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Household Pets. Got any?

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Posted 4 weeks ago

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Ben, Ben, Ben, you lovable big dog!







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Posted 4 weeks ago




Where do I fit in?

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by HeavyDuke, 3 weeks ago.

Self explanatory:





And she now has a new pillow. She ate dog sh*t from my other dog, got sick, puked it out on her old pillow so i had to ditch it in the garbage bin. Now she has this:



And didn't eat sh*t again. She's a bit out of wack because of cortisone treatment, because of inflamed ananal glands. Now she wants nothing but eat all day.


And Golden boy was a little scared because a bunch of revving Harley riders drove past my house.


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Posted 2 weeks ago




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Posted A day ago Edited by Ai家Cob家, A day ago.

This picture popped up on my FB feed today from Sept 2012 Miss Queenie W/ Little Bro Buster i miss her a lot.


I can't remember if I've ever told ya'll her story


I rescued her from a dog hoarder, We had a call out to a cardiac event and i was on-call that night so i was in the Rapid Response Vehicle (We take the RRV home and respond from there) and got there first got the gentleman set up on the monitors doing an EKG and such.


There wasn't anything more i could do until the ambulance arrived to transport so while i was waiting Queenie came outta nowhere and sat down next to me and just looked at me i petted her while talking to the guy and his wife.


Once the Ambulance arrived i started loading my equipment into the back of the SUV i had the back passenger door open for whatever reason and somehow she managed to sneak out of the house and jump into the back of the SUV with nobody spotting her.


She was a smart little cookie too, She made sure she didn't make a peep until i arrived back at my house and i got into the backseat to get the gear to plug it in and who do i spot just staring at me?


Queenie, I didn't report her because i knew the condition she was in, When she snuck into the SUV she weigh less then half of what she should've weighed which meant she wasn't being fed property which wasn't good because you could tell she had given birth to puppies 2 months prior, She wasn't being groomed as she was full of fleas and caked on fecees and dirt.


So i took her inside gave her a bath (by time she was done the water was black) and i made her a hamburger which she happily ate then found a comfy spot in the living room and went right to sleep.


The animal hoarding was so bad that they never even knew she was missing.


The Humane Officers went out to the home a day or so later and removed all of the dogs from the home and cited the owners with neglect and abuse they were barred from owning an animal (not just dogs but birds, ferrets and even rats) for life.


They had i think 6 or 7 difference animals in the house with them.


~ Dogs

~ Cats

~ Ferrets

~ Rats

~ Hamsters/Guinea Pigs

~ Birds

~ Snakes (One was a ball python)




Daddy came i have some?



This little bugger was sitting there staring at me while i was asleep and this is what i woke up too




Here's another picture of Tyson i found on my phone








Self explanatory:





These two pictures make it look as if he saying Git that camera outta my face!

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