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Add New Car GTA IV

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Lupin_III, 3 weeks ago.

I have 78 added vehicles and shared handling does absolutely nothing. In my case, it's the position of the handling line itself.

If we can somehow 'shift' handling line positions without actually moving their spots (without jeopardizing other vehicles' handling lines), using the Limit Adjuster, then hopefully the suspension bug can be solved. For now, there's nothing I can really do about it.


It might be dependent on one's system, but I highly doubt that because:


Weird. I have currently 70 new vehicles added without replacing, no glitches at all, everything works fine.

I feel as though he has some vehicles in there that are indeed glitched, because newhandling.dat can only have but so many handling lines without any of them being unaffected by the bug.


I don't want to remove any vehicles, because not only may that compromise other vehicles due to the positions of their handling lines being moved including the afflicted ones, I don't want to remove any of my vehicles on the count of a bug that has a chance to be corrected.

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