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Posted A week ago


After nearly 3 years my Xperia Z3 is finally giving up. On occasions there's random shut downs and constant on/off charging which made my battery go down from 67% to the charge warning at 15% in less than 21 minutes without use and no, cables aren't the problem here.

I'm really gonna miss this phone, it's pretty sturdy for a slim, glassy phone. The phone before my Xperia barely lasted 6 months, gotta hand it to Sony for making tough as f*ck but also beautiful phones. My next phone will be another Sony. I'm weighing up between the XZs or the XA2, both having decent big batteries.r


Mine is a Z2 and its happening like yours. Random shutdowns are constant so I cant use it as an alarm. Battery life is still good. I am planning on fixing whatever is happening and passing it on because I bought a Sony Xperia XA and am in love with the camera. Great phone.

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Posted A week ago

Sounds too good to be real.

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Posted 5 days ago

Most people that switch to Android from iOS don't like it because it's not even consistent. You have two main players, Google and Samsung, who both have very different devices and also different user interfaces, which then leads to drastically different experiences for the end user. On one hand, Google continues to carve it's own path and cut corners because they're terrible at making their mind up when it comes to their own UI and apps.. and then you have Samsung that makes their own variant of already available stock Android apps on top of their own software to bloat up their own devices. There's no consistency between the two giants other than the fact that they run on Android, but even then it's not very similar due to the already visible differences. I'm likely switching over to iOS because of the fact that it's not fluent or consistent and after a while it becomes frustrating.


They can continue on their own paths but in the end it fractures the Android ecosystem entirely and makes it harder for other manufacturers. iOS has always been superior in regards to ecosystem & consistency.

One of the main reason why I switched from IOS to Android was because I got fed up with IOS not really adding anything new to the devices year after year even though with the X they went full screen getting rid of the home button that was really it beside upgraded camera but like you said Samsung added a lot of bloatware and stuff to their device and I noticed my phone battery dies a lot faster then my iPhone ever did and a lot of the app I used on iPhone I can't find on google play either.


I've paid off the Note 8 so I think I am going to switch to the X next month or I might wait until October because I heard that they are coming out with an iPhone X Plus which I would actually like better but with the company I have even If I get the device now I can trade it in in October and upgrade to the new iPhone in October for free as they allow for free iPhone upgrade

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Posted 5 days ago

You could always look into rooting your device to gain full control which would then allow you to use apps like BK Package Disabler to remove bloat. My Note 4 is rooted and that's exactly what I've used to clean up my device. It helps a lot and gives you a lot of control on what you can disable. I'd be careful with some system packages though as a lot are necessary to keep the device working properly. Rooting will also allow you to flash a custom ROM.. there's a whole community dedicated to this stuff on a site called XDA-Developers. You could probably even find a custom ROM that utilizes the regular feel of the stock firmware, has no bloat, and also includes tweaks to make it more enjoyable.

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Posted 4 days ago

Two weeks into my Xperia XA2, I'm blown away. The 3300mAh is really something. Even more blown away when on stamina mode, something that was unfortunately taken away from the Xperia Z3 because of a software update.

The downside to this phone is it's 32GBs and only 14GBs was available because of nonsensical pre-installed apps which is an absolute annoyance, most of them being Amazon related apps and the facebook app, Google newsstand etc.

Although having one speaker, at the bottom, it sounds very crisp.

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Posted A day ago

I had an Xperia XA, and I was also amazed at how fast it charged. Its 13mp camera was better then my Z2s 20.7mp. Sony makes very good smartphones.


I also wonder why Panasonic did not go global yet. Their phones are very nice as well. Only sells in midde eastern asia.

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