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I think this just applies to people in general, not just teens. Was taken from a thread on Quora about the cringiest things teens do:

"Teens are so preoccupied with one upping, out doing, and competing with each other. But the cringiest way this comes out, is in the embarrassment some supposedly feel on behalf of other teens with different subcultures, hobbies, and mannerisms. The idea that not sharing them somehow makes you better, or more mature, or more deserving of praise. Don't get me wrong, I know exactly what causes it. Adults tend to reward and praise young people who don't behave like stereotypical young people. But that doesn't make it any less stupid.

I don't like slang, it makes no sense, I speak real English, unlike other people my age. It's so cringy. I don't listen to that stupid music all the other teenagers listen to, I wear normal clothes like an adult, I don't waste my time on

Does this sound like a mature, well rounded person? Someone who feels the need to sh*t on everyone else their own age, someone who feels like their likes and dislikes elevate them above others, someone who will literally talk down to their peers in an attempt to win approval. I've never understood it. Don't get me wrong, the counter force are equally bad Im not one of those brats who feels the need to pretend to be an adult. Im mature enough to know I should just act like a teenager. They're so cringy, obsessing over the 1950s and talking about old movies. Geez, just listen to TØP and play CoD like the rest of us.

Here's the bottom line: your likes, dislikes, hobbies, groups, subcultures, fandoms, clothing, and tastes do not make you better, worse, more mature, more childish, smarter, or more or less cringy than anyone else. If you want to listen to rap music, use words like balling and dab, that's fine. If you want to go to cheese tasting events and run a startup business, that's fine. Neither one of you is cringy, until the moment that you start to berate each other and throw your peers under the bus. Then, quite frankly, you sound like the kid in kindergarten who pretended they were six and were allowed to drive; in other words, pretty damn childish.

And pretty damn cringy too."

Pretty great advice I think! ;)
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Posted A day ago Edited by Achlys, A day ago.

"For f*ck's sake, if I was after Mexican gay flirt chat I'd click on one of the forum's google adds Haven't you c*nts heard of PMs?"
-Jolly Swagman

"*giggling* Oh you sick little homo, you couldn't resist, could you?"
-Tonguegirl in that dream I had.

"You say weird sh*t and you are overly explicit from time to time, personally i don't hate you or anything but not everyone is gonna put up with up with you just because you are a buttpirate."
- The Deadite

"Hey, you slut!"
- ShadowPerson, that's why I love him, he knows that I love being called that. :)

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Posted A day ago

"Happiness was born from altruism and misfortune from selfishism".



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