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Official Modification Forum Rules

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 11:54 PM Edited by TJGM, 3 weeks ago. Updated rules.

Official Modification Forum Rules & Procedure
The GTA Network / GTANet

The general GTANet and GTAForums rules apply to these forums as well, these modding rules
are more specific to the modding forums. GTANet rules -> http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=137906

[1.0] General Info
When posting in the modding forums:

  • [1.1] Ensure you're posting in the right section
  • [1.2] Topic and sub titles should be informative and relevant to the topic, and include topic tags.
  • [1.3] The topic should include as much information as possible, this allows you to get a much faster response, rather then wasting the first few posts on requesting information.

[2.0] Editing rules

  • [2.1] Search before you post, if you ask a question that has already been asked two dozen times. Then the topic will be locked.
  • [2.2] NO Requests threads allowed, post any requests in the pinned topics that are in each forum.

[3.0] Showroom rules

[3.1] Download links must NOT:

  • [3.1.1] Require registration.
  • [3.1.2] Limit the amount of available downloads.
  • [3.1.3] Expire after a pre-defined amount of time.

Consider GTAGarage.com for reliable hosting. Any topics that do not comply will have their links removed and may eventually be locked.

The mod forums have a feature that allows a GTAGarage mod to be linked to the release topic. This will include a section of the post that has screenshots and links to the files. Feature not available currently.

[3.2] Releasing Mods by Other Authors
Some members have released vehicles made by friends or people they know. However, this is not a wise idea as it can result in all kinds of problems. If a member would like his car to be released then they must sign up and post Themself. An inability to write good english isn't really an excuse. It avoids any controversy regarding mod theft/ripping, even if you clearly state that the mod is legitimate in your topic.

[3.3] Exceptions:
Modding tools. We are always happy to host information regarding new tools/programs by other people; in aid of GTA modding or to advance it. If you do create a thread about such a tool then please state clearly who the author of the tool is and possibly provide any information to contact them. Major breakthroughs in GTA Modding are also an exception, though we request you use the Search feature first, as your idea may not be as much of a breakthrough as you think. However we still maintain that if possible, original authors post the topic themselves.
[3.5] Conversions

  • [3.5.1] Tuning/Racing/Pimping - Improving/editing another author's work and re-releasing it requires the same level of verification as a conversion, and requires a post from the original author.
  • [3.5.2] Conversions from one R* game to a GTA - Old or new this is allowed on any scale. You can convert models/textures from a game like Max Payne 3 to GTA V, Red Dead Redemption to IV, V to SA, VC to V, etc..
  • [3.5.3] Content from websites - As long as it's under a suitable licence granting it's free use, then it's allowed as long as evidence of the licence is shown. Make sure to follow the requirements of that licence. If no license is provided with the content, include a link to where it was originally obtained.
  • [3.5.4] Models/textures that require permission from a corporate entity e.g. EA Games - These are NOT allowed for conversions on any scale (see exception below). Failure to meet the above criteria will result in, at minimum, a locked topic and verbal warning.
  • [3.5.5] Conversions from non-R* games to a GTA - You can convert as much assets as you want from games created in 2005 and before, that includes the entire map of the game. Conversions from games created after 2005, require your mod to be verified before you create a topic for the mod, you can ask TJGMGrampsSilent or Jestic to verify your mod for you. Any mods that contain conversions from games after 2005 and haven't been verified by the people mentioned above, will be automatically removed.

[3.6] Topic Titles
All main topic titles should be named accordingly.

All topic titles in the showroom must have one of the following status tags:

  • WIP - Work in progress
  • REL - Released

All topic titles in the showroom must have one of the following game tags:

  • VC - GTA Vice City
  • SA - GTA San Andreas
  • IV - GTA IV
  • V - GTA V

An example of a topic title with a released mod and a WIP mod would be:

  • [REL|III|VC] Mod Name
  • [WIP|SA] Mod Name

[3.7] Posting
The Showroom exists as a handy place to provide downloads to your mods, but also to collect tips and constructive critique of your work. Thus, you may NOT:

  • [3.7.1] Do not request help with modding or editing in somebody else's topic - make your own topic in the Discussion and Support subforum.
  • [3.7.2] Do not post insulting or non-constructive posts in any topics. However, constructive comments are welcome, so authors must be prepared to face criticism. This is a public forum, people will post what they think. If you aren't comfortable with what others think you should do to improve, do not post.

If you are a repetitive offender (several times), or have been around long enough that you should be familiar with these rules, it is likely you will be warned for breaking them. The forum rules apply to all areas as always.
[4.0] Mod Theft

We see many accusations of mod theft in the modding showrooms, but most of them aren't well founded. That's why we decided to make a policy about this.

When you think someone has stolen a mod, you have to do two things. First, you have to find evidence. Without evidence, we can't do something about it. Try to use google, for example. Only when you find something that proves that your accusation is well founded, you are allowed to report.
If you found something, you have to report the topic or send a PM to someone of the modding staff. In this report, you have to give us the evidence you found. In a PM, you also have to link to the topic.

By evidence we don't mean a link to the site. What we mean is screenshots of the mods side by side, and anything else that you feel would help the case.

Remember: never post an accusation on the forum. There are several reasons for that. Perhaps you are wrong, then you accuses somebody who didn't commit the crime. That isn't fair, and isn't good for his reputation. Next to that, you certainly can't do anything about it, so posting is unnecessary. Finally, it only provokes a fight, which is against the GTAForums.com rules.

We are glad that you want to help us. If you are doing it by using this policy, we will appreciate it. For us, the worst thing you can do in the modding forums, is stealing a mod. But accusing someone that didn't steal the mod, is second.
Any accusation that is done on the forums, and not reported to a member of staff in the correct way. Will be ignored, only accusations reported by the correct method will be dealt with.

These rules are in place for the general health of the GTA modding community. They exist for the sole purpose of helping the community prosper and expand.

Staff note - changes to the rules should be discussed beforehand. So take it up in the appropriate place first, before moving or deleting any topics relating to the rules.

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