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Ridiculous amounts of stuttering

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Posted 18 September 2009 - 08:47 PM

2GB of ram is definately not enough for this game, the 9600gt is only a littlbe bit weaker than an 8800 or 9800gt card. It is strong enough for this game, your ram is two small though, that is why it starts off okay, but then it gets worse over time. It's because the game uses more ram because you are going to more places and doing more things, and 2gb is not enough for the game to simply perform well.

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Posted 18 September 2009 - 09:22 PM

QUOTE (CharmingCharlie @ Sep 17 2009, 16:55)
No I am saying the settings the OP is using are way too high for the 9600gt. I could push GTA 4's settings higher if I wished but I prefer a better frame rate so I keep the settings slightly lower than they need to be. The settings I suggested there were for a 9600gt. I actually run the game with a mix of Very High/High settings on my PC but that was the POINT I have a GTX260 the op doesn't.

I think he needs to turn shadows off, and his problems will be gone. I have a XFX 9600GT 512MB DDR3 and my settings are:

Resolution: 1024 x 1280
Textures: HIGH
Reflections: HIGH
Shadows: OFF
Texture filter: HIGHEST
View distance: 30
Detail distance: 40
Traffic: 50
Shadow density: 0
Definition: ON
Vsync: OFF

The game runs fine, an average of 30/35 FPS when there's lot of action going on, and 40/45 FPS when I'm in more calm places. If I lower the texture setting to MEDIUM, the framerate is even better. I don't mind sacrificing the FPS a little bit just to have those amazing nice textures, they look much better than the MEDIUM ones.

I have an E8400 and 2GB of RAM (I need more RAM). So yeah, I think he needs to turn shadows off only. They look very bad unless you have them on HIGH setting, and they hurt your framerate a lot. I prefer to have them off.

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Posted 18 September 2009 - 10:16 PM

QUOTE (Chevyboy @ Sep 17 2009, 03:01)
QUOTE (peter g @ Sep 17 2009, 05:33)
Since Intel just effectively steam rolled AMD with the i5 I see zero reason to go AMD. They had better hope the 5xxxx series performs as good as the 7680 x 3200 demo they put up (it does look damn good).

They don't really have to "hope" for anything with the 58** series. Early benchmarks (game benchmarks in addition to synthetics like 3dmark) place a single 5870 slightly ahead of 295 card for a cheaper amount ($399 reported for the 5870). Crank up the AA on very demanding games at very high resolutions and the 5870 demolishes the 295 due to significant advances in the way the AA filtering works with the new series of cards. Even on the few test where the 295 did beat the 5870 which was done almost entirely at lower resolutions it was only by a marginal amount of FPS. There is also a benchmark floating around on some of the gaming sites that compare 2X 5870's against 2X 295's in quad sli, more or less identical results to the above.

The 5850 has demolished the 285 by vast margins in most games for again a lower cost.

Once the card(s) get a more dedicated line of drivers it should be very interesting to observe the results.

I don't think this was about graphics cards, but CPUs wink.gif

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Posted 18 September 2009 - 11:53 PM

QUOTE (azkay @ Sep 18 2009, 14:00)
QUOTE (StoOopiD @ Sep 18 2009, 08:20)
the real comparsion is the core i7 920 vs. the phenom 2 965 x4 be with the defaults clocks of 3.8 ghz. since theyre both around the same price.

in not oc'ing, I got my 955 up to 3.8ghz stable, but i didnt see or feel a difference so i defaulted back to 3.2 . still getting used to my bios. tricky

Doesnt the 965 default at 3.4ghz?

you're right.

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Posted 19 September 2009 - 09:10 AM

My computer is aging 2 these months. Even now I said it is the last computer on the earth but the games are working at medium-high. Shouldn't I want some Ultra-high?

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