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[GTAIV|REL|BETA] ENBSeries graphic modification

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  • Eeshan

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 04:10 AM

So Im literally racking my brain around this little problem. Anyone know why at nighttime; Street lights dim out prior to driving underneath the light, hell it can be 15-20 feet away and Ill watch it go out like a candle. sometime it happens right before.


here is a video to show what is happening 



if you notice in the distance lights just keepin dimming out for whatever reason.....any explanations?




p.s. excuse me If I wasn't aware of a fix for this, searched and couldn't find much help.

That is a very nice enb, can you please share it with me? :D

Danilo Almada
  • Danilo Almada

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Posted 25 July 2014 - 05:12 PM

My Enb Series 0.79, set by me using other files to the graphics. Sorry for english, I am Brazilian and I am new to forum. :lol:








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Posted A week ago

This is a mixture of various configurations on the version :


cf3745345643114.jpg 5e0926345643141.jpg a2e9ca345643169.jpg 0624ff345643189.jpg f92cc4345643233.jpg 3edb45345643244.jpg 3ff66a345643277.jpg d0b9a6345643295.jpg a60e67345643326.jpg

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  • RoyalPredator

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Posted A week ago

Hi guys! I need help with the windshield's reflection.
1070. I'm using RealitIV timecyc with original ENB (latest) applied.
[CARWINDOWGLASS] settings doesn't seem to change anything.

The windows looks nicely bright from below and sides, but not from direct view as used to play at.
The ugly sun reflection texture is rubbish also.



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