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GTA IV: Vice City

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Rockstar Games Presents

Grand Theft Auto IV Vice City

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Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Developer: Rockstar North, Rockstar Toronto

Publisher: Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive

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Welcome Back To Vice City

When a small bag of diamonds were thrown onto a truck after a botched hostage negotiation, they were recovered by homeless war veteran Jerry Kapowitz. Jerry found the diamonds hidden in a trash can while he was walking through Meadows Park in Liberty City. After the ownership of the diamonds was contested by over one hundred people, Mayor Ochoa decided it would be impossible to verify the claims, and allowed Jerry to keep the money from the sale of the diamonds. Jerry then moved to Vice City after selling them for $2,000,000 and planned to open a gun and liquor store there where he would also eventually meet up with his nephew, Daniel Kapowitz.

Daniel is a former CIA covert operative who retired in 2010 at the age of 29 after his uncle found the diamonds. Daniel decides to leave Liberty City and take up the opportunity to meet up with his uncle in Vice City and help him run the gun and liquor store, a dream they have both always shared. But all does not go smoothly upon Daniels arrival in the city of a thousand colors. Jerry is in trouble and Daniel must defend him from the powerful mobs and gangsters ripped off from the diamond sale. Daniel is forced into the criminal underworld where he must take over the magic city in order to protect his uncle and the money.

From the City sprawling in beautiful beaches and dangerous ghettos comes a story of one man's mission to protect his uncle and his money from anyone standing in their way. The objective, to rise to the top of the criminal underworld as Grand Theft Auto returns to Vice City in this explosive and exciting adventure.

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In Liberty City, 2008, a small bag of diamonds were thrown onto a truck after a botched hostage negotiation. A homeless man named Jerry Kapowitz found the diamonds in the Liberty City Dump, and moved to Vice City after selling the diamonds for $2,000,000. He planned to open a gun shop and liquor store there, and also meet up with his nephew, Daniel Kapowitz.

Daniel is a former CIA covert operative who retired in 2010 at the age of 29 after his uncle found the diamonds. Daniel decides to leave Liberty City and take up the opportunity to meet up with his uncle in Vice City and help him run the gun and liquor store, a dream they have both always shared.

Jerry Kapowitz has been homeless for 15 years, and used to live near the Liberty City Dump, where he lives off things he salvages there until he found the diamonds. After ownership of the diamonds was contested by over 100 people, Mayor Ochoa decided it would be impossible to verify the claims, and allowed Jerry to keep the money from the sale of the diamonds. After Daniel arrives in Vice City he must exit the airport, steal a car then meets up with his uncle at Jerry's house in Little Havana. Jerry informs him about the diamond situation and his plans for the gun and liquor store.

The next 25 missions involve doing small assassinations for Viktor, and helping Jerry with a few problems. Jerry introduces Daniel to Adolph, a car yard owner who is meant to be getting Jerry's dream car (In reality, he owns a small, run-down car yard in the ghettos of Vice City), and Colonel Evans, an ex-army arms dealer who is going to help Jerry secure a source of firearms for his store. Daniel does several missions for both, which involve intimidating people who haven't made payments, and eliminating competitors in the guns business.

During a sniping mission at the Port of Vice City, Daniel is ambushed, but manages to kill the attackers. After escaping the port, Jerry calls Daniel, telling him to go to his house immediately. Daniel gets there, and finds a bunch of people with AK-47's shooting at the house. Daniel kills them all, and heads into the house, and finds Jerry in the bathroom with a sawn-off shotgun. Jerry says that the people were after the money from the diamonds, and shot the windows hoping to get him. Jerry then blocked off the doors and some of the windows, and called Daniel. The two, both having no idea who could have done this, head to Daniel's house, and Jerry rests on his couch. Viktor calls Daniel, asking to meet at a night club in downtown Vice City. But as Daniel gets there, he is hit in the head with a baseball bat, and knocked unconscious.

Daniel wakes up in in an abandoned warehouse, with two people watching him. One of them introduces themselves as as Semyon 'Sam' Bulgarin, supposedly the true owner of the diamonds. He demands the money, but Daniel refuses to tell him where it is. Daniel manages to break free from the chair he was tied to, steal Sam's gun, and kill the other man, but Sam escapes. Daniel heads to his house, and finds Jerry in the living room, watching TV. Daniel explains what happened, and the two decide to escape to Ocean Beach, on the East Island. Daniel asks Evans to search around for anything on Samuel and the diamonds, while Daniel finds a new employer in the form of Ray Vincent, a corrupt FIB agent investigating Sidorov. Ray blackmails Daniel, making him do a few jobs around the city to eventually kidnap a higher-up agent attempting to have Ray fired. Daniel also gets some jobs from Jordan Guerrero, a Cuban millionaire drug-dealer who needs to have a few FIB agents killed who are investigation him. One of the FIB agents turns out to be Ray, and Daniel is given the choice to kill Ray or Jordan, after Ray calls Daniel to do one last job.

After these missions, Evans calls Daniel, explaining everything about the diamonds after he did a bit of research. Samuel inherited an empire after his father, Ray Bulgarin was killed. He came to Vice City after learning about Jerry and the diamonds. Viktor was an old friend of Ray's, and offered to help Sam, sending some people to kill Daniel during the sniping job, then to kill Jerry, then to kidnap Daniel after the ambush failed. Daniel hunts down Viktor, and kills him at his nightclub (Where Daniel used to receive missions from him).

After this, Jerry finally moves into his mansion, and begins building his store. Daniel finds more jobs with Phil Bell, an Italian Mobster who had recently traveled to Vice City. He used to work for the Pegorino family in Liberty City, but moved to Vice after the family fell apart. He now works for the Vice City half of the Messina Family. He gives Daniel several missions involving killing several people, and eventually destroying a warehouse in North Vice. After Daniel completes all of his missions, Phil gives him some information on Semyon: He lives in Vice Shores, in a small house with tough security. Daniel heads there, and shoots his way into the house, and finds Samuel, but before he can kill him, Daniel is shot in the leg, and Sam escapes on a motorbike. Daniel limps to a car, and drives to his house in Ocean Beach, but finds a note explaining that Jerry has been kidnapped, and that Daniel must deliver the Diamond money to a house in Decathon to receive Jerry alive. Daniel heads there, but goes into a heavily guarded entrance and kills everyone there, and escapes with Jerry.

After this mission, Sam calls Daniel, and arranges a deal: If Daniel helps Sam steal a shipment of Cocaine, they will split the profits (Sam would receive $2,500,000, and Daniel $1,500,000), and Sam would then leave Daniel and Jerry alone. Daniel then calls Jerry, and explains the situation with the shipment, but Jerry says that Sam has been spotted in Paradise Keys, not where he said he would be. Daniel then receives a call from an anonymous scrambled voice, informing Daniel that there has been a contract put on Jerry for $3,000,000. This sets up the three ending choices.


Daniel heads to the shipment, but is ambushed by about 10 people. Daniel kills them all easily, and then shoots his way to the drugs by himself. He puts them into two duffel bags and heads back to his safehouse, but finds Jerry dead on the couch. Enraged, Daniel goes after Sam, who he finds with help from Evans. He is hiding in a warehouse on an island off the Paradise Keys. Daniel shoots through the heavy security, but Sam escapes in a helicopter. Daniel chases him down in a boat, and then an Infernus. As Sam flies over Washington Beach, Daniel chases him in the Infernus on the sand. The helicopter stops for a second, and Daniel gets out and shoots at it with an assault rifle. Realising the helicopter is going to crash, Sam goes straight for Daniel, but he gets out an RPG, and shoots at the helicopter, blowing it up, killing Sam, and saving his own life.
Daniel sells the Coke, and makes a profit of $4,000,000.


Daniel gets help from Evans with finding Sam's island, and heads there in a helicopter with Evans. Daniel drops out of the helicopter, and Evans flies off to pick him up later. Daniel shoots through the warehouse to get to Sam, and shoots him in the face. Daniel heads outside the factory, gets picked up by Evans and heads back to Vice City, thinking everything is finished.
Daniel heads to Jerry's house, to tell him about Sam, but finds he isn't there, and has packed all his things. Daniel goes to the site of the store, and doesn't find Jerry, but does find a torn-up ticket to Las Venturas on the ground. Daniel heads to the Escobar International Airport, and runs through the main building to find Jerry and two bodyguards heading to a terminal. Daniel shoots one of the guards in the shoulder, and then chases them through the airport. As Jerry runs away, the two bodyguards move out in the open to get a clean shot, but are both killed by Daniel. He catches up to Jerry as he is about to board the plane. Daniel asks him why he did it, and Jerry says he was scared by Daniel's cold blooded ways, and didn't want see him again. Jerry turns around and runs, trying to get onto the plane, and now the player is given two further choices: Either chase Jerry onto the plane and kill him, or walk away and let him leave. Once the player has made their choice, the final cut-scene is played, and the credits roll.


Daniel calls Evans, and asks him where to get a high powered Sniper Rifle in the city. Evans says that he knows of a gun owned by a man who lives in a mostly abandoned but heavily guarded house in North Vice. Daniel heads there, kills everyone and gets the gun (A Barret M82).
Daniel then heads for the Escobar International Airport, and waits several hours for Jerry to arrive. Once he does, Daniel takes the shot, and kills Jerry. Daniel retreats to his house, and calls the person who told him about the contract. Still in the scrambled voice, the man tells Daniel to head to a beach in Decathon (At the end of Paradise Keys) to exchange the money. After a lengthy drive across the highway, Daniel goes to the Beach, and finds Sam with two briefcases and a small army of guards. Sam says he was surprised that Daniel killed Jerry, but he was happy anyway about it anyway. Sam says to Daniel that he still wants the money back, so he took $2M out of the briefcases to pay for it. Angry about this, Daniel shoots all the guards, but only gets Sam in the leg and shoulder. Sam drives off in a Turismo, and Daniel gets into an Infernus which was parked next to it. Daniel chases Sam across the highway for a bit, with the city slowly closing in. Sam crashes his car, and Daniel gets out of his, and shoots Sam twice in the head.
Daniel drives away with the three million.

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•Strip Clubs
•Cabaret Clubs
•Comedy Clubs
•Shooting Range
•Clay Pigeon Shooting
•Street Races
•Jet-Ski Races

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A small cutscene plays out when the player kills an enemy at the appropriate time at close range. If the aiming reticule is flashing red while aimed at the target, an Execution scene will occur. The player must approach an enemy at close range and to pull an execution off. Executions can be done with different weapons giving a different outcome to each execution.


Mario rams the gun into the jaw of the enemy then shoot upwards.
Mario pistol-whips his enemy then shoots wildly.
Mario pushes the gun into the enemies forehead then shoots.
Mario encounters his enemy from behind and place the gun on there head then shoot.
Mario rams the gun into his enemies body then shoots.
Mario encounters his enemy from behind then shoots at the body.

Sub-Machine Guns:

Mario rams the gun into his enemies jaw then shoots wildly.
Mario smacks his enemy over the head then shoots wildly at them.
Mario encounters his enemy from behind then shoots at the body.
Mario rams the gun into the enemies lower body then shoots rapidly.
Mario encounters his enemy from behind and shoots wildly at the head.
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Vice City

Vice City is a major city located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida, in the United States. Vice City is the county seat of Vice-Dade County, the most populous county in Florida. Since the 70s, Vice City has been undergoing a large building boom with skyscrapers rising in the city. The on going high-rise construction in Vice City has inspired a popular opinion of Vice City Algonquinization. Vice City is partitioned into many different sections, roughly into North, South, West and Downtown.


The Waterglades are subtropical wetlands located in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Florida, comprising the southern half of a large watershed. The Waterglades are shaped by water, experiencing frequent flooding in the wet season and drought in the dry season. The Waterglades include cypress swamps, the estuarine mangrove forests of the Ten Thousand Islands, tropical hardwood hammocks, pine rock land, and the marine environment of Sunshine Bay.

Water is the most dominant force and substance in the Waterglades, and it shapes the land, vegetation, and animal life in South Florida. This submerged portions of the Florida peninsula and caused the water table to rise. Fresh water saturated the limestone that underlies the Waterglades, eroding some of it away, and created springs and sinkholes. The abundance of fresh water allowed new vegetation to take root, and formed convective thunderstorms over the land through evaporation. Much of the coast and the inner estuaries are built by mangroves. There is no border between the coastal marshes and the bay. The marine ecosystems in Sunshine Bay are considered to be a part of the Waterglades watershed and one of the ecosystems connected to and affected by the Waterglades as a whole.

Chain Islands

The Chain Islands are a cluster of islands in the southeast United States. They begin at the southeastern tip of the Florida a few miles from south of Vice City, and extend in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Chain West which is the western most of the inhabited islands. The islands divide the Atlantic Ocean to the east from the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and defining one edge of Sunshine Bay. At the nearest point, the southern tip of Chain West is just a little stretch away from Cuba. The Chain Islands were long accessible only by water until it changed with the completion of the Railway in the early 1910s.

Following the Cuban Revolution, many Cubans fled to South Florida. Chain West had traditionally had strong links with their neighbor country a little stretch south by water, and large numbers of Cubans have settled there. The Islands still attract Cubans leaving their home country, and stories of "boat people" coming ashore are not uncommon. Many fortunes have been made through the smuggling of drugs into the United States by way of the Islands. Law enforcement has been a major addition over the years as smuggling increased and spread throughout most of the Islands. During the 1970s this Law Enforcement was practically non-existent, and tons of cannabis came into the Islands by boat and were carried off the islands by tractor trailers. With the beginning of the "War on Drugs" in the late 1970s, Federal and State Law Enforcement began its expansion in an effort to stop the smuggling. The smuggling groups adjusted their tactics and even though Law Enforcement began to make some arrests, drugs continued to pour through from Chain West to Waterglades City. Recently has saw a rise of cocaine smuggling into the Islands by smaller boats with "hidden" compartments and various underwater containers attached to the bottom of vessels.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an English-speaking country made up mainly by Islands. It is located southeast of the United States of America nearest to the state of Florida. Following the American War of Independence, thousands of pro-British loyalists and enslaved Africans moved to The Bahamas and set up a plantation economy. The slave trade was abolished in the British Empire in 1807 and many Africans liberated from slave ships in The Bahamas during the 19th century. Slavery itself was abolished in 1834 and the descendants of enslaved and liberated Africans form the bulk of The Bahamas population today.

One of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean region, The Bahamas relies on tourism to generate most of its economic activity including tourist cruise ships being docked on many of the Islands. The Bahamas however suffer from a large activity of Drug Running mainly between the country itself and The United States of America. Officials have promised to clamp down on the problem ever since it mainly started during the late 1970's where many Drug Runners would produce there goods in The Bahamas and then ship them back to the United States of America. The climate of The Bahamas is subtropical to tropical but this often proves very dangerous when hurricanes pass near or through the Islands.

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Cocaine dealing is the biggest and best way of making high amounts of money in South Florida. The player can either buy supply from a dealer for a certain price and then sell it in a different area to another dealer at a higher price to earn a profit. Dealers can be persuaded to lower their prices however too much hassle will cause them to get angry and refuse to sell or even attack the player. The player can only carry a limited amount due to the size of the duffel bag which will automatically appear on the players back when they are carrying supply on them. The player will loose all of the supply and money they are carrying on them if they get busted or die without storing or laundering it.

Vehicles and boats can be found driving around the city carrying supply and the player is able to steal them. Once the player has stolen the vehicle or boat they must then drive it back to a warehouse where they can store the drugs. The player can buy cocaine from dealers for a cheaper price in The Bahamas and sell them for a much higher price in the United States due to the drug demand being much greater. The better a players conversation statistic is, the better a deal will go down without any complications. Once the player has successfully negotiated a deal they must decide on how to get the it safely back to the United States. Once the player has entered the designated vehicle containing the cocaine they have two options, either drive to the docks and unload the supply onto a boat or drive to an airstrip and unload it onto a plane.

Transporting your supply back via boat is very dangerous and risky due to the fact that many pirates search the coast lines of The Bahamas looking to steal anything in sight which puts you and your goods at risk. However it is no safer than travelling the coastlines of South Florida due to the strictly enforced rule of drug trafficking which means the player will have to get past Police Patrol boats if they want to get safely back. The player can choose to take an even greater but profitable risk and decide to pick up drug packages which have been dropped by planes for boats to pick up. However this delays getting back to land quicker and runs a high risk of getting spotted by rival boats. Once the player has docked and stored the drugs at the chosen warehouse they are able to distribute them making all that hard work worth while.

Transporting your supply back via plane is no easier than the boat and it takes allot more time. Once the player enters the plane they must fly back to the United States with there supply and then transport it from an airstrip to a warehouse where it will be stored until distribution. The player however can choose the option to drop some of there supply into the sea by pressing R3. Boats will then pick the supply up that was dropped and transport it back to a warehouse but this takes allot of time and not all of the supply can be dropped. This however gives the player a much better chance of not loosing all there supply if they get killed or busted on the journey. Once the player has landed at the airstrip they must then park the plane in one of the hangers and then enter one of the distribution cars. The player must then drive the car back to one of the warehouses without being spotted by rival gangs or police. Once the player arrives at one of the warehouses the supply will then be stored and ready for distribution.

Safehouses are able to store supply however the amount is limited due to the size of storage. To store or collect supply inside the safehouse the player must enter and the walk up to one of the storage boxes where they interact with it. The player can purchase a maximum amount of ten warehouses throughout Vice-Dade which automatically comes with one distribution car. The player however does have an additional option to buy nine extra cars for his workers to help him out during distribution. Warehouses can store large amounts of supply and are much better than safehouses however they cost allot to purchase. The player can also purchase a maximum amount of five airstrips throughout Vice-Dade which automatically comes with a distribution car for transporting the supply back to the warehouses. The player can however buy additional cars in case one of them is destroyed or lost during a distribution mission. Hangers where the planes are kept are designed to look like barns so no unwanted attention is attracted.

To start distributing the supply the player must enter one of the distribution cars which are located in the warehouse garages. Workers can help the player distribute the supply throughout Vice-Dade depending on the amount of additional cars available which the player has bought. Dealers can be located on the HUD and the player must travel to them to sell the supply however rival gangs will try attack the player when seen. Some deals will go as planned however some will be a set up and the player must protect there supply. Workers can be attacked as well and the player must get to them quickly before the supply they are carrying is lost. Once the player and his workers has sold all the supply they must then launder it at the nearest bank.

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The player is able to float in a water treading position and swim in any deep body of water using the directional controls. The player can perform a breaststroke to swim at a slow pace by pushing the left stick forward or perform a front crawl to swim at a faster pace either by holding the X/A button on the controller or by tapping to add more pace. The player can dive underwater by using the O/B button while in water which allows the player to swim deep underwater using the left stick and the X/A button to move forward.

When underwater or in a sinking vehicle the Lung Capacity bar located on the HUD will gradually empty leading to eventual drowning. The Lung Capacity bar is replenished by returning to the surface of the water. The player's Lung capacity determines how long the player can stay underwater, and is improved by continuously diving and working out. Diving allows the player to explore the waters of Vice City revealing other secrets.

The allocated time period a player can withstand in water is Determined by The Stamina bar located on the HUD which decreases as the player remains in the water. When the bar runs out the player's health decreases followed by drowning. The amount of time a player can stay in water is around three real time minutes although stamina can be regained either by returning back to land or by hanging on to buoys dotted around the waters of Vice-Dade.

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Interaction allows the player to interact with the environment and pedestrians at any time. This is done by simply targeting the object/pedestrian the player wants to interact with then selecting the standard down button on the controller which acts as the Interaction Button throughout the game. There are many objects the player is able to interact with from a park bench to a light switch all adding there own unique realism to the game. To Interact with an object or item just walk up to it and press the standard down button.

Starting conversations is also a new and exciting feature that can be done using the Interactive Button. By walking up and targeting the pedestrian the player wants to interact with using the R1/RB trigger then selecting the standard down button which allows Mario to start the conversation. The player can respond positively or negatively to the corresponding pedestrian. To do this just use the standard left and right button while in conversation. The Left button responds Positively while the Right button responds Negatively. A conversation can help Mario chat up a women and get quick relief or even get him into an argument or even worse a fight. The conversation stat lets the player know how good Mario is at conversations and these can prove to be very important throughout the game. The better Mario is at talking the more smooth a deal will go down and also will sometimes allow Mario to talk himself out of situtions.

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The use of the phone is greatly expanded and Mario can now call his friends and girlfreinds to hang out or go on dates respectively. The player can now receive text and picture messages from people aswell as use the phone to access cheats, go to multiplayer, and call emergency vehicles like Police Cars, Ambulances and Fire Trucks for assistance. The more expensive phones are equipped with a camera available for use anytime where any pictures taken are saved to the phone and an allocated thirty pictures can be taken and the camera can also be used in certain missions. Use of the phone can also trigger some missions and peremptorily calling some characters may trigger story-related dialogue more quickly.

The theme and ring tone of the phone can be changed via a website on the in-game Internet after the phone is acquired. The player can change the text size in the phone using the options menu however this is only available if the resolution is set to 1080i. Phones can also be purchased from different stores depending on the story progress, the more the story progress's the more phones are available. Whiz, Badger and Fruit phones are all available for purchase with different models ranging from different prices.

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Base Jumps are a mini game where the goal is to jump off designated locations with a parachute and land on targets where there are a total of 15 base jump locations. There are three types of jumps including vehicle and helicopter jumps and target jumps from tall buildings. The player is scored on how accurate is the landing and the time it takes to land. Money is rewarded for any tasks completed. Completing all base jumps will unlock an achievement/Trophy and a parachute inside of all the safehouses.

The Parachute is designed for only one purpose which is to safely return the player to ground level after falling from a significant height. Parachutes are introduced with a vastly improved design flapping realistically with the wind when deployed. Parachutes are adopted for a number of missions in the game and serves as an integral component for the game's interpretation of base jumps which are available in single player mode as well as the multiplayer. Once the parachute is deployed the player may control their descent by rotating left and right and by pushing forward or pulling back on the main control to speed up and slow their rate of descent. Pulling back on the parachute also allows the player to land running instead of falling prone as occurs when not pulling back. Parachutes also introduce the concept of free falling as the player is capable of entering a controlled diving position after jumping from a high altitude whenever he is wearing a parachute, rather than flailing whenever they fall from a height without one. A camera is used by pressing O/B to view the player from different angles parachuting towards the ground.

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Empire Building

The main objective with Empire Building is to raise the player's image with a total of 30 plots available to purchase throughout the map. In order to make money, the player must open and operate various businesses on property taken over from enemy gangs. This means having to destroy rival Empire Buildings to decrease competition, and buying the leftover land to build up your own Empire Business. More Empire Buildings with high-class businesses means that the player receives a larger revenue which allows the player to easily buy or upgrade their own Empire Buildings or use the money to their leisure. To initiate an attack on another gang's territory, the player must destroy the gang car parked outside. Attacks on buildings require combat both indoor and outdoor. If the player is able to successfully eradicate the rival business and gang members and damage the building, it will then go up for sale. The player can then purchase the property and set up one of six businesses at the site. These businesses are, Protection Racket, Loan Sharks, Prostitution, Smuggling and Robbery

The location of a territory in the city will determine the business' success. For example, a smuggling business will perform better when located near the docks or airport than it would if in a residential district. Construction on a business will require two in-game days before completion. Once a business has opened, it will be able to earn the player money, and will additionally, act as a save point. The businesses themselves will be split into three categories - small-time, medium venture and high-roller, each of which will require an increased amount of investment to provide staff and resources. for the protection racket the prices are $1500 for small-time, $2900 for medium venture and $4400 for high-roller, for loan shark the prices are $2000 for small-time, $3900 for medium venture and $5800 for high-roller, for prostitution the prices are $3000 for small-time, $5900 for medium venture and $8800 for high roller, for drugs the prices are 4500 for small-time, $8900 for medium venture and $13300 for high-roller, for smuggling the prices are $5000 for small-time, $9900 for medium venture and $14800 for high-roller, for robbery the prices are $6000 for small-time, $11900 for medium venture and $17800 for high roller.

It is possible for a business to be attacked by rivals, sometimes the past occupants. Accordingly, the player is given the option to hire and arm bodyguards to protect the territory. Employees can be recruited in a similar way that gang members are recruited in San Andreas. Each business has its own strand of missions which can be completed in order to improve the business in terms of how much money it makes and cause your respect in the type of business you are improving to increase.


The player can also buy businesses throughout Vice-Dade to earn a little more cash. Before a business can be purchased, the player must complete a few side-missions. However once they have been completed, the player is then able to make the purchase.

Name: The Purple Emerald Nightclub
Information: A private venue for after dinner drinks catering exclusively to members and their friends. If you did not know
that you are very unlikely to get in. Located in Vice City but if you have to ask where you are definitely not
the sort of person to be found there.

Name: Rubies Nightclub
Cost: $3000
Information: Where evolution stops and the party starts at Vice City's premier club venue for relentless party tunes and
fist-pumping steroid beats.

Name: Vice City Hotel
Cost: $15000
Information: The Vice City Hotel is a hotel located in Vice City and is an expensive place to stay. With its top class facilities
and accommodation it no surprise that allot of the big names stay at this wonderful hotel.

Name: Ocean Point Hotel
Cost: $8000
Information: A reasonably priced hotel situated in Vice City which has a fantastic view of the Washington beach and the
lighthouse. Accommodation is reasonable and the price is suitable considering the facilities available at the

Name: Bicheno Autos
Cost: $5000
Information: A Car dealership located at the heart of Downtown Vice City which sells cars. Missions can be accessed here
which involve stealing different cars for the business to sell. The higher the class the more money it sells for.

user posted image

Nightlife gives you VIP access to some of the most exclusive nightclubs including
Mario Bicheno's storied hot spots Rubies and The Purple Emerald. Nightclubs have been vastly improved and now include even more activities and features to enjoy the experience.

Hit the dance floor and start busting steps and the better your moves are, the more points you'll score with the ladies. A perfect dance routine will open up the Bus Stop mini-game. This mini-game starts after you have successfully danced with the lady on the floor. If you don’t dance perfectly with the lady on the floor but continue to try your hardest you will be rewarded with a trip to the bathroom or your office. Once you finish dancing you have a special cut scene and in the end she will also give you her number and of course a name. Call her number later for a “Booty Call”, basically a cut scene and a save point without a mission however you will not be allowed to date her. To dance simply move the sticks in any direction in time to the music playing and when it says hold simply do that and tap the R1/RB and L1/LB triggers in time with the music. With the Bus Stop mini-game simply tap the button which appears on your screen in time with the group to succeed.

You will be able to pop some bottles and get rowdy in the VIP areas of each club. Nothing says 'class' like a magnum of champagne especially when you're spraying it on an entire crowd with reckless abandon. Then find out how much you can swill without losing your poise or your lunch. To do this simply enter the bottle of champagne from the VIP bar and then shake it up using the right analogue stick moving it up and down and then spray it over a crowd of people when the lid has popped using again the right analogue stick but this time move it in the direction of the crowd. You can then drink you champagne in style but drink a one to many then you will pass out and end up in some random place in the city. Shots of alcohol can also be purchased from the public areas of each nightclub but once again drink to many and you will pass out.

You can also enjoy the nightlife experience by simply socialising with other people around the club. This will help Mario's conversation meter grow or even gain him another trip to the bathroom or the office. Conversation with the other night clubbers can also activate different challenges inside the nightclub such as dancing and even fighting the other person. Pull of each challenge successfully and you will be awarded with Respect and Money but fail you may loose Respect and money so be careful.

Different acts can also be enjoyed at the main stage in the VIP sections of Mario's two clubs. Just take a seat to enjoy the acts performing from comedy kings to unique dancers and to the plain stupid there is always a show. You can even take a friend or Stacy for a night out and watch the shows or even hit the dance floor or go for a drink.

Mario can patrol his clubs at night which includes dealing with issues from rival gangs and Mobs which the body gaurds cant handle as well as tending to the many needs of the Vice City party-going elite. These events will ocure randomly while inside one of Mario's clubs and not any other nightclub which Mario does not own. Mario will either have to simply defend his clubs from incoming attacks or tend to one of his guests if there is an issue or somthing to be taking care of.

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A newly made robbery and burglary system features in GTA IV Vice City which is a new and a fun feature.
There are several stores located across Vice City that you are able to rob. To initiate a robbery Mario has to wear a Ski Mask to make him unrecognizable then simply walk into the shop and point your gun at the cashier.A bar will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen, indicating the cashier's fear level. The longer you hold up the store, the higher their fear level will rise, and the more money you will receive. Push the cashier too far, however, and they will set off the alarm and then you'll have the cops to deal with. There are five different types of store to rob, each with a different pay-off and Wanted Level if caught and the higher the wanted level the more money the player recieves.

•General Store - 1 Star
•Betting Shop - 2 Star
•Jewelery Shop - 3 Star
•Bank - 4 Star


You can only start this mission between 8:00pm and 6:00am, Mario has to wear a Ski Mask to make him unrecognizable, now you can break into houses. The houses you can use for the burglary missions can be recognized by a pink circle marker in front of them. Once you are inside a house you can't make too much noise, otherwise you'll wake up the residents. A bar will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen, indicating the noise level. The more noise you make, the higher noise level will rise. Sometimes the residents are awake in the living room, in that case you have to leave the house quickly: once noticed you've 10 seconds to leave the house. Otherwise you'll have a 3 star wanted level and the cops will be waiting for you at the front door. Though most of the time it ain't a problem when the occupants are still awake, except when there are members of a gang inside, they will try to kill you. Normally you can walk quickly, grab an item and walk outside within 10 seconds. Make sure you do this before the timer reaches zero, otherwise the police will arrange a welcome comity. Once you're in a house you can steal televisions, stereos, radios, DVD players and game consoles, sometimes money can be found on the floor. If you want to walk inside without making noise you have to push the left analog stick slightly forward. Also some houses have safes, mainly the rich and expensive ones. Trying to open them starts a timed minigame similar to the lock picking system in Bully. Take to long and you will get caught by the woken household.

user posted image


user posted image


•Aviacion Cubana
•Adios Air
•East Sky Airlines
•Haitian Air

Automobile Dealerships

•Auto Eroticar
•Auto Merchant
•State Motors
•Bicheno Autos


•Bank of Vice City
•El Banco Corrupto Grande
•Bank of Cuba


•Cubana Inn
•Wet Wonkas
•Global Inn
•Club Deuce
•The Vice Billiards
•Avalon Club


•Bakery & Cafeteria
•Bean Machine
•Café Robina
•Front Page Café
•Leydi D. Café
•Mars Cafe
•Tarbrush Café

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This statistic measures Mario's body fat and is increased by eating food. Fat is decreased by exercising, either at a gym or in the world at large. Being overweight naturally changes Mario's appearance, and eventually lessens most physical capabilities and possibly lead to random heart attacks, but Mario is required to have at least a small amount of fat. They can be viewed via the phone or the main menu.


Muscle is increased by working out at a gym, or otherwise exercising which includes running and swimming. Muscle also helps to increase Mario's sex appeal and makes him even more stronger when it comes to losing health.


Respect indicates Mario's level of influence in his mob. Having high enough Respect allows Mario to recruit members when needed using his phone or the interact button and also gains rewards including being able to buy weapons at cut price. Many missions increase Respect when completed, as do empire building and buying business's. Respect is lost if Mario kills members of his mob, or loses business to other gangs and mobs.

Sex Appeal

This statistic indicates how girls and Stacy will react to Mario. It is influenced by Mario's Vehicle, Hairstyle, Clothing, Fat, and Muscle. Having more Sex Appeal means it is more easy to have a good date and helps your relationships gain stronger.


The Stamina statistic indicates endurance with regards to running, swimming. Low stamina means Mario will grow fatigued easily and stop sprinting after short distances. Stamina has to be built up over the course of the entire game by exercising. A stamina bar also exists whenever the player is in the water. If it runs out, the player will drown although the maximum limit in water is three real time minutes however hanging on to Buoys regains Mario's stamina. Stamina is shown on the HUD.

Lung Capacity

Lung Capacity represents how long Mario can hold his breath underwater. Lung capacity is increased by swimming underwater for extended periods. Lung Capacity also represents how long Mario can hold is breath while in a cloud of smoke from a fire or grenade as well as a cloud of gas. Lung Capacity is shown on the HUD.

Weapon Skill

One of the most important attributes Mario possesses is his weapon skill. Mario's ability to take down the enemies quickly and accurately is a matter of life and death. Mario starts every weapon with a low status but as he uses the weapon more throughout the game it is increased. For each weapon, the skill level will result in different upgrades, reaching higher skill levels will increase the rate of fire and accuracy.

Vehicle Handling

Vehicle handling determines how well Mario can drive a vehicle. Vehicle handling is increased by driving vehicles frequently throughout the game. Performing different stunts will also help increase the handling and having better handling means Mario is able to drive a vehicle allot better. Having better handling means Mario can control a vehicle better without crashing. Mario starts with a low status but as he uses vehicles more throughout the game it is increased

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

The game will continue to use the RAGE and Euphoria engine, however slight improvements will be made. Facial expressions will be highly improved and taking cues from Rockstars other major titles such as L.A Noir. The players hair and clothes will react to different situations and become allot more responsive. For example, if it rains the players hair and clothes will become visibly wet but if it's windy they will blow about in the breeze adding more realism to the game.

Injuries can be sustained and are now allot more specific, if the player or an NPC is shot in the leg then they will temporarily have a limp. Lighting effects allow sunlight to beam into interiors, Police spotlights and thunder storms also benefit from this effect. The environment will now become allot more active, trees will blow about in the wind or when a helicopter is near by while rain will cause the terrain to become very damp and wet which will also form puddles.

user posted image

On Foot Controls

•L1 Button - Pick Up/Context
•L2 Button - Target Lock On/(Half Hold) Free Aim
•R1 Button - Enter/Exit Cover
•R2 Button - Fire Weapon/(Half Hold) Free Aim
•Left Stick - Movement
•Right Stick - Rotate Camera/Switch Targets
•Left Stick Button - Crouch
•Right Stick Button - Look behind/Zoom Aim (when targeting)
•Triangle Button - Enter Vehicle/Mount Ladder/Melee (Alternative Punch/Counter)
•Circle Button - Reload Weapon/Mobile Phone Back/Hangup/Melee (Punch/Counter)
•X Button - (Hold) Run/(Tap) Sprint/Mobile Phone Forward/Answer/Melee (Block/Dodge)
•Square Button - Jump/Climb/Melee (Kick)
•D-pad UP - Mobile Phone Up/Use Mobile Phone
•D-pad RIGHT - Next Weapon
•D-pad DOWN - Mobile Phone Down/Skip Mobile Conversation/Zoom Out Mini-Map/Interact(While holding L2)
•D-pad LEFT - Previous Weapon
•Select Button - Cycle Camera Modes
•Start Button - Pause Menu

In Vehicle Controls

•L1 Button - Fire Weapon
•L2 Button - Brake/Reverse
•R1 Button - Handbrake
•R2 Button - Accelerate
•Left Stick - Steering
•Right Stick - Rotate Camera/Aiming
•Left Stick Button - Horn/Engage Slow Motion (while in Cinematic Camera)
•Right Stick Button - Look behind
•Triangle Button - Exit Vehicle
•Circle Button - Cinematic Camera/Mobile Phone Back/Hangup
•X Button - Handbrake/Mobile Phone Forward/Answer
•Square Button - Change Weapon/(Hold) Headlights
•D-pad UP - Mobile Phone Up/Use Mobile Phone
•D-pad RIGHT - Next Radio Station/(Hold) Turn Radio On/Off
•D-pad DOWN - Mobile Phone Down/Skip Mobile Conversation/Zoom Out Mini-Map
•D-pad LEFT - Previous Radio Station/(Hold) Turn Radio On/Off
•Select Button - Cycle Camera Modes
•Start Button - Pause Menu

user posted image

Multiplayer returns from GTA IV and has been vastly improved with a total of 15 game modes divided into three main categories

•Player Match
•Party Mode

Each with unique objectives and gameplay types. Support for up to 32 players depending on game mode some modes which only allow fewer players. Configuration of each mode can be adjusted by the host. Vehicles types, volume of traffic, number of pedestrians, police presence, weapons, auto-aim and weather can all be controlled just like in GTA IV. Characters are customizable like in GTA IV and the player can adjust their Players hair, sex, race, clothing and skin. Additional options can be unlocked by increasing one's rank in Ranked multiplayer matches. Game populations are fluid. Upon choosing a game mode, the player will either be thrown into an already-made game or will start their own. Killing an opponent will earn the player $100, and a dead player will usually drop approximately $15. Killing oneself will cost the player $100. Killing police officers will not earn the player money except in Hangman's NOOSE. Ranked matches, like everything else in multiplayer GTA, require money to get ahead. The amount needed to gain a rank increases exponentially. There are now 100 levels in the multiplayer mode and to enter the player must bring up the Cell Phone then access the menu until they scroll down to multiplayer. Then the player must enter the multiplayer sub menu, at which point one can access multiplayer matches, customize one's character or view a multiplayer tutorial. This tutorial will provide all of the information needed to jump into multiplayer games.

Game Types

Name: Player Match
Information: The player is up against other GTA gamers in every possible multiplayer mode. Scores in these matches are not carried over into other matches, and are irrelevant once the time is up. You also cannot earn money or achievements in this mode; it is a casual mode, well-suited to socialising and to getting a feel for the different modes before jumping into Ranked matches.

Name: Ranked Matches
Information: Played either on PSN or Xbox Live which gives the player a rank which will gradually increase as they advance and earn money. Advancing in rank unlocks additional clothing for one's multiplayer character. Below is a chart showing the amount of money needed to get to each rank.

Name: Party Mode
Information: An invite-only variant of Free Mode. Party Mode throws everyone on the same team and sets everyone to re spawn in the exact same location (complete with every single weapon, as well as vehicles, First Aid kits and body armor). There are no police in Party Mode. As the name would suggest, Party Mode is simply for fun, and does not gain the player game money or achievements.

Name: Free Mode
Information: Similar to the single-player game, except played with friends. Like the Party Mode, it is a complete free-for-all, with no rules, objectives or score. Police will be present, and will not arrest offending players, but attempt to kill them. Screen messages reading "<<PSN/XBL name>> Died" will appear whether players are killed by other players, or by police. Like Party Mode, Free Mode does not gain the player game money or achievements.

Competitive Modes

Name: Deathmatch
Information: A complete free for all. Anything goes. Combat is confined to specific areas of Vice-Dade in order to keep the action focused. Police including NOOSE and/or FIB are optionally present, depending on the host's chosen settings, and will not attempt to arrest players, instead attempting to kill them.

Name: Mafia Work
Information: Working under the direction of Mario Bicheno via the cellphone, the player competes against other players in a series of mini-missions. This may involve picking up recruits for the firm, taking out a target, or even finding and disposing of a dozen severed heads.

Name: Drug Running
Information: The player is against everyone else in a race to steal Drugs for Mario Bicheno. The amount of money gained trumps the amount of Drugs stolen. If the host has allowed police, they will try to stop players from taking the drugs to drop-off points.

Team Modes

Name: Team Deathmatch
Information: Players work as a team to rub out other teams for money; the crew with the most cash at the end of the round wins. There are no restrictions. Each player will gain the money they have personally earned by killing opponents. Police are present in this game including NOOSE/FIB at four wanted level stars.

Name: Team Mafia Work
Information: The player is a member of a crew doing contract work for the mafia - these are time-limited missions including escorting wanted men, picking up items and stealing cars. Rival crews attempt to accomplish the same task. Interfering with other crews will slow their progress and increase one's chances of earning the money. Each contract completed gives the team cash, and the crew with the most cash at the end of the round wins.

Name: Team Drug Running
Information: Drug Business deals spawn in random places on the map, and teams must steal them and take them to a drop off point. The cash received for dropping off stolen drugs generally depends on the amount. Police will be present if the host permits, and will do whatever they can to stop players from taking vehicles. Whichever crew makes the most money wins.

Name: Cops N' Crooks
Information: A team-based mode in which the Crooks must get their Boss to safety, while the Cops have to take him down. The Boss is marked with a cross hair. This mode has two sub-modes: All for One and One for All. In All for One, one team is made up of Crooks and a Boss, and the other team is made up of Cops. The Cops are trying to hunt down and kill the Boss while the Crooks are trying to protect him. The Cops win by killing the Boss, and the Crooks win by getting the Boss safely to the getaway vehicle and escaping. One for All is similar, but there is no Boss. Here, the Cops win by killing all of the Crooks, or destroying the getaway vehicle; Crooks win by filling up a getaway vehicle with members of their team, or killing all the Cops. Only 4 people can escape in the getaway vehicle. Players cannot re spawn in this mode.

Name: Turf War
Information: A timed capture-the-base mode. There are a number of bases around the map which can be taken by standing near them for a short period of time. The more players that stand at a base, the faster it can be captured. The more bases a team owns, the faster their cash score increases. If a gang is on or near a base, their rivals won't be able to take control of it. The team with the most cash at the end of the round wins.

Cooperative Missions

Name: Deal Breaker
Information: Players work together to bust a deal which is going down; take out anyone in attendance, grab the goods and wipe out the witnesses. Don't get busted, don't get killed.

Name: Hangman's NOOSE
Information: multiplayer mission featuring co-op play. Mario Bicheno has illegally docked his ship at Port Vice, and someone has tipped off the cops. The objective is to escort Bicheno to safety while being pursued by the Vice City Police Department's NOOSE division. Only three re spawns are granted, making sustained survival a priority.

Bomb Da Base - Bomb Da Base requires a gang of players to work in unison and sabotage a 10 floor high project for Mario Bicheno. Like Hangman's NOOSE, players can re spawn up to three times before being dropped out of the mission.

Race Modes

Name: Race
Information: A tense Race to the finish through each checkpoint in order. If the player takes a wrong turn or otherwise messes up, they can re spawn at the last checkpoint passed. There is a large selection of races for cars, boats, and helicopters - players can choose laps and vehicle class/type. There are two types of races: Free Race and Cannonball Run.

Name: GTA Race
Information: Similar to the orthodox Race, but with the added element of combat. This is a check pointed race where participants can also pick up weapons spawned en route to help take out opponents. The vehicle can be exited during this type of race.

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In GTA IV Vice City the Wanted level is measured on a six-star scale, which measures police lethality from the non-lethal one star to the extremely aggressive six stars.The Wanted level is a measure of how much the player is wanted by police in and how much force will be used in pursuit of the player. Relatively minor crimes committed within sight of the police may attract one star. Committing serious crime is likely to attract multiple Wanted stars immediately. Once the player has a Wanted level, officers give chase and attempt to arrest the player; if arrested, the player is transported to the nearest police station and released a six hours later after a fine and also the confiscation of all weapons. Police officers can arrest the player by holding them at gunpoint. If the player is in a vehicle, the protagonist surrenders immediately, but if on foot, the player can resist arrest by running away or fighting back, however this escalates a one-star wanted level to two-stars and three if the player chooses to retaliate with a firearm and causes the officer to open fire. As the player's Wanted level goes up, law enforcement try less and less to arrest the player, instead attempting to kill the player at all costs.

One Star

•At a one star Wanted level, any police patrols will give chase and attempt to arrest the player on sight. Officers only shoot at one star if they feel threatened and most commonly attempt to arrest the player. Police cars and bikes follow the player at relatively lower speeds. The search radius for one star is approximately two city blocks wide.

Two Star

•Officers now shoot to kill more often. Officers in cars now chase the player, rather than simply following behind, and often try to overtake the player or run them off-road.

Three Star

•At a three star Wanted level, police vehicles become more aggressive in their pursuit, attempting to pin the player's vehicle against buildings and ram them off the road. NOOSE now begin to assist in setting up roadblocks on main roads and bridges also send NOOSE Cruisers and NOOSE Patriots and also Police Stingers are now in pursuit of the player. NOOSE Patriots may attempt to ram the player from the front, putting the player at risk of a windshield ejection from their vehicle. A police helicopter is now called in, shining a spotlight on the player at night and opening fire if officers on board get a clear shot. The helicopter, however, has limited fuel and periodically breaks off from pursuit. The helicopter retreats if the player goes underground or kills both sharpshooters on board. Police boats are dispatched if the player is in or near water. Like the Police Maverick, the Predator has a sharpshooter on board.

Also at three star the police now unleash the k9 units on you and the dogs will constantly chase the player when they are on foot. The Dogs jump up at the player at take health off him and they can also jump on top of the player which activates a small mini game where the player must rapidly shake the left analoug stick untill he scrambles his way out. If the player fails to do so he will be mouled by the dogs untill the health bar reach zero. Dogs cannot jump tall fences and are slightly faster than the officers on foot and they also do not pursuit a player in any type of vehcile. The dogs disadvantages are that they loose health allot quicker and it takes around three shot with a standard handgun to take them down.

Four Star

•At four Wanted stars, the FIB and NOOSE's Tactical Response Unit join the fray, and the player is confronted by NOOSE Enforcers and FIB Buffaloes in addition to the previously mentioned forces. Tactical Response Unit officers and FIB agents come four to a vehicle and are typically armed with Carbine Rifles, although some agents carry SMGs and Pump Action Shotguns, and wear body armor for protection, the k9 units still remain on pursuit of the player.

Five Star

•At five Wanted stars, the Police Maverick is accompanied by a NOOSE Annihilator. All law enforcement officers fire upon the player while in pursuit, making getaways difficult. All officers employ more advanced driving techniques, such the PIT maneuver, as they try to make the player spin out of control and crash. NOOSE/FIB cooperation is more apparent at this level, both forces spawning and pursuing the player in equal numbers. The k9 dog units still chase the player in their bid to bring them to justice.

Six Star

•At six Wanted stars, the Police Maverick is replaced with a second Annihilator, making escape from the search radius extremely difficult. More NOOSE Cruisers, Patriots, Enforcers and FIB Buffaloes pursue the player, with only a smattering of cruisers and patrol cars. Survival and escape is most difficult. All law enforcement vehicles fire upon and ram the player relentlessly with very little regard for collateral damage. On foot, the player must move and or retaliate quickly to avoid being cut down by gunfire.
Noose Tanks are now in pursuit of the player and will aggresivley try to ram the player off the road and also fire at the player but only in certain situations. K9 units still chase the player when on foot aswell as the other response units.

Vice City Police

user posted image

Vice Beach Police

user posted image

Vice-Dade Police

user posted image

Royal Bahamas Police

user posted image

user posted image

Each major body part has it's own health meter, in which damage inflicted upon a certain body part would lower this health and would produce certain harmful defects based on the health level. If the player is shot in the leg multiple times, they should limp or face an inability to sprint. If they're shot in the arm, their aim should be effected (by which firearms will feel much more difficult to shoot, with increased recoil and a crosshair that wanders around on it's own in severe cases). Being shot in the hand may knock the gun out of the player's hands, in the same way it was possible to knock a gun out of a ped's hands in IV by hitting them with a bat. Being shot in the torso could lead to bleeding, in which health slowly decreases (which would be negated through the use of body armor). The only area that shouldn't count is the head, because being head-shot would be incredibly annoying for any player facing multiple enemies.

user posted image


user posted image

Vehicle Features

Just like how you can decide whether or not you want to put on a helmet for motorcycles, it would be the same way for seat belts in cars. If you're in a hurry and you take off as soon as you get in the seat, you won't have your seat belt on. But if you get in the car, wait a second or two, you will see yourself putting the seat belt on through the window. If you drive without your seat belt, you risk flying out of the windshield in high impact collisions. If you're in a convertible car with no top, you risk flying out when flipping over or going upside down vigorously. But if you take the precaution and put the seat belt on, neither of these will be a problem. Having the seat belt on won't affect your bailing out of the car or merely getting out, either. But If you crash your car at a high speed you lose health unless you are wearing a seatbelt so its worth the time to put it on.



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user posted image

user posted image

Genre - Old School Hip-Hop

user posted image

Genre - Funk/R&B/Soul/Disco

Funkytown - Lipps Inc

Too Hot to Stop - The Bar Kays

Stomp - The Brothers Johnson
Heaven Knows - Donna Summer & Brooklyn Dreams
Don’t Let Go - Isaac Hayes
Rock With You - Michael Jackson
Send One Your Love - Stevie Wonder
Cruisin - Smokey Robinson
Ladies Night - Kool & The Gang
On The Radio - Donna Summer
September - Earth, Wind and Fire

user posted image

Genre - Eighties pop

user posted image

Genre - Rock

Call Me - Blondie
What A Fool Believes - Doobie Brothers
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
Brass in Pocket - The Pretenders
What I Like About You - The Romantics
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me - Billy Joel
Since you've been gone - Rainbow
Don't Bring Me Down - Electric Light Orchestra

user posted image

Genre - Reggae

Happiness - Black Uhuru
World Is Africa - Black Uhuru
One Love - Bob Marley

user posted image

Genre - Latin/Salsa

user posted image

Genre - Talk Radio (Vice City's #1 talk station, now broadcasting to the entire state!)

Lazlow 3.0

Lazlow is back in the town where he began, Vice City, after an almost 20 year absence. He returns to the Chatterbox-style call-in format, and takes calls from the citizens of the Vice City about a certain topics (these include topic from guests, as well as current news events). Some of the callers include a former fan, a bank robbery suspect who is in the middle of a pursuit, and an angry Couzin Ed, who is still upset with Lazlow for taking his job at V-Rock in the 80s and ruining his radio career.

Pressing Issues

The popular debate show with Maurice Chavez from the original Vice City returns. There are different debates on each episode, and there are three panelists for each debate. Debates and panelists include Public Health (with a physician, a germ-a-phoebe, and the station's janitor), Airport and Plane Safety (with the head of security at Vice City Airport, a former airport security guard, and a man who was once on a hijacked plane), Violent Video Games (with an over-protective mother, a gamer, and the owner of a video game store), 2012 End of the World Theories (with a historian, a crazed conspiracy theorist, and an astronomer), and more!

Rich Talk

A radio talkshow in the Vice-Dade that has interviews with vArious wealthy people from across the state. Guests include a millionaire engineer, the owner of the tallest building in Vice City, the CEO of a successful company in Cottonmouth, a slutty singer named Shaniqua (seen on posters in Manhunt 2 and GTA IV) that's all looks and no talent, and a popular night club owner from Vice Beach.

Vice-Dade News

A news program that broadcasts news of events happening all over the Vice-Dade, as well as
real-time traffic and weather.

Political Review

A show that deals with politics across the Vice-Dade, as well as U.S. politics. Topics include public safety in Vice City, the 2008 presidential elections, the upcoming elections for mayor of Vice City, and a recent scandal of the state treasurer stealing money.

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user posted image

user posted image

VBC Morning - A national morning news program broadcasting from the VBC studios in Star Junction, Liberty City (based on the Today show)
The Barfs - The #1 Saturday morning cartoon! (based on "The Smurfs")
Life on the Line - The new hit sitcom about what happens when a drug dealer and a cokehead start living under one roof! (not based on anything)
Yuppie and the Alien - (description coming later, based on a show advertised on the radio in VC)
The Jack Hiemen Show - America's #1 variety show!

user posted image

Dramatic Revolutions - A soap opera that follows the lives of five filthy rich people and their filthy problems (based on "As the World Turns")
Florida Two-Seven - The state's top cops are back for another action-packed season! (based on "Hawaii Five-O")
Lone Star Ranch - A drama about a wealthy farm-owning family with deep problems and mysterious shootings (based on "Dallas")

user posted image

Taxi Drivers - A sitcom about the going-ons at a Liberty City cab company (based on "Taxi")
Life's A Drag - Two trannies make an attempt at living normal lives, and hilarity ensues! (based on "Bosom Buddies")
Angel and the Knight - (description coming soon, based on one of the shows advertised on the radio in VCS)
Cash Cube - Four contestants are paired with washed-up celebrities to win some cash and prizes! (based on "Pyramid")

user posted image


Respect List

XZ Gamer
General Goose
Grand Theft Auto Dude
Spagetti Cat

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Good work

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Haven't you already done this?
..three times?

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 05:17 PM

I wanted to ask the same. And why have you got so many reserves?

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that's some damn fine cover art. And where did that screen shot come from?

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QUOTE (RomanViking @ Mar 19 2010, 17:44)
that's some damn fine cover art. And where did that screen shot come from?

Midnight Club L.A. i think confused.gif
I don't see why GTA can't have the kind of HD graphics that MCLA and NFS have.? would make one hell of a game.
Anyway this is a really good read icon14.gif loving the ideas.

EDIT: i'm sure i've read this before dontgetit.gif

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The reason i created the new topic is because i did not have enough room for the graphics i required so i created a new one and added them reserves which should provide my requirements of graphics needed.

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Here's some ideas for gangs if your interested.

Blood bath posse

Appearance: The gang takes on the black "street" style of clothing, they are often seen in dark blue hoodies, jeans, vests and trackies. They are also obssessed with shiny things and are often kitted out in gold chains. They will never be seen without some peace of clothing donning the Haitan flag most often a bandana. The gang is all Haitan.
Behaviour: The gang are fiercley proud of their Haitan heritage and voodoo beliefs. After moving to Vice city in the eighties the Haitan community has been ghettoised by the government and predujiced against by the jamaicans and cubans. Out of the fires of hate and poverty grew an insatiable blood lust wich in turn grew into the blood bath posse, a gang whos morals have long disintegrated and been replaced by cocaine, violence and black magic.
Business: The gang have muscled in on the cocaine scene ever since they started using shocking acts of violence to make more powerful gangs stand down. They also have businesses in armed robbery and piracy.
Weapons: The gang favour knives and swords to deal out as much pain as possible, however if need be the gang will use tactics like drive by shootings utilising automatic pistols and uzis.
Vehicles: Only the speediest, flashiest transports will suffice for this gang.

Spanish lords

Appearance: Copying the old school hip hop style this gang dresses similar to other street gangs in Vice city. The gang often fly bandanas of yellow or their country of origins flag, most often cuba.
Behaviour: This gang grew out of the young second generation latin immagrints. Members grew up amongst violence living in ghettoes and often their fathers would be involved in the cartels. Many of their parents were killed in gang violence so they looked to each other for protection. They are young and gullible, believing that working for a cartel will make them rich and famous, thus they are used as cannon fodder by bigger gangs.
Business: They are mostly used as low level hitmen and dealers by the cartels.
Weapons: Automatic pistols, standard psitols and uzis are the gangs favourite weapons as they can easily be used in drive bys or ambushes.
Vehicles: While they like to think of themselves driving around in flashy cars, most members are to poor and use anything in their price rang.

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 10:46 PM

Wow, nice job, you put a hell of a lot of work into this

  • SammiiDoogles

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 11:38 PM

Looking good man wink.gif

I really like the style of the section headers, they're hot

Donald J Trump
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Posted 20 March 2010 - 12:23 AM

Nice, man smile.gif I love the cover art!

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Posted 20 March 2010 - 10:26 AM

*nitpicks* The helicopter is on the wrong side of the box... it goes in the upper LEFT corner, otherwise looks great.

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Posted 20 March 2010 - 10:39 AM

QUOTE (vcPINK @ Mar 20 2010, 10:26)
*nitpicks* The helicopter is on the wrong side of the box... it goes in the upper LEFT corner, otherwise looks great.

Who says it's the wrong side?...
It's not ALWAYS in the top left.

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Posted 20 March 2010 - 10:57 AM

QUOTE (SammiiDoogles @ Mar 20 2010, 06:39)
QUOTE (vcPINK @ Mar 20 2010, 10:26)
*nitpicks* The helicopter is on the wrong side of the box... it goes in the upper LEFT corner, otherwise looks great.

Who says it's the wrong side?...
It's not ALWAYS in the top left.

*looks at III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, IV, EFLC* yep, it's been on the upper left for all of the 3d games, Chinatown wars isn't fully 3d, it's still top down to be honest, but that one doesn't have a chopper at all... so I reiterate my point... the heli is on the wrong side...

Seriously though... the thread as a whole looks great... keep it coming.

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Posted 20 March 2010 - 04:42 PM Edited by Guanxi, 21 March 2010 - 01:04 AM.

Some nice work on the cover art and map and the artwork. You certainly got me in the mood for another V.C.

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Posted 24 March 2010 - 09:23 PM Edited by AnthMUFC-Champs, 27 September 2010 - 04:47 PM.

New Updates have been added and feel free to look also more are coming aswell.

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Posted 24 March 2010 - 10:28 PM

imagine if they include the strip club madonnas in miami hellz yea I would buy this thats my fav strip in miami coco's strip club is on point as well lots of titty shaking in my face

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Posted 24 March 2010 - 11:50 PM

i like the map, maybe a little bit bigger tho colgate.gif

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Posted 26 March 2010 - 08:51 PM

nice boxart, how d'ya make it?

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Posted 26 March 2010 - 09:07 PM

Can someone make a modification of this? Because the map is great!

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Posted 26 March 2010 - 09:10 PM

VERY nice thread. Best one I've seen so far. One small thing: The "execution" header is spelled with an A. It should be "executions", not "exacutions". Just thought I'd point that out.

Keep up the good work!

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Posted 27 March 2010 - 08:11 AM

Thanks everyone for your replies i just want to inform you all that i have more content coming for this topic including more graphics. I also have the DLC in the works for this topic and a handheld game called GTA Little Havana Wars.

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