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The Possible Trinity

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Posted 15 July 2017 - 01:31 AM

This is how I think the storyline should go is like this

[R] The Cousins Bellic
[R] It's Your Call
[R] Three's a Crowd
[R] Bleed Out
[M] First Date
[R] Easy Fare
[R] Jamaican Heat
[LJ] Concrete Jungle
[V] Bull In a China Shop
[V] Hung Out to Dry
[V] Clean Getaway
[V] Ivan the Not So Terrible
[R] Uncle Vlad
[R] Crime and Punishment
[BG] Clean and Serene
[MF] Do You Have Protection?
[LJ] Shadow
[MF] Final Destination

[BG] Angels In America [+]

[MF] No Love Lost [=]

[BG] It's War [-]

[R] Logging On
[MF] Rigged to Blow
[BK] Search and Delete

[J] Liberty City Choppers

[DR] The Master and the Molotov

[DR] Russian Revolution
[R] Roman's Sorrow

[ME] Escuela of the Streets
[BK] Easy As Can Be
[ME] Street Sweeper
[BG] Action/Reaction
[E] Luck of the Irish
[E] Buyer's Market [+]
[E] Blow Your Cover [-]

[S] Politics
[BK] Out of the Closet

[BK] No.1

[J] Bad Cop Drop
[ME] The Puerto Rican Connection

[FMC] Call and Collect

[E] The Snow Storm

[A] Coming Down

[S] Off Route

[E] Have a Heart
[PMC] Harboring a Grudge
[PMC] Waste Not Want Knots
[PMC] Three Leaf Clover [+]
[GT] I Luv LC [-]
[FMC] Final Interview Part 1
[GT] Chinese Takeout [C] [+]
[FMC] Final Interview Part 2

[BG] This sh*t's Cursed [-]
[GMC] Actions Speak Louder than Words

[J] Hit the Pipe
[E] Heavy Toll

[YA] Sexy Time

[ML] Momma's Boy
[FMC] Holland Nights
[ML] Corner Kids

[YA] High Dive

[DMC] Smackdown

[YA] Caught With Your Pants Down

[FMC] Lure
[GMC] I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle

[ML] Clocking Off

[RB] A Long Way to Fall

[DMC] Babysitting

[J] End of Chapter
[DMC] Tunnel of Death

[FMC] Blood Brothers

[E] Marta Full Of Grace

[J] Bad Standing

[GT] Practice Swing

[MK] Kibbutz Number One
[MK] This Aint Checkers

[PMC] Undertaker

[X] Deconstruction for Beginners

[E] Shifting Weight

[D] Ruff Rider

[GT] Bang Bang [H]

[GT] Blog This! [C]

[A] Roman's Holiday [+]
[X] Photo Shoot

[R] Hostile Negotiation [-]

[ULP] Wrong Is Right
[ULP] Portrait of a Killer

[ULP] Dust Off
[ULP] Paper Trail

[D] Undress to Kill
[X/D] The Holland Play

[MK] No. 3

[RB] Diamonds In the Rough [=]

[GT] Frosting On The Cake [H] [+]

[GT] Boulevard Baby [C]

[RB] Taking In the Trash [-]

[GT] ...Blog This!

[RB] Meltdown

[GMC] I'll Take Her
[RB] Museum Piece [+]
[RB] Collector's Item [=]
[GT] Not So Fast [-]
[RB] Was It Worth It? [+]
[RB] No Way on the Subway [-]

[RB] Late Checkout
[RB] Weekend at Florian's

[PMC] Ransom
[GT] Ladies' Night [+]
[GMC] She's A Keeper [-]
[B] Going Deep
[BC] Hating the Haters
[S] Get Lost

[BC] Union Drive
[BC] Buoy's Ahoy
[B] Dropping In
[PB] Truck Hustle
[JP] Pegorino's Pride
[JP] Payback
[YA] For The Man Who Has Everything
[PB] Catch the Wave
[PB] Trespass
[B] In The Crosshairs
[PB] To Live and Die In Alderney

[G] Entourage
[GMC] Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend [+]
[GT] Ladies Half Price [-]
[G] Dining Out
[G] Liquidize the Assets
[JP] Flatline
[JP] Pest Control
[ULP] That Special Someone
[JP] One Last Thing
[DR] If the Price Is Right / A Dish Served Cold
[R] Mr. & Mrs. Bellic

[LJ] A Revenger's Tragedy / Out of Commission

[RP] Party's Over
[GT] Departure Time

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Posted 06 August 2017 - 09:24 PM Edited by dsoongta, 06 August 2017 - 09:39 PM.

I want a list with more missions in a row in the same game. Is very boring change the game just because of um mission, one mission there, one mission here.

A list with the same order chronological and a lot missions close each other (same game)?



Like :


[BG] This sh*t's Cursed [-]
[J] Hit the Pipe
[E] Heavy Toll
[E] Marta Full Of Grace
[E] Shifting Weight

  • lol232

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Posted 16 August 2017 - 01:42 AM Edited by lol232, 16 August 2017 - 01:42 AM.

I actually like it. Since we'll rarely play TLaD after that point, it gives us a little ride in TLaD to not forget it, in the meanwhile we can do other activities in IV and TBoGT.

  • Zolika1351

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Posted 16 August 2017 - 06:52 PM

Would do if the game didn't crash every time I switched to another DLC.

  • Blackbird88

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I just did the playthrough of this list and it's f*cking awesome experience! Thanks for making it :)

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