport
-Village Hill
-Wheatly Heights
-South Carcer

-East Venteux
-North Venteux
-The Hills
-Port Wells
-North Greendal
-South greendale
-Lonsdale Courts

•Rose City
-East Rose City
-The Ward Rose Village

-East Harry
-West Harry

more coming soon

user posted image

Street gangs

7th Street Hustlers
ethnicity: African American, West Indian
colors: orange
crimes: murder, drug dealing, kidnapping, burglary, auto theft, arms dealing, robbery
enemies: all law enforcement, Spanish Lords
allies: M.O.B., Taiwo Boys
locations: Carcer City, Venteux

ethnicity: African American
no specific color
crimes: murder, drug dealing, burglary, auto theft
enemies: all law enforcement, Spanish Lords
allies: 7th Street Hustlers
locations: Carcer City, Venteux, Harry

Spanish Lords
ethnicity: Puerto Rican
colors: yellow
crimes: murder, drug dealing, burglary, auto theft
enemies: 7th Street Hustlers, M.O.B., all law enforcement
allies: Spanish Lords
locations: Carcer City, Venteux, Oneota, Little Apple

Westside Mafia
ethnicity: African American, West Indian
colors: purple
crimes: murder, drug dealing, burglary, auto thfet, arms dealing
enemies: M.O.B., 7th Street Hustlers, all law enforcement
allies: Spanish Lords
locations: Carcer City, Venteux

Taiwo Boys
ethnicity: mostly Chinese
colors: no specific
crimes: murder, drug dealing, auto theft, burglary, robbery
enemies: M.O.B., Westside Mafia, Spanish Lords
allies: 7th Street Hustlers
locations: Carcer City, parts of Venteux

Mob Families

Iraqi Mafia
ethnicity: Iraqi
crimes: drug distribution, murder, weapons trade
enemies: all law enforcement, Los Uve Dobles
allies: none
locations: Carcer City

Mancatti Family
ethnicity: Italian
crimes: drug traffiking, murder, kidnapping, extortion, arms trade
enemies: all law enforcement, Amontillado Family
allies: Carcer City United
locations: Venteux

Carcer City United
ethnicity: Italian
crimes: drug distribution, murder, kidnapping
enemies: Iraqi Mafia, all law enforcement
allies: Mancatti Family
locations: Carcer City

Amontillado Family
ehtnicity: Italian
crimes: drug distribution, murder, kidnapping, extortion, arms dealing
enemies: Mancatti Family, all law enforcement
allies: Russian Mafiya
Locations: Venteux

Russian Mafiya
ethnicity: Russian
crimes: arms dealing, murder
enemies: all law enforcement
allies: Amontillado Family
locations: Venteux

Canadian Mafia
ethnicity: Canadian
crime: drug distribution, murder, kidnapping
enemies: none
allies: none
locations: Rose City

Chibundu Tribe
ethnicity: Nigerian
crime: drug distribution, murder, kidnapping
enemies: Iraqi mafia, all law enforcement
allies: none
locations: Carcer City, Venteux, Hilward

More coming soon, Venteux mob families coming soon


Los Uve Dobles
ethnicity: Mexican
colors: no specific colors
crimes: drug traffiking, murder, kidnapping
enemies: Spanish Lords, all law enforcement, Iraqi Mafia
allies: coming soon

more coming soon

Biker Gangs

Satans Disciples
ethnicity: White American
crimes: drug dealing, murder
enemies: all law enforcement
allies: none
locations: Oneota, Minnetonka County

Brothers of Silence
ethnicity: White American
crimes: drug traffiking, murder, arms dealing
enemies: Satans Disciples, all law enforcement
allies: none
locations: Oneota, Minnetonka County

Asian Gangs

ethnicity: Japanese
crimes: murder, kidnapping, arms dealing
enemies: Cheng Family Triads, all law enforcement
allies: Los Uve Dobles
locations: Venteux

Cheng Family Triads
ethnicity: Chinese
crimes: murder, arms trade
enemies: Yakuza, all law enforcement
allies: none
locations: Venteux

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Weapons are an important part of the game. Due to gun laws being far less strict than Liberty City, weapons are fairly easy to acquire. The large weapon franchise, Ammu Nation, returns for the player to use, although all weapons will not be available in Ammu Nation, and must be acquired through means of illegal gun shops, street dealers, gangs, and other means. There are also three weapon depots located in Huron.

Brass Knuckles
Golf Club

Glock 19
Beretta M92f
Colt 1911
Desert Eagle

Micro Uzi
FN P90

Remington 870
Ithaca M37 Sawed
Pancor Jackhammer


Winchester M70
SR-25 SD
Barrett M82

Pipe Bomb
M67 Grenade
Remote Charge



The issue of weapon customization is often disputed as to whether or not it should be included. In this case, it will be included to an extent, but never required. There are certain modifications that apply to each class of weapons, excluding melee weapons and heavy weapons.


For pistols

Extended magazine( range from 5 to 20 extra rounds)
Red Dot Sights
Hollow Point Ammunition
Chrome or gold plating

For Shotguns

Lead slug shells
Box magazine
Explosive rounds

For Submachine Guns

Chrome or Gold plating(Micro Uzi only)
Hollow Point Ammunition
Red Dot Sights

For Assault Rifles

100 Round Drum
Extended magazine(30 extra rounds)
Red Dot Sights
Attachable grenade Launcher(Hold 1 grenade)

For Rifles/Sniper Rifles

Optimized Sniper Scope
Larger Magazine(20 rounds)

user posted image

Sports cars and Supercars Muscle cars and Vintage Two door hatchbacks Four Dour Sedans, saloons and station wagons SUV's, crossovers, pickups, and vans Commercial/Industrial Emergency Public Service Bikes Boats Aircraft Offroad Other Trains
Sultan RS
Super GT
Sabre GT
Blista Compact
PMP 600
Cavalcade FXT
Huntley Sport
Mr. Tasty
FIB Buffalo
Fire Truck
NOOSE Cruiser
NOOSE Patriot
Police Cruiser
Police Patrol
Police Predator
Police Stockade
Carcer City Bus
Venteux Bus
Venteux Subway
NRG 900
PCJ 600
Tug Boat
Helitours Maverick
Police Maverick
News Chopper
Mesa Grande
BF Injection
Mountain Bike
Brown Streak Railroad
Freight Train
Maintenance Train
Huron State Railiroad

*You also have the ability to purchase cars from dealerships. Garages return, in addition to parking spaces. Some cars will return from GTA San Andreas

There will also be new cars available for purchase. These include

New Vehicles

Four door Sedans:
Vapid Royal- 2003 Ford Crown Victoria
Bravado Polaris- 1969 Dodge Cornet Sedan
Delaclasse Premier- 1990’s Chevy Caprice
Albany Presidente GTV-Cadillac CTS-V
Bravado Buffalo ST-8- 2008 Dodge Charger SRT-8
Delaclasse Chivalry- 1999 Chevy Cavalier
Raisu Senbon- 1992 Nissan Sentra
Benefactor Schafter T-F-2010 Mercedes AMG E63
Classuiqe Tahoma- 1985 Olds cutlass sedan
Maibatsu Vincent- 1997 Mitsubishi Gallant VR-4
Impontian D90-8FT- Pontiac G8
Impontian Grandeur- 2002 Pontiac Grand Am
Dinka Civil- 1999 Honda Civic
Karin Sunrise- 2008 Toyota Corolla
Maibatsu Spear- 2006 Lancer
Maibatsu Spear RS- 2006 Lancer EVO IX
Dundury Monstrosity- 1964 Lincon Continental
Ubermacht Orical XS- BMW M5
Bravado Greenwood- Chrysler K-series of cars

Two Door Coupes-Hatchbacks / Sports Cars / Exotics/Convertibles:
Maibatsu Thunder- 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Grotti Cheetah- 1986 Ferrari Testarosa
Raisu Elegy- 2008 Nissan GT-R (R35)
Raisu Euros- Nissan 300zx (Z31)
Dinka Sportster- Honda S2000
Delaclasse Saber GT-X- 1970 Olds cutlass/Chevy Chevelle Pro Street car
Dinka Civil ISR- 1999 Honda Civic Type R
Grotti Stinger- Ferrari Daytona GTB coupe/Roadster
Ubermacht Sential XS- 2005 BMW M3
Bravado Polaris V8-1969 Dodge Cornet Super bee
Karin Jester- Toyota Supra MKIV (JZA80)
Raisu Senbon R- 1992 Sentra SE-R
Vapid Cocaine-2009 Ford Mustang
Vapid Cocaine KRX900- 2009 Ford Mustang GT500
Vapid Peyote-1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
Pegasi Zx-009- Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
Impontian Phoenix- 1976 Pontiac Trans-Am
Pfister Cometete-2008 Porsche Boxter

Police & Public Service Vehicles:
Vapid Police Cruiser- 2003 Ford crown Vic police car
Vapid Undercover Royal- 2003 Ford Crown Vic under cover police car
Bravado Police Patrol- 2008 Dodge Charger Police Package
Delaclasse Police- 1990’s caprice police car
Delaclasse Downlow- 1990’s Caprice undercover police car
Bravado FIB Buffalo- 2008 Dodge Charge Undercover police car
Delaclasse FIB Subterranean- 2005 Chevy Suburban Undercover FBI car
Delaclasse Ranger- 1980 Chevy K-5 blazer Country Sheriff car
Impontian Interceptor- 2001 Pontiac Trans-am
Enforcer- Armored S.W.A.T Car


Dinka FCR-900- Suzuki SV1000
Las Venturas Choppers (LVC) Freeway-Classic Harley-Davidson
LVC Daemon- West coast choppers Shovelhead
LVC Wolfsbane- Harley-Davidson 1200

Delaclasse Subterranean- 2005Chevy Subterranean


Mesa Grande
BF Injection
Patriot Sport

user posted image

Mission 1 Cutscene
Jamal is released from jail on gun charges, and its time to head home. Jamal is given a bus ride back to Carcer City to go home. Upon arrival, Jamal realizes he has no money. Hungry and confused, Jamal walks down to the local 69 cent store. he is hoping to find someone who can help him. After 5 minutes in the store, a man walks in and pulls out a gun.
'DONT NOBODY F*CKIN MOVE!!! I AINT PLAYIN F*CKA, GET THE CASH OUT OR YO ASS IS DEAD!!!" Frantically, the clerk begins taking money out of the cash register to hand to the man. Suddenly he turns around.
"THE F*CK YOU LOOKIN AT B*TCH? YOU TRYIN TO GET SHOT, HUH?" Jamal responds to the man,
"Nah dogg, it aint like that. Im just waitin."
"THE F*CK YOU WAITIN FOR, HUH!!! YOU WANT SOME OF THIS TOO?" screams the man, now in a rage.
"Nah man! For real!"
"Wait a minute. I seen you before, nigga? Yo ass lookin mad familiar and sh*t. Whats yo name my nigga?"
Jamal responds,
"Jamal, homie."
the man responds,
"Mothaf*cka!!! I seen this nigga before! You was in the penn, right? I know i seen yo ass"
"Hell yeah..'
the man disrupts the conversation.
"EH B*TCH!!! WHERE THE F*CK THAT MONEY AT? DONT BE F*CKIN WITH ME, HO. GET THAT F*CKIN MONEY IN THE BAG, FO I POP YO F*CKIN HEAD OPEN. Eh, Jamal, lets get out thiis mothaf*cka man. Cant talk too much in this b*tch."
Jamal and the man, who has yet to reveal his name, run into the parking lot and enter a car, most likely stolen. The man begins driving.
"By the way, my name is Louis. Niggas call me Mad Lou, tho. What you say yo name was?"
"So you been up in the penn, huh? Aint that bout a b*tch, I been in the penn a few back, too. Same old s*t tho, beatin mothaf*ckas down, talkin sh*t with they punk ass. What yo ass in fo, man?"
Jamal replies, "Got caught with the white. Mof*ckas done set a nigga up, man. I aint even have no rock on me when 5-0 got my ass. But the fa**ot searched my ass and found 5 g's and 3 oz's." Mad Lou replies,
"Thats some b*tch nigga sh*t man, settin niggas up. How you aint tell them pigs that sh*t man? i would spilt that sh*t man. Anyway, you want in man? I know yo ass be needin the skrilla after being in the joint. I got some extra rocks just came in from Mexico. You down with slangin?" Jamal responds, with enthusiasm
"F*ck yeah, man"
The custscene ends

Mission 1: Intro After being driven back to Mad Lou's house, drive home. a "J" blip will appear on the map to help you.
Boss: Mad Lou
Reward: None
Unlocks: Safehouse in the projects

Mission 2: Gift Wrap Mad Lou calls you and tells you to come pick up a "gift" from him. It is actually 4 kilos of coke. Deliver the drugs to the designated location.
Boss: Mad Lou
Reward: $50
Unlocks: Nothing

Mission 3: Beat Down Mad Lou calls you again. This time he wants you to help him fight a drug dealer who has been selling pills on his corner. Drive and meet Mad Lou. There is a wooden 2x4 on the ground for assistance, although the dealer is unarmed. Beat up the drug dealer and take his money and product.
Boss: Mad Lou
Reward: $100-$150
Unlocks: Pistol found at safehouse

Mission 4: Gun and Run Mad Lou calls you, claiming to have been "f*cked over", by one of his customers. He wants you to go and talk to them, because he is "too busy" to handle it. Before he hangs up the phone, Mad Lou claims "Grab the pistol off my bed". A blip will appear on the screen on where to go, which turns out to be an abandoned warehouse, loaded with pure coke. After you exit your vehicle, a raggedy looking man walks behind you, holding a gun to your head. He threatens to shoot you if you dont give up all your drugs and money. Jamal then turns around and shoots him in the leg, knocking him to the floor. Upon falling, a police badge falls from the man's shirt pocket. The cutscene ends, and you must kill the cop before he gets up, in which he will call police. After shooting him, Jamal realizes that the cop had a one way radio, and that the cops were listening the entire time. You now have a two star wanted level. Get back into your car and drive to the nearest wooded area, which is around the corner. Run into the woods and find hiding, and wait for your wanted level to diminish. Then drive back to your safehouse
Boss: Mad Lou
Reward: $200
Unlocks: nothing

Cutscene Jamal is low on money and decides to rob a grocery store. He walks in and points the gun at the clerk, demanding money. The clerk refuses. Out of anger, Jamal whips the clerk in the face with his pistol. Then the clerk gives him the money. After Jamal exits the store, he walks into the parking lot, when a light tan Sabre pulls into the parking lot. Suddenly, two men jump out, weilding pistols, and open fire on Jamal. He is hit 8 times(although the men fired a toal of 19 shots), mostly in the legs, as the assailants had very poor aim. After being shot, Jamal drags himself into a nearby parking space, next to a woman and her son. He screams for help, and the woman throws him a towel and he wraps it around himself. Then he passes out. Jamal wakes up a week later in the hospital, after being in a medically induced coma. after being released, Jamal calls mad Lou to pick him up from the hospital. It is revealed that mad Lou was killed in a shooting, similar to his; by an unknown voice. Jamal realizes that he must get revenge for Mad Lou's death, as well as his own shooting.

Mission 5: El Pavo LocoMad Lou has just been killed, and Jamal is going to attned his funeral. Upon his arrival, he is greeted by mostly other hustlers and gang members from the are. But an older looking, more bosslike figure approaches Jamal. a cutscene begins.

"Hello my brother. El Pavo Loco's the name. Y tu?"
"I don't no speak spanish, man. I'm Black."
"As am I. Well, Niggarican to be exact. What's your name, young blood?"
Jamal responds, "Jamal. Jamal Campbridge, 7th Street Hustlers."
El Pavo Loco replies, "You ain't got to come at me like no damn soldier, nigga. I'm the nigga who runs 7th Street. All niggas under me, now. Been that way since them putos killed Dante way back.... Damn. That nigga been gone so long."
"Word. That nigga died way back before I was up in the penn. I was gon' get them niggas, but I didn't know till my ass was locked up."
"You was workin' with that nigga, huh?"
"Yeah" replies Jamal."Me and him went way back. Its a f*ckin shame he gone. I ain't had no work since him 'cept for Mad Lou. And he gone too. Now i ain't got sh*t. And Lord know I can't get no f*ckin job."
"Ah." exclaimed El Pavo Loco. "I was hoping you'd bring that sh*t up, right. See, with Lou gone, we ain't got nobody in his place who could put in work like him. Cept for you. So i was hoping you could get with the crew again. You gon' have to work yo ass up, though. Ain't gon' be nobody till you get slangin' and put in work. Work yo way up through the ranks, you be a real hustler. So what you think, ese?
"Man stop speaking spanish, man. Told you I wasn't no Puerto Rican or nothing."
"Thats beyond the point, Jamal. You want some work, chico?"
"Hell yeah, nigga!"
"Cool. 'Nother youngn to push the white. Your first job is tonight. Better get yo black ass over to the dope spot, soon as this funeral over."

The cutscene ends. Get back into your vehicle and drive home to your house. Jamal now wants to avenge Mad Lou's death.

Mission 6: Vengeance
Jamal gets a phone call on his cell phone. The caller will not reveal his identity, but claims to know exactly who killed Mad Lou. At the end of the call, the individual casually states, "the nigga plays dice between 2 and 4 in the morning. You can catch him on Calvert Avenue between 23rd and 24th."
Jamal decides to take action. Later on in the night, Jamal loads a pistol and exits his apartment after getting some sleep. You now have to enter a car. Drive to Calvert Avenue, indicated by a "C" on the map. Pull into an alley near 24th street and park the car, turning off all the lights. Exit the car and begin walking toward a group of thugs playing dice. There will be a blip over the target. Pull out a pistol and open fire on the target, and be sure to kill him. One shot to the head should be enough to do the job. The targets friends will begin to fire on you, but keep running. Then drive back to Jamal's house on 7th Street.

Mission 7: Die Snitch. Die
A cutcsene begins, where Jamal is seen walking out of his building. he gets a text message from El Pavo Loco, telling him to go to the basketball court in the projects. The cutscene ends. Walk to the basketball court and meet El Pavo Loco. He will tell you about an old foot soldier of the gang who has recently been cooperating with the police, which is a violation of the number one rule for all gangs in the city- no snitching. Another cutscene starts, and El Pavo Loco tells Jamal that he must kidnap the snitch from another building on the other side of the projects. He also tells Jamal to stop at the nearest hardware store and pick up some duct tape. He gives Jamal a bandanna to hide his face and a pistol in case of trouble. The cutscene ends.

Now, you must go to the target building and meet up with the other two thugs sent by El Pavo Loco. After the rendezvous, walk up to the 8th floor where the apartment is located, or take the elevator. There will be a blip to indicate the location of the apartment. After you arrive at the apartment, take out your pistol. Signal the thugs to bum rush the door. There will be 2 women inside. Point your gun at them, and the thugs will too. Switch to the duct tape and begin taping the girls up, which will be activated by a prompt. Then drag the girls to the kitchen and walk into the marker signaling the next phase of the mission.

A cutscene will begin where Jamal will demand the girls to call the snitches and invite them to the apartment. After the cutscene, one of the thugs will wait outside of the apartment for the snitches to arrive. Once they arrive, they will knock on the door. Open the door and you will be prompted to grab them and tape them up. Do so, and begin to untie the girls. A cutscene will begin, and Jamal will order the girls to keep silent, saying, "If you speak, I'm gonna waste your whole f*ckin family."

Now, you have to get the snitches to outside. El Pavo Loco has sent you a text message informing you that there is a van in the back parking lot waiting for you. But first, you must drag the snitches down the stairs to the first floor. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR, as this will cause residents to alert police. How ever, residents know better than to use the stairs. Bring the snitches to the first floor and begin dragging them to the back of the building. After you have reached the rear corridor of the building, drag the snitches to the van. There will be a prompt for you to load the men into the van, and you must do so. After loading the men up, get in the van.

A cutscene will begin of which El Pavo Loco will again text Jamal, this time telling him to drive the van to a nearby abandoned store and bring them in through the back. The cutscene ends, and you must drive to the storefront, which is 10 blocks away. After arriving, get out of the van and open up the back doors. After a prompt, begin dragging the men into the building. Take them up to the third floor. After reaching the third floor, El Pavo Loco will instruct you to quickly leave. You now have a 2 star wanted level. Evade the police. Once the police are lost, the mission is passed.
Boss: El Pavo Loco
rewards: $600 plus any pickups
unlocks: nothing.

Mission 8: Easy Money
A cutscene begins, where Jamal is seen answering a phonecall. The player can hear a raspy African American voice on the other end.
Jamal: Yo, who this?
Caller: You don't know? Though you was down all that time. f*ck up now?
Jamal: I don't know who this is, man. I was locked up for a long ass time.
Caller: Only three years man. That sh*t ain't sh*t.
Jamal: Yo, who the f*ck is this? Stop playin' all them motherf*ckin' games, man! Speak the f*ck up!
Caller: Nigga, shut the f*ck up and meet me at Tha Cell. And bring a f*ckin' lighter, man.
Jamal: Man, Imma' light somethin' up, alright.....

The cutscene ends. A question mark will appear on the HUD map, indicating where Jamal must meet the mysterious caller. Make your way to the question mark, which will be a few blocks away in an old apartment building with the word "Destiny" spray painted over the name. Enter the building through the front door, and make your way up to the apartment, which will be indicated by a blip on the map. You may want to take the elevator to reach the apartment, as it is located on the 4th floor. After reaching the apartment, a command to "Knock on the door" will appear on the screen. After completing the command, another cutscene will start. This time, Jamal will be seen entering the apartment to see an old, cluttered, smoke filled living space. Jamal sits on a couch, and a tall, chubby dark man with medium length shaggy dreadlocks emerges from a back hallway. The man takes a hit from his joint and inhales the smoke, forcing him to couch violently. Angry, the man mutters, "Bullsh*t." After awkwardly staring Jamal down, the man introduces himself as "German Mike". Jamal questions German Mike as to why he calls himself "German". German Mike responds, "It sounds nice. f*ck it, I ain't even sho' where no motherf*ckin' Germany is." He also asks Jamal if he remembers "back in the day". Jamal responds with the obvious answer of "No.". German Mike then begins discussing a rival gang meeting nearby, claiming that "The niggaz be movin' mad bricks and sh*t. I could bet you they gots at least 50 G's of sh*t up in there. sh*t got my motherf*cking name on it." Without asking Jamal is he wishes to participate, German Mike grabs Jamal by the wrist and begins walking to the door.

The cutscene ends, and Jamal is now in a parking lot across the street. There will be a marker over a beige Hakumai, signaling for the player to enter the car. German Mike will follow, and upon entering the car, will begin rambling on about different occasions where had allegedly shot people for "looking sideways". Another blip will appear on the map, this one in a basement below a laundromat. Make your way to the laundromat proceed to the back entrance, which leads to the basement. A cutscene will start, where the rival gang members will be seen counting money, with no drugs in sight. However, there will be multiple duffle bags scattered around the room. One contains the cocaine. The men will suddenly look in an alarmed manner to see Jamal and German Mike. the men all pull out pistols, and the cutscene ends. Kill the rival gang members and collect any money/weapons they drop. Then proceed to search the room for the bag containing the drugs.

However, there is no bag of drugs, just a bag filled with $100 bills. Grab the bag and go. Upon exiting the building, the two will be met with even more gang members. Kill these gangsters. A man will be seen running to a car with a final duffle bag. Kill him, or engage in a chase to kill him. After his death, retrieve the bag of drugs. Then, making sure German Mike is stiill alive, return to his apartment with the cash and the drugs.

Another cutscene will begin, where Jamal, in disgust, will begin angrily muttering to himself as German Mike, oblivious of any problem, returns to his house with the bags. The mission ends.

Boss: German Mike
rewards: $1,000
unlocks: Drug Raids Side Missions.

Mission 9: The Green Team

German Mike calls Jamal on his cell phone to inform him of a drug trafficker across town looking for customers to purchase weed (marijuana). The supplier supposedly has a large amount of weed for a low price. German Mike claims that the only task is to pick up the weed.

The cutscene ends and finishes his conversation with German Mike. He is informed that the supplier will be leaving town in 4 hours. German Mike also informs Jamal that he will be leaving a stack of money on a table in his house, of which he takes with him. The player must arrive at the supplier's location before he leaves. After arriving, Jamal is instructed to pull a vehicle up to the shed, which lets out into an alleyway, feeding into the street. After the player follows this instruction, the man, a short, portly, grizzled African American man will walk up to Jamal with a large duffel bag. The bag supposedly contains 10 pounds of weed, at a price of $900 each, amounting to a total of $9,000. Jamal hands the man the stack of money as the man walks off, never revealing his name. After reentering his house, Jamal climbs back into his vehicle and pulls out of the alley. Suddenly, 2 small sedans pull up, and several men jump out and open fire on Jamal. The cutscene ends and Jamal must defend himself and the drugs. After fending off the attackers and escaping, return to German Mike's apartment to give him the drugs (Beware, as the attackers will use cover. If you choose to take cover behind your vehicle, the attackers will blindfire at your vehicle.)

A new cutscene begins. Enraged once again, Jamal grumbles to himself in disgust, having risked his life yet again for the likes of German Mike.

Boss: German Mike
Rewards: $1,000
Unlocks: Weed can now be stolen and smoked

Mission 10: Spring Cleaning

El Pavo Loco calls Jamal on his cell phone suggesting he drop in at the projects for a visit. Reluctant, Jamal follows his order. After arriving, a cutscene begins.

Jamal arrives at 7th Street Homes, and is greeted by several gang members and drug dealers. Jamal is also greeted by numerous women, with one particular face standing out. Jamal smiles, and the individual blushes as he continues on through the parking lot and into the building. As he enters the apartment, he is greeted by El Pavo Loco as he takes a seat on a small, old couch.

EPL: What's good, Jamal?
Jamal: Ain't too much. Bout you man?
EPL: Same old sh*t. You know the deal. Work, sleep, and let some little heads chew up all ya' funds. Then have ya' baby momma lookin' at you all f*cked up, hands out waitin' for change.
Jamal: So how's the work man? What we workin' with?
EPL: That's what I've been meaning to talk to you about. See, Some hoes down at the clubs downtown, the lower east side, they talk some crazy sh*t. Now these motherf*ckin' fa**ots come in here with they chest all poked out, tryna' look like they something special. Well I peep they game, man. Got in a little mess the other night, got my ass locked up. Just made bail. I've been sending my boy Mikey to get you guys working so I can keep sh*t in order while I'm away.
Jamal: SO you been havin' me do all them wack ass jobs? Stealin' sh*t from niggas, almost gettin' my ass killed?
EPL: See, here's the problem. Since I'm gonna be locked up, we don't exactly have nobody leadin' y'all around. And we all know how that goes. But see, my second in command, Jeffrey, he just caught a case out in Liberty, f*ckin' with some Jamaican niggas. So we don't have no real niggas who can step up. Now, I bet you're thinking, why don't I just bring up some experienced niggas? But you know how it goes. Send one nigga up, all the rest get jealous. And a nigga make one false move, everything just collapse. So I got a plan.
Jamal: What's that?
EPL: I'm puttin' you in charge of sh*t for now. German Mike'll make sure nobody don't touch you, and if sh*t goes f*cked up, said nigga loses a couple limbs. Comprende? Oh, and my girl Michelle here gonna help you with the numbers and sh*t. I know you ain't the smartest motherf*cker out there.
Jamal: Hold up, What the f*ck? You want me to run sh*t? And who the f*ck is Michelle?
EPL: Ooh, sh*t. Almost forgot.

El Pavo Loco calls in Michelle, a female of about 23, very curvy.

Jamal: Damn! Oh sh*t, forgot my manners. What's up girl?

Without responding, Michelle leaves the room. Jamal and El Pavo Loco return to their conversation.

EPL: Anyway, I need you to do a little something for me. Got some niggas that ain't payin' me right. Need you to pay em a little visit. I want you to do the buckin'. The boy Mike'll drive. I wanna make sure you're fit for the job.

The two exit the apartment, and Jamal and German Mike enter a black Dinka Civil with dark tinted windows. As German Mike begins driving, multiple blips appear on the map. These are Jamal's targets. Each target must be killed before the player can advance. Jamal will receive a Ruger 14 f30gb, or Ruger, for short; to use for the shootings. When the player arrives at each target, open fire on anyone in sight. However, watch your ammo, as you only have 3 clips with 30 shots each (a total of 90 shots). After running out of ammo, the player must use any other available weapons to complete the task. Once the task is completed, the player will recieve a 2 star wanted level and must rid of the car. Find a way back home.

Boss: El Pavo Loco
Reward: $2,000
Unlocks: Nothing

  • BrownBear


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Posted 20 April 2010 - 08:07 AM

Well done mate, really good, i love the idea of enemies hiding behind bushes to ambush you.

  • Nova69_7


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Posted 20 April 2010 - 10:19 AM

There were plenty of references to the Midwest scattered about in IV to suggest that it may be the next games location and this concept could well fit the bill. I'm sure I'd enjoy playing it.

Nice work brother!

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 20 April 2010 - 08:53 PM

map added. any suggestions? Feedback?

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 21 April 2010 - 09:02 PM

new gangs coming soon, any ideas?
any feedback, suggestions, criticism, whatever is welcome

General Goose
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Posted 21 April 2010 - 09:11 PM

Pretty good. Like the random characters. The gangs could do with some more expansion, but you've already said you'll do that, so good start overall. Look forward to more.

However, the losing health aspect of the seasons mechanic doesn't appeal to me.

Money Over Bullshit
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Posted 21 April 2010 - 09:40 PM

This a really good topic man I'm impressed. The only real issues I would have is the map and the lack of a logo but still they're not really too much of a problem and I'm sure you're working on those issues so it's good overall. Well done icon14.gif

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 01:07 AM

i added a characters list, which will be updated continuously

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 23 April 2010 - 02:51 AM

more updates coming tomorrow guys any suggestions?

and MoB im waiting on someone whos making me a logo, and as for the map, im no professional map maker thats the best i got

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 08:48 PM

im working on a 3d map of a portion of carcer city

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 25 April 2010 - 09:47 PM Edited by Kwandilibro, 25 April 2010 - 09:58 PM.

QUOTE (Money Over Bullsh*t @ Apr 21 2010, 17:40)
This a really good topic man I'm impressed. The only real issues I would have is the map and the lack of a logo but still they're not really too much of a problem and I'm sure you're working on those issues so it's good overall. Well done  icon14.gif

at long last, the logo. im not sure about the map, tho

some feedback please!!!

  • AnthMUFC-Champs


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Posted 26 April 2010 - 04:11 PM

I preferred the Carcer City topic mate to be honest.

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 10:36 PM

QUOTE (AnthMUFC-Champs @ Apr 26 2010, 12:11)
I preferred the Carcer City topic mate to be honest.

whats the difference i only changed the name and added locations

  • Jayd_101

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Posted 29 April 2010 - 02:40 AM

I would really want this for a GTA game, good work Kwandilibro icon14.gif

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 30 April 2010 - 12:06 AM

QUOTE (Jayd_101 @ Apr 28 2010, 22:40)
I would really want this for a GTA game, good work Kwandilibro icon14.gif

Thans man im working on some other logos for protagonist, character, stuff like that

  • ObsydianRaven

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Posted 30 April 2010 - 05:13 PM

This thread keeps getting better. Though I think this woul make a better theme song,

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 06:59 PM

update: i added a wanted level chart

  • AiCYukon

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 07:42 PM Edited by AiCYukon, 02 May 2010 - 07:45 PM.

Chicago, Detroit and that area are one of the only BIG Areas that Rockstar hasn't used in a game yet, plus you added areas like Canada. I think there would be a big difference in Being wanted in Canada, and being Wanted in USA. plus there would be a border crossing station, etc. Maybe if you crossed the Border while wanted, Immediatly 8 stars or something. Plus Maybe Canadian Radio Stations, Tv Stations., etc. Looks good though.

  • drscot

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 07:51 PM

Hey, love the thread, your map has potential, can i remake it for you?

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 08:03 PM

QUOTE (drscot @ May 2 2010, 15:51)
Hey, love the thread, your map has potential, can i remake it for you?

yeah no problem

  • drscot

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 08:15 PM

Do you want me to totally recreate it or just renovate it?

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 08:20 PM

see if you could recreate it if not just renovate it maybe add a little more land to the candian island at the bottom right. if you do recreat it could you add some buildings i have no idea how to do that

  • ACR

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Posted 03 May 2010 - 10:36 PM

Great idea about midwest, im sure that people are bored with same thing over and over again LC, VC, SA..... confused.gif
So midwest area is great idea, modern time, not more 80 in VC sugestions PLEASE!!!!
About weapon section you add with ak47 and m4 m16a1, M4 and M16 aree almost similar, so i would suggest instead of m16 advanced assault rifle like bushmaster, which is held by SWAT and military and it is available later in game


  • Stupid_Ass_Bitch

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Posted 04 May 2010 - 11:19 PM

cool cool.gif but how come the us and canada has the same wanted level system?

i like the story but it could be better

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 08 May 2010 - 07:33 AM

yeah ACR i thought about that.... ill change that.

and SAB im going to get to that tomorrow.

  • drscot

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Posted 08 May 2010 - 06:21 PM

love the international aspect of this, and i love that you havent taken it to far, good job!

  • Kwandilibro

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Posted 11 May 2010 - 12:17 AM

update: i added a new map

  • WhittyC


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Posted 11 May 2010 - 12:31 AM

Honestly dude, I like what I'm seeing so far, keep up the good work icon14.gif

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