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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas State

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2011, the streets are more dangerous than ever. Bloods and Crips are locked in an ongoing battle with eachother, the Mafia are operating their dodgy dealings from casinos and the Yakuza are at war with the Triads. The Russian Mafiya have been going about their business quietly, waiting to strike when its least expected and the police force is more rife with corruption then ever. Welcome to San Andreas...

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State Guide
Welcome to San Andreas
San Fierro
San Alcala
Los Santos
Las Venturas

Side Missions
Activities and Minigames
Bars and Clubs
Mobile Phone

Map Unlocks


Returning from III era



Coming Soon
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories, featuring:
Fame and Fortune

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Glamour, diversity, creativity and culture, four words that are overused in San Andreas, and when you look around its not hard to see why. San Andreas has something for everyone including the sun kissed beaches of San Alcala to the glamorous casinos of Las Venturas, this beautiful state has it all. So why not pay a visit and see what you discover when you visit the place where the stars shine and everything is surreal!

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San Fierro

A colouful city with a colourful vibe, San Fierro is the starting point for many visitors touring San Andreas because of the amount it has to offer. Despite being fairly small in size, San Fierro is packed full of interesting thing to see and do from riding on the cablecars to taking a boat out to Alcartez Island, home of the famous prison. As well as the landmarks, SF is full of interesting communities and neighbourhoods ranging from Chinatown laden with with restaurants and shops selling traditional Chinese goods like food and weapons to the bohemian ambiance of Hashbury.

Places of Interest

San Fierro has many recognizable landmarks dotted about the city including:

The Gant Bridge - The second longest suspension bridge in America, the Gant Bridge became an icon of not only San Fierro, but also San Andreas upon its completion in 1937.

Big Pointy Building - This skyscraper is the tallest in San Fierro and a popular place for thrill seekers who like to base jump, so if your feeling brave, why not take a lift up to the top and jump!

Chinatown - This particular Chinatown is the oldest and one of the biggest in the USA.

Japantown - Home of shopping malls, Japanese restaurants and the San Fierro chapter of the Yakuza, Japantown is one of the most popular districts in the city and one I'm sure you'll be visiting a lot.


Chinatown - Chinatown
Japantown - Japantown
Battery Point - Fort Poirt
Calfs Hollow - Cow Hollow
Fisher's Wharf - Fisherman's Wharf
Paradiso - The Presidio
Downtown San Fierro - Financial District
Carlton Heights - Pacific Heights
Moscow Hill - Russian Hill
Hashbury - Haight-Ashbury
Foster Valley - Foster City
Queens - The Castro
Mount Hill - Mount Sutro
Easter Basin - China Basin
Easter Bay Airport - San Francisco International
Doherty - Dogpatch


As well as cars, there are several modes of transport in San Fierro.

Taxis - The player can use a taxi to get to anywhere in San Andreas. The system as the one in IV is used.

Train - San Fierro has two stations on the Brown Streak Railroad route, they are: Easter Bay Airport and San Fierro Junction which is located in Doherty.

Cable Car - Like the subway in IV, the player waits at the stop and boards the cable car when it arrives. Stops are located in: Chinatown, Japantown, Fisher's Wharf, Downtown, Easter Bay, Doherty and Hashbury.

Planes - Players can get a plane from Easter Bay Aiport to any of the cities in San Andreas apart from Woodland.

Woodland (loosely based on Oakland)

Located on the opposite end of the Gant Bridge to San Fierro, Woodland is a port city made up of freeways, parks and warehouses. Woodland is also the smallest city in San Andreas.

Places of Interest

Woodland Public Library - The place where books are considered fun and home of Woodland's annual Yawnfest.

Woodland Arena - Home of the Woodland Radars, live football games can be watched here.

Woodland Zoo - Come and see some the worlds most exotic creatures at San Andreas premiere zoo.


Commercial District - Central Business District
East Woodland - East Oakland
Lake Achievement - Lake Merrit
North Woodland - North Oakland
West Woodland - West Oakland
Woodland Hills - Oakland Hills


As Woodland is a small city, most of the locals walk, but there is a public transport system in place.

Taxis - The player can use a taxi to get to anywhere in San Andreas. The system as the one in IV is used.

Train - Woodland Station is located in the Commercial District

San Alcala (loosely based on San Diego)

Named after Saint Didacus (San Diego de Alcala in Spanish), San Alcala is pastel coloured city that relies heavily on tourism meaning that its not short of attractions and things to do whether it be a day sunbathing on golden beaches or seeing amazing creatures at Ocean World. Its at night that San Alcala really comes alive as bars fill with those looking to get p*ssed, nightclubs blast out the latest tunes and then theres the beach parties that last all night.

Places of Interest

Ocean World - With amazing creatures and thrilling rides, Ocean World is the number one tourist attraction in San Alcala.

San Alcala Convention Center - A Convention center as the name suggests.

Ocean Beach - The most popular beach in San Alcala is a hotspot for bikini clad girls and sun searchers.


Caramel Valley - Carmel Valley
Task Beach - Mission Beach
Claremount - Clairemont Mesa
College Park - University City
Grant Park - Grantville
Saint Carlo - San Carlos
Centerway - Midway
Ocean Beach - Ocean Beach
Sunrise Coast - Sunset Cliffs
Rocky Park - Balboa Park
Downtown San Alcala - Downtown
Beach Park - Oak Park
Gateway - Gateway
Paradise Heights - Paradise Hills
City Scape - Skyline


Taxis - The player can use a taxi to get to anywhere in San Andreas. The system as the one in IV is used.

Trolley - A light railway that operates in San Alala, stops at: Downtown, Gateway, Rocky Park, Ocean Beach and Ocean World

Train - San Alcala's train staion is located in the Downtown district.

Plane- San Alcala Airport is located in Gateway.

Los Santos

Los Santos is the entertainment capital of the world and the largest city in San Andreas. Thanks to Vinewood, LS is a movie icon with all of its landmarks appearing in smash hit movies and because of this you will have a sense of familiarity even if you haven't been to LS before. Despite its problems with gang violence in the 90's, Los Santos is still as glamorous and popular as it has alway been with major star constantly being spotted at trendy hangouts and film premieres in Vinewood. When in Los Santos, there something for everyone whether you want to shop and buy the latest fashions or weapons, visit theme parks or simply lay on a beach, you can do it all in the city of saints.

Places of Interest

Vinewood - The home of movies and the place to be in LS, Vinewood offers so much to tourists. Landmarks within Vinewood include the Vinewood sign, InterGlobal Studios, Vinewood Boulevard, Vinewood Waxworks and the Griffin Observatory.

Rodeo - The place where the rich and famous do there shopping. Classy stores selling classy products at a ridiculously high price sprawl across the district. Shops found in Rodeo include Didier Sachs and Victim.

Santa Maria - Home of the Yacht Harbour Pier and sandy beaches, Santa Maria is one of the most popular locations for the young to hang out.

Richman - The place wher the rich and famous live.


Vinewood - Hollywood
Rodeo - Beverly Hills
Richman - Bel Air
Santa Maria - Santa Monica
Verona Beach - Venice Beach
Marina - Marina del Ray
Pershing Sq - Pershing Square
Downtown - Downtown
Commerce - Civic Center
Conference - Convention Center
Griffin Park - Griffith Park
Los Santos International Airport - LA International Airport
East Beach - Long Beach
East Los Santos - East Los Angeles
Little Mexico - Little Mexico
Crompton - Compton
Idlewood - Inglewood
Watson - Watts
Glen Park - Echo Park
SuBo Heights - Boyle Heights
Ocean Port - Port of LA
Willowfield - Willowbrooks


Taxis - Same as IV

Subway - Same as te subway in IV, stations are located in: Vinewood, Rodeo, Pershing Sq, Downtown, Conference, Los Santos International Airport, East Beach, Glen Park and Ocean Port.

Train - There are 3 stations in Los Santos, they are: Los Santos City located in Downtown, Los Santos International Airport and East Los Santos.

Plane - Players can catch planes from Los Santos International Airport.

SIZE=7]Las Venturas[/SIZE]

As the gambling capital of the world, LV is the place where the rich and stupid come to gamble their money and posessions. The strip is the main attraction in LV with its casinos and their flashing lights, no one can resist a flutter on the one armed bandits or the blackjack tables. But surely theres more to Venturas that meets the eye. Well no actually, the culture in LV is as artificial as a models breast, but don't let that put you off from visiting. If you don't feel like gambling, you could go clubbing in one of many hotspots, watch an awe inspiring show or if your that desperate, visit a strip club. No matter what you do, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time in Las Venturas...

Places of Interest

The Strip - Lined with casinos, hotels and nightclubs, The Strip is LV's hotspot with something for everyone. If you want to gamblebut have kids with you, simply drop them off in the Clowns Pocket Fun Fair.

Freemount Street Canopy - Another entertainment district that is located in Downtown LV. As well having casinos, Freemount has several bars and restaurants and plays host to free shows under the canopy. A must see attraction that offers a different experiance to the strip.

Hunter Quarry - A quarry situated west of LV

The Grand Crack - A canyon situated west of LV


Lucky in Liberty - New York, New York
The Clown's Pocket - Circus Circus
The Four Dragons Casino - The Imperial
Winey - Wynn
Atmosphere = Stratosphere
Pirates in Mens Pants - Treasure Island
Camel's Toe - Luxor
Come-A-Lot - Excalibur
The Visage - The Mirage
The Emerald Isle - Fitzgeralds


The Strip
Freemount - Downtown Las Vegas/Fremont
Pilgrim - Chinatown Plaza
Rockstar East
Rockstar West
Redsands East
Redsands West
Prickle Pine


Taxi - Same as IV

Train - LV train station is situated in Prickle Pine

Plane - LV International is situated north of Freemount.


There is countryside, mountains and forests seperating the cities. In amongst the rural areas there a some small towns including Blueberry, Angel Pine and Wensdale.


There is a lot of desert surrounding Las Venturas. In amongst the dunes there are some landmarks like the Big Ear Sattelite, Area 69 and the Grand Crack.

[center]user posted image

There are several new features in this concept and this section will introduce them.


The HUD is similar to the one in IV. The health bar will be gold and the armor bar silver. The weapons icon will appear next to the minimap along with the day and time. A new feature on the minimap is that all cops in the vicinity are marked by a blue circle even when the player has no wanted level. This can be switched off if the player desires by going to the options section of the pause menu.

Side Missions

As well as the story missions, there are other ways to earn money, this section will guide you throught them. These must be completed to get 100%

Vigilante/Most Wanted - Similar to the ones in IV except this time some of the missions require you to arrest the criminal rather than kill them. But be warned, they won't come peacefully, you may have to beat them up and then put them in the car. Once the culprit is in the car, get them to the nearest police station to collect your reward. Other missions will require you to kill the criminal.

Taxis - Same as in previous games, pick up passengers and take them to their destination within the time limit.

Paramedic - Same as in previous games, take the injured to the hospital within the time limit,

Assassinations - Perform hits for different crime bosses around San Andreas. Some missions will require you to use a certain weapon or to not be spotterd.

Lorry Driver - Same as in GTA:SA, deliver the goods safely to their destination within the time limit.

Street Racing - Like in previous games, you can participate in stree races around San Andreas. With 3 race types and 15 tracks and car customization mixed in, racing in GTA is more exciting than ever! The race types are: Circuit, Drag and Sprint.

Activities and Minigames

There are a lot of activities to keep you entertained in San Andreas and gthis section will tell you about them.

Bowling - Like in IV, you can go bowling either by yourself or with friends in one of the Memory Lanes bowling alleys in San Andreas. Memory Lanes are located in: Fisher's Wharf (SF), Downtown (SAlc), Vinewood, Santa Maria (both LS) and Rockstar West (LV).

Pool - Like in previous games, you can play pool in variious bars around San Andreas

Drinking - Like in IV, get p*ssed with your friends in one of the many bars and Nightclubs found in San Andreas.

Darts - Like in IV, you can play darts with friends in various bars in San Andreas.

Robbery - Like in GTA:SA, you can rob houses, simply smash a window and clime through to trigger the minigame. But beware, a lot of residents won't take to kindly to having a complete stranger in their house and may attack. Robbing houses may end getting you a two star wanted level if spotted.

Casino Games - Like in GTA:SA, its possible to gamble in the casinos of Las Venturas. The games available to the player are: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Video Poker, Wheel of Fortune and the slot machines. The following casinos are open to players: The Four Dragons Casino, Lucky Liberty, The Clowns Pocket, The Camel's Toe and Pirates in Mens Pants.

Basketball - Like in GTA:SA, you can practice your shooting on the court or alternativly, you can now call a friend for a one on one game.

Crazy Golf - You can now play crazy golf, simply use the left analog stick to aim, pull back the right stick to begin your swing and then push it foreward to hit the ball. Like in bowling, the quicker you push the right analog stick, the power you will get in your shot.

Dancing - This is the same as in system as in GTA:SA, just hit the button at the right time.

Internet Games - You can now play games on the internet. More details in the Internet section.

Mobile Games - You can play games on your phone. See the Mobile Phone section for more details.

Basejumping - Going to a basejumping hotspot will trigger a basejumping minigame like in TBoGT. These hotspots are: Big Pointy Building (SF) and The Atmosphere Tower (LV).
Players can also parachute from planes and most tall structures.


There are many shops in San Andreas available to the player, selling goods such as cars, clothes, electronics and weapons. Below is guide to a few of these stores:

Ammunation - Americas favourite weapons retailer is back. Locations are: Japantown (SF), Commercial District (W), Rocky Park (SAlc), Downtown and East Los Santos (both LS) and Blackfield (LV).

Binco - Americas bargain bucket is as cheap and popular as ever thanks to its discount "fashion" lines. Stores are located in: Hashbury, Moscow Hill (both SF), Woodland Hills (W), Verona Beach, Crompton, SuBo Heights (all LS), Freemount and Blackfield (both LV).

Chin Pow's Chinese Store - The best place to buy melee weapons, Chin Pow's is located in Chinatown (SF)

Didier Sachs - The famous designer has two stores in San Andreas. They are located in Ocean Beach (SAlc) and Rodeo (LS).

Electric Avenue - This is the best place to shop if you want to buy electricals for your safehouses. Stores are located in: Japantown (SF), Downtown (LS) and Blackfield (LV).

FoolMart - This is a discount store, selling cheap food and medication to help get you regain health. Stores are located in: Downtown, Japantown, Hashbury, Fisher's Wharf (all SF), Commercial Distrct (W), Downtown, Ocean Beach, Gateway (all SAlc), Downtown, Vinewood, Santa Monica Beach, Glen Park, Rodeo (all LS), The Strip and Blackfield (both LV).

Krappea - San Andreas premiere furniture store is full of great bargains for your safehouse. Stores are located in: West Woodland (W) and Rodeo (LS).

Modo - This store sells smart/casual style clothes. Stores are located in: Ocean Beack (SAlc) and Rodeo (LS).

Perseus - This store sells expensive suits. Stores are located in: Downtown (SF) and Rodeo (LS).

Pro Laps - This store sells sports wear. Stores are located in: Hashbury (SF),
Commercial District (W), Downtown (LS) and Rockstar West (LV).

Whizz - You can buy mobile phones from the Whizz stores located in: Downtown (SAlc) and Vinewood (LS).

There will also be small stores selling various products dotted about in San Andreas.


Like in previous games, there will be various places for the player to eat if they need to get their health up. Below is a list of restaurants and their locations.

Burger Shot - Downtown, Hashbury, Easter Bay Airport (all SF), Lake Achievement (W), Ocean Beach (SAlc), Vinewood, Verona Beach, Crompton, Rodeo (all LS), Freemount and Redsands West (both LV).

Cluckin Bell - Americas favourite fried chicken vendor can be found all over San Andreas. Locations: Doherty, Fisher's Wharf (both SF), Downtown, Task Beach (both SAlc),
Idlewood, Commerce (both LS), Blackfield and The Strip (both LV).

Fook Yu's Fried Noodles - This brand new noodle chain has opened stores all over San Andreas. Locations: Chinatown (SF), Conference (LS) and Redsands East (LV)

Pizza Slut - Following a re-brand, Well Stacked Pizza Co is now called Pizza Slut. Locations: Calfs Hollow (SF), West Woodland (W), Cityscape (SAlc), East Los Santos, Richman (both LS) and Freemount (LV).

There also hotdog vendors dotted about the as well as small cafe's in the countryside.

Bars and Clubs

There are many bars and clubs open to the player in San Andreas. Inside these places, the player can drink, dance or get a lap dance (strip clubs only).

San Fierro

Jazzy Cookers - A jazz themed bar and restaurant located in Downtown.
Wang Carr's - A strip club that is located Doherty.
I-BEATS - This nightclub plays mainly drum and base. Located in Fisher's Wharf.


The Warehouse - This club plays trance music and is located in the Commercial District.

San Alcala

Scooter's - This club plays mainstream dance music and is located in Ocean Beach.
The Blowhole - This is a pub located in Task Beach

Los Santos

J-Dizzles - This is a bar that doesn't take itself to seriously and plays R'n'B. Located in Rodeo.
Planet Vinewood - This is celebrity themed bar and restaurant that is located in Vinewood.
The Touch - This is a strip club located in East Los Santos.

Las Venturas

Honkers - This is a strip club located at the North end of The Strip.
Syndicate - This club plays mainstream dance and is located in Freemount
Casinos - There are bars located inside all the entarable casinos.

As well as the bars and nightclubs listed, there are also several small pubs located around San Andreas.

Mobile Phone

Like in IV, the mobile is a key tool for plyers as it can be used to access missions, call friends and receive texts. The phone still has a camera but now as an added perk, a limited number of pictures can be saved and the uploaded onto the Rockstar Social Club. Another new feature for the phone is the ability to play minigames, these are:

Snake - The classic mobile game is now playable on your in game phone.
Pogo the Monkey - Players can play this side scrolling platform adventure game.
Assteroids - Shoot asteroids to prevent them from colliding with your ship.

The final feature of the phone is having the ability to access the internet although there are only a limited number of websites available.

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Liberty City is in flames; a car bomb in the underground garage of the CC-building has exploded and killed 16 people, including several important people of the CC. In a statement, made by Mayor Ochoa, he tells the public that the city is threatened by several Middle-eastern terrorist cells that are actively doing everything they can to create chaos in Liberty City and to demolish American society. Hatred and fear for Arabs grows quickly in LC and Broker resident Salim Nassar is growing tired of it. Salim came with his sister and pregnant mother to America and Liberty City over 20 years ago now, but his mother died several years ago, his sister has moved back to Syria to study Arabian and his LC-born younger brother Samir moved to San Andreas to become a movie star. There is nothing anymore to the city he ones loved, the city hates him and he it. So Salim decides to seek up his brother in San Andreas.


Characters (In order of appearance)

Salim Nassar, 26
Salim is a frustrated man, he’s hoping for a good life in San Andreas, but discovers that life in San Fierro isn’t as good as it might seem. He makes friends and enemies while trying to survive in America’s culture capital where artist die daily, and with acquaintances like these, things aren’t probable to be normal.
Samir Nassar, 24
Samir Nassar moved to San Andreas three years ago, pursuing the glamorous life, wanting to be a famous singer. So he went to the cultural city of San Fierro where all “real” artists live. However, his talents are limited, and things go a little differently, he does get into the showbiz world. The income from this type of work isn’t very steady though, and he finds a job as a valet at a hotel.

Map Unlocks

Because of terror cells being active in America, the government forbids Arabs and Muslims to enter or exit large urban areas that are considered possible targets of terrorists. The streets are watched by the police, their order is to shoot at sight of trespass, and any suspicious air-traffic, in these areas, is shot down by the military. Although it is alright to travel between San Fierro and Woodland because the Governor of San Andreas “don’t think even a terrorist would go to Woodland”. San Alcala is unlocked after ¼ of the story because of the Governor’s statement “Isn’t that a part of Mexico? If terrorists want to leave, let them. And if any terrorists try to go through Mexico to America, they’ll be taken down by the swine flu before they get here”. After half of the story the terrorist threat is reduced and the cities open up again for Arabs and Muslims, this unlocks Los Santos. But Las Venturas is inaccessible until ¾ of the story because the Mayor of LV “just don’t want them towel-heads here”, finally the government forces the metro area of Las Venturas to open up for everyone again.
Story and missions
Act I
45 (1-45) missions (San Alcala unlocks after 30 or nr 30)
Act II
45 (46-90) missions (Los Santos unlocks after 15 or nr 60 and Las Venturas after 45 or nr 90)
30 (91-120) mission

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There is a wide range of weapons available to the player, these are:


Pool Cue
Baseball Bat
Num Chucks

Swords and Blades

Meat Cleaver


Desert Eagle
Raging Bull


Spas 12
500 Tatical Shotgun

Machine Guns

FNC Assault Rifle
L85A2 Assault Rifle

Sniper Rifles

Tatical Sniper
SR25SD Rifle




Rocket Launcher

Weapon Customization

There will be basic weapon customization available to the player like having attatchable scopes for rifles and high capacity mags and silencers for pistols. There are two types of scopes available to the player, these are the Acog Scope and the Rifle Scope.

user posted image

Police Crown Elizabeth - ford crown victoria
Stingray:1974 Lancia stratos HF Stradale
Turismo T500: 2004 Ferrari430
Turismo GT1000: 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO
Punch Buggy: 2004 VW Beetle
Slap Buggy: 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser
Scorcher: 2004 Chrysler Crossfire
Huntley: 1990 Land Rover
Slivia: 2000 Honda s2000
Stallion 65: 1965 Mustang
Cazza-Fiat Punto
Carey-Dodge Ram Van
Police Ranger - Chevrolet Tahoe
Ranger - Chevrolet Tahoe
Bluebear - Fiat Panda
Rancher - 1974 Chevrolet Short Wheelbase 4X4
Diamond - Old Rolls Royce (old Super Diamond)
Siesta - 1995 Ford Fiesta
NoirChat (French for Black Cat) - Pergeot 407
FIB Cruiser - FBI Ford Crown Victoria
Abandoner - Ford Escort
Dumbo - Mercedes Smart
NightDriver - GMC Dayvan
grenouille (french for frog) - Pergeot 206
Insetto (italian for Bug) - Fiat 500
Coche dorado (spanish for Guilded car) - Cadillac Eldorado
Asiento (spanish for seat) - Seat Ibiza
Brit - Austin Mini Metro
Merodeador (Spanish for Marauder) - Mack truck
Citizen - 1995 Honda Civic
yotoya - 1995 Toyota Camry
Jerry - 1992 Volkeswagen Golf
Jerry C - 1980 Volkeswagen Golf Convertible
Outback - FRV Mondeo Custom
Turismo GT000 - Ferrari GT000
Harley - Harley Davidson 16GL
Phenomonom - Mitsubishi Eclipse
Bull - Ford Taurus
Integridad(Spanish for integrity) - 2000 Acura Integra
Integridad(spanish for Integrity) Custom - 2000 Acura Integra Custom
Hykumai X1 - Hyundai Matrix
Hycumai X2 - Hyundai Santa Fe
Maibatsu - Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed
Mystic - 2005 Honda Accord
Yosemite - Ford F150 lightning
Santa Cruz - Prototype Open top Racer
Mainlander - Land Rover Discovery
Islander - Land Rover Defender
FBI Alpha
FBI Cruiser

user posted image

There a some customization options available to players so that the can leave their own personal mark on the game. This section tells you about some of the options available.


There are a number of options available for you to customise the protagonist

Haircuts - There are five different hairstyles available to the player, these are Flat, Shaved, Spikey, Mohawk and Messy.

Facial Hair - Players have the option of given the protagonist a Goatee, Moustache, Stubble or keep them clean shaved.

Tattoos - There are a number of tattoo designs available to the player if they choose to have them.


Players can now once again buy safehouses, although now they will be a little more realistically priced to stop them from being bought so easily. Players can also buy furniture like beds, wardbrobes, sofas and tables etc. and electricals like TV's, Laptops and Stereos.


Another returning feature is the ability to customise vehicles. Players can add body kits, nitros, new rims and upgrade and tune their vehicles engine to get the best performance. All this can be done at Pay and Spray. Players can now choose what colour they want their car to be sprayed.

user posted image


Like in IV, you can watch TV whilst in your safehouse. The following programmes and channels are available:


Vinewood C*nts - This show follows the lives of spoilt and stuck up celebrities.
Family Man - An animated comedy about a fat idiot and his family.
Science of Crime - An extremely boring crime show. A victim is found in a pool of his own urine.


I'm Rich - Another episode of this reality show that shows how celebrities live.
Cops and Robbers - This show follows cops as they patrol the streets and eat doughnuts.
Dragonbrain - The network premiere of the 2008 hit movie.
Sh*tty Singer Contest - Is exactly what the title suggests.


Live Basketball - Los Santos Rivers at Liberty City Warriors.
Live Tennis - Live from Meadows Park in Liberty City.
SportTalk - A sports chatshow where disgruntled and clueless fans call in to voice their opinions.


The internet is another returning feature from IV. Players are now able to play minigames and download music to put on their phones (phones can hold up to 15 songs). A list of new websites is coming soon.


user posted image

Genre: Country
Tracklist coming soon

Your Music Radio
Genre: Pop Rock

The soundtrack to your life. These are songs that have appeared in TV show set in California, such as Scrubs, The OC and 90210.

Owl City - Hot Air Balloon
Josh Joplin Project - Camera One
Rhett Miller - Our Love
Gavin DeGraw - Follow Through
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
Keane - Everybody's Changing
Apartment - Fall Into Place
Death Cab for Cutie - I'll Follow You Into the Dark
WAZ - Superman

user posted image

Radio Heaven
Genre: Christian Pop, Rock and Talk

The Beautiful Letdown - Dare You to Move
Jars of Clay - A Love Song for a Saviour

The God Squad vs The Christ Crew - A religious debating show that tries to be "hip" and "down with the kids". This show looks at pointless issues in a religious way.

Decyfer Down - Forever With You
Kutless - What Faith Can Do

LIVE from Las Venturas - A live church service in the City of Sin.

user posted image

West Coast Beat
Genre: Rap, R'n'B
Tracklist coming soon

Dr Dre - Ring Ding Dong
Snoop Dog ft Pharell - Beautiful
Pigeon John - Freaks! Freaks!
Spider Loc ft J-Love - I'm a Crip
Cypress Hill - Get 'em up
Afroman - Palm Dale
Coolio - Gangsters Paradise
The Game - How We Do

user posted image

106.2 San Andreas Rocks
Genre: Classic Rock

Journey - Wheel in the Sky
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Poison - Talk Dirty to Me
Quiet Riot - Come on Feel the Noise
Boston - Don't Look Back
Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin for You
Q Lazzarus - White Lines
Deep Purple - Hush
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm

user posted image

Genre: Showbiz Talk

This is a talk station presented by Lazlow that focuses on the lives of Vinewood's finest. As popular as Lazlow is with the listeners, he has already made a few celebrity enemies in the past and its highly likely that he'll make a few more whilst working on The BIZ.
As well as Lazlow interviewing the celebrities, The BIZ also has episodes of FIZZ and a BIZ original, Mind Your Own BIZness.

Mind Your Own BIZness - The show that goes around asking celebrities very personal questions that often end up annoying the celebs and sometimes even causing fights.

FIZZ - Another episode of this popular gossip show. This time the presenters are looking back on the careers of celebrities who have died in the last year.

user posted image

The Venturas Vibe
Genre: R'n'B

Laza Morgan - This Girl
T-Pain - Kiss Her
Rhianna - Stupid in Love
R Kelly - Ignition
Sel - Necessary
Alexis Jordan - Happiness
Monica - Here I Am
Pure - Girl 4 Me
Beyonce - I Were a Boy
Ne Yo - So Sick

More radio stations coming soon...


- ILIKESTRANGERS - Just like the old stilllikedressingup code, it turns you into other peds.
- HOTWHEELS - Every car on the street is a fast car.
- RARITYLOOKS - Every car on the street is a car that's rare, either by not spawning on the streets normally, or by having a single, fixed location.
- POPPEDWHEELS - Every car on the street is a one that's slow, and cheap.
- BIKESONLY - Only motorbikes are the one driven by people, and same goes for the Police.
- GHOSTSTATE - Makes the whole San Andreas a ghost one, no cars to steal from streets, no peds to talk or kill.
- KILLERSBILL - This cheat kills you instantly.
- RUNNINOUTOFLIFE - Restores Health
- SELFPROTECTION - Restores/Gives Armor


Claude94 - Is helping with the map
SirPsychoSexy - Is helping with the story
Jayd_101 - Is helping with the soundtrack
drscot - Did the vehicles list
Diego DM Mendez - Came up with the cheats
Unlimited - For allowing me to repost meaning I can continue to add to this concept
Thank you to those credited for helping with this concept.

Coming Soon: Story, Characters, Weapons, Radio, Internet, Vehicles and Gangs.

Please remember that this is a work in progress that I shall continue to expand upon and make sure all criticism is constructive rather than moaning about stupid things.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to mention them in your comments or PM me.
Thanks for reading smile.gif

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 01:22 AM Edited by 02fishera, 13 April 2010 - 01:29 AM.

Reserved - Updates to come...

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 01:24 AM Edited by 02fishera, 13 April 2010 - 01:29 AM.

Reserved - Updates to come...

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 06:22 PM

I've updated a couple of the radio stations. I'm working on a lot of material at the moment and should be adding quite a big update later.

  • AnthMUFC-Champs


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Posted 13 April 2010 - 08:02 PM

Cool mate looks good i hope you get more replies as you deserve it especially for the effort.

  • Sanjeem

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 08:13 PM

Nice but may i add the Mafia don't hold a place in Las vegas anymore, or if they do ever-so slightly, same with the russians they operate more in Florida and New York, same with the mafia.

In the 1980's they did but not anymore. (Watch Casino)

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 08:34 PM

QUOTE (Sanjeem @ Apr 13 2010, 20:13)
Nice but may i add the Mafia don't hold a place in Las vegas anymore, or if they do ever-so slightly, same with the russians they operate more in Florida and New York, same with the mafia.

In the 1980's they did but not anymore. (Watch Casino)

Yeah I did a bit of research about that, I'm thinking of having the Yakuza as the main gang and focus on them. I need a bit of help for writing up about the gangs, would you like to help?

@AnthMUFC-Champs, thanks, hopefully when I've got the topic sorted and it all starts coming together as planned I'll get some replies. I had to repost this concept because I ran out of image space.

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 11:30 PM

I've posted the first part of the story which was written by SirPsychoSexy and the two main characters. Theres plenty more to come so keep checking up if your interested in seeing how this developes smile.gif

  • Jayd_101

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 11:49 PM

Nice Topic icon14.gif.

I don't know why it aint getting much replies though.

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 11:52 PM

Maybe people have lost interest in these concepts.

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Posted 16 April 2010 - 10:03 PM

I've started to add an internet section. I've not been able to work on this for the pat few days as I've been to busy but there will be a large update on Monday.

  • Sanjeem

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Posted 17 April 2010 - 12:18 AM

You wanted a little bit of advice ( I cant Help you much right now busy tounge.gif )

I would focus more on Bloods, Crips and The Mexican and El Salvadorian street gangs such as 18th street gang and MS-13, then focus on triads in San fierro (yacuza dont operate that much anymore in SF) and Las vegas beleive it or not hardley has any crime at all anymore. It might have a few mobsters working in the casino's but i highly dought criminal activity there now is high. It used to be in 1980's.

  • SirPsychoSexy

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Posted 17 April 2010 - 12:47 AM

Actually, I don't think people should care too much about the crime rates of the real cities. The cities are based on real cities, but they're still fiction, so the crime doesn't really have to be like in reality.

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Posted 17 April 2010 - 12:48 AM

As nerdy as it sounds, I went to the library and researched some of this stuff. Yakuza do in fact have a huge faction in San Fran and thats why I'm looking to focus on them. But thanks for the advice, I'll take it into account and pass it on to SirPsychoSexy who is writing the story. We are trying to get the correct balance between fiction and reality in the story.

  • Aussiedesperado


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Posted 17 April 2010 - 09:24 AM

Mate this looks f*cken good. I like it how uv added another city (San diago) - sorry 4 the spelling -

I like the Customisation of the Safe Houses too smile.gif

Nice cookie.gif

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Posted 17 April 2010 - 12:46 PM

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll posting an update tomorrow so stay tuned!

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Posted 18 April 2010 - 11:22 PM

I've updated the soundtrack, thank you to Jayd_101 for helping me find the songs.

  • streetthug


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Posted 19 April 2010 - 05:49 PM

icon14.gif icon14.gif This is a cool concept broh... I just don't understand why so many people
dont want another GTA game in SA or even just LOS SANTOS.

my answer "WHY NOT FIX IF YOU CAN!"

Keep it up bruh

Diego Mustard
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Posted 19 April 2010 - 06:49 PM Edited by Diego "DM" Mendez, 19 April 2010 - 06:51 PM.

You did it! People might not replying much to this topic because they're stuck with Vice City.
And they're be still stuck with this city no matter even if the city itself became dust.

Anyway, I have a suggestion. The map needs to have the city names.
And, give them access to VC or they'll be still stuck with other works.

Verdant Meadows?

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Posted 19 April 2010 - 06:55 PM

Thanks for the feedback, I'm working on a more detailed version of the map so I'll add the names. And thanks for reminding me about Verdent Meadows, I'd completely forgot, I'll add that in.

Diego Mustard
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Posted 20 April 2010 - 11:10 AM

Where's LV airport? Also, the real-life San Diego do have an airport.

Just Google "San Diego International", and that's it.

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Posted 20 April 2010 - 09:44 PM

QUOTE (Diego "DM" Mendez @ Apr 20 2010, 11:10)
Where's LV airport? Also, the real-life San Diego do have an airport.

Just Google "San Diego International", and that's it.

I know San Diego has an airport, I've to there but this doesn't have to be 100% correct geographically. IV wasn't, places like the Yankees Stadium, Staten Island, Madison Square Garden and LeGuardia Airport weren't included in LC.

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Posted 20 April 2010 - 10:03 PM

I've posted more updates...

  • SmC12

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Posted 20 April 2010 - 10:34 PM

Really liking this.
Great work and effort put into it. Keep it up. icon14.gif Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. colgate.gif

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 09:36 PM

Thanks for the feedback SmC12. I've not updated for the pastcouple of days and I probably won't have time to until the weekend unfortunatly confused.gif

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Posted 23 April 2010 - 10:26 PM

I've added an updated map that was kindly made by Claude94.


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Posted 28 May 2010 - 01:03 AM

Okay, This is THE BEST chance for a game. icon14.gif icon14.gif
I love it all except, It may not be the right time for a middle eastern charcter. Even though the entire story for why the map is San Andreas revolves around that I have an idea.
The Main character could be an Italian man who wants to regain the Italian Mafia back to LV.
Samir Nassar could be someone he knew back in broker and now decided to be a singer.

The reason the borders are closed? State and Federal law enforcement along with DHS have locked the border due to: the attacks on LC, gang population in LS, Drugs in SF, Gambling in LV, and im not sure about San Alcala but you get the idea, So in order to re open the borders things must settle down. (Ie. reduce the crime rate in LS ect...)

I really hope you dont think i am stereotyping against Middle eastern people but its just too close to home after 9/11 and other attacks and terrorism.

Really like what you have done so far though. smile.gif smile.gif

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Posted 28 May 2010 - 07:21 AM

I understand what you mean by too close to home after 9/11, but I'm not trying to cause any offense. The reason for having an Asian protagonist is because its something that hasn't been done in GTA yet and me and SirPsychoSexy wanted to carry on the theme of the American Dream, only this time the viewpoint would be from someone who had an established life taken from them and they're having rebuild.

Thanks for the feedback icon14.gif

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Posted 28 May 2010 - 09:24 AM

Good work mate keep it up.

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