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GTA Lost and Damned Glitches

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Posted 28 September 2012 - 02:02 PM

I've found a really annoying glitch, the first time it occured I was driving my bike to the first mission where you meet Stubbs, I already tried this mission yesterday but it didn't work, so today I load my save file and wanted to try again. But suddenly my bike breaks down, it starts smoking and is forced to ride, I can't stop it, first I thought my W key was stuck (I'm on PC) but when I got of the bike I stood still. After that the screen started moving like I was drunk, but Johnny didn't fell over. I tried multiple things to solve this, but nothing worked. Every time I loaded my save file, my bike broke down and I got "Drunk" so I tried other bikes and later also cars, but every vehicle I entered broke down and couldn't stop. So I tried an older save file, where I didn't have this problem before, and there it also occured. I hope someone can help me fix this...

The things I tried are:

1. Going eating with Clay after this happend.
2. Calling someone while the bike is broken down (I called Angus).
3. Calling 911 and getting me an ambulance and calling 911 and getting me a firetruck.
4. Not answering the phone when Elizabeta calls (this was what happend the first time when my bike broke down, when she called it happend but it appears to be coincidence).
5. Making a new save file and loading this (both before and after the glitch happend).
6. Loading an older save file.
7. Using someone elses bike or steal a car.

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