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Multiplay Monitor | Issue 73 |

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Posted A week ago Edited by T0X1C, A week ago.

Obviously to offer his best wishes to those interested in topic statistics, Captain Selective Morality. You have to keep going after reading the 1st line :p
You have a good day now.
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Posted A week ago

I think AJ is being unjustly condemned. He actually brings up some good points, albeit in a manner that some may find as "aggressive". I attest to the fact that many people don't care about how many pages a gang has gone through in a month. It would be a good standardised introduction to each gang, however the content on every gang is very sparce and it pretty much constitutes as half of the news of that particular gang. I can appreciate that it's hard to read through every page of every gang but you do tend to write about trivial stuff and ignore some big events (atleast in the AoDs particular instance). Why don't you PM every gang leader and ask them to sum up what has been the highlight of that month. Surely that's a better alternative than skim reading through the pages and possibly missing key highlights. 

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Posted A week ago

Sounds like MM is ending anyway...

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Posted A week ago

The last page seems like a bit of arguing from the two sides, or is that just me? Suggestions are always welcome.


But anyway, i only said i wanted to know if i'm allowed to continue with the MM, because of the unfortunate events that occurred in November.

Didn't want to release a new issue of MM, only to get 5 minutes later a "what the f*ck, why are you still making this, you're an idiot, you're not allowed to release MM, etc, lock, ban, bye" type of answer.


Since Kirsty/Voodoo seem to be ok, and other staff haven't replied, i guess i'm allowed to continue, and that's it for the time being.

Someone just rename the topic to erase the *NEW* on the issue 73 since it's not new anymore of course.

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Posted 5 days ago

Keep them coming. :^:

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Posted A day ago

I didn't know about this thread before until now, I'm definitely going to follow this topic. I have been recently searching and read other old topics from/about the era when the forum was founded. 

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