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InvaderV Mod

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Posted 19 April 2010 - 03:44 AM Edited by matthewf, 10 May 2010 - 12:26 PM.

InvaderV Mod
Crazy Alien Gadgets and Superpowers

I have a lot of gadgets/powers planned for this mod.
So far you get
* Car Jump
* Invisible JetPack
* Bowling Ball of Doom (throw it, make it explode and it returns to your hand).
* Health regenerates 5 points every 10 seconds.
* Shields replenish after 25 seconds of not taking damage.
* Lots of options and some cheats from a menu (press F1).

The idea is that you will be an alien invader and can have fun
terrorizing humans (inspired by Destroy All Humans series and Invader Zim).

Give it try and tell me what you think.
Suggest ideas for gadgets or superpowers and I may implement them.

Mod Download

YouTube Video Demo 1

Now works in Multiplayer
Fixed Bug where game crashed when loading saved game.
Added CarJump

works with EFLC
includes a config file.

=== KNOWN BUGS ===

* Menu doesn't display in Multiplayer unless you created the match (I recommend getting the settings you like in single player first then do MP).
* Not compatible with DevLoader
* Flying Camer / AirBomb camera cause CrossHairs to disappear (expect a workaround in the future).
* The Flying Camera is sometimes jerky and other times switches between cameras (this camera can be disabled).
* Clip capturing might not work.

matthewf: Creator
aru: C++ Script Hook (http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=390582) on which this trainer is built on)
nixolas1: Provided source code with lots of examples from his in game trainer.
mooop: Play Tester.
Philippe Decaudin: Provided the AntTweakBar library used to render the menu.

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