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L.A. Noire

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Those controllers are the future of VR man. Glad to see a developer finally attempt to do VR justice instead of just slapping it in the game with not much care so when/if VR fails they can go "well, we tried".

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Yeah, this year is being pretty good for VR, what with multiple larger companies adding proper VR versions/functionality of their bigger titles. With a bigger library of quality content and decreasing prices, it's gonna be a fun next few years for VR :santa:

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Just need to get the controller + headset combo price way, way down. The barrier to entry is still insane right now, so insane that even if the Vive's price was halved it would still be a really expensive piece of kit for most people.

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Posted 4 weeks ago





Man I'd be going around backhanding random people.:D

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