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Algonquin Assassin's

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Posted 08 September 2009 - 08:13 AM Edited by Shenmue18, 08 September 2009 - 08:25 AM.

For 10 years now Algonquin Assassin's have been watching over Liberty City by roof tops now... it time to take over
fill this out
Age: (you can be any age it does not matter)
Favorite hideouts

We ride in Super Cars, Sports Car and Executive Cars
Clothes: No Zombies

My Form
Gamertag: Hitman2456
Age: 12
Specialties: Shooting, Drive-bys and Freerunning
Favorite Hideout: Rooftops I get to by Freerunning

Leader: Hitman2456/ Shenmue18
2nd Co-Leader:
Special Contact:
Special Contact:
(Sign up for any spot if open)

Backstory: We are all rich, but our parents were killed by gangbanger. Now we kill all gangbangers, anyone who does not kill the innocent are okay with us but anyone who murders innocent shall be killed. (think of it kinda like Death Note but only kill the people who kill the good)

Our Killing Style: If in public we use snipers, but anywhere else we use only powerful weapons meant for close range.

Rules: No killing up close in public.

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