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SAPD Chronicles

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Posted 07 October 2010 - 11:38 AM

Thanks! biggrin.gif. Just a not to everyone, I will be absent from the DYOM scene for an unknown period of time. This is due to so much stuff going on at Grand Theft Wiki and it's keeping all the admins very busy. Don't worry though, I'll be back wink.gif.

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Posted 13 December 2010 - 10:19 AM Edited by Chimpso, 28 December 2010 - 12:27 PM.

Finally, it's here. The SAPD Chronicles is back! With Part 5:

Operation: Platinum Star

With "Storyline" having the most results in this poll, it will be focused on an exiting storline with lots of action.

The Loco Syndicate is finished. Things are back to normal. San Andreas is a peaceful place once again. But the peace is short lived. Now James and Gerard are fighting not only to protect San Andreas, but maybe even the whole county. Russia has just finished a new secret space-based weapon program codenamed "Platinum Star". And it's not where it's supposed to be.

Part 5 is now in production. When the first mission is completed, it will be released as a trailer.

Please share your thoughts!

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 12:35 PM Edited by Chimpso, 28 December 2010 - 12:37 PM.

Alright, no trailer mission yet, but I'm going to release some info on Part 5; Operation: Platinum Star.

First of all. Platinum Star is the name of a space weapon sattelite made by Russia. While playing the missions, you will actually see a hand-build satellite (created using various objects) that will appear in cutscenes. It will feature Area 69 to a large extent, as well as other millitary-based places.

Expect a lot of covert-ops during this two part series (I'm making it part 5 and 6), and a lot of action, as well as a great storyline.

The storyline is already established, and the first mission is underway, which is an intro mission (no gunfighting, difficulty involved) that introduces new characters as well as the storyline. Expect past characters to make returns and lots of plot twists.

These two parts will not be insanely difficult, so you won't be going WTF!!! OMFG!!! I PLAYED THROUGH THIS 15 MINUTE MISSION AND DIES!!! NOW I CAN'T BE F*UCKED PLAYING IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!! *skips to next mission*, so difficulty wise, everything is quiet stable.

When the first missions of Part 1 and 2 of Operation Platinum Star are complete, they will be released as trailers. A video trailer will also be released when both parts are finished. But both parts will be released one after the other, so once part 1 is done, I'll release it and start making part 2, if you get what I mean.

Please tell me what you think and suggest ways that I can improve, as well as features I can add.

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Posted 01 January 2011 - 05:21 AM

It's finally here! The first mission of SAPD Chronicles part 5 which I have released as a trailer.


No gunfighting or challenges involved, it just explains the extensive story. Hope you like it smile.gif.

Sgt. Holden
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Posted 02 January 2011 - 03:43 PM

I really like the fact that you actually focus on the storyline and not the gunfights/challenges only. I have 'played' through the mission and and I enjoyed watching the cutscenes.

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 04:29 PM

Just now finished part 4 and part 5. Damn cool, man. Love the action!

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Posted 03 January 2011 - 02:10 AM

@Sgt. Holden - Yes. Storyline is VERY important. Hence why I have one mission explaining it in detail.

@ leoncj - Glad you liked them biggrin.gif. That was just the first mission of Part 5 though. The rest will be released soon.

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Posted 18 March 2011 - 07:50 AM

Woah, this topic has really sunk to the bottom of the que, so lets bring it back up.

Right, I'm planning to continue Part 5 sometime soon, but before I do so, I want to ask you all a few questions (this is for those of you who have played the whole series).

1. What was you're favourite mission/part overall?
2. Which mission/part was the most challenging for you?
3. Which mission(s)/part(s) did you think were rushed?
4. Who was your favourite character and why? (apart from James or Gerard).
5. What did you like most about the series overall.

Please feel free to answer some or all of those questions. I will appreciate it! smile.gif And it'll help me with the upcoming part.

Thanks smile.gif.

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Posted 22 March 2011 - 07:10 AM

So... no one? Shame.

Anyways, I'll have something very interesting to post very soon smile.gif.

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Posted 22 March 2011 - 07:39 AM

Damn.. lol It's been awhile since I played the series.

1. I liked the parts where there were alot of allies and pickups and enemies to fight. One example was the one at the camp, IDK what it was called.

2. I find any mission with hunters that shoot missiles at you to be difficult.

3. I really do not think anything was rushed, it all played out well. It has also been awhile since I played.

4. I like the character Blackmore because that character was an FBI agent that actually had a role in the story, as most are just FBI people, so I think he was easy to differentiate from the rest. IDK what else. Lol I will edit if I come up with more.

5. I liked this series because it was something you stuck with since I remember playing, I have not really seen many police stories that are interesting, original, and connect with the original SA story.

Yea there is so much going on in the forums now, its hard to keep track with every topic, and its been awhile. I would love to see you continue this.

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Posted 23 March 2011 - 12:51 PM

Good Luck my friend! biggrin.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif icon14.gif icon14.gif

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Posted 25 March 2011 - 11:50 AM

Said I was going to post something soon, didn't I? Well, here it is. It's amazing how bloody much I can love a story that I created for a video game that I actually take it and use it for my academic studies. The following is my "Short Story" (2770 words lol.gif) that I wrote for an English assignment here at school. My teacher loved the story, I got an A- (17/20) for it, the second best in the class. The word limit was 500-750 words. I said, "f*ck that" and wrote this beauty. That's why I probarbly lost a few marks tounge.gif.

The story is based off of Part 1 of the SAPD Chronicles. It focuses on two missions, A New Case and Nyet Showdown, from which the story derives it's name (Nyet is russion for no. So the title is basically No Showdown) It changes and morphs dialouge and events quite a lot, but It follows the same story.

Please enjoy reading this. It took me a lot of time, and I know there may be some typos in there, and the ending was kind of bad, but I put in a great effort (that I'm still actually not pleased with, had I more time, this story would have been a lot better) and had fun writing this story. So please enjoy:

Nyet Showdown

It was hot, too bloody hot. The station’s gardener wiped his brow and retreated to back to his truck for some water. The plants practically died when he walked away, almost begging him to come back.
Me? I was perspiring like a leaky water faucet. And the long, black Police issue pants did not help. Gerard was smoking a cigar – yeah, a cigar. Don’t know where he got that, must’ve swiped it from Rocky’s desk, man he’ll be pissed when he finds out.
“Damn,” Gerard said, “hot as hell today, eh James?”
Well, congratulations Sherlock.
Las Vegas’ Downtown district was already full of activity. It was a Tuesday, businessmen passing the police station in their full suits carrying their little black briefcases. I felt sorry for them. And I don’t usually feel sorry for overpaid accountants.
“C’mon Gerard,” I elbowed him, “Gilbert ain’t known for his patience”.
“Bah, alright.” Gerard threw the half smoked cigar down the police station’s main entrance stairs, small flecks of ash had gathered on his thick black moustache.
I was blasted by air conditioning as I entered the police station; it nearly knocked me off my feet! Rocky yelled something from behind the main desk, probably some crap about paperwork. I told him to stick it, there were more important thing to attend to now.
Captain Gilbert had called half the bloody force in for an emergency meeting. Gerard and I proceeded into the assembly room. Where several dozen officers were already seated.
“James” Gerard had sat down. “You know what’s going on?”
“The Mayoress probably lost her dog” I groaned.
Captain Jack Gilbert was not a fool. I knew he wouldn’t call this many officers to discuss a mothers meeting, he obviously had something important to say. Las Vegas had always been a town full of drug dealers and scum, but their operations never warranted a meeting this large. Everyone was seated, so Gilbert began.
An hour, a whole bloody hour about discussing some big time Russian weapons smuggler who went by the name of Oleg Minkhaelov. The whole briefing discussed his various connections, partners, and buyers – nothing that concerned us lowly officers in other words.
I made to leave, but Gerard put a hand on my shoulder and gestured for me to sit down again.
“James,” he said, rather quietly, “I know this is a stupid question, but did you actually listen when Gilbert was talking about his connections?”
Gerard already knew the answer and so did not wait for my response.
“One of the names he mentioned was Mikhael Droslaviche.”
Great, another Russian, I thought. Their mafia basically controlled everything these days.
“Yeah, so what?”
“I know him,” Gerard said, leaning in closer.
“If he’s a mob boss then everyone probably knows him,” I had no idea where this conversation was heading, or why Gerard was being so secretive.
“I mean personally”
Personally? Geeze, what crap have you got yourself into now Gerard?
“He’s my informant, knows everything that goes on in this damn town, known each other for a while, he’s reliable” Gerard seemed quite pleased to have an informant in a rival organization.
“We can meet him,” he said, “find out what he knows, he’ll be more than happy to comply.”
I should have told him to forget about it – that it didn’t concern us. But something was interesting about this Mikhael guy that made me want to find out more. Maybe it was because he was Russian, or maybe because of Gerard’s promise that he knew everything about the city. I don’t know why. But I nodded.
Of all the places to meet a supposed King of the City for information, why did he and Gerard decide on a back alley bar? I would have imagined us chilling in Cesar’s Palace, but instead we were in this dump. It was still hot, and the air-conditioning was on full blast. The young bartender, who looked like he was just over the legal drinking age, was wiping down the bar. He seemed quite nervous when we walked in.
Gerard and I were sitting in a booth in a corner of the bar near the pool table. It was a plain place, with grey brick walls, lifeless wooden tables and ripped red seats.
“Where’s this Mikhael guy?” I asked, not really willing to stay in this hole for much longer.
“He’s coming,” Gerard insisted, “Geeze, James, where the hell did your patience go.”
I told him that it ran away with the spoon, and he just laughed. He always laughed at bad jokes.
The bar door opened.
Now it was I who almost laughed. The man that had walked into the bar was wearing a three piece suit with a huge fur coat going half way down his legs. His face was masked by a pair of expensive black sunglasses and he had a large white bowler hat on his head.
How the hell did this guy manage to wear all those clothes on such a hot day?
Gerard stood up, “Hey, Mikhael…what’s with the bat?”
Indeed, the man, who seemed to be Mikhael, was holding a large wooden baseball bat.
Mikhael was angry, very angry by the redness of his face. Or maybe that was because he was steaming from the heat? I did not know.
He walked towards us, muttering profanity in Russian. I got up, ready to defend.
Gerard put his hand up to stop me.
“Damn! I got some bloody idiots coming after me!” Mikhael fumed in a heavily Russian accented voice.
“Who?” Gerard asked.
“Some low-life street gang!” Mikhael yelled, “Those morons are after me! ME!”
“Relax Mikhael, where are th-“
“Uh Gerard…”
About a dozen men, all dressed in street clothes and wielding an assortment of close combat weapons had congregated at the front of the bar, blocking the door.
We all turned. Mikhael had raised his bat. The gang leader stepped forward and he and Mikhael exchanged some Russian words that sounded rather rude. I could practically taste the growing hostility. Then, without warning, the whole gang charged.
We didn’t have time to work anything out, or time to talk. As they ran towards us, Mikhael’s only words were “Help me take care of these morons, and you got your info!”
We had no choice. We could not use guns in here, too dangerous. Gerard and I pulled out our Nightsticks.
One of them, wielding half of a pool cue, ran towards me, weapon raised, with a berserk look of anger on his face. I dodged to the side and slammed the stick hard into his stomach. He doubled over, and I finished by cracking it over the back of his neck.
It was a total brawl now.
One of the bigger ones picked up Gerard by his collar and slammed him into the bar. Gerard snatched a bottle from the bar shelf and smashed it over his head. He held his face in his hands, blinded. Gerard used his legs to push him into a window, causing it to break and him to spill out onto the sidewalk. I swear the old lady standing outside almost had a heart attack.
The bartender ducked for cover as Mikhael grabbed another one of them with his meaty hands and plonked him onto the bar table. He then pushed him – hard, causing him to fly across the bar, smashing bottles and spilling foul smelling liquor everywhere, before he ran out of table and flew into the wall.
Mikhael picked up another one and literally slammed him through a table, taunting him while he was on the floor.
A rather big fellow charged at me with a knife. I swung my stick, knocking the blade out of his hand. Grabbing his arm, I shoved it down the ball hole of the nearby pool table. He tried to wrench it out, but his arm was too big.
There were only a few left now. Gerard knocked the teeth out of one with his stick. Mikhael grabbed the heads of two more, smashing them together and throwing them across the bar. Two to go.
One ran away, leaving his friend to the wrath of Mikhael, who threw him into the bar shelf, totally destroying it and raining glass everywhere.
The bar was a write off. Every shelf was smashed, almost all the tables were toothpicks and not a single bottle was left unbroken.
“Well!” Gerard let out a breath, “What an unfriendly bunch!”
My arm was throbbing where a baseball bat-wielding thug had hit me. And Gerard had a small cut on his cheek. Mikhael was unscathed, his coat and hat had not even fallen off!
The bartender slowly raised his head from behind the bar, pale as hell.
Mikhael threw him some bills, said a hurried “Sorry” and led us outside.
“You fought like masters in there my friends!” he beamed, “Even though I could have destroyed them all by myself, it was more fun having you guys back me up!”
I actually believed him. Although he did not look incredibly strong, he acted as if he could take on an army.
“Now,” he said, “I assume you want some information.”
“Yes,” Gerard said, “Considering all we’ve just been through, that would be nice.”
Gilbert beamed with delight when we presented him with the report the next day. I was surprised how much Mikhael actually knew. Not only had he given us the time and place where we could find Minkhaelov, but also what his dealings were, how he smuggled his wares in and most, if not all, of his known contacts.
“So,” Gilbert said with a big grin “this Minkhaelov guy is some big shot weapons smuggler eh?”
“So it would seem captain,” I said, “been smuggling everything from BB guns to bazookas from Russia for almost 2 years”.
Gilbert still had that big grin on his face.
“I think it’s time we inaugurated a little war against Mr. Minkhaelov,” Gilbert said, “It seems he is scheduled to make one of his “Computer Chip” deliveries at the airport next week. I say we give him a warm welcome…”
It was 5 am and bloody freezing now. Everything was set. Flights had been delayed or re-routed, civilians had been cleared from the area and the airport evacuated. It was time to take down Mr. Minkhaelov.
Gerard and I were in the back of one of the four SWAT vans that would take part in the bust. 3 other SWAT members were also inside, preparing their equipment)
“2 Minutes!” the driver informed us, “two minutes to go!”
Two minutes of sitting there. The fear starting to build up. The reality of the situation started to kick in. Gilbert insisted Gerard and I came along during this operation, as we knew so much about Mikhaelov.
What the hell were we about to do?
“Awaiting confirmation…” the driver said.
Another 10 long seconds.
“Ok… We are go!”
The van accelerated so suddenly I almost fell off my seat. The SWAT Team picked up and cocked their weapons, Gerard and I did the same.
Looking through the front window, I could see Minkhaelov’s plane. It was a small passenger aircraft, about 10 or so meters wide.
We had not even got that close when his men saw our intentions, and started shooting.
Thank god the front window was bulletproof. The bullets still made a horrible noise as they ricocheted off the armor plating.
“Get ready!” yelled the driver over all the racket.
“Ouch time,” said Gerard, holding his shotgun close.
Yep, it was ouch time alright, but for them, or us?
The SWAT Van stopped, and the SWAT troopers burst out the door. All I could hear was gunfire and yelling, Russian and English. Gerard and I ran onto the runway area, and took cover behind one of the nearby cars that was sent to pick up the weapons.
Bullets pinged off the car as I leaped up and snapped of a quick burst from my Automatic Rifle. One of Minkhaelov’s goons went down. Gerard scrambled another with his shotgun, sending him to the floor in a bloody, untidy mess.
One of those psychopathic gangsters had an RPG rocket launcher.
Where the hell did these thugs get that?!
He found himself in the firing line of almost ever SWAT member in the assault. He got stitched with bullets, aiming the rocket up and firing the projectile, which self destructed in mid-air.
More bullets hit the car. The windows smash and I cursed as glass rained on me. Where the hell had Gerard gone?
A SWAT trooper had joined me behind the car, and was blazing away with his MP5 sub machine gun. One goon went down, then another, about a dozen left now.
He was a sergeant.
“We’ve got to advance!” he yelled over the sounds of battle, “Move up!”
Now I saw Gerard, he was on the other side of the warzone, still blazing away with his shotgun, good lad.
I raced forward, in a crouched position, bullets pinging all around me, their tracers were like yellow blurs. Those blurs were oddly appealing, like watching shooting stars as a kid, forget about that, concentrate!
There was nothing else. Just that one bloody fight on that one bloody runway, with ever bloody mobster from Moscow to Siberia trying to end my life, so be it.
I was the first to reach the enemy. Jumping behind their car, another goon on the other side who was just itching to blow my brains all over the asphalt. He got his own treatment, the SWAT sergeant came running up behind me, taking cover behind the same car. Gerard and the rest of the SWAT force followed.
Then I saw him.
A flamboyantly dressed man, fleeing down the runway, a brown beard covering his face.
Minkhaelov. It had to be. Gerard saw him too.
Well? What the hell are we waiting for!?
Gerard and I took off, running after the fleeing man. The few remaining goons directed their failing fire over to us.
“Give ‘em cover!” I heard the SWAT Sergeant yell out, and the SWAT team resumed blazing away at the goons.
Bullets smashed up the asphalt around me. We kept running after the fleeing figure, who was now, unmistakably Minkhaelov.
He turned around, but kept running. The man had a great skill for running backwards. He raised his weapons. Dual pistols, most likely from Russia. Pow-pow-pow he snapped off several shots, obviously aiming due to the delay between the firings. Gerard and I keep running, but we don’t shoot yet. No point wasting time and ammo.
Mikhael was running towards one of the small hangers near the runway. Used to house small aircraft.
Hell no you snake! You’re not getting away!
Minkhaelov had reached the hanger. But he did not get into the aircraft. He stopped.
We closed in. Weapons ready. He turned, raised his pistols, gave us an angry grin, and began shooting. We were on the open runway, but could still dodge. Gerard raised his shotgun, aiming as he ran.
“Drop them Minkhaelov!”
But he would not drop them. He was not going to give up. He had seen war, he knew how this would end, and he would not stop.
So Gerard stopped him instead. A single, inaccurate blast from his shotgun hit Minkhaelov in the legs. Sending him to the floor.
We closed in. Minkhaelov was crawling, leaving a trail of blood, towards one of his dropped pistols.
“Don’t do it Minkhaelov!” Gerard yelled
I thought the same thing.
But Minkhaelov’s mind was made up. He reached for the pistol, and swung it towards us.
“Dasvidanya Americans!” he yelled.
He didn’t get a chance to say anymore. Gerard and I fired. Minkhaelov’s eyes went wide, his mouth following.
He looked up at us, almost confused.
And Minkhaelov was dead. Gone.
Gerard went up to his corpse, checking his pulse. But he dead.
How? How do you think, scumbag? We got you, we won.
But the look he gave us before his death expressed a different confusion. One that I was sure I would never understand.
Dasvidanya. Russian for goodbye. Was he saying goodbye to us, or to himself? Once again, a question I would never figure out. The SWAT team was advancing on our position. Gerard put a hand on my shoulder.
“It’s over, let’s go.”
So I walked away. Minkhaelov’s corpse almost staring at me with those lifeless eyes.
Why did such men waste their lives? Once again, a question I would never understand.

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Posted 25 March 2011 - 07:09 PM

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 04:48 AM

Well, this really has a nice coat of dust on it now doesn't it? Time to blow it away!

Thanks to a new surge of inspiration. I have resumed work on Part 5: Operation Platinum Star.

Here are a few details:
  • My Original plan of having this be Part 5 and 6 is scrapped. It will now just be Part 5.
  • The missions will be more polished. Less typos and more vocabulary. Still no text coloring though tounge.gif.
  • Mikhael will make another appearance (yay!)
  • It will include the San Andreas mission "Black Project" from the point of view of James and Gerard.
  • There will be a lot of action!
Please let me know if there was stuff you didn't like or think I could have improved on in previous missions. I would love to hear your thoughts on the presentation of my missions smile.gif.

When will it be released? Not sure yet. I don't set dates. But hopefully It won't be too long.

Thank you all for supporting what I'm sure is the longest running DYOM series ever. It would have not been possible without all of you players. So thank you biggrin.gif.

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 04:57 AM

Oh, finally, Chimpso, you're working on it.

I played your series and it's really great! I'm waiting for Part 5.

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 12:38 PM

I will play all of SAPD Chronicles missions soon and give you feedback then.

Also, you inspired me to do a cop mission pack after I finish my current ones.

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 06:37 AM

It's good to see that SAPD Chronicles are on the top page again. Epic mission pack, really.

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Posted 13 October 2011 - 12:56 PM

Normally I would only post 1 mission as a trailer for a part of the series. However, since it's been a little while (10 months suicidal.gif ) since the last mission was uploaded. I've decided to treat you all with this! The second mission of Part 5 as another trailer!

Please enjoy!


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Posted 16 March 2012 - 07:44 AM

I love the Part 4 trailer! What's the music? What mission is the one with regaining control of an AT400? It looks awesome! How did you do that? I'm thinking of starting my own mission pack too!

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