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Vinewood Villain
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Posted 24 December 2015 - 09:00 AM

Agent will probably end up being another Max Payne 3. Decent linear game that suffered from development hell because Rockstar logic.
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  • Nem_Wan

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Posted 30 April 2016 - 12:02 AM Edited by Nem_Wan, 30 April 2016 - 12:02 AM.

Since this is supposed to be a Rockstar North production I suppose there's a slight chance it could be referred to in the course of the The Benz lawsuit. The judge may agree to keep confidential matters under seal however.

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  • ak-4seven


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Posted 05 June 2016 - 06:51 PM

The trademark has been renewed http://tsdr.uspto.go...pe=statusSearch
Under Prosecution History

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  • Spider-Vice

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Posted 05 June 2016 - 07:04 PM

Fairly certain Agent is still alive and it's one of the projects that the developers say they're working on.

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Posted 05 June 2016 - 08:15 PM Edited by FiS!!HeR, 05 June 2016 - 08:17 PM.

They have been renewing the trademark for years now, so I don't see why this one would be special. Whatever that means or indicates, I still hope to see Agent before the end of this decade. As far as Rockstar is concerned, it could be a 2022 game! I say, and hope, that it might be North's next project on the pipeline rather than simply GTA VI.

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  • Zello

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Posted 05 June 2016 - 08:42 PM

What are you people talking about Agent IV comes out next week

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Posted 06 June 2016 - 07:19 PM

Ya know, it might make sense.  I'm not sure which studio works on the online updates, but it doesn't seem like the full resources at R* North are being used up.  If AGENT is the next game out of North, then maybe these little pieces of content for Online were just a way to make sure the R* brand is still out there and relevant and at the same time generate income without expending valuable resources. (sorry about the run on).  Kinda like how MP3 had it's updates and everyone was expecting info about V at the time.  R* was able to keep interest in one game while devoting time and effort to another.  


Or I could be talking out my a$$, this AGENT thing has gone on for waaaaaaaaaay to long without any info.  

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  • Spider-Vice

    ...I will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be.

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Posted 06 June 2016 - 07:24 PM Edited by Spider-Vice, 06 June 2016 - 07:24 PM.

North has dedicated teams for Online since around last year (plenty of employees promoted/changed to Online leads, Online devs, etc). It's not the main GTA/dev team doing GTA Online anymore.
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