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It's an old trademark, here's the current one, and it's not abandoned: 





Interesting. I understand that they basically abandoned the previous trademark and recently filed for a new trademark with that specific design and it has just recently been published (7th March 2017). I don't remember T2 having that specific logo design of 'Agent' registered before, so this could be a new development and a sign that the game has probably been put on the side for later. Unless it's just T2 routinely preserving their trademarks, there's no reason they would keep the logo in any way, shape, or form. The fact that the game has been announced and they didn't comment on it all this time is just bizarre.

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GTA VI might be closer than you think. Don't think North isn't already on it, RDR2 isn't gonna be their only priority, and I'm sure development is still led by San Diego, regardless of it being a R* Studios effort.
Also, yes, definitely, Agent mostly consists of last gen assets, so it would have to be remastered. In game development, not always you tailor your assets to the generation you're making them for, scaling them down later, but Agent was way too early for this to have happened, so I will have to agree, Jason.

how close do you think GTA VI is in your opinion spidervice?


A better question would've been "how far do you think GTA VI is?"
Off topic, I know. :ph34r:

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