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Becoming a Gta IV director.

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Posted 22 July 2009 - 08:57 AM Edited by livejoker, 23 July 2009 - 07:03 AM.

Alright, alright. I admit it. I'm a noob. Ever since I purchased Gta IV, i've been a fan of Youtube stunt videos. Ben Buja being my favorite. Sometime afterwards, I noticed Mr. Buja posted a bloopers video (which is Bloopers, Glitches & Funny Stuff). So that got me interested in following his steps. I'll ask him, but i'd rather ask you guys what I should do so I don't sound like a total noob to him.

So I know you need some kind of capture card or wire...whatever. Actually I don't. I'm just asking my fellow GtaForumers for some help. I have done research on Google and on this forum, but with no luck. I didn't check any other forum, because i'm faithful to you guys that much tounge2.gif .

So, let's start with the basic. I have an Xbox 360 (HDTV, but i'm not sure I need that). So, to record my gameplay from my 360...

-What do I need?
-Where do I find it?

I have a budget of...let's say my parents wallet. I didn't start working yet, gimme a break. I don't care about the budget, but please give me a heads up about a cheap yet reliable and good quality product.

And as a little bonus, whover answers this WILL get a cookie. And you must KNOW the answer, or i'll take my cookie back.

When I have the product to record my gameplay and I want to add music, sound effects, etc. can I use Windows Movie Maker like I use for all my little school projects and bmxing videos? It's pretty simple, so i'd love to stick with that program.

Thanks in advance to mods, come on, this is like my 4th thread from my long LONG stay here, plus, I really need help.

Thanks to whoever replies and who can make their answer simple for me.
Any links and/or pictures are greatly appreciated.

I also didn't know in which section to post this. So I just posted it in Gameplay, hopefully it's in there.

*EDIT* Come on, guys. Don't let this die. I really need some help, here. My summer has been so f()%*#@)(_!ing boring, I need to waste my time for a good thing.

**EDIT EDIT** Seriously, if no one can give me an answer, not even a guess, i'll be leaving these forums and be heading over to other Gta forum sites. This is pathetic =/. I really need help, since I didn't find anything about it. icon13.gif

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