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Leone's future.

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  • Jeansowaty


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Posted 18 January 2014 - 11:52 AM


I hope that the Leone's were wiped out. They were the worst gang in the 3D Universe imo with their faggot-ass shotguns...

Talking from experience, Jean? Haha!


It's Jeans. Don't call me Jean. I'm not French!

  • GTAKid667

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Posted 18 January 2014 - 08:13 PM

I thought I said let's keep it on topic? I'll say it once more:

If you are going to post in this topic, keep it on topic or else it will be locked.

Thanks for your co-operation :^:

  • HazzardX

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 02:28 PM

i think that Toni wanted to become the new boss, but Joey wanted to kill everyone that was staying in his way,including Claude...He sent a pager message to claude saying :"I am sorry..I was thinking that you killed my father...". Joey knew what he was doing...Joey sent Claude to kill Toni's mom and then Toni...Joey have heard from Misty that Mickey and Luigi wanted to find out who killed Toni....Joey send claude to kill them and Joey took over Luigi's club...Joey made a plan where Joey would send claude to collect something from Shoreside Lift Bridge....his plan was to destroy the bridge...Joey paid Darkel to put bombs on the bridge...The bridge exploded but Claude Miracly survived...Maria got kidnapped again,8Ball was shot by Joey Leone...Claude was left alone...He coudn't return to Portland...Around February 2002,Shoreside Lift Bridge got completely repaired...By that time..The Leones conquered almost all Portland...The Diablos were Gone...The Triads were almost gone,having just a small territorry in Chinatown,Around Mr.Wongs...After Claude has killed Darkel and found out About Joey's plan,it was too late...Joey had all Portland and started to extend to Staunton...Claude found out that Toni was alive,he was just hiding around Staunton...Toni,Claude,Maria,D-Ice and Mark(former Zaibatsu boss from LC,and a good friend of Claude) made a plan to kill joey...They burnt his garage,but only some leones were there..They rushed to The Gentlemen's club and with the help of some Red Jacks,some Zaibatsu members and some Yakuza members, they killed Joey,Burnt Gentlemen's club and got rid of the evidence...Around 2003-2004,when Claude left LC for Carcer City,The Leones became almost nonexistent...Then,after Mark died in 2010...Trey Welsh became the boss of the Zaibatsu and allied with the Leones...In 2013 around May,the Leones and the Zaibatsu hired an assasin to kill Claude...After Claude died,The Zaibatsu tried to destroy the Leones...After they killed the last remaining Leones,They took over St.Marks area...The onlyu surviving Leone member is Mike Leone...everyone thought that Mike died around 1995,but he was just hiding in Las Venturas...The leones conquered a small part of LV but they got ambushed by the Zaibatsu once again...Mike was killed by some old guy wearing a mask,that guy was in his 50's.It was Toni Cipriani, he wanted to kill him,to take revenge for Claude and some other friends that got killed...Toni started to work with the Zaibatsu and the Leones got wiped out,Forever

  • Indy007

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Posted 2 days ago

Well, whenever you go back to Liberty City you notice that mobsters constantly try whacking you. So I'm sure Joey places a hit on you. Although, to be honest, I don't remember going to the Don's house after beating the game.

  • pajkosinjoSRB

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Posted 2 days ago

Toni probably took over because all that Joey did was run that Auto Repair Shop.And all of those Mobsters that want to kill you are maybe just mad or pissed off for killing Salvatore.

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