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GTAIV-mx : Custom Modes

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Posted 10 June 2010 - 11:57 AM

This turned out to be a Ho-hum contest, I had hoped for better participation. However there are some good ideas in here and it'd be a shame not to showcase them. I'm sure that many more interesting submissions will be made in the future. The contest has been cancelled due to an insufficient amount of entries, but the topic remains open to those wanting to share their ideas, or members looking for custom modes.

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Posted 05 August 2010 - 09:35 PM

im interested in the drifting game. if anyone plays it can you please add me on ps3 or message me here my psn is USDM_EJ6

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Posted 27 August 2010 - 12:33 PM

Ok I don't have online my self
But I thought of a epic idea

So say there are 20 people in free mode
There are 2 tugs (Big boats)
10 people on each tug

.Two people with Carbine Rifles
.The rest with SMG's and Deagles

The two tugs drive up to each other and rip the hell out of each other
You could probably have 2 helicopters from each side

If anyone does have online and would like to host this then just PM me cos I can't always remember my last posts
Thanks biggrin.gif

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Posted 29 August 2010 - 01:49 PM

Tug Wars
Game: Any (As long as there's a tug)
Base Mode: Freemode

• Location : Any where where a Tug is available
• Duration : Until the tug is destroyed
• Auto Aim : Off
• Weapons : All
• Pickups : All
• Police : off
• Join In Progress : No
• Traffic : Low
• Pedestrians : Low
• Blips : None
• Gamertag Display : Yes
• Reticule Health : Yes
• Voice Chat : Yes
• Respawn distance : Far
• Respawn Time : 1 sec
• Time of day : Midday
• Weather : Any

So there is half of the limit of FM
So there's 20 players on free mode
there will be 10 on each Tug
. 1 Driver
. 2 People with Ak's/ Carbine rifles
. 3 people with SMG'S/ UZI'S And Deagles
. One helicopter with 3 crew (Crew only allowed SMG's)

Which ever boat blows up first looses
Wah wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 07:27 PM

Rob's Zombie Mode:Liberty City's Fever
• Location :North Alderney PartyMode SafeHouse
• Duration : When All Survivors Die Or When You Get To Communication Tower
• Auto Aim : Off
• Weapons : All for Suvivors Melee For Zombies
• Pickups : All
• Police : off
• Join In Progress : No
• Traffic : Parked
• Pedestrians : Low
• Blips : All
• Gamertag Display : Yes
• Reticule Health : Yes
• Voice Chat : Yes
• Respawn distance : Near(Only Zombies Can Respawn and play again)
• Respawn Time : 5 sec
• Time of day : MidNight
• Weather : Over Cast

4 Survivors Struggling Agaisnt Zombies That Just Keep On Spawning With No End That Must Get A Hold Of Someone For Help
-Can Use All Weapons
-Only Two Lives
-On Foot Only
-Only Melee Weapons
-Respawn As Many Times As You Want
-Try To Press L1/LB So Zombies Growl To Make It More Zombie-Like
Survivors Start Off In North Alderney Party Mode Safe House Heading To Helis In SE Algoquin ON FOOT
Killing Variety of Zombies To Stay Alive
When You Get To The Heli Get On And Fly To The Communication Tower In AirPort
Zombies Got Smarter And Can Use Heli Now But Cant Only Use Buzzard
Survivors Can Use Buzzard As Their Own Risk But If Breaks You Lose
When You Get To The Tower Stay Alive for 4 Minutes Then Survivors Will Win
-Survivors Squad Has To Have A Leader Then If he Dies Vice Leader Will be Leader

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Posted 09 January 2011 - 02:07 PM

Ram the Rabbit
No Blips Chase

Base Mode: Free Mode


• Weapons : melee only
• Blips : off
• Gamertag Display : off


You use any free mode settings you like, but turn off all blips and gamertag displays and the use of weapons is not allowed.

Everyone gets a vehicle of similar performance and meets at a rendezvous point.

One person, the rabbit, drives off as the runner, the others chase after him in their cars.

The objective is to ram the rabbit until his car is destroyed.

The rabbit wins if he manages to shake everybody off and escape, loses if his car is toast. Since blips are off, you can totally get lost with some clever shortcuts and last minute maneuvers. Alternatively, if you're useless behind the wheel, you can get squished to a cube pretty fast with 3 or more chasers on you.

You can communicate where the rabbit is to other players who have already lost sight of the rabbit. You can also comb the streets for a while after everyone has lost the rabbit to see if you can get lucky and spot him again.

But after a few minutes of gloating from the rabbit, once he is somewhere way out of the area, you call it and meet up at the rendezvous again to start over with the next runner.

You will be amused for hours.

glenn tha killer
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Posted 01 March 2011 - 07:51 AM Edited by Waddy, 01 March 2011 - 09:11 AM.

Sorry i never noticed this cus my thing would fit right into this

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Posted 29 March 2011 - 01:26 AM Edited by ZDANZ96, 29 March 2011 - 01:32 AM.

Heli vs Car
The best competition

Base Mode:Free Mode

• Weapons:Melee only
• Location:Airport
• Peds:off
• Traffic:high


You may start as a driver or the anihillator pilot.

Pilot:must destroy opponent's car in any way you can find (bullets or blades)
Driver :must defend to the limit your car (and if can) destroy enemy's helicopter
(weapons arent allowed).

The first that destroys car or helicopter wins or lose (if you are destroyed) the turn so you change vehicle.

• You can destroy helicopter jumping the car into it using airport yellow ramps;
• Bladding the car may cause it to drown in the water;
• Dont crash heli too much;
• Try surprise attacks to won games;

Max Players are 4:2 helicopters or 2 cars 1 player in each

I hope you may enjoy my game mode tounge2.gif
Credits goes to nfspro777 my friend who created this mode

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Posted 20 April 2011 - 07:11 AM


Game: Free Mode
Base Mode:

Cops: Off
Place: Bohan
the rest you decide

Description: i dont know if this is an idea or not, but i didnt see it above, well my idea is roleplay, everyone gets a job, for example when me and my friends played, i worked at Burger Shot and there were police officers, strippers, hobos, stay at home parents, college students, assassins, boxers, the possiblities are endless!! this is best played in Bohan, because its small and has a lot of good buildings to live in and work in. While i played i started an illegal fight club and invited people by calling them on the phone, bu the cops came in and took a few people to jail, but i managed to run out and then i got caught and put in the far prison with my friends and we had a brutal stabbing fight that i won, so the cop who was also a prisom guard hahaha, set up a firing line and executed me for killing them. its crazzy fun!:D

Other Ideas/game modes:

Teamwork needed^^

Description: it must be team deathmatch, preferablly on Bohan, and a team of 3 or 4 holds up in a building of some sort and the other team the "zombies" have to try and rush in and attack them, only using knives, (i dont know if you can, but if a survivor is killed they should switch teams). But you can change any of the options and just have fun with it

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Posted 31 May 2011 - 03:14 AM

Liberty City Prison break
"You Spent years Planning, Know it's time to live free"

Base Mode: Free Mode
Console: Xbox 360

  • No. of players : 16
  • No. of private slots : 16
  • Location : Liberty City
  • Duration : Unlimited
  • Auto Aim : Off
  • Weapons : All
  • Pickups : All
  • Police : On
  • Join In Progress : Yes
  • Traffic : Off
  • Pedestrians : Off
  • Blips : All
  • Gamertag Display : Off
  • Reticule Health : Yes
  • Voice Chat : On
  • Respawn distance : Near
  • Respawn Time : 5 (Causes Less Lag)
  • Time of day : Night
  • Weather : Clear

Description: Very Simple Game. You and your friends have been planning this escape for years. The goal of this game is to get as much and all weapons as possible. You are then to meet at the prison and once everyone has everything and is ready to go we will then get the cops on us and run from the prison to the airport with as much stars as possible and without dying. Once you reach the airport all of us need to get as much helicopter as we can and pack up the helicopters (Please No arguing. Work as a team and just get inside the helicopter) and go to the empire state building and parachute to the boat and celebrate. And then the game ends. Very basic, but if people do not play the game correctly the game can go very bad

Screenshots/Videos: http://i787.photobuc...tandard_map.jpg

1. Were we start
2. Were we take off from
3. Were we parachute off the empire state building
4. Were we end!!


1. SlickSpencer8 / Ground Team Leader
Waiting List:

Buzzard Team
  • Provide Air support when called in.
  • Pick up people who spawn far away and para drop them into the battle.
  • May take out police choppers but advise ground team before doing so.[/list

    Ground Team
  • Listening To Ground Team Leader.
  • To Get across Liberty city without dying with as many stars as possible.
  • You have 7 lives so use them wisely
  • Carry anything you can.
  • Advise any bombs or grenades thrown or launched
  • Try not to shout over people or get in people's ways.
  • Please do not call Air support, that is the Ground Team Leader's job.
  • Stay as a group and help each other out.
  • Don't go creating your own route, stick together. If you scatter, you will most likely fail and die.

APC Team
  • Pick the lowest person with health and take them to a health kit
  • To smash road blocks when needed and cover the rear of the ground team.
  • Provide ground team with fire support when called in.
  • Have a APC in the back & Front of ground team.

DO NOT shout over comms as we will need to hear everyone,
Keep things short and simple (eg. SWAT Truck to north )

Ground Team Leader will be ordering Air stikes and gun attacks.

NOTE 1: Listen and don't keep talking about whatever. We need to work together.
NOTE 2: If the two people that claim the choppers dont show up, then it will go to the next person who RSVPs on the list
NOTE 3: DO NOT RSVP if your not going to attend the event.
NOTE 5: If anyone fools around in-game and does not take it seriously, you will be kicked out of the game.
NOTE 6: Act mature and act like your age.

APC & Buzzard Team: Please get Armour and little weapons in case if anything goes down. But please hurry and get either your apc or buzzard and patiently wait at the prison in Alderney. The buzzard team should work on getting helicopters from the sky and take them down. APC Team should work on take cop cars down and swat trucks. But also let the ground team do some work.

Ground Team: Get as MUCH AMMO AND WEAPONS & ARMOUR as you can, And i mean get EVERYTHING cause you are going to need it. Once you get everything please meet and wait patently at the prison. Take down cops and swat teams and don't TALK unless you must.

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 08:46 PM Edited by Officer Will Troll, 13 June 2011 - 04:57 AM.

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Posted 30 October 2011 - 03:56 AM

wow u douches im in bgf and orf there we do demo derby and zombie rush and busted and alot which they are gtamissions forums aka bj
in zombie rush one person is on one team and all the others are trying to kill him with only knives while the human tries to kill them.
on busted u have to do gta race with cop vehicles and the crook gets a another car and all others have to capture him by trapping him for 30 seconds or he drowns blows up etc.

  • jdbug28

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Posted 04 November 2011 - 08:15 PM

A27TopGun - Most Wanted
I would like to do this with some mature people on PS3. I like police cars and driving realistically. Not maniac like hitting stuff. Driving how the police really would drive. Not the LCPD though. I wonder what their driver training is like. eg 1. Drive 2. Fast 3. Ram lol

  • SoT_Agent

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Posted 09 February 2012 - 02:59 PM

Well I thougth of 2 games:

Be ambushed,or ambush them.

Base Mode:Free Mode

Settings: Blips off,FF off,Weapons all,Time Nigth,Weather Clear,2 teams,Pedestrians High,Traffic High.

Description: There are two teams divided equally.One team are the ambushers and the second team are the ambushees.The 2 teams talk about a good routine where there are plenty of spots to hide in and an elusive & urban enviroment.The Ambushees have to get 2 four door vehicles to the drop-off point.They have to strictly folow their routine and stop if their being ambushed (or they could have 2 people sneak up on the ambushers).For the Ambushers the main point is to destroy the 2 vehicles when the Bosses are killed.

The Ambushers armory is M4's for only 2 or 1 person(s) (Captain's),3 SW-MP 10's for 3 or 2 people (Assaulters),1 M40A3 for a Sniper and pistols for the rest of the people.The Captains pick where to set up camp and they lead the squad.The Assaulters are the guys camping in rooftops.The Sniper tries to get to the highest & clearest (so he can see the action) point.The Regural guys hang around in alleys and rooftops,but they have to get in the field if need be.The best locations for this game is anywhere where the rooftops & alleys are accesible.

The Ambushees armory is anything (except RPG's).There are 2 Drivers,2 Bosses (must be killed in order to destroy the cars) and the Henchmen.The Ambushees have to get to the negotiated location.The Ambushees MUST stop if their being ambushed.

I've never tried this before,but if you do,and you can record it,please post a video.

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 08:53 PM

Car Football (soccer)
Score them goals...


Base Mode:
Anything really

Traffic on parked if using streets, traffic on low if using an area without car paths

- There are two teams. The object of the game is to get the "ball" into the "net". One net for each team.
- "Nets" can be anything however I recommend two intersections parallel to each other with a straight road separating them. Remove parked cars from the way.
- The "ball" is a compact car, something like a Blista works well. If you are not playing on PC I suggest you place a gamer into the vehicle designated as the ball, as it may disappear if you don't. Alternatively some vehicles will never disappear; mob cars in "Deal Breaker" would be an example of this.
- Designate some acceptable player vehicles. Each team must use the same vehicles as the other team. SUVs and strong cars work best for this.
- Place the "ball" in the middle between both nets. Each team starts off at their net. Count down to 3 and then the game starts. You and your team must ram the "ball" into the other team's "net". No shooting or killing, just ramming.
- First to X score wins, or whoever has more score after Y minutes.

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 08:18 PM

emergency services

have firefighters paramedics police and civilians

everyone will switch off and take turns with everything.

the civilians will set up the scenarios (wrecks, fires, drunks, traffic stops, etc.)

not every scenario will be bam bam blow em up, massive murder, 18 car pile up like the movies.
most will be routine.

like real life.
whos in?

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Posted 18 April 2012 - 08:22 PM

free mode in algonquin, cops off. rest is up too you.

title: The Duel
on the 2 long roads in algonquin, 2 players battle, (4 players in total.) every player spends 3-5 minutes getting the best wearing vehicule they can get hold of, then the players must smash (starting at the furthest away as possible) full speed on the drivers side of each car, and continues until the other car is a write-off (wont start).

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 07:40 PM

This is the entire Post that should be used. only exception is that the slots can be changed to accommodate the game size and mode.


Games for Windows Live:
GTAIV Version (EFLC/Vanilla):
Requested Position:
Any questions, comments, concerns?:

The city of Liberty City is in shock as a resent rebel force has risen in the city scareing off most of the enforcement, as these rebels spread there influence the cities four islands become a third world country. The military hasn't arrived yet for the off shore cities aid. As the cities spirals down in a never ending battle for survival, Liberty City reaches out for any hope. This hope is the 7th regiment of Cavalry infantry. A Private Military Company that signed a contract to save the city.

General Rules
The rules are here to make the game play smooth and easy, not to make it boring.
-No killing of civilians or other players.
-No using of helicopters unless you are a pilot.
-Do not use the wrong weapons.
-Stealing cars is allowed but in small doses.
-No mic spamming or screaming.

Objectives can be made up on the fly and can consist of anything from a complex assualt to a simple patrol. Objectives are assigned to any squad at anytime, by GODFATHER-6.
-DO NOT be unreasonable with an objective and have fun with it.

There will be Six or Eight Squads, Five or Six will be ground sqauds and one or two will be air squads. When playing PVP there are Two Opfor Squads.
-Six squads are for a PvP mode, Eight are for a Roleplay mode.
-Ground squads are for ground fighting, and use SUV's to move on the ground.
-Air squads are for CAS, transportation, and surveillance.
-Only one of the airmen is GodFather-6.
-Opfor squads are there in PVP modes to give the Blufor some trouble.

Engagement Rules
Engagement rules are for some more realism and make the game balanced.
-Blufor can not engage Opfor on sight, they must have proboble cause.
-If Opfor are sprinting they can be chased and subdued. NOT KILLED.
-If Opfor are seen with weapons they are considered a threat and are to be eliminated.
-If doing surveillance and see Opfor from air report it and that area will be marked as hostile area.
-Opfor being in public are not threats and are not to be engaged.

Opfor are there to give the Blufor a challange.
-Opfor use AK-47's, Uzi's, and anything else.
-One RPG for the Opfor team.
-RPG can only be used for Anti-Vehicle purposes only.
-They are told the objective by GodFather-6 so they can respond to it and attempt to eliminate the Blufor.
-Best to stay hidden and blend in with the crowds.

Squad roles and load outs
Each squad member has a role and a load out unique to those roles.
-Pilot: MP5K-Glock-Armor , the pilots role is to move the team quickly to the next location, do an air strike, save wounded team mates, or report "enemy locations."
-Leader: M4-MP5-Armor , the leader has to lead his squad safely and efficiently. He can call all types of air support for his squad.
-Pointman: M4-M249SAW(EFLC)-Pump Shotgun-Armor , the Breachers role is to lead the team through close quarters and Give suppressive fire.
-Grenadier: M4-Glock-Grenades or Grenade Launcher(EFLC)-Armor , the Grenadier is the only person who can have grenades.
-Anti-Vehc: M4-RPG-7-Armor-The only one in squads with a Launcher. Can only be used against enemy vehicles.
-Godfather-6: The leader of the blufor team. He is in always in an air vehicle with a pilot.

Call-signs are fun to use and make the game a little more realistic.

Air Support
Air Support can come in any form depending on the Quad leads needs. Although if the pilots helicopter goes down he need to be rescued by the nearest team or their own.
-BUFFALO-CAS, EVAC, Surveillance
-WASP-CAS, Surveillance
-SPARROW-EVAC, Surveillance

Hope this is a fun thing and can bring fun not only to the cav but the cav public and fan base.



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Posted 24 June 2012 - 03:29 PM

Survival against all odds

A simple but hard game. You have to go to the Broker Cabaret Club with as much weaponry as possible and hold out until you get six stars. Then you have to drive to the airport, get into a heli and fly to the prison. Then you hold out until you die. You can do this with up to four players. A harder version is when you get to the prison try and walk to the airport.

(In Free Roam)

Game options:
No. of players : 16
No. of private slots : 16
Location : Liberty City
Duration : Unlimited
Auto Aim : Off
Weapons : All
Pickups : All
Police : On
Join In Progress : Yes
Traffic : Off
Pedestrians : Off
Blips : All
Gamertag Display : Off
Reticule Health : Yes
Voice Chat : On
Respawn distance : Near
Respawn Time : 1
Time of day : Any
Weather : Any

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Posted 24 October 2012 - 06:24 PM

Hey guys,
I am wanting to start a roleplay for fire and EMS. I was involved in starting another one but they decided to play on days where I couldn't and it went from being a fire/police roleplay to just police. Ever since then I have been trying to find another one, but nothing is available. I am a career firefighter for my hometown in NC. I thought this would be a fun and exciting new way to play the game.

Only catch is that you will need to have an imagination because the game will not allow us to play like we want to.

We will have to make our own calls unless we can get some people to be civilians and maybe make a few scenarios.
This will be a scenario based roleplay, which means that there will not be a specific person to keep track of the entire time you play. You will not need to keep track of money or buy a house or car. Im hoping to get like 2 to 3 days a week to play this, so if someone cant make it one night then they can another night.

Hopefully we can get enough people to play different roles like engine company, rescue, EMS, some police, and civilans. One person will not be assigned to one truck or role the whole time. People can switch roles, that will be the fun of it being able to switch it up.

Aslo this will be a realistic scenario roleplay. I understand some calls are worse than others, but not every call is gonna be super house fire, 10 dead people, shots fired, apocalyptic, end of the world like most people will probably want to play. Every department has calls that are boring. That is just real life.

Once we get some people to get together we can discuss and plan this out. The people that help start this out will be officers when we play and the lower ranking people will have to listen to them. That is the only kind of people that will stay the same. Thats not saying that you can't play without them, but if they are online and playing then they need to be in charge.

We will be playing in a party mode so other people don't come in and be stupid and just shoot people all the time.

The fire department will be the one in Northwood because thats the one that a truck is always at to start off. There is a police station in East Holland. There is a hospital in North Holland.

Driving to calls is a big thing to. You CAN NOT drive a fire truck, ambulance, or police car to a call running over people or crashing into other cars. I know the civilians on the game cant drive well and jump out in front of you and stuff, but you have to be aware like your driving a real vehicle. And you can tell from the damage if you have been driving like an idiot.

There will be medical, fire, wreck, and other calls.


If anyone wants to play then just reply and also add me on PS3 PSN:k-willis, or e-mail me at [email protected]

Thank you and I hope we can get this thing going.

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 07:03 PM Edited by UKWarriorElite, 07 November 2012 - 07:40 PM.

Busted! (not made by me)

Q: What is Busted!? :
A: Busted is NOT a game mode inside GTA. 
(Organized in the mode "Free Mode" and spawned cars using simple native trainer.. You can also start the game mode "GTA Race" and choose the cop cars from there, if you're in reg. GTA IV)
Busted is an unofficial/custom game mode made/idea by FestenGTA. The rules are simply, no guns and no shooting, ONLY ramming.
Crook is busted when the car catches fire, is upside down or the crook/criminal dies. The crook win if no cops appears on the mini-map in full speed. (You can't outrun the cops during your headstart)
Crook shouldn't take highways and straight roads all the time since it makes the game mode boring and easy to win for the crook, therefore, take some fun/little/small/city w/e roads and make a fun chase outta it! - This rule isn't necessary to follow, but its what makes the good recordings and whats considered as the difference between "The boring crook" and "The funny crook".
If you are one of the cops and your vehicle dies/explode - you're out. Its not allowed to take a random car in the city and continue the chase. BUSTED can be done with two crooks, but is far more fun in my opinion to do it with one crook.

Go into a GTA Race and get 1 person to be in any car, the rest of the people has police cars. Start it, the crook goes first, then 10 seconds later the police get the crook. The game ends when the crook car is ether burning, in water, flipped over or blocked. No one must leave their car. The cars must be a normal police cars or a police patriot. The crook is not allowed to go on freeways. The crook is able to go on bridges and can go anywhere on the map.

These options to be enabled:
• Auto Aim : Off
• Weapons : Off
• Pickups : Off
• Police : Off
• Join In Progress : No
• Traffic : Heavy
• Pedestrians : Heavy
• Blips : None
• Gamertag Display : Yes
• Reticule Health : Yes
• Voice Chat : Yes 
• Respawn distance : Near
• Respawn Time : 1 sec
• Time of day : Midday
• Weather : Any

Again I did not make up this game. This game works on X360, PS3 and PC. Some people host this gamemode, so look up `GTA 4 Busted` on YouTube and you should find some people. I dont host the gamemode.

klezli norbert
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Posted 15 November 2012 - 08:44 PM

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=7][COLOR=green]My Webpage smile.gif



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Posted 17 February 2013 - 01:06 AM

GTA Ballad of Gay Tony ROLEPLAY

Playstation 3 Roleplay: Saturday, February 16 2013, 7:00 pm central
Rules will be explained in lobby. Do not join if you are not willing to follow rules.
You will have to create a character on this topic and it will have to be approved by me, once approved gameplay will be available.

Message: RedGoonChampionx for invite.More info in lobby. Thankyou

[SPOILER] Best Job is Cop or Gang
1. Cop
2. Car Dealer
3. Gang/ Mafia: Whatever you choose
4. Loan Shark
5. Club Owner
6. Restaurant Owner
7. Doctor
8. Pimp lol
9. Civilian
10. Taxi Driver
11. BodyGuard
12. Mayor/ President/ Governor/ Senate etc
AND Basically any job you can think of

--- Hope To See You There

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 11:07 PM

I have one, it's really just a variation on DD, people have probably done it before, but not without making it formally known.
(I didn't read everybody's submissions on the forum so just tell me if I'm too late)

Derby: Extreme rules
Players: 3-12
Cops: on or off, on makes it more hectic
Weapons: all
Weather: doesn't matter, sunny is probably best
Traffic: high, helps with getting cars quicker
Peds: doesn't matter, but high added to the blood

Locations: I haven't played GTA IV in a while, but we always did this in this construction yard in the middle island, in the lowest part near this helicopter spawn and helicopter tour diversion.

It's basically demo derby with some changes.

You can use any car, ANY. There's more then one "floor" in the area, so you can climb up to the second floor and derby in there, even jumping off. If you have a weapon you can use in a car, feel free to use it, but you can only shoot the car, NOT the driver. Molotovs and grenades are welcome, too. Everybody gets five lives, but when me and my friends did it we just went on for hours. We end up just counting our kills. I wish I had video to show you how insane it gets. It's really close quartered because its a half finished building sight. Once the go was said everyone takes off and bullets flew, metal rubbed on metal, dirt turned, and fire burned rubber. It's really fun, you should try it. I will be bringing back to GTA V.

It doesn't work well in the 'circus-circle" cause it gets boring.

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