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more glitches, kinda

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cod fh rules
  • cod fh rules

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Posted 20 May 2009 - 12:36 PM

now. wa all know you cant visit ghost town in a boat. it stops mooving at the corner of the airport. i thought i could push it along the ground past that point and re enter it in an un restricted zone. i think rockstar thought ahed on this account.

when you get the boat clost too the far end of the airport, by the helipad, interesting things happen. when you push the boat close enough too the edge is suddenly shoots back away from the edge. worth while chwcking out.

anyway while youre ther, push the boat inland toward the dam, but still close too the far edge.when you reach the edge of the airport close to the end of the road in the airport the boat will be pushed all the way along it. quite interesting. now that your at the (more or less) at the last corner of the road push the boat further along, you dont need to go far. then the push away effect stops and you can get the boat in the water.

so i headed toward ghost town. the buggers put another of those invisible barriers that slowly stop you, roughly inline with the dam.

i tried to use rocket propulsion, blew up my boat. stranded i jumped onto the cliff face, too steep to stay on.
what happens here is you fall into the water, then shoot back up the cliff face repeatedly, so long as you keep running toward it. you can moove further now. with the use of the health cheat, every time you hit the water you loose 5% health. i didnt get far because i stuffed up. cbf dooing it again yet. have a go. let me know how far you get.

hey all you game modders. dont know what pc version is like, but why dont you remove the gay barriers! mite be an interesting mod.

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Posted 04 June 2009 - 03:29 PM

Yeh, I tried that boat thing at the back end of the airport run way. The boat gets repulsed by something, but i'm sure you can still drive off it and drown in that area. I think there is a cheat disc code for hardening the sea so you're able to drive over it.

cod fh rules
  • cod fh rules

    Player Hater

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 09:03 AM

if you moove the boat further toward the dam, closer to the hanger were the dodo is in grand theft airo, you can push it over. use a car to get it up edge then push on foot redy to press triangle. i tried to describe the location in my first post. even if the water is hard the barricades are over the water close to the dam. i expect they would stop a car too.(invisible barricade that stops you gently) do you mean a codebreaker?

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