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Tutorial Forum List!

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Posted 01 May 2009 - 06:30 PM Edited by Dutchy3010, 16 November 2012 - 12:29 AM.

Tutorial Forum List!

Many tutorials contained broken links, broken images or couldn't be called a tutorial. The modding staff did make a clean sweep of things. Many tutorials were binned, and many tutorials were posted since the last update of the Tutorial Forum List. That's why we decided to make a completely new tutorial guide.

Below you will see a table, which contains every tutorial in this forum. It is sorted at GTA. In the last column, you will find the rate of difficulty, expressed by one to five times a "x". One "x" is very easy, five "x" means that it is very difficult. The column is nearly empty, because for this we need your help! We are looking for members who can rate the tutorials. When you did a tutorial, and you want to let us know what you thought about it, send a PM to Gangsta Killa or Dutchy3010. We would really appreciate that!

.NET Script Hook Tutorial Ferna_22CodingGTA IV-
[IV | .NET] Writing .net scripts in C# Gangsta KillaCodingGTA IV-
Importing Textures with OpenIV Fabio206TexturingGTA IV-
[IV][SparkIV]Importing Head Textures GoreMasterTexturingGTA IV-
[IV|TUT] Make a pair of new shoes Fabio206TexturingGTA IV-
How to edit a texture (wdt)FunGtTexturingGTA IV-
[IV|TUT] View .wdr models with 3DSM Fabio206OthersGTA IV-
GTA San Andreas
Mission Coding for Dummies!Dutchy3010CodingGTA San Andreasxx
Mission Coding for Pro's!Dutchy3010 & PatrickWCodingGTA San Andreasxxxx
[GTA SA] ~ CLEO Script Tutorial ~ ZAZCodingGTA San Andreasxxx
YeTi's SA Coding Tutorial Part OneYeTiCodingGTA San Andreasxxx
YeTi's SA Coding Tutorial Part TwoYeTiCodingGTA San Andreasxxx
Adding Car Spawn LocationsTheHeggyCodingGTA San Andreasx
How To Create A Mission spaceeinsteinCodingGTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA IIIxxxx
[CLEO|SA]Making your own very special savegame gtasearcherCodingGTA San Andreasxx
Scripting Tutorialsl3mmyCodingGTA San Andreasxx
N00bs guide to using animsjames227ukCodingGTA San Andreasxxx
Getting Extra Space In MAIN.SCMRapierCodingGTA San Andreasx
Editing main.scm code San andreas masterCodingGTA San Andreasxx
Changing Property PriceszyonigCodingGTA San Andreasxx
How to add items to SA using the latest map editor tonesterMappingGTA San Andreas-
Using Sketchup models in SA uniMappingGTA San Andreas-
Add Custom Model In SA xmenMappingGTA San Andreas-
Importing models into SAwauzieMappingGTA San Andreas-
Create maps and spawns on themJCVMappingGTA San Andreas-
Inserting a map object,dertyjerzianMappingGTA San Andreas-
Video Tutorial - ConversionFunGtOthersGTA San Andreas-
From sketchup to game!,GT.KillerMappingGTA San Andreas-
TXD Workshop tutorial gtamodderTexturingGTA San Andreas-
Editing Haircuts SwedishMafiaTexturingGTA San Andreas-
Adding Custom TattoosSergiowTexturingGTA San Andreas-
Creating Custom car skins/paintjobs DexXTexturingGTA San Andreas-
Retexturing Weapons PrelitheTexturingGTA San Andreas-
Editing Ingame Textureschris82TexturingGTA San Andreas-
Turning san andreas into the real thingstring227OthersGTA San Andreas-
Video Tutorial: How to mod sirens Kenster1025OthersGTA San Andreas-
GTA SA Car Sound PAQadamb88OthersGTA San Andreas-
New Clothes without changing American.gxtJC_COOPOthersGTA San Andreas-
[GGMM] Car InstallationFunGtOthersGTA San Andreas-
Carcols.datAndreONEzOthersGTA San Andreas-
DFF & TXD files to IMG FILESgabe123OthersGTA San Andreas-
Handling - Acceleration ExperimentsCerberaOthersGTA San Andreas-
Editing Traffic AttributesPL Hunter BlazeOthersGTA San Andreas-
Converting PC car mods to XboxZdemon29958OthersGTA San Andreas-
Adding (not replacing) cars to GTA SAsilvermanblueOthersGTA San Andreas-
Adding (not replacing) cars to GTA SAsilvermanblueOthersGTA San Andreas-
Installing mods in GTA San Andreas Guide and FAQ BladexenOthersGTA San Andreas-
SA CUSTOM GANG GUIDESerious DaveOthersGTA San Andreas-
[TuT] Adding cars to GTA SA2pacproducer2OthersGTA San Andreas-
Making GTA San Andreas 2.0 Fully Moddable jarjarOthersGTA San Andreas-
[EXE]Creating Custom Icon For SA/VC/GTA3 bammargeraOthersGTA San Andreas, Vice City, III-
Installing Vehicle Mods rappo11OthersGTA San Andreas-
Change Spraycan Colour! Blackadder.OthersGTA San Andreas-
[SA][2DFX] Creating your own particle effects Jost_ViceOthersGTA San Andreas-
Installing IMG Modifications.AshRemainsOthersGTA San Andreas-
PS2 San Andreas modding mr.DageronOthersGTA San Andreas-
How to install sound modsgtamodderOthersGTA San Andreas-
How to make realistic radarxmenOthersGTA San Andreas-
[TUT]Skateboard RadiantEclipseOthersGTA San Andreas-
[IMG] Using IMG Tool [MenaceMovies]OthersGTA San Andreas-
How To Install CleoKickme93OthersGTA San Andreas-
GTA Vice City
YeTi's Coding Tutorial Part OneYeTiCodingGTA Vice City-
YeTi's Coding Tutorial Part Two YeTiCodingGTA Vice City-
Tutorial for spookie's SCM hook (C++) XcRCodingGTA Vice City-
Y_Less's Coding Tutorial Y_LessCodingGTA Vice City-
How To make Marker to execute your missionkiavash2kCodingGTA Vice City-
littleguna's Coding Tutorialtimmy2004CodingGTA Vice City-
Moo Mapper BasicsGangsta KillaMappingGTA Vice City-
[Mapping|VC]Getting objects in-gameVecisMappingGTA Vice City-
Getting VC map objects into other map modsceedjMappingGTA Vice City-
Using Moo MapperGangsta KillaMappingVice City-
Making the Radar Semi-Transparentleik oh em jeez!TexturingGTA Vice City-
Installing Car Mods Into GTA Suction Testicle ManOthersGTA Vice City, GTA III-
Using Vice City Mod ManagerGangsta KillaOthersGTA Vice City-
How To Operate GTA-VC Developer ConsoleJernejLOthersGTA Vice City-
Installing Vehicle Mods ManuallyOpiusOthersGTA Vice City-
Editing Default.idegtamodderOthersGTA Vice City-
Replacing cars (VC)gtamodderOthersGTA Vice City-
Adding (Not Replacing) Extra VehiclesSuction Testicle ManOthersGTA Vice City-
guide to gta vice city xbox moddingViceCityMamba80OthersGTA Vice City-
VC IMG List of Important TexturesSicologikalOthersGTA Vice City-
VC IMG Ped & Character ListSicologikalOthersGTA Vice City-
Change car colors instantlyDarlynOthersGTA Vice City-
Carcols.dat Colour ReferencesSuction Testicle ManOthersGTA Vice City-
Installing Model & Texture filesghost of delete keyOthersGTA Vice City-
Editing Xbox VC PedsRun Down That GuyOthersGTA Vice City-
2dfx Light PositioningGangsta KillaOthersGTA Vice City-
Installing GTA:LC onto Xbox VCRun Down That GuyOthersGTA Vice City-
Stripping the Xbox version of VCOpiusOthersGTA Vice City-
Map File DefinitionsOpiusOthersGTA Vice City-
Alphas, Opacity, Reflections and Prelightingjcab42OthersGTA Vice City-
How to edit language filesgtamodderOthersGTA III-
Easy way to install car modsgtamodderOthersGTA III-
GTA LC IMG Ped & Character ListSicologikalOthersGTA III-
Texture Editing BasicsfonnyboneTexturingGTA III-
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA:LCS Modding TutorialsBiffaboyOthersGTA Liberty City Stories-
All GTA's
Create your own ipl/ide using Kam's IO ScriptKamMappingN.A.-
Pre-Lighting BuildingsGT-1MappingN.A.-
IPL Helper - Blue Edition's Little GuidexmenMappingAll-
Texturing for dummies!gtasearcherTexturingAll-
Chris82's GTA Backup Tutorialchris82OthersAll-
Cerbera's TutorialsCerberaOthersAll-
Millenia's TutorialsMilleniaOthersAll-
How to extract Radio Stations from PS2 diskSicologikalOthersAll-
Using GTALauncher jarjarOthersAll-
Materials and Lighting, GeneralDexXOthersAll-
IMG Archive programmingREspawnOthersAll-
[Zmod] "Basic" modellingSilberioModellingGTA Vice City-
[Zmod]Adding SA style reflections Suction Testicle ManModellingGTA San Andreas-
[Zmod]Getting Started in ZModeler MarkModellingN.A.-
[ZMod] Setting Up Your Car's Blueprints Gangsta KillaModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Material Editor / Textures for Zmodeler (1)DeathSquadModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Basic UV Mapping in Zmod1.07bCran.ModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Unwrapping in ZmodelerrebelModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Getting Textures up and Runningthe_kingModdelingN.A.-
[Zmod]Vertex PrelightingDeathSquadModellingGTA San Andreas-
[Zmod]Modelling a Katanarebel_36ModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Dummy Positioning and HierarchyGangsta KillaModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]UV MappingcrazydudeModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Map Coll Making & SA LOD CollsDeathSquadModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Damage TexturingKittehModellingN.A.-
[Zmod] Getting Started in Zmodeler v1.07bMarkModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Aircraft documentation / creation guideMarkModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Prophets' Gull/Scissor door tutorialIllp.ModellingN.A.-
[Zmod] Importing blueprints.92FModellingN.A.-
[Zmod]Creating Vehicle Collision DataDupModellingGTA Vice City-
[3DMax]Radiosity Advanced Lighting.ParoXumModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]|[SA] How to make a GTA SA style wheel .:Rodrigo:.ModellingGTA San Andreas-
[3DMax]Creating a roadxrkModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]The Simplest Rigging Tutorialcreative madmanModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]The Simplest Rigging Tutorial EVERgoin-godModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Creating Custom IFP'sgoin-godModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Using the "Boolean" functionSupdarioModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Pedestrian Creationcreative madmanModellingGTA San Andreas-
[3DMax]Pencil | Multi/Sub-Object Materials -/TNT\-ModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Texturing in 3dsmax with Unwrap UVWteun.steenbekkersModellingAll-
[3DMax]Add shadows and light FX to your modelsH13N.H3NModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Animation Converting Blackadder.ModellingGTA Vice City-
[3DMax]Custom Player Animationsjacob.ModellingGTA Vice City, GTA III-
[3DMax] Convert Cars from Vice City to San Andreas l3mmyModellingGTA San Andreas-
[3DMAX][SA]How to make Breakable Object xmenModellingGTA San Andreas-
[3DMax]Making rotating doors Jost_ViceModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Exporting VC Character with MaxKamModelingGTA Vice City-
[3DMax]Creating a Bike Mod[kehlan]ModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Creating a DFF and COL in 3DSMax 7GrantModellingGTA Vice City-
[3DMax]Vertex ColorsJost_ViceModellingGTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City-
[3DMax]Modelling and texturing roads-/TNT\-ModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Making Maps Using Height-Map TerrainsMonitor57ModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Modelling a TVwauzieModellingN.A.-
[3DMax]Primal's Low Poly Rim TutorialPrimalModellingN.A.-
[3DMAX][SA] Move-able objectsJost_ViceModellingGTA San Andreas-
[3DMax/Gmax]Exporting Collision File from Max & GMaxKamModellingGTA Vice City-
[Gmax]Converting cars to SA plunk89ModellingN.A.-
[SKUP]Sketchup to SAGangsta KillaModellingGTA San Andreas-
[SKUP]making DFF and COL filesbassmakerModellingN.A.-
[SKUP]Creating a terrain by using the Sandbox ToolPuma06111991ModellingN.A.-
[Skup] Easy Roof Creationl3mmyModellingN.A.-
[Skup] Sketchup Building Tutorial Part OneGangsta KillaModellingN.A.-
[Skup]Sketchup Building Tutorial Part TwoGangsta KillaModellingN.A.-
[Skup]Sketchup Building Tutorial Part ThreeGangsta KillaModellingN.A.-
[SKUP] Building Tutorial Part Four Gangsta KillaModellingN.A.-
[Skup]Modeling Roads Using The Folow Me ToolalinhaiduModellingN.A.-
[Blender]Player Model EditingModelingManModellingGTA Vice City-
[Endorphin] Converting Endorphin anims to GTAWesserModellingGTA San Andreas-
Tutorial Presentation & Guidance DupN.A.N.A.-
Tips and Tricks for modding More then oneAllAll-
Taking Screenshots In GameGangsta KillaOthersAll-
Converting codes (armax etc..)jamienosdudeOthersN.A.-

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