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Rockstar Games presents a Rockstar North game...

Welcome to the Entertainment Capital of the World!

user posted image

user posted image

Theme Song (no voice)

Developed by: Rockstar North
Published by: Rockstar Games
Rating: 18+
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Setting, Introduction, Location:

Grand Theft Auto: City of Sins is set in Las Venturas (based on Las Vegas), in the summer 2009. You will be playing as Michael “Mike” Penti, a “made man” working for Vitelli family (led by Don Santino “Sonny” Vitelli). Las Venturas is different than in the III era, and is separated in three major districts: The Strip, Venturas West and Venturas East. The map will include city of Las Venturas, small town called Fortown, and the part of the desert (including Area 69).

Las Venturas, San Andreas, was always a perfect place for crime. Gambling, betting, cheating, killing...That was almost everyday happening. Was it ever investigated outside Las Venturas? No. What happens in Venturas, stays in Venturas, and that rule is used by three major crime factions: the Vitellis, the Angelinos and the Clark Square Butchers.

The Las Venturas Sign:

"Welcome to Fabulous Las Venturas
San Andreas"

user posted image

And it's based on this^

That's the sign seen by newcomers to the capital of second chances. But that's not all that the sign reads. If you use a sniper rifle or a similar weapon, and zoom, you will see some other lines:

"Beware of the Mafia, dickhead"
"What the f*ck are you looking at?"
"It ain't funny to stand here all day and watch your damn pathetic faces, you know"
"Fabulous my ass"

And such. The letters are very small and you will have to look hard even with biggest sniper rifle zoom.



Brass Knuckles




Combat Handgun
Silenced Handgun
Machine Pistol

Submachine Guns:

Micro SMG
Submachine Gun
Assault SMG

Assault Rifles:

Assault Rifle
Automatic Rifle
Carbine Rifle
Army Rifle


Sawn-Off Shotgun
Combat Shotgun
Assault Shotgun


Sniper Rifle
Combat Sniper
Country Rifle


Petrol Bomb
Gas Grenade
Bag Bomb


Rocket Launcher

Machine Guns:

Machine Gun
Chain Gun


Toy Gun (spawns at safehouses when you win $10,000 at Paintball minigame)
Axe (only available in Fireman side mission)
Fire Extinguisher (same as above)

Transportation in Las Venturas:

If you don't want to drive yourself, someone else will drive you, for a small fee:

Taxis: Like in GTA IV, you can catch a taxi and it will drive you anywhere. Every ride costs $500, no matter where you're driven.
Buses: At numerous bus stations throughout the city, you can catch a bus. It costs and works like taxi.
Train: At two train stations (West Station and Venturas Eastern Station), Brown Streak train (from SA) can pick you up and take you to the other one.


Although airports serve no much purpose, you can still steal aircraft there. The airports are:
McClark International Airport (parody of McCarran International Airport)
Verdant Meadows Airport

The Verdant Meadows Airport is back from SA, and is in private ownership (not Carl Johnson). It really isn't an airport, just a flying taxi service. You can hire a Maverick to fly you over the city, and you can choose: to either skip the journey or to watch the map from the sky.


Welcome to fabulous Las Venturas!

After a four year imprisonment in Fortown Correctional Facility, Michael “Mike” (also called Mikey) Penti, was released. He was a “made man” belonging to Vitelli family, led by Don Sonny Vitelli. He was to be Capo, but, he was thrown in before he could achieve that. Now, it’s more difficult. Vitelli family is constantly weakened by two enemies: Angelino family and Clark Square Butchers. The family is now having problems with the drugs, especially cocaine, as many members, including Sonny, are addicted or are frequent users. But not Mike.

Besides running errands for Vitelli family (Sonny Vitelli, Capo Francesco “Frankie” Nissi, Consigliere Antony Simone, Johnny Galleppo, Joey Jovino, Salvatore Silvestri), and his own family (brother Paul “Paulie” Penti, cousin Willie in one mission), Mike has business with Commissioner Peter Faber (LVPD Commissioner), the Yakuza, Alvarez Cartel, Russian criminals…with him in the family, the Vitelli’s now grow stronger, and soon Don Vincenzo Ciano (boss of the Angelino family) goes to heaven. But, Antony makes a fatal mistake.

Faber tells Mike to go and kill Antony because he threatened to reveal Faber’s corrupt operations if Faber doesn’t pay fifty thousand dollars. Of course, Faber would send couple of guys to take care of that, but they could find his corruption out. Mike refuses to kill Consigliere just because he would die (and not because they’re friends, as Mike despises Antony). Faber gives him Clark Square Butchers gang outfit, black balaclava and a bike helmet, and tells him that “Faber’s boys are gonna pay a little visit to Paulie Penti” if he refuses. Having no choice, Mike ambushes Antony while he’s exiting a Burger Shot, and shoots him down although Antony was well guarded.

Sonny calls Mike and tells him that “sh*t’s happened”. Mike goes to Sonny to hear that “some Clark f*cking Butcher took down Sonny’s Consigliere”. Sonny goes with Mike and few guys, and they attack Clark Square Butchers headquarters, Clark’s Casino (in the district of Clark Square), killing the unnamed boss.

At the Las Venturas church, during Sonny’s speech (before Antony was to be buried), an Clark Square assassin squad storms the church, trying to kill Sonny. Mike and the Vitelli’s take down the assassins, and Mike drives a wounded Sonny to the hospital (being chased by Clark Square Butchers). However, one of the Vitelli’s at the church phones Mike and tells him that the assassins stole Antony’s body. Luckily, they caught one attacker and he revealed that Vincenzo Ciano’s son, Alberto Ciano, made a deal with Clark Square to kill Sonny and steal Antony’s corpse.

Mike goes to Angelino casino only to discover that Alberto Ciano left the casino and moved the headquarters to other location. A cutscene starts in Commissioner Faber’s office, with Frankie and Faber talking. Frankie thinks that Clarks didn’t kill Antony, because Vitelli’s had peace with them, and besides, Clarks are too weak. Faber takes money, and says Mike killed Antony, but doesn’t say why. Mike receives a phonecall from Frankie, in which Frankie threatens he will kill him. Then Mike receives a phonecall from Sonny, who says that Mike broke his heart. Mike explains he was made to do it so his brother would live, and Sonny arranges a family meeting.

During the meeting, Frankie shoots Sonny and orders his hoods to kill Mike and remaining Sonny’s men. Dying, Sonny tells his last wish to Mike: kill Frankie. After that Sonny dies, and Mike takes out Frankie’s men.

After the massacre, Mike receives a phonecall from one of Vitelli’s (called Vince) who says that Alberto Ciano has been discovered and killed. Vince also says that Frankie Nissi is staying at the Cleaner fortress-warehouse, and that he now works with Jesus Alvarez towards the Vitelli leadership. The player now can choose: go to Paulie's crib and start the final mission We All Go To Heaven, or go to Mike's apartment and start Last Stop.

We All Go To Heaven

Paulie and Mike prepare to go to fortress-warehouse and kill Frankie. However, before they could reach their car, an Alvarez car drives by and Jesus Alvarez shoots and kills Paulie. Mike then jumps into car and follows Alvarez to McClark International Airport, where Alvarez has to catch a private Andromada. Mike chases Jesus Alvarez into the Andromada, where he has the big shootout with the cartel, in which he succeeds in killing Jesus.
However, one of the bullets accidentally hit and killed the plane pilot and Andromada now starts to fall. Mike grabs the parachute and jumps out. In the final cutscene, Johnny Galleppo phones him and tells him he's found Paulie and now drives him to be cremated. He also says that he went to the fortress and killed Frankie. There the storyline ends.

Last Stop

Mike phones Carmine who tells him to use the Hunter in the compound, he stole earlier from Area 69. Mike flies the helicopter to fortress, killing the guards. Then, he enters the fortress, and kills the remaining guards, but Frankie escapes, using Hunter helicopter. Mike follows him to Aces Down Casino roof, where they have a final shootout in which Mike kills Frankie. One of remaining goons comes up behind Mike, but gets shot by drunk Paulie. The brothers go to eat, and after the cutscene, Johnny Galleppo calls Mike to inform him that he chased down and killed Jesus Alvarez.

First and Two Last Cutscenes:

I will now post the beginning cutscene and the ending mission, which has the name Last Stop:

First Cutscene:

(First, the screen is black and the subtitles say "Fortown, 2009.". A moment later, we see Mike Penti coming out of Fortown Correctional Facility with his bag in his hand, wearing a black jacket and black pants. He then enters the phone booth nearby and calls a taxi. When taxi comes, he enters it.)
Taxi Driver: Where to?
Mike: To Strip, Aces Down Casino.
Taxi Driver: Sure.
(During the trip, the camera goes over Fortown and Las Venturas as intro cutscene rolls, with the credits and the theme song going. When the cutscene is over, Mike exits the taxi and goes into the casino.)
Mike: Home sweet home.
(Then he goes to the second floor where Sonny's office is. There, he meets his old friend Johnny Galleppo.)
Mike: Johnny!
Johnny: Wha...Hey, Mike! Welcome back!
Mike: Hey. Is my brother here?
Johnny: Paulie? No, he's out, but I think you should wait, he's gonna arrive. Here is just Sal, the Don and the others went on some job to do. So, you're back, huh? Back in the game?
Mike: Yeah.
Johnny: So how was it in the can? That mezza fanook f*cking Commissioner Faber told us to stay away from the prison, we couldn't see you in four years.
Mike: I know. Now, you tell me what happened outside during these four years.
Johnny: Nothing much...new gangs came, old gangs went, some split up...
Mike: I wanna know everything.
Johnny: Well, the Angelino family's got the new Don. Some Ciano guy, I can't remember his f*cking name. Vincent, Vince, Vinnie, Victor, Vance, f*ck it (the two last names are a reference to III era). The Triads split into two, one in West, one in East. We got some two new gangs, some Colombian cartel and some black-ass-maggot-gangstas. Or they think they are, cocking around with some fat chains and rap music. They don't know what a gangster is, sh*t.
Mike: And what's with our boys?
Johnny: Well, Sal and Frankie reached Capo, me and Joe are now Soldiers and you have to start again.
Mike: What?! sh*t!
Johnny: Yeah, Sonny said it.
Mike: sh*t, and what about Paul?
Johnny: He's out of the game now, holds a lil' bakery as our front. He quit almost ten years ago, when you were on the inside. He said he doesn't want to follow you. Now I got a business to do, man, I'll catch ya later. Come by later, ok?
(There the first cutscene is over. You can now go to freeroam, or to enter the mission marker and begin the first official mission.)

Last Stop:

(Mike talks with Carmine on the phone, in his apartment in the Strip.)
Carmine: So, Frankie Nissi killed the Don?
Mike: Yeah. Asshole killed him to grab the leadership.
Carmine: sh*t! So what are you gonna do with that bastard? You gonna kill him?
Mike: Probably. I know where he is, and I know how many men he has. I just don't know how am I gonna do it. So I'm asking you, that's why I called you.
Carmine: I don't know, kid. Where's he holed up?
Mike: In that old fortress in Cleaner we used as a warehouse, remember it?
Carmine: Yeah, I know it. Listen, I've got an idea. Remember that military chopper in our compound, you grabbed from that base? That bitch could tear the whole Mount Chilliad down!
Mike: You mean that Hunter? Yeah, that could work. Thanks!
Carmine: You're welcome, huh? Now go and get that son of a bitch.
(Mike goes to the compound, gets the Hunter, and flies to the fortress. He then starts attacking and kills all the guards outside. Soon he lands and enters the fortress.)
Frankie: Kill that f*ck!
Mike: I'll get you, you baskstabbing bastard!
(Mike kills the enemies and goes after Frankie. But, he stole the chopper and started flying towards the casino. Mike entered the Patriot and followed him. Soon, they met on the casino roof.)
Frankie: Mike! Hi. Drop the f*cking gun.
Mike: I'll drop it up your ass.
Frankie: Mike, don't be stupid. You're gonna die. Now drop the gun. I'll maybe release you, we're old friends, huh?
Mike: Idiot.
Frankie: So, that's your decision, huh? Then, let's finish this...
(Mike kills Frankie. Vince comes behind him, but gets shot by drunk Paulie.)
Paulie: Hey, brother! Is that a Frankie the traitor there lying?
Mike: Yeah.
Paulie: So you killed him! I'm happy. Now let's go. C'mon.
Mike: Paul, you're drunk.
Paulie: I celebrated! I'm not drunk. Just a half Scotch bottle and that's it! C'mon, let's get something to drink, I'm thirsty.

We All Go To Heaven

(Mike, Paulie, Paulie's crib.)
Paulie: Listen, before we go and hit Jesus we gotta clear that asshole Frankie. So let's go.
(They walk out, but Jesus does a drive-by and kills Paulie.)
Jesus: You f*cking gringo bastard maricons!
Mike: Paulie! Paul! sh*t, wake the f*ck up!
(But, Paulie dies. Mike jumps into nearby car.)
Mike: You f*cking Colombian motherf*cker! I'm gonna get you!
(He phones Johnny.)
Johnny: Yeah.
Mike: Listen, no time to chit-chat! Get to Paulie's house PRONTO, you hear me?! Get Paulie's body and wait for me at my place!
Johnny: What?! His body? What the f*ck is happening, man?
Mike: Just GO!
(Mike hangs up and chases Jesus to McClark International Airport.)
Jesus: Waste that pendejo!
Mike: Get back here you motherf*cking asshole!
(Mike kills all of the goons and chases Jesus in the plane.)
Jesus: Get this thing airborne! Quickly, you pendejos!
Goon: Jefe! That gringo is in the plane!
Jesus: What? Well kill him, cabron! I need to get to Vice City alive, ok?
(Mike kills all of the goons and meets with Jesus.)
Jesus: So you made it, cabron? You gonna die!
Mike: You killed my brother, Jesus. I'm gonna f*ck your drug dealing ass up.
Jesus: Stupid escoria!
(Mike kills Jesus. But, one of the bullets hit pilot.)
Mike: What the f*ck is happening? Oh sh*t, the f*cking pilot is out! I gotta get out of here...
(Mike grabs the parachute and jumps out. When he lands, his phone rings. It's Johnny.)
Mike: Johnny?
Johnny: Hey. I took Paulie.
Mike: f*cking Jesus, he killed him. I finished the f*cker.
Johnny: Jesus Alvarez, huh? That asshole.
Mike: What about Frankie?
Johnny: I was busy, partner. He's dead. It's all over now.
Mike: Thank you, brother. I'll see you.


Tattooing is back, as well as the car customizing and changing clothes. Realistic graphics are back. Unlike GTA IV, not all firearms are dual-handed. The one-handed weapons are thrown explosives, Knife, and the basic Handgun. Eating at restaurants is back, but unlike SA, you can’t get hungry. There are four restaurants you can eat at. You can change clothes at three clothes shops in the city. There are no friends and friend activities, but there are girlfriends. You can meet them in bars, clubs and casinos in the city. All screen-named casinos in the city are accessible, but you can gamble only at three. If you fall in debts and refuse paying them, you will receive threatening phonecalls which remind you to pay your debts. If you still don’t pay, three men will come after you with Submachine Guns and Machine Pistols, and shoot you on sight. Beside your money counter there is the amount you have to pay to the casino. The casino you have to pay to is marked on the radar. To pay your debts you have to go to the casino and pay to any member of the staff.

Cover system is back, so you can use it in gunfights. However, the blind fire is less accurate than in IV.


Like in IV, on numerous computers you can go on the Internet. Most sites are RL parodies, but some are also invented.


Based on: Facebook
Address: www.flatface.net


Based on: Twitter
Address: www.wanker.net


Based on: MySpace
Address: www.myroom.net


Based on: None (I think)
Address: www.love-meet.net


Based on: YouTube
Address: www.netclips.net


Based on: Wikipedia
Address: www.encyclopedia-info.net


Based on: Uncyclopedia
Address: www.fibopedia.net

News Flash!

Based on: None
Address: www.news-flash.net

Krapea Official Site

Based on: Ikea website
Address: www.krapea.net


Robbing businesses is back from VC, but now you can rob different types of businesses (from small shops to large banks). To rob a store, enter it and target the shopkeeper. Here is the list of 10 rob-able stores.

Grocery Store

Reward: $500
Attention: 1 Star
Security: No

Cafe Los Perros

Reward: $1000
Attention: 2 Stars
Security: No


Reward: $1500
Attention: 2 Stars
Security: 1 Guard

Giovanni's Butcher Shop

Reward: $1500
Attention: 2 Stars
Security: 2 Guards

Betting Shop

Reward: $2000
Attention: 3 Stars
Security: 3 Guards

Montel Hotel

Reward: $2500
Attention: 3 Stars
Security: 4 Guards

Angelina Pride casino

Reward: $3500
Attention: 3 Stars
Security: 5 Guards

Clark's Casino

Reward: $3500
Attention: 3 Stars
Security: 5 Guards

Grand Casino

Reward: $7000
Attention: 4 Stars
Security: 6 Guards

Las Venturas National Bank

Reward: $10,000
Attention: 4 Stars
Security: 12 Guards


There are nine gangs in Las Venturas (the tenth gang, Frankie’s Hoods, is group of renegade Vitelli Family members. They are player’s enemies since Frankie wants to kill Mike at the end. The Soldiers are also considered a gang, and in one mission there's a San Fierro based gang). The player works for all of them (although he is considered the member of Vitelli Family), but Venturas East Triads, Clark Square Butchers and Angelino Family, since they are enemies of the Vitelli’s. The gangs are:

Vitelli Family

Current Leader: LV: Mike Penti, Paulie Penti, Johnny Galleppo, Joey Jovino VC: Carmine Fotello LC: Ray, Luigi Vitelli
Type: Mafia family
Business: Gambling, protection, prostitution
Vehicles: Sentinel, Patriot, Maverick

Frankie’s Hoods

Current Leader: None (formerly Frankie Nissi)
Type: Mafia renegade family
Business: None
Vehicles: Unknown

Angelino Family

Current Leader: Unknown (formerly Vincenzo Ciano and then Alberto Ciano)
Type: Mafia family
Business: Gambling, cocaine distribution, SPANK distribution, prostitution
Vehicles: PMP 600, PCJ 600, Lokus

Las Venturas Yakuza

Current Leader: Unknown (formerly Kazuki "Shikaku" Sama)
Type: Japanese crime syndicate
Business: Gambling
Vehicles: Premier, FCR 900, BF 400

Venturas East Triads

Current Leader: Chung
Type: Chinese crime syndicate
Business: Gambling, prostitution
Vehicles: Pinnacle, Solair

Venturas West Triads

Current Leader: Unknown (formerly Lee the Snake)
Type: Chinese crime syndicate
Business: Gambling, prostitution
Vehicles: Pinnacle

Clark Square Butchers

Current Leader: Unknown
Type: Motorcycle gang/drug cartel
Business: SPANK distribution, illegal bike races, gambling
Vehicles: Hellfury, Zombie, Freeway, Angel, Demonic

Alvarez Cartel

Current Leader: Jesus Alvarez
Type: Drug cartel
Business: Cocaine distribution, SPANK distribution, marijuana distribution,
prostitution, gambling
Vehicles: Sanchez, Patriot, Cavalcade FXT


Current Leader: General Soplon
Type: Area 69 Soldiers
Business: None (illegal)
Vehicles: Hunter, Patriot, Rhino, Discipline

San Fierro Perros

Current Leader: Rafi
Type: Mexican Street Gang
Business: Prostitution
Vehicles: Unknown

Strippin' Rollers

Current Leader: Dollah, Dwayne
Type: African-American Street Gang, Drug Cartel
Business: Gambling, SPANK dealing
Vehicles: Cavalcade, Assassin

Police System:

Like in every GTA game, if you commit a crime and you get detected by the police, they will chase you. The style is like in GTA IV.

One star-Police chases you on foot and tries to arrest you only. They will use Handcuffs. Killing a police officer or pushing off an officer who tries to arrest you earns you Two stars.

Two stars-Police now chases you in their cars and bikes, but still doesn’t shoot at you.

Three stars-Police now uses their Pistols against you. On-foot arrests are attempted only if you are really near a police officer. Helicopter now comes after you, and tries to shoot you.

Four stars-NOOSE trucks are after you, they make roadblocks, and NOOSE officers shoot you with Submachine Guns. They are coming out of the helicopters. Police will now set tire-puncturing spikes on the road to stop you. They will arrest you on-foot in rare cases.

Five stars-FIB is after you with their Micro SMGs. They join NOOSE in the roadblocks. On-foot arrests are done in very rare cases.

Six stars-FIB, NOOSE, police, and now Army is after you in the Rhinos and army trucks. They also make roadblocks. On-foot arrests are never made, you will be busted only if police catches you in your vehicle.


There are four restaurants you can eat at. They are Cluckin’ Bell, Burger Shot, Well Stacked Pizza Co. and parody of McDonalds, McDick. You can eat only one meal at each restaurant. Cluckin’ Bell meal is called Krapchick, Burger Shot meal is called Bleeder, Well Stacked Pizza meal is called Kazzo Special, and the McDick meal is called Big Dick.


Like in GTA IV and SA, you can change clothes at three clothes shops in the city. They are Perseus (formal clothing), Modo (casual clothing) and ProLaps (sports clothing).

Perseus (Perseus only sells suits and shoes):


Black Suit
Stripped Suit
White Suit
The Godfather
Formal Tie


Black Shoes
Brown Shoes
Gray Shoes
White Shoes



Black Jacket
Texas Jacket
Stripped Shirt
Mudidas Shirt


Torn-Up Jeans
Black Trackpants
Red Trackpants
Mudidas Pants


Sandals & Socks
Flip Flops
Mudidas Shoes



White T-Shirt
Red T-Shirt
Blue T-Shirt
Black T-Shirt
Basketball Jersey
Baseball Jersey
Football Jersey


White Shorts
Black Shorts
Blue Shorts
Red Shorts
Basketball Shorts
Baseball Pants
Football Pants


Tennis Shoes
Football Boots

Special Outfits:

Cop Uniform-Available after The Cop completion
Fireman Uniform-Available after Fireman completion
Soldier Uniform
Ambulance Driver-Available after Ambulance Driver completion
Cartel Dealer-Available after Cartel Dealer completion
Clark Square Butchers Outfit

Going Out (Dating):

At casinos, bars and clubs you can find six girlfriends you can date. They have a small pink heart over their heads so you can distinguish them from other girls. Girlfriends can be taken out to bars, the four restaurants, casinos and clubs. You can also go to clothes shops and buy clothes for your girlfriend, and that will make the relationship increase, but you will lose not a small amount of money. After you reach 100% relationship with a girlfriend, you get a present.


Titanic Bar

Likes: Mama Tyna, Kate Holmio, Clover Sanade, Denise, Jerry
Hates: Abigail Richie, Svetlana Shenkova

Rusky Cafe

Likes: Svetlana Shenkova, Jerry
Hates: Mama Tyna, Kate Holmio, Clover Sanade, Denise, Abigail Richie

Westside Bar

Likes: Mama Tyna, Kate Holmio, Abigail Richie
Hates: Clover Sanade, Denise, Jerry, Svetlana Shenkova



Likes: All of them
Hates: None of them

Allison Club

Likes: All of them
Hates: None of them

Strip Clubs:

The Strip

Likes: Denise
Hates: Mama Tina, Kate Williams, Clover Sanade, Jerry, Abigail Richie, Svetlana Shenkova

Luxxx Gentlemen Club

Likes: Denise
Hates: Mama Tina, Kate Williams, Clover Sanade, Jerry, Abigail Richie, Svetlana Shenkova

Information about the girlfriends:

Here is a little bit more about the girlfriends you can date.

Mama Tina

Mama Tyna (real name Tina Tanks) is black, loud and a little bit fat sadomasochist. As she claims, she was disgusted by men and hetero-sex until she was raped, and then she began to like it. She is also a friend of Dollah.

Kate Williams

Kate is another black girl, who works as a stripper in a small club (unknown) and occasionally she works as a prostitute. She hates blowjobs.

Clover Sanade

Clover works as a massager in Las Venturas Relaxation spa center. She is white blond, has large breasts (as a result of silicone breast implants). She claims to have worked as a prostitute while she was 19, and she also says that Commissioner Peter Faber was her customer, and that he still owes her money.


Denise is Chinese-American bisexual nymphomaniac. She works as a nurse, and likes going into strip clubs, as she likes both men and women.


Out of all girlfriends, Jerry is the oldest, being the 30 of age (it doesn't bother 28-year-old Mike at all). She is a perverted bisexual and pedophile. She claims to have had 7 children, but all of them went to live with their father, because of her sexual abuse.

Abigail Richie

Another black girl. She knows Mama Tina, but "hates the big bitch". She also used to be Dollah's girlfriend.

Svetlana Shenkova

The only girl with no American blood, Svetlana is full-Russian girl. Not much is known about her.

The City:

The City of Las Venturas has three main districts: Venturas West, The Strip and the Venturas East. The Strip is located between the West and the East. These are all the districts in the city (The Strip doesn’t have a district of its own). Some names of the casinos are shown on the screen as districts when you approach them, but I will separate them from the districts.

user posted image

The city itself is a little smaller than IV-era Liberty City, and the desert is almost as big as the whole city, and you have enough space to fly, drive and do what you do.

Venturas West:

Clark Square
West Beach
Chinatown West
San Andreas Beach
Castle Homes
LVPD West Precinct
Garden Bush
McClark International Airport (M.I.A)

Venturas East:

Chinatown East
Midtown Avenue
Las Venturas Police Department HQ
Medison Alleys
Candle Trail


Fortown Square
Fortown Correctional Facility
Fortown Police Department


The Desert
Restricted Area
Verdant Meadows


These are the casino names that are shown on the screen when you approach them. I’ve also written their real-life counterparts.

The Aces Down Casino (Imperial Palace)*
The Hot Pelican (Flamingo)*
Spade Bridge Gambling Studio (Bally’s)
The Venturas Gold (Treasure Island)
Golden God Mirror Casino (The Mirage)
The Gem (Fitzgeralds)
The Cowpoke Star (Bill’s Gamblin Hall and Saloon)
Clowns Clowns (Circus Circus)
Roman Palace (Caesar’s Palace)
King’s Casino (Casino Royale)*
Sphinx Hotel & Casino (Luxor)
Camelot (Excalibur)
The Las Venturas Stone (Hard Rock)

Beside these real-life parodies, there are also few fictional casinos:

Angelina Pride
Clark’s Casino
The Bigsin Hotel & Casino
Grand Casino
Eagle’s Nest Casino
Bottom Spades
Big Bill’s
Yellow Tie Saloon
Loos Ur Munny

*You can gamble at these casinos.


The protagonist and playable character of the game is, as you already know, Mike Penti. Mike Penti is not too tall, but he's a little taller than medium height. He's well built. He has black hair and eyes (the eyes are similar to those of Claude). Mike is a ruthless and efficient killer, not hesitating to kill if he's paid well. He's very protective of his older brother Paulie, but will also kill for Sonny Vitelli, Johnny Galleppo and Joey Jovino (because they're very close and know each other from childhood (Sonny raised them, along with Frankie (who is 20 years older than Mike))). In the beginning, he was protective of Frankie Nissi and Salvatore Silvestri, but first, Salvatore ratted out the family, and made Mike kill him. During One Last Thing, Frankie shoots Sonny and then reveals that he was planning to take over the family all along, and then in the climax of the story, Mike kills Frankie. It is interesting that he never regretted, nor hesitated to kill them, because when friends stab him in the back, he becomes very angry with them, and acts towards them like towards an enemy.


Now, here are the faces you will be seeing in the game. However, I have written down only major and support characters, as minor characters are usually too minor (and appear in one or two missions) for me to write them down. Some support characters appear in less than five missions, but I’ve put them as support because they provide missions. Also, I will write down the random characters, and the girlfriends you will be encountering.


Michael “Mike” Penti

Nationality: Sicilian-American
DoB: 1981 (age 28)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Paul Penti (brother)
Gang: Vitelli family
Occupation: Mafioso, hired gun

Paul “Paulie” Penti

Nationality: Sicilian-American
DoB: 1976 (age 33)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Mike Penti (brother)
Gang: Vitelli family (not officially)
Occupation: Baker

Francesco “Frankie” Nissi

Nationality: Sicilian
DoB: 1966 (age 43)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Unknown
Gang: Vitelli family
Occupation: Mafioso

Don Santino “Sonny” Vitelli

Nationality: Sicilian
DoB: 1951 (age 58)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Luigi Vitelli (father)
Gang: Vitelli family
Occupation: Mafia boss

Jesus Alvarez

Nationality: Colombian
DoB: 1977 (age 32)
PoB: Colombia
Family: Unknown
Gang: Alvarez cartel
Occupation: Cartel boss

Johnny Galleppo

Nationality: Irish-Sicilian
DoB: 1983 (age 26)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Joey Jovino (cousin)
Gang: Vitelli family
Occupation: Mafioso


Commissioner Peter Faber

Nationality: Scottish
DoB: 1959 (age 50)
PoB: Liberty City
Family: Unknown
Gang: None
Occupation: LVPD Commissioner

Joseph “Joey” Jovino

Nationality: Irish-Sicilian
DoB: 1979 (age 30)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Johnny Galleppo (cousin)
Gang: Vitelli family
Occupation: Mafioso

Kazuki "Shikaku" Sama

Nationality: Japanese
DoB: 1967 (age 42)
PoB: Japan
Family: Kenji Sama (uncle, deceased)
Gang: Yakuza
Occupation: Yakuza oyabun

Antony “Tony” Simone

Nationality: Sicilian
DoB: 1965 (age 44)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Unknown
Gang: Vitelli family
Occupation: Mafia consigliere

Maria Peres

Nationality: Colombian
DoB: 1980 (age 29)
PoB: Las Venturas
Family: Pedro Cortez (cousin)
Gang: Alvarez cartel
Occupation: Drug dealer


Nationality: Chinese
DoB: 1960 (age 49)
PoB: Vice City
Family: Unknown
Gang: East Triads
Occupation: Triad boss

Salvatore Silvestri

Nationality: Sicilian
DoB: 1971 (age 37)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Unknown
Gang: Vitelli family
Occupation: Mafioso

Carmine Fotello

Nationality: Sicilian
DoB: 1955 (age 54)
PoB: Sicily
Family: Unknown
Gang: Vitelli family
Occupation: Mafioso

Nikolai “Nik” Dorin

Nationality: Russian
DoB: 1974 (age 35)
PoB: Fortown
Family: Vasili Dorin (brother, deceased)
Gang: None
Occupation: Russian gangster

Lee the Snake

Nationality: Chinese
DoB: 1960 (age 49)
PoB: Vice City
Family: Wu (cousin)
Gang: West Triads
Occupation: Triad boss

Pedro Cortez

Nationality: Colombian
DoB: 1959 (age 50)
PoB: Las Venturas
Family: Maria Peres (cousin)
Gang: Alvarez cartel
Occupation: Drug trafficker

Ricardo “Rico” Morro

Nationality: Cuban-American
DoB: 1982 (age 27)
PoB: Cuba
Family: Unknown
Gang: Alvarez cartel
Occupation: Drug dealer

The Black Man

Nationality: Jamaican
DoB: 1990 (age 19)
PoB: Jamaica
Family: Davis (brother)
Gang: Does business with Vitelli family
Occupation: Bank robber, safecracker


Nationality: African-American
DoB: 1989 (age 20)
PoB: Los Santos
Family: Dwayne (cousin)
Gang: Strippin' Rollers
Occupation: African-American gangster


Beau Glory
Evan Byeckie
Mama Tyna
Larry Leshore
Jack Marlon
Dominique Perroquet (if spared)
Davis Silva (Black Man's brother)


Mama Tyna (if encountered)
Kate Holmio
Clover Sanade
Abigail Richie
Svetlana Shenkova

Main Story Missions:

The most important part of the game, of course, the missions, if you want to advance the storyline than you have to complete these jobs.


The Fabulous Las Venturas!

Just a cutscene depicting Mike Penti’s comeback to Las Venturas from prison.

Santino “Sonny” Vitelli:

Grand Theft Auto

Johnny Galleppo has stolen a Hotring Racer, but it was taken back. Sonny wants Mike to take it back from San Andreas Memorial Stadium.

No Weed

A drug-dealing gang is ruining Sonny’s casino business selling marijuana. Sonny wants Mike to go and take them out.

Flare and Square

Crates full of guns have been stolen from Aces Down Casino basement and now Mike has to retrieve them.


Sonny wants to give Angelino Family a little shooting for stealing the guns. He wants Mike to drive a bike through Angelino territory with Sonny on the back ride-bying.

Blackjack Burst

Mike has to protect Sonny, whom Angelinos caught cheating at their casino.

The Untouchable Don

Sonny is doing a drug deal with a team of corrupt FIB, but police busts the party.

Francesco “Frankie” Nissi:


Clark Square Butchers killed Frankie’s favorite prostitute, and Frankie wants Mike to strike them back.

Erase Operation

It’s time for Don Vincenzo Ciano to die, and Mike is going to do the assassination.

Train Hard

Frankie wants to kill a local steroid junkie and gym owner, who stopped paying protection, and sends Mike to do the job.

Paul “Paulie” Penti:

Family Matters the Most

Paulie bet a thousand dollars on an underground fight, and the fighter Paulie bet on is Mike Penti.

Push Up the Pusher Ups

Friends of that steroid junkie (who refused to pay Frankie) are furious you killed him and want revenge.

Jesus Alvarez:


Jesus wants Mike to go with him, because he suspects someone follows him.

Crucification II: Return

Jesus’s follower survived Mike’s bullets and now threatens to kill Jesus.

Crucification III: Break

Jesus wants follower’s business destroyed, but it’s heavily guarded.

The Dorin Brothers

Jesus introduces Mike to Nikolai and Vasili Dorin, two Russian brothers and criminals involved in heroin distribution.

Paul “Paulie” Penti II:

Joey’s Hitch

Joey’s been wounded, and Mike needs to kill the gangsters who did it.

Commissioner Peter Faber:

No Else Option

Peter wants Mike to kill a police officer Alan Penny, but somewhere secret and quiet.

A Favor For A Friend

Two of Nik Dorin’s heroin planes got destroyed by Area 69’s anti aircraft guns. Mike has to infiltrate the facility in soldier’s uniform and find a way to neutralize the guns.

Going Into Villages

Faber needs Mike to burn the marijuana fields of a farmer in Fortown before the farmer is back from gambling in Las Venturas.

Needles In Tires

An illegal street race is going to happen in Las Venturas, and Faber doesn’t like that. So Mike has to interfere, puncture the tires of racers to stop them and kill the racers.

Nikolai “Nik” Dorin:

Russian Iron

Member of Angelino family disrespected Nikolai, so Nik wants explosives set on the wiseguy’s car.

Wheeling Like Never Before

There’s a street race Nik is taking place in, but since he’s too busy for that, Mike will need to race.


Katana Elite

Shikaku wants Mike to silently kill all Angelinos at the docks and their leader with a katana sword because they disrespected him.

That’s No Odd

A violent gambler, angry for losing, trashed Shikaku’s betting shop and killed one of the Yakuza, before escaping. Mike has to teach him a lesson.


The Yakuza member, angry with Mike associated with them, Huriyoki, wants to kill him so they arrange a katana duel.

Slashing Like Asian

Shikaku is having a meeting in the desert, and Mike is taken as extra protection.

Uncle Kenji

Shikaku's uncle Kenji came into town, but Shikaku wants his uncle taken out.

Francesco “Frankie” Nissi II:

Paying Respects

This is just a cutscene. Sonny’s father came to Las Venturas from Liberty City and settled down in Aces Down.

Las Venturas Sins

Sonny’s father’s only job in Las Venturas (before going back to Liberty City) is to make peace with Clark Square Butchers, and Mike is there to watch the meeting with a sniper rifle.

Antony “Tony” Simone:

Preventing Demises

Someone has put a price on Tony’s head, and Tony wants Mike to follow him and be his bodyguard.

Smacking Don Angelino

The new Don of Angelino’s, Don Alberto Ciano, has put his main SPANK headquarters in an abattoir in the edge of Fortown. Mike has to go and trash the abattoir.

Constructional Consigliere

Tony goes to check a construction site business, but it’s an Angelino trap.

Simone’s Pride

Tony’s favorite car is his golden Banshee. Mike and Tony have to drive through Angelino turf and make chaos.

Salvatore Silvestri:

Looking Out To Sky

Sal, as fond of helicopters, wants Mike to steal a Hunter from the Area 69 and put it into Vitelli Compound.

Our Noble Prey

Sal, Mike and Black Man pull off a bank heist.

Carmine Fotello:

Johnny & Jovino

Johnny and his cousin Joey have a proposition.

Carmine’s A Rush

Carmine has to travel to Vice City, but Angelino Family wants to kill him.

Joseph “Joey” Jovino & Johnny Galleppo:

The Cousins From Vitelli’s

Joey and Johnny want Mike to assault and rob a train full of cocaine.

Put Your Aces Down

Johnny wants Mike to gamble at Angelino casino and repay his debts.

Mincing Powders

Angelinos have a storehouse with seven trucks full of SPANK. Mike has to destroy them and blow up the storehouse.

Sicilians A Grudge

When drunk, Johnny killed a member of Vitelli family, and gives Mike a million dollars to give to the Sicilians.

Rumble Jovino

Joey owes money to Clark Butchers, Angelinos and to Yakuza. Now he has to rob the Yakuza to pay Butchers, rob the Butchers to pay Angelinos, and finally, rob Angelinos to pay Yakuza.

Johnny Galleppo (only him):

Avenging Angel

Mickey Morello, one of the family soldiers, got killed. Mike has to avenge him.

Feel Of Mistreatment

Johnny’s home is burnt! His former partner betrayed him. Johnny wants Mike to kill the guy.

Santino “Sonny” Vitelli II:

Against Our Favor

Sonny wants Mike to go to Angelinos and pretend to be joining them, but Angelinos aren’t stupid.

The Black Job

Mike and Black Man need to do another bank heist.

The Black Man:

Hitting Cents & Pennies

Black Man wants to rob a petrol station, and Mike has to go with him.

Mad and Sick

After unsuccessful gas station robbery (which ends by Mike driving Black to the hospital), Black still needs money and now Mike has to help him escape the hospital.

The Heist

Black Man has diamonds he has to sell, and Mike has to go with him.

Ricardo “Rico” Morro:

Big Daddy M

Mike has to collect Morro’s bitches from their homes, but police doesn’t like that.

Santino “Sonny” Vitelli III:

Shikakuing Shikaku

Shikaku wants to cut Sonny out of his dealings. Mike has to go, blow up the betting shop and kill Shikaku.

Thorn in the Eye

The Yakuza caught Sonny’s Capo and blinded him! Mike has to save the Capo and kill the Yakuza.


There’s a war between Yakuza and Angelinos at the docks. Mike has to go there and kill them all.

Maria Peres:

Hispanic Her Panic

Maria’s boyfriend has beaten her. Mike has to go and kill him.

One In A Million

Mike has to kidnap a man that caught Maria’s eye.

Colombian Parade

Maria has killed the boyfriend Mike kidnapped in previous mission, and now wants Mike to drive her to the carnival for a new boyfriend.

Colombian Motors

Another guy caught Maria’s eye and he participates in a race. He agreed to go with Maria if she wins him in a race. Well, Mike has to do it.

Paul “Paulie” Penti III:

My Dear Brother

Joey and Paulie got kidnapped, and Mike has to save them.

R.U.O.K. (Are You Ok?, but can also mean Rolling Union Of Killers)

A car full of men drove-by Paulie and Mike has to drive him to the hospital and take down the attackers.

The Big Sign

Four planes are about to enter LV. Mike has to destroy them all.

Adam’s Eve

An undercover cop in Vitelli family, Adam, is celebrating his birthday on his boat. Mike needs to go and kill him.

Busting China

West Triads are about to transport a boat full of cocaine to Vice City. Mike has to steal the drugs.

Three’s of X

The Triads are shooting a porn movie, but Paulie doesn’t want that to happen.

Luck of the Penti Clan

Mike’s and Paulie’s cousin Willie phoned. He needs Mike to assist him in San Fierro (similar to Saint Mark’s Bistro in SA)

Francesco “Frankie” Nissi III:

Ain’t A Saint

Frankie is torturing an Angelino member, and now he needs Mike to drive him to the sea, but the Angelinos won’t give their man up.

Gold In Wrong Pocket

Frankie and Mike have to rob a casino, secretly and silently.

The Mad(e) Man

One of Aces Down security guards (called Barry), was on SPANK, and beat Frankie’s favorite prostitute. He’s escaping with a plane, Mike must hunt him down.

No SPANK Just Spank

Frankie is overdosed, and Mike has to drive him to the hospital.

Finishing Other Fries

Some homosexual guy borrowed money from Frankie and won’t pay back. Mike has to kill him while he’s having lunch.

No Way Out

Frankie wants a Russian SPANK dealer killed.

Ricardo “Rico” Morro II:

The Fortown Conquistador

A street race is happening in Fortown, and Mike has to compete for Rico.

Enjoy Your Meal!

Mike has to protect Rico from Lee’s Triads while Rico’s having dinner.

Rico’s Flaws

Rico betrays Mike, and attempts to kill him.

Pedro Cortez:


Pedro introduces Mike to Chung, leader of East Triads, Vitelli allies.

Maria’s Boy

A French named Dominique Perroquet is Maria’s new boyfriend. But he’s wanted dead by the Butchers.

Running Man

Pedro wants Mike to collect protection money from his businesses.

Hostile Caretaker

Pedro’s father wants Pedro dead (because he "throws dirt on the family name by dealing drugs". Mike has to kill the hostile caretaker.


The Chinese Wall

Someone is trying to kill Chung! Mike must save him.

East Revolt

It’s time to kill Lee the Snake.

Biting the Snake

Mike has to take over Lee’s businesses for Chung.

Undead Revolt

Lee isn’t dead! It’s time to kill him the second time!

Maria Peres II:

He Left You...

Dominique Perroquet has cheated on Maria. Time to kill him.

Commissioner Peter Faber II:


Antony has blackmailed Faber. Mike has to kill him, disguised as a Clark Square Butcher.

Santino “Sonny” Vitelli IV:

Clark Square Busting-In

Sonny thinks that Butchers killed Antony, so it’s time to destroy them.

Blasting Busters

Butchers now want to kill Sonny, during Antony’s funeral. It’s time to defend.

Johnny Galleppo II:

Ratted Out

Sonny found out that Salvatore Silvestri was a rat. Mike has to go to Angelina Pride casino and kill him.

Santino "Sonny" Vitelli V:

A Quest For Don Ciano

Mike has to find Don Alberto Ciano and kill him.

Truth Revealed

Faber reveals to Frankie who is Antony’s killer.

One Last Wish

Sonny arranges a family meeting at the Cleaner fortress-warehouse.

Paulie Penti IV:-First ending

We All Go To Heaven

Jesus killed Paulie. It's time to get him and avenge Mike's brother.

Michael “Mike” Penti:-Second ending

Last Stop

Frankie killed Sonny. It’s time for revenge.

Not Required for Storyline Completion:


Nigga Kamikaze

Dollah wants Mike to fly a plane and crash it onto a yacht.

Sandy Ride

Dollah's cousin Dwayne wants Mike to drive through 30 checkpoints in 3 minutes.

Driving Dwayne

Mike has to drive Dwayne to Clark Square Butchers warehouse and help him retrieve a bag full of drugs.


Dollah's casino Gam-BLING is attacked and Mike has to protect the SPANK vans.

Pain in the Heart

Dollah's girlfriend was raped and murdered by some thugs. Mike has to find them and kill them.


Like in IV, there are small cutscenes in which the player kills the enemy. Here are the people executed:

Don Vincenzo Ciano-Killed with any of the pistols. Simply shot in the face at point blank range.
Salvatore Silvestri-Killed with the fists, or Brass Knuckles. Mike pushes him through the window.
Lee the Snake (attempt)-Shot in the stomach with any of the pistols.
Lee the Snake (kill)-Killed with any of the shotguns, shot in the head.
Ricardo “Rico” Morro-Killed with any of the submachine guns. First shot in the leg, then finished off.
Jack Marlon (optional)-Riddled with any of the assault rifles.


While driving (and while in Audio Options) there are radio stations you can listen. I haven't put the songs, but here are the stations:

Radio Las Venturas-News only
Westside Yap-Radio chatting

Host: Johnny Yap


Gangland wars
Pregnancy: Good or Bad?
About Mr. Faber

The Stone FM-Hard Rock

Host: Lazlow Jones


Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
Hole - Violet
Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head
Slayer - Angel of Death
Metallica - Disposable Heroes
System of a Down - Chop Suey
Damone - Out Here All Night
Nirvana - Breed

America's Finest-Classic Rock

Host: Axel Tulip


Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreaming
The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower
King Crimson - 21st Century Shizoid Man
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
Diamond Head - Am I Evil
My Generation - The Who

Paradise 204.1-Funk, Soul, Jazz, House, R’N’B
Reggae Studio-Reggaeton
Radio Los Santos-West Coast Hiphop, Gangsta Rap

Host: G-Dogg


WC and The Madd Circle - West Up
N.W.A - 8 Ball (Remix)
Cali Life Style - Coastin'
Ice Cube - Endangered Species
Young Dre The Truth - I Love L.A
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound & Jewell - Bitches Ain't sh*t
Westside Connection - Bow Down
Cypress Hill - Hand On The Pump
2Pac & Dr. Dre - California Love
2Pac ft. K-Ci & JoJo - How Do U Want It
Xzibit - Ride Or Die
Snoop Doggy Dogg ft. Malik - Pump Pump

Playback FM-East Coast Hiphop
Radio Tanta-Latin music
Wild 666.2-Every Metal
SIMFONIA 92.6-Opera music

More coming later!


Sports and Muscle:

Sabre Turbo
Hotring Racer
Super GT
Deimos SP
Phobos VT
Polaris V8
Sultan RS
Sabre GT

Two-Doors and Hatchbacks:

Blista Compact

Four-Door Sedans and Saloons:


SUVs, Crossovers, Pick-Ups, Vans:

Cavalcade FXT
Huntley Sport
Stretch Patriot

Commercial, Industrial:

Mr. Whoopee


FIB Buffalo
NOOSE Cruiser
NOOSE Patriot

Public Service:

Tsing Family Cabs


Demonic (new chopper-style bike)


Mountain Bike


Tug Boat


Police Maverick
Sea Sparrow

Side Missions:

There is the Taxi Driver, which has you to drive 100 fares in a row. It is unlocked by going into Tsing Family Cabs Taxi Company.
The Cop has you complete different vigilante tasks: prevent bank robbery, retrieve stolen car, kill the criminal, beat them up…it is unlocked by going into the LVPD HQ.
Fireman has you extinguish fires in the city, but you will also have to save people from fires and use axes. It is taken by going into Las Venturas Fire Department.
The Ambulance Driver has you rescue the patients and drive them to the hospital as quickly as you can. It is taken by going into West Venturas Memorial Hospital, East Venturas Hospital, or King Memorial Hospital in Fortown.
Cartel Dealer has you sell drugs in the town. It is taken from Jesus Alvarez’s crib once all of his missions are complete.


If you don’t want to complete missions and side missions, there are the minigames and sports you can play. Those are: golf, pool, basketball, swimming, tennis, paintball, video games, darts, bowling and casino gambling games. Unlike in SA, almost every minigame has you to compete against an opponent. Winning him earns you money, if you’re hurt, health and if you’re being wanted, minigames will clear up to two star wanted level.
The casino games are: Texas Hold'Em Poker, Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune, Ride the Tide, Video Poker, Roulette and the Slots. The minimum bet is $50, and the maximum is $1,000,000.


There are 20 safehouses, 17 of which you have to purchase. In Fortown, there is one small house where you can save. In Las Venturas, you can buy apartments and hotel suites. The purchasable safehouses all cost $10,000. Like in SA, the safehouses contain wardrobes which contain all clothes you bought. The safehouses are:

Aces Down Casino (given)
Apartment Penti (given)
Fortown Home (given)
Jefferson Hotel Suite
Milhouse Street Room
The Hot Pelican
Small Motel Room
Hotel Elegance Suite
Swanky Suite
Paradise Room
West Venturas Safehouse
Washington Hotel Suite
Room 666
Cloudy Suite
Pron Hotel 13
The Gem Suite
King's Suite
Medieval Suite
Old-Style Suite


In III-era, there were hidden packages (with the exception of SA, as there were photo op's, tags, horseshoes and oysters, and VCS, when you have to shoot red balloons). In IV-era, you need to shoot some birds around Liberty City. In Las Venturas and the area, there are more collectibles. The collectibles don't give anything but money, and are required for 100% completion.

50 Golden Knives collected-$100,000 (throughout the map, there are golden knives you collect)
30 SPANK Bags collected-$150,000 (after Sonny's first string of missions, you can find 100 bags full of SPANK)
100 Apples eaten-$250,000 (after the completion of story, you can find 100 apples in the map. When you pick them up, just press the enter car control and Mike will eat the apple)

100% Completion

All Story Missions
All Side Missions
All Pickups Collected
All Girlfriends 100%


All guns infinite ammunition
The vehicle you use can sustain double the damage
You can recruit up to six Vitelli members to follow you
Vitelli gangsters now hold Submachine Guns instead of Handguns
Rhino spawns in Area 69.
When you complete the storyline, you can replay every cutscene of mission you passed. When you complete the game 100%, you get a possibility to replay every story mission, so you don't have to start a new game if you like certain missions.

Big Credits To:

Narcis_speed6 (for the great logo)
Rucris2 (for the logo attempt, but, unfortunately, I didn’t take his)
toni cinpriani (invented some cool new vehicles (Assassin, Discipline, V.I.P., Wasp, Stretch Patriot)
Cheat (Help with the soundtrack (Radio Los Santos))

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Posted 07 December 2009 - 02:25 PM

Click "Quote" to see the BB code:

Example Link

And how about an airplane with a little more muscle? If you think the map is going to be too small for any sort of jets, how about a small twin engine, like Piper Seneca?

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Ok, it's fixed, I think

C'mon, people, visit the man's thread! biggrin.gif

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This is quite awesome, to be honest. And that says alot, since I really can't see the point in this part of the forums.

Nice job icon14.gif

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Nice logo.

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QUOTE (AnthMUFC-Champs @ Dec 7 2009, 18:06)
Nice logo.

Thanks, it's made by Narcis. Imo he/she's the best graphics designer!

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Sweet! This game is awesome I would definetly buy it.

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It's very good, the logo's fantastic, the story's good and it's all pretty much complete; but Las Venturas Sins?

The name could be better in my opinion.

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you should make a map wink.gif

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QUOTE (TheWeazelNews @ Dec 7 2009, 19:37)
you should make a map wink.gif

Well, I'm not so good at drawing and painting on a computer lol...

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QUOTE (DanManUtd @ Dec 7 2009, 11:17)
It's very good, the logo's fantastic, the story's good and it's all pretty much complete; but Las Venturas Sins?

The name could be better in my opinion.

I agree the name could be better, and I also feel that the map would be too small, why not just re-create all of San Andreas.

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The logo is very impressive, doesn't even look like it's amateur made, looks really professionnal.

I must admit I didn't fully read it (especially scenario), but it seems very good. I like the choice of weapons, the classics are there and there are a few original ones. The only thing missing IMO is new cars, but it's not easy to imagine new cars in a GTA.

Again I didn't read in entirely, but from what I've read it's a really good job. icon14.gif

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QUOTE (Tipper @ Dec 7 2009, 20:05)
The logo is very impressive, doesn't even look like it's amateur made, looks really professionnal.

I must admit I didn't fully read it (especially scenario), but it seems very good. I like the choice of weapons, the classics are there and there are a few original ones. The only thing missing IMO is new cars, but it's not easy to imagine new cars in a GTA.

Again I didn't read in entirely, but from what I've read it's a really good job. icon14.gif

I put a new motorcycle, but I have no idea of its RL counterpart.

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What year is it set in?

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Summer 2009

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It's understandable that, after all this effort, you wanna keep bumping this to get the attention it deserves. But life is cruel; if no one likes/appreciates it, it may as well rot with other topics. That, and people may start to moan about bumping and double-posting. Why? They suck.

Anyways, it's all brilliant. So much effort and when I scrolled to the vehicle list, I was like "Really? Did he type up every single vehicle in the- WOAH HE DID." So kudos for everything. Personally though, I wouldn't like Las Venturas re-done and enlarged.

Also, like DanManUtd said, the name is a bit ugly all because of "sins" and it would seem out of place alongside the other GTA's in the main series, which either follow numbers or name the location. Just stick to "Grand Theft Auto Las Venturas". icon14.gif

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Posted 08 December 2009 - 11:16 PM

I wouldn't want a game set in LV unless the rest of San Andreas is there with it. But I like the details & logo icon14.gif

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Posted 08 December 2009 - 11:34 PM

great ideas, though nothing too creative. You should make a sparknotes version of it on the top

General Goose
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Posted 09 December 2009 - 12:00 AM

Wow, love the story, love the missions and think you've handled LV very well. Excellent job there.

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 06:15 PM

QUOTE (General Goose @ Dec 9 2009, 00:00)
Wow, love the story, love the missions and think you've handled LV very well. Excellent job there.

No-one never said that to me before! I feel so great!

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 06:24 PM

you shouldn't double post. it's like someone from rockstar is going to come along and buy your idea biggrin.gif
still, great work, a map would be great too.

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 07:24 PM

QUOTE (MyDog @ Dec 10 2009, 18:15)
QUOTE (General Goose @ Dec 9 2009, 00:00)
Wow, love the story, love the missions and think you've handled LV very well. Excellent job there.

No-one never said that to me before! I feel so great!

No prob. You've obviously put a lot of work into this.

And this:

Well Stacked Pizza meal is called Kazzo Special,

Being half-Italian and having a thorough knowledge of Italian swears, does that mean what I think?

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 07:26 PM

Yeah, I didn't bother looking in this thread because of the title. Great job so far though! icon14.gif

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 07:30 PM

i smell one big epic fail here from a distance!

PushHard should be ProLaps!

BuTon (wtf?) should be Modo!

Although everything else is greatly made

Good job

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 08:27 PM

QUOTE (NikoBellicHatesBowling @ Dec 10 2009, 19:30)
i smell one big epic fail here from a distance!

PushHard should be ProLaps!

BuTon (wtf?) should be Modo!

Although everything else is greatly made

Good job

You're right about the clothing stores blush.gif

But I didn't want to take old stores, so I just put some new. And for the BuTon name...I didn't think much about the store name so I just wrote the first thing that got on my mind lol.

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    I don´t want to go bowling kthxbai

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 08:33 PM

QUOTE (MyDog @ Dec 10 2009, 20:27)
QUOTE (NikoBellicHatesBowling @ Dec 10 2009, 19:30)
i smell one big epic fail here from a distance!

PushHard should be ProLaps!

BuTon (wtf?) should be Modo!

Although everything else is greatly made

Good job

You're right about the clothing stores blush.gif

But I didn't want to take old stores, so I just put some new. And for the BuTon name...I didn't think much about the store name so I just wrote the first thing that got on my mind lol.

I think it would be great if old clothing stores are back, it gives you the real feeling of GTA SA

But yeah lol colgate.gif

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