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Guides & Strategies

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Posted 14 April 2009 - 05:45 PM Edited by GTArv, 07 August 2009 - 12:39 PM.

Guides & Strategies

Looking for some information, or help in multiplayer? Always hesitated to ask, or couldn't find out what you were looking for? Look no further, for this topic aims to be a treasure trove of information.

Do you have any good information that you'd like to share with others? Guides on how to set up games, schedule events... or maybe even tactics you use in-game that you'd like to present? Do post here! Guides submitted in this thread have no specific format to follow - you can present them however you want to to. Please try not to make them too technical, its out of the scope of this section. Better to point people to larger and more relevant sources of information.

Thanks to fred for the idea and to the creators of various user-Submitted guide threads in the GTA Series forums for the inspiration. If your guide is worthwhile and informative, it will be added to this table of contents. Note that you don't have to type out several pages; being precise and to-the-point will do.

Acceptable Not Acceptable
To perform a headshot,
- Steady your weapon
- Aim at your target
- If the target is moving steadily move your aim
- Pull the trigger.
if u wanna headshot do this-
take our the gun and aim and
shot if the target moves u should move to.

Table of Contents (A-Z)

Deal BreakerSpuds725For Fly the Co-op Trophy/Achievement, in under seven minutes!
Event TemplateLochieIf you need some help in organising an event, please consider using the event template.
Free Mode ChallengexxxSIDESH0WxxxA police shoot-out game devised in free mode, for 2-4 players.
Gangs : FAQGTArvEver wondered what the forum gangs are? This guide plans to clear some common doubts.
GTA Online TutorialDamien.A step-by-step guide to getting SA:MP, VC:MP and MTA set up.
GTA:IV Multiplayer F.A.Q.angrybanana5000The answers to the most frequently asked questions on GTAIV MP.
LC:MPGTA1Are you a GTA3 fan? Then LC:MP might interest you.
PC Multiplayer ModsGTArvA little insight into PC multiplayer mods and how to go about playing them.
SA:MP: A Quick GuideadamcsNew to SA:MP? This guide will help you get started.
URBAN WARFARE: Survival GuideVariousTips, tricks, glitches, racing hints and more, from several GTAF members.

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Posted 14 April 2009 - 05:50 PM

Wow, nice thread. icon14.gif

Im sure Spudz725 posted a Deal breaker strategy over in the IV:MP section.

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Posted 15 April 2009 - 02:27 PM Edited by GTArv, 27 April 2009 - 07:35 AM.

PC Multiplayer Mods


The PC platform is preferred by many for its customizability, in the form of mods. While GTAIV has built-in multiplayer, the older titles don't. Luckily, modding enthusiasts have worked hard and we have a few multiplayer mods for SA, VC and even GTA3. Very few play GTA3 multiplayer, but SA/VC multiplayer is very popular. This guide will be limited to SA/VC multiplayer.

Several multiplayer mods exist and are being developed, but the most popular ones are SA:MP, VC:MP and to a lesser extent, MTA. You may wonder why someone would like to spend time on older GTA titles. Lower graphics quality, limited gameplay..... The answer is that these mods allow free-roaming or a Sandbox-style game. If you run a multiplayer server, you can throw in your own custom-scripted gamemode, which could be a free-roam mode, stunt mode, a deathmatch mode, a Cops n' Robbers, or maybe even a bit of everything. The possibilities are endless.


Okay, so you're interested in getting PC multiplayer set up. What do you need to get started? The game of course. You'll need to buy the PC version of the game (SA/VC). Don't fret, you should be able to get it for a meagre price. Both titles have been in the market for several years. You don't need a monster PC that costs a fortune to play; any modern desktop or laptop can handle both SA and VC pretty well. As stated before, these games are several years old.

Apart from that you needn't invest any money, for these mods are available for free.

NOTE: One thing that is a requirement for all these mods is that you need v1 of the game. v1.1/2/3 will not work. If you have v1.1 VC/SA (you installed a patch), reinstall the game to revert to v1. If you have v2 SA (any recently purchased copy), you will require a downgrader. Check the SA:MP/MTA websites for help with that, downgraders are against the rules here. Please note that games downloaded from services, such as Direct2Drive or Steam (aka v3), are not supported by these mods.


Some of of you may be puzzled by this terminology - what is a client, and what is a server?

Taken from wikipedia -

"A client is an application or system that accesses a remote service on another computer system, known as a server, by way of a network."
"A server is any combination of hardware or software designed to provide services to clients."

So you, the player, are a client. The computer that holds game data and connects you with other players is the server.
While downloading multiplayer mods, make sure to get the client software to play.


I won't be touching on the technical aspects - there's plenty of documentation available. Just follow the links provided below, or Google.

SA:MP - San Andreas Multiplayer

Further help:
VC:MP - Vice City Multiplayer

Further help:
MTA- Multi Theft Auto

Further Help:


As said before, these multiplayer mods allow a lot of customization. If you're interested in creating own gamemode and setting up your own server, navigate the respective websites to find the information you want. Help yourself to the links provided above.


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

You can always check out the Screenshots & Videos topic to get a better view of what's possible with these multiplayer mods.

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 09:49 AM Edited by GTArv, 25 April 2009 - 01:34 PM.

Doesn't anyone want to submit a guide? Come one guys, I know that a lot of you are here keen players, feel free to submit any kind of strategy or guide. Even a guide on how to join and host games is most welcome, its sure to help newbies.

EDIT: I'm leaving this open in case someone is interested in writing. I'll also try to write something myself.

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Posted 02 May 2009 - 08:49 AM Edited by GTArv, 25 June 2010 - 03:04 PM.


I decided to write a gang FAQ, as nothing more can be crammed into the forum guidelines, and to disperse any doubts here.

What is a Gang?

A gang is a group of members who get together, play multiplayer as a team, and have fun. Gangs can get quite social as well, gang chat threads are usually filled with plenty of chit-chat.

What are the rules?

Some gangs have their own set of rules, but there are no global rules. However, we expect members to follow the gang forum guidelines.

How can I get involved in the 'gang scene'?

Head over to the gangs forum. You can become a part of a gang by:
  • Starting your own. Anyone can start a gang, irrespective of whether they've been around for an hour or a year. People are always thrilled to see new gangs.
  • Joining one. have a look around, and join a gang that interests you.
  • Post in the free agent topic. Gang scouts will contact you through PM if they find you suitable.

What's an external gang?

Any gang that operates outside GTAF. These gangs usually leave a recruitment topic or an advertisement in the Gangs Forum, asking members to contact them at their private forums or website. External gangs are not allowed mainly because advertising is against the GTAForums Rules & Policy. Apart from that, these gangs are usually isolated and confine most of their activity to their private forums. This kills the community - after all, what's a community when members don't mingle?

Do I have to use graphics and make my gang's topic look pretty?

Not at all! Some gangs prefer to use them, but fancy layouts/graphics are not a requirement. If you cannot be bothered with using them, you needn't. Members may come your way and offer suggestions, but the topics' layout is completely up to you. In any case you are requested to post some essential information - such as the platforms you play on, what your gang does, and so forth.

My gang needs more members. Where can I find them?

Don't worry if you don't have many members in the beginning, gangs do take some time to gather momentum. There are lots of places from where you can recruit members. Look in the Free Agent Topic, and PM members who suit you. You could also invite your friends on PSN/XBL, or your acquaintances on the forums. Sometimes members even get people they know in real life to join their gang.

How does spam accumulate in chat topics, and how can we avoid it?

Spam is probably the largest reason for which warnings are handed out in internet forums. General spam in gang threads include one word posts, smiley-only posts, image macros and other random gibberish. There are no rules on how you must go about posting in chat topics, but spam will never be tolerated, as it is in the rest of GTAForums. If you're unsure about gang spam, CharmingCharlie has posted some guidelines here.

Can I be a member of two or more gangs?

Of course! As said before, there are no explicit rules for gangs. But your new gang may conflict with your current gangs' policies. Just check with them before joining. Otherwise, you'll have to make a decision. At the end of the day, its your choice.

One or more members in my gang are banned over here. Can they still be a part of the gang?

Banned members cannot be a part of any gangs or events over here. That said, we cannot be concerned about what goes on outside GTAF's jurisdiction; on other websites or PSN/XBL where your gang is active. The least we ask you is to not include them in your gang roster displayed here. This simple gesture is to reinforce the fact that banned members are not welcome here.

What are these official gangs I hear of, and these special member groups I see?

Official gangs, or 'groups' as they are called these days, are all that remain of the old gang system. Between 2002 and 2007, there used to exist a forum called the Public Gang Chat, where people could create and join gangs. The old gang system was conceived when GTA3 was rumoured to have multiplayer support. Sadly, that never happened, but these gangs continued to grow and evolved into social groups. Every year, there used to be an event called a gang race, where the best gang was inducted into the ranks of the Official gangs, and given their own private forum and member group. In early 2007, the staff decided that that it was best to close the PGC, as it turned into a spam magnet and a stage for e-drama, without much worthwhile activity. Most of the unofficial gangs perished soon after the PGC's closure.

Will any of the multiplayer gangs become official?

No. The old and the new gang system are in no way related. Special member groups promote elitism and can cause a decline in a gang's activity. Its not that there's isn't any recognition for gangs; there's the "Best Multiplayer Gang" category in the Annual Forum Awards.

Can I be a member of a group as well as a gang?

Sure you can. As previously stated, the old and new gang system are in no way related. But as with the multiple gang membership, there could be a conflict of interest.

Can I start social gang? I'm not too interested in multiplayer.

In that case, the multiplayer forums aren't for you. You can chat with your buddies on MSN, IRC, or any other suitable place. Sure, there are very little rules here, and you can socialize in your chat thread, but unless you actually plan to play some multiplayer, your gang will be booted out.

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Posted 03 May 2009 - 04:02 PM

Ill work something up in a day or two from now..Just got to get it all together.

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Posted 05 May 2009 - 05:54 PM

Glad to know Arcturus, thanks. I'll be eagerly awaiting your contribution. smile.gif

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Posted 12 May 2009 - 08:08 PM

even though it's very difficult, and everyone has failed at attempting it, it's re-posted here, upon request. (watch out for invisible cops)

The following is a police shoot-out game meant for 4 or more players, but 2 or 3 is fine, too. Originally posted in The Exiles thread, but open to anyone.

Free Mode
Location: Whole Map
Time: Unlimited
Auto Aim: Disallow
Friendly Fire: Your choice
Weapons: Standard
Blips: All
Police: On
Traffic: High
Peds: Medium
Gamertag Display: On
Reticule Health: Off
Respawn Time: 10 Seconds
Respawn Distance: Near
Time of Day: Midnight
Weather: Your choice

The Game:
You've been paid very large sum of money to destroy the Liberty City Police Department. Your employers are a powerful underground crime ring whose leaders are intent on humiliating the L.C.P.D.. Make the world news....

Complete each chapter in order. At least one player must survive all chapters and finish the game without dying once. I'll explain:

Each player will play one of two available roles. Either as a Survivor or a Bodyguard. All players begin the game as a Survivor. As the game progresses, and a player dies, he becomes a Bodyguard. When the last Survivor dies, the game ends (and you lose). If at least one Survivor lives to the end, the game ends (and you win).

What happens when I die? (the role of the bodyguard):
If you die at any point during the mission, you respawn as a Bodyguard. Your new job is to ensure the remaining Survivors complete the mission, at any cost. You are to lure the police bullets away from the Survivors, throw yourself at the cops. make sure the Survivor escapes. Use any weapon at any time. It doesn't matter if you die again. Just stay close to the Survivors.

There is no long process of weapons gathering. Everyone should just split up across the map and find armor, and extra ammo for the Desert Eagle you spawned with. All players eventually go to Bohan. You can pick up any weapons you like (except RPG's), just don't use them, yet. (see Chapter One)

Chapter One: Run For Your Life
(this is the only chapter with any real rules to follow)
Using ONLY your Desert Eagle, your employers want you to eliminate everyone in the strip club in Bohan. If that does not earn you a wanted level, go outside and make some noise with your pistol. Do NOT use any vehicle.
When the police arrive, use your Desert Eagle to eliminate them as you make your way, on foot, to the Northwood Heights Bridge.
USE THE DESERT EAGLE ONLY UNTIL ATTAINING 4 STARS. Then use other weapons if you like.
Cross the bridge into Algonquin and run south to Heli-Tours. Be careful not to move so fast you outrun your wanted level. Pace yourself. When at least one player has 6 stars, the group may enter the dock. Don't arrive at 4 or 5 stars, because you aren't allowed on the dock yet. You can only steal the health, if needed. When the helicopter is in the air with the other players, Chapter One ends.

Chapter Two: The Stairs
Fly the helicopter(s) to the top of Dwayne's Apartment building in Northern Algonquin. Land on the roof. The helicopter must not be destroyed. Have each player enter the heli to get RPG's (cuz ya never know...), then move down the stairs to the ground level. Watch out for multiple swat teams coming up the stairs at the same time. Use any weapon you like. Reach the bottom floor, go through the front door and GTFO!!

Chapter Three: Escape
As each player exits the door, quickly leave the area and make it to the Party Mode house in Alderney by any means necessary. Use cars, motorcycles, boats, your feet, whatever. Split up if you have to, but try to protect Survivors. Defend the Party Mode house until the entire group arrives.

Chapter Four: Who's Driving?
When everyone is ready, steal a police car AND a swat truck. You'll need both. Have the police car escort the swat truck to Stevie's garage in Bohan. Leave it outside and escort or drive the police car to the top level of the parking garage near the airport. Leave it there.

Chapter Five:Fly to Happiness
Leave the parking garage via the jump and go to the Airport and steal another helicopter. Fly the helicopter to Happiness Island, steal a boat, and easily lose your wanted levels. You win!

At no time should you lose your wanted level before the end of Chapter Five. If you see yourself approaching the edge of the wanted radius, either stay and fight or move to where you will be spotted to create a larger radius.
The "desert eagle only" rule applies only to Survivors at the beginning who haven't reached 4 stars yet.
No vehicles are allowed to be used during Chapter One by anybody, even Bodyguards.

(just something to do when you're bored in a cops "on" free mode.)
good luck smile.gif

Reply in this thread if you'd like to be on the team. i'm on XBL, but feel free to copy it for PSN if interested

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Posted 12 May 2009 - 08:14 PM

But this is for Guides/Strategies SIDESH0W. This is a game mode you have created, they're two separate things.

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Posted 12 May 2009 - 08:56 PM Edited by xxxSIDESH0Wxxx, 12 May 2009 - 08:59 PM.

GTArv asked me to repost it. butt out guru.... colgate.gif

always tryin' to bring me down..sheesh, just cuz i don't like Phil Collins...

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 04:31 AM

guru, I'm trying to expand this thread, not much interest in it.

Thanks for sharing Sideshow, this be very useful for someone looking for some additional fun in freemode.

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 04:47 AM

yeah sure man. no problem. another time when i'm not tired,like now, i'll try to throw up a few proper strategies for gameplay.

seems like everyone has good tips, but they are scattered around the boards.

and i like knowing this thread is here, if i ever get a computer that can play SA:mp

i don't know a thing about it, so i'll look here for some beginner (n00b) tips on how to set it up n stuff.

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 09:32 AM

Does that mean we can do any sort of strategy now, even if it's not multiplayer? After I did my Coffee Cup Challenge thread which was popular I made this which people liked but it didn't get enough attention it deserved. It would fit in great here. I also got a full 300 in bowling and made a topic about, so I could make a short guide on it. I could also make a Coffee Cup Laning tutorial.

But again, I don't know if that goes under this topic's new rules. You may want to change the wording of the opening post of this topic if this is so.

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 09:37 AM

Multiplayer only. smile.gif
You still have the IV section to post your other strategies.

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Posted 29 May 2009 - 05:10 PM Edited by Spuds725, 05 February 2010 - 02:00 PM.

Deal Breaker
(in under 7:03 for Fly the Co-op trophy/achievement)

2 Player Method

I know one of the biggest pains for doing this is getting the bikers to spawn in the boat while doing 2 player-- while this makes it easier, it does not make it impossible to get the time. I know some people know this stuff but I've yet to see a good guide showing this and compiling different things... (other then 007Craft's Youtube video-- which only allows for the boat spawn. You don't have to follow the drive/fly strategy if you don't like-- if you utilize 007crafts strategy, the land spawn cutoffs will still work.... I do recommend you select traffic to parked and peds to off either way as this does seem to affect the helicopter spawning or not

For game settings I use the following--
-Time of day- midday
-Reticule health-on (so you know you've killed someone)
-Traffic- Parked (will speed up the drives-- see below)
-Peds- Off
(traffic- parked and Peds- off seems to decrease the odds of the heli not spawning)

I've done this mission alot, first getting my trophy and then doing it with others to get their trophies.

I have managed to get the time on 2 of the 3 land spawn locations (without mics or headsets), based on the speed of runs I've done and how fast I've cut off the fleeing the bikers the 3rd is possible too... the key is to:

1. Clear the building fast
2. Have a good heli pilot who knows where to land to cut them off (in front of the bikers)...

For #1, I've managed to speed this up a bit by having one of the players drive, while the other flies... it is possible to drive to the location faster then you can fly there... you just have to get on the highway fast and then drive off the highway where there is a gap in the rail.. The driver (if good) will arrive about 10-15 seconds faster then the flier.
To get on the highway follow this route
Get on highway fast

Then drive off the highway at this spot
Drive off highway

You can either brake and make a hard right, drive off and on top of the warehouse there, drive over it and off the building to the Southwest or you can just drive it straight off a full throttle you will land near the bend of the road and then it is a straight shot west to the deal breaker building

Having someone drive and the other fly does 2 things, it seems to make more bikers spawn on the ground level (when the driver arrives first) and these are easier to clear IMO then inside the building... it doesn't take a whole lot more time to sweep the upper levels with one player then with two as there are always just 7 bad guys on the 5th level and above and they are always in the same places.

The flier clears the building down from the top-- there are 4 bad guys up top, I always go down on the east side as there is a guy with a shotgun near the stairs on the SW side on the 6th level. Clear the 3 guys on the 6th. Nobody on the 5th (but there is a rocket launcher near the stairs on the east side you might want to grab. The majority of the bad guys the flier will encounter are on the 4th and 3rd level.

As the driver I usually will work around the N. side of the building, getting everyone on the N. side (there will be quite a few) including all the bad guys you can reach on the 2nd floor from the ground then work up to the 3rd level sweeping each level to collect each card dropped-- you should encounter your partner on either the 3rd or 4th floor and be clearing up any stragglers/cards. To have a shot at the time, you have to have the building cleared before the 5 minute point-- the faster the better.

The driver is responsible for getting the boat. If you get the boat spawn and are on the 4th floor or higher, just jump off on the W. side-- you will die but you do keep your rocket launcher... then just run to the pier and kill them-- you can kill them with the AK-47 if you don't have the rocket launcher, without the rocket launcher it is easiest if you kill the boat driver first.

The Flyer is meanwhile grabbing the heli and picking up the driver (just like 007crafts video).

If you get the land spawn, both the driver and flier should head to the roof. The pilot should get in and as the blades spin up, quickly check the maps to see where the bikers spawned... 3 possible locations (the spawn locations are approximate in my maps), then fly to the appropriate cut off point immediately, be careful not to fly directly over the bikers as it will make them drive faster.

There are 2 variations depending on if you get bikes or a van spawning-- the routes are very similar-- the only difference is the van will turn around S. of the police station, head back west a bit and then cut across the little shortcut behind the police station..

Bike Spawn

Van Spawn

For either spawn-- land in the little short cut area behind the police station near the S. side... take out the van with an RPG or the bikes with AK-47

Spawn Location #2 (Highway)
In the above, the bikers will spawn near the right dot, drive up the ramp up onto the highway ... just land on the highway in front of them and wait... you can usually land at the top of the ramp if you are quick enough.

Van or Bike Spawn


Spawn Location #3 (North)
There are 2 variations of this-- the bikers take a different route if they are in a van or if they are on bikes...

Van Spawn Route

Bike Spawn Route

You can normally land right at the corner just N. of the bridge if you don't get the boat spawn to cut off either set... if you do, you will be too late to land there.. if you get bikes you will most likely have to land at the top of the ramp on the highway. If van spawn land north of Honkers..

3 Player Strategy
(added 4/26/09)

I've played this alot helping others get trophies and I'm now of the opinion that 3 player Deal Breaker is easier then 2 player. IMO 2 player method above is probably easier without mics, but 3 player with at least 2 players having mics seems to be easier to get it in fewer runs, mainly because you can clear the building so much faster. With 2 players it is pretty difficult to clear the building in under 5 minutes.

Playing with DeeJay and an inexperienced 3rd person last night, we cleared the building in just under 3:40, giving us over 3 minutes to chase down and return to the safe house-- we ended up with a 6:22-- perhaps playing with a superb player like Deejay was the key-- I've done it in one run with him and a 3rd player 4 or 5 times now.

For 3 player, I advocate one player flying there and working from the top down, 2 players driving there and working from the bottom up... the top down player should clear all the levels down to 4 (always 4 "badguys" on roof, 3 on 6th (you can take out the 6th floor guys from the roof by shooting down through the openings, none on 5th (get rocked launcher on 5th east side) and 6 guys on the 4th) and then go back to the roof to the chopper-- the ground-up players... one should take out everyone on the ground area and the other should immediately head up to the 2nd floor.. they should clear the ground and 2nd about the same time and then clear the 3rd together.

Note there are 4 rocket launcher pickups in the building-- 2 on the 4th floor and 2 on the fifth-- there is also one on the 2nd level cat walk north of the building, this is a bit of pain to pickup.

The "flyer" player should be in the chopper before the bikers spawn and if you get the water spawn, immediately fly down to the quay and take out the boat with the rocket launcher... Deejay has actually landed on the blown up boat to the west before they spawn and taken them out from there (where he is closer) so he can get them sooner-- I'm not sure how difficult it is to land out there with the slanted deck.

If you get the (go up on) highway spawn (no water spawn), fly up there immediately and cut them off-- if in the chopper early you can cut them off and take them out at the top of the ramp heading up to the highway...

The 2 "ground" guys should drive toward the "north" and "east" spawn points-- as you take essentially the same route... UNLESS you get a water and HIGHWAY spawn-- in which case they should head up to the highway (first right after exiting the deal breaker site)--

For the East spawn point you can cut them off pretty easily... East Spawn Cut off Car or Bike

the north one is a bit more difficult you can cut them off on a ground route-- you must drive a car and drive over the "closed" bridge, you can cut off the north spawn-- a bike cannot break through the fence blocking this so you must use a car to cut them off... just drive straight across, slow down a bit as you near the end and turn right-- it is a straight shot to Honkers and you will normally encounter the van right there. I find it easier to drive ahead of the van a bit and get out and take it out... you must shoot the driver to get it to stop (if you don't have a rocket launcher)- if chasing down the van, the guys in the back will normally kill you (hard to avoid this). One problem with the north spawn is the bikers sometimes spawn on bikes and make a right after they cross the bridge and go up and over the big bridge on the east side of alderney-- when this happens the heli driver should be able to get in front of them and cut them off-- and you will catch up to them about the time he takes them out.

North Van Cut off Driving Car Only

For the Spawn where the bikers head up on the highway, the heli will usually beat you up there, you will end up chasing them down-- if the van, I will normally get in the opposite lane and drive past them get ahead of them and stop to take them out-- if they are on bikes, you can just chase them down and shoot them.... in the snap map below, I only showed the route to the highway "up" ramp-- to make it clearer-- pretty obvious where to go from there..

Highway Spawn chase down route

For a few runs with Deejay-- he actually took out both sets of bikers...

1. We had a Water spawn and highway spawn... he took out the boat fast and was able to land in front of the bikers on the highway and take them out about the time we had chased them down on ground... we just got in and rode back with him... in this one he had landed on the ship to take out the boat.

2 We had a highway and North spawn... he flew up, cut off the highway bikers at the top of the ramp. Then flew ahead (about a block north of Honkers) and cut off the van there blowing them up right after we caught up to them.

3 or 4 Player "Quit" Strategy --

An altnernate method is "kind of" cheating but will work to complete deal breaker in time-- this will require some sacrifice by your team mates and will need some co-ordination among players (mics/headsets).

On 3 player deal breaker, you will get 2 sets of biker spawns. It seems like most of the time one of them will be the water spawn, can be done with or without though. 3 players should be able to clear the building significantly faster-- one person should take off on a motorcycle as soon as the building is clear and procede to the intercept points. The other 2 should use the helicopter and take out the boat or one of the other spawn point bikers... the person on the bike will take out the other and as long as the people in the heli are on track to return to the start point on time, the person on the bike will quit the game allowing the other 2 to finish the mission. (I have verified this method and it worked in one try)

The above can also be done with 4 player although there will be 3 sets of bikers spawning.. which can be a bit more complicated-- 2 players would be quitting.

Thanks to Superjude and DeeJay for some of the info on the above (kind of copy of the Noose quit bug)

I've only done (some) of these on PS3.... so cannot verify the above will work on other platforms...

Once again, it is important to not fly over the bikers when flying to the cut off points as it will only make them drive faster.

Hope this helps someone-- I would not expect this guide to help you instantly pass the mission, it takes practice learning how to clear the building fast and as you know, anything can go wrong with these missions.

Thanks to 007Craft for producing that video, Famine (at gtplanet.net) for helping me work out the driving/flying thing and to Druton (at GTAForums.com) for being such a great heli pilot (I used to think I was pretty good) and showing me how you can cut off the fleeing bikers relatively fast-- I've varied slightly from his cutoff points to save a bit more time. Thanks also to Superjude/DeeJay for the Deal breaker strategies for 3 and 4 player.

Hopefully this guide will be of some use to you and help you to pass this mission on your own. If not, I'm always willing to help someone out but will usually need a good 3rd player-- to save time I will usually wait till superjude or deejay are online too and ask them to join as with them we can normally knock it out in 1 or 2 runs.... I have done it with others but it is difficult if they don't know how to cut off the escaping bikers or can't fly the heli well.

QUOTE (Pr0xy_fl00d3r @ Apr 14 2009, 13:50)
Wow, nice thread.† icon14.gif
Im sure Spudz725 posted a Deal breaker strategy over in the IV:MP section.

Sorry I don't get over on this side very often-- I plan on re-writing/organizing my dealbreaker guide (since I've played this alot since then and have learned alot) and adding a BDB guide-- and will eventually record some vids for them the BDB guide will be somewhat shorter -- I will add the dealbreaker guide here and the BDB one in the following post-- so you can link to them seperately.

You can find my current dealbreaker guide linked in my sig-- there is a fair amount of discussion of BDB II in that thread too as well as some good hints and a link to a vid of my patented BDB II crash land on top method (you owe me 5 cents everytime you use it wink.gif )


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Posted 29 May 2009 - 05:13 PM Edited by Spuds725, 13 December 2009 - 08:07 AM.

reserved for my BDB II guide...

I haven't had time to write a good guide but hopefully the vids will help you out-- these were speed runs done on PS3-- showing two different ship methods.

I also wrote some comments in the vid to help out....

For both of the vids, the other players used the "cargo hold glitch" to enter faster and set the lower bomb....

It is possible to beat the co-op times with the other spawn points

(drop off on ship method)

(crashland up top method)

Basic strategies-- set traffic to parked, peds to off (killing peds raises your wanted level which attracts more cops), weather clear, time of day midday

Only one person needs to get out of the car and grab the van-- it takes too long for everyone to get in and slows down the run-- everyone else should stay in the car and continue to shoot the bad guys so the person that gets out can just get right in.

Practice the heli methods in single player-- load your game, take taxi to the helitours site or the helipad above the tunnel in alderney and practice--- I've found keeping the view on 3rd person but close helps to judge your height better when coming in for the crashlanding.

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Posted 30 May 2009 - 03:02 PM

Those are some well written guides, thanks for posting them here, Spuds. smile.gif

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Posted 15 June 2009 - 12:45 AM Edited by GTArv, 16 September 2009 - 04:41 PM.

user posted image

SA:MP, VC:MP & MTA:SA are third party software made by GTA moders to enable multiplayer in San Andreas and Vice City and are currently the three most popular softwares for this cause, SA:MP being the most popular for San Andreas and simplest, MTA the more sophisticated & superior and VC:MP which is for Vice city.

In this tutorial we will be giving a full tutorial on how these work, how they are installed and updated correctly.


SA:MP is the first Multiplayer client released for San Andreas, as early as 2007 and was the main reason why the Gang Section is here today. SA:MP supports 1-200 players depending on the server and has over 2000 servers to date. The system requirements for SA:MP is the same as for Single player San Andreas and often even less because of the lack of AI in the game such as pedestrians and cars (Except for spawned ones). The biggest draw back is that you can't add anything to the game, just edit what is already there.The sync is also inferior to MTA, but SA:MP is certainty more user friendly and basic.

How To Install

Installing SA:MP is quite easy and doesn't require a lot of updates unlike MTA:SA, the draw back being that cheaters are quite common although if you're on a good server then this wouldn't be a problem since most server admins has a no tolerance for cheaters and ban them on sight.

Step 1:
Install San Andreas, simple as that.

Step 2:
Check what version of San Andreas you've got. This is very simple, just start up San Andreas normally, look in the bottom right corner of the main menu. If you have Version 2, it'll say Version 2. If you have Version 1 it wont say anything there.

If you happen to have Version 2 then you'll have to downgrade with a simple patch, instructions for which can be found at the SA:MP forum or through google.

Step 3:
Download the latest Version of the SA:MP client which can be found at the official SA:MP website here.

Step 4:
Install the client on your PC. This is really easy, just make sure you save it in your San Andreas directory.

Step 5:
Now your done! just click the SA:MP Icon on your desktop and your ready to go!


SA:MP is based on servers owned by different individuals or organizations, either hosted on a remote server or on their own PC. To connect to these servers you will need their IP (which is almost always posted somewhere). Just click the green ticked box in the top left corner of the client and a box should come up in which you can paste the IP into. If you don't know what server to join and want a popular reliable one with lots of people on it then click the "official" tab in the bottom right corner in the client and a list of the official SA:MP servers will come up, which there is about 12 of at the moment. If you want to join a more quiet server then just click the "Internet" tab at the bottom left corner and a list of servers should come up. You can filer out what servers you want and don't want with the options at the bottom.

I would also like to take a minute to strongly recommend our very own GTAF Server. For more info check the topic here

For additional Information or help, Check out the official SA:MP website.


VC:MP was developed by the same team that did SA:MP, and was actually released before the SA:MP team had even finished working on SA:MP. This is bascially the same Client as for San Andreas but for Vice City, so check the description for SA:MP further up for more information about how it works. This is also way less active than SA:MP so if you'r not a hardcore fan of Vice City or have a crappy PC then i recommend you get yourself a copy of San Andreas and get SA:MP or MTA:SA instead.

How To Install

Step 1:
Install Vice City, as simple as that.

Step 2:
Download the Install file for the VC:MP client from here

Step 3
Install the client on your PC. This is really easy, just make sure you save it in your Vice City directory.

Step 4
Now your done! just click the VC:MP Icon on your desktop and your ready to go!


VC:MP is based on servers owned by different individuals or organizations just like SA:MP, either hosted on a remote server or on their own PC. To connect to these servers you will need their IP (which is almost always posted somewhere). Just click the green ticked box in the top left corner of the client and a box should come up in which you can paste the IP into. If you don't know what server to join and want a popular reliable one with lots of people on it then click the "official" tab in the bottom right corner in the client and a list of the official VC:MP servers will come up. If you want to join a more quiet server then just click the "Internet" tab at the bottom left corner and a list of servers should come up. You can filer out what servers you want and don't want with the options at the bottom.

For additional Information or help, Check out the official VC:MP website.


MTA:SA is a way more advanced client than SA:MP, developed by the same team that did MTA:VC not to long ago. MTA:SA is for the more experienced player since it's more complicated than SA:MP but is far superior with it's ability to add objects, better sync, way more customized interface and more fun game mods in general even though it's still in it's beta stage. Basically it's SA:MP on crack and is strongly recommended by me for the hardcore SA:MP player who hasn't tried it out yet. The only drawback, which really is an advantage when you think about it is that there are so called "nightly" updates which you will have to install almost daily if the server you are planning to play one uses the latest updates. the interface is pretty much that of SA:MP, only that it's full screen instead of window mode and has a more flashy design.

How To Install

Step 1:
Install San Andreas, simple as that.

Step 2:
Download the latest nightly from the MTA website here and run the setup to install anywhere.

Step 3:
Download the Data files which can be found at the bottom of the MTA website here. Run the setup and make sure to install it in the same folder as you saved MTA in.

Step 4
That's it! now your ready to play MTA, Just make sure to check for nightly updates before you play on a regularly updated server which was mentioned further up.

MTA:SA is based on servers owned by different individuals or organizations, either hosted on a remote server or on their own PC. To connect to these servers you will need their IP (which is almost always posted somewhere). Just click the "Quick Connect" button and paste the IP into it. To join a random server or any other server for that matter, just click the "Browse Servers" to connect. If you want to play the server later one then you might want to save it to your favorites, just click it once in the server list and press "add to favorites" to add it to your favorites list which can be assessed via the favorites tap at the top of the server list.

There arn't really that many servers as of now, but hopefully it will become more active now as the final version is getting close. I would like to recommend my fellow TCD buddy Scarface's server which he usually put up and which we play on daily. Just join our IRC channel, #TheCrookDepartment and give him a shout and he'll tell you what you need to know. For those of you asking yourself what one of those IRC things are, here's a tutorial.

And remember, you need to update with the nightly update frequently for it to be compatible!

Latest Nightly Update Found Here

That's pretty much it for this tutorial, i hope it's been useful since it took me hours of work to do. I know i skipped a few Online mods but i felt like these were the ones that would help out the most since the others are either very old, boring or inactive (no offense)

Id like to thank the following:

Ryan AKA Unlimited
Ozzy and whoever helped him make Crazy Train
Parky & whoever helped him with the GTAF server
The Creators of MTA
The Creators of the :MP's

& whoever else if forgot to mentioned

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Posted 15 June 2009 - 02:07 AM

Nice tut, should be pinned.

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Posted 15 June 2009 - 05:31 AM

Nice work, merged with the Guides & Strategies topic.
I had to remove a little bit in the step 1 of each tutorial, as I felt that that was borderline warez talk. Anyhow, great job, especailly with the less ventured MTA.

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Posted 15 June 2009 - 02:06 PM

QUOTE (GTArv @ Jun 15 2009, 06:31)
Nice work, merged with the Guides & Strategies topic.
I had to remove a little bit in the step 1 of each tutorial, as I felt that that was borderline warez talk. Anyhow, great job, especailly with the less ventured MTA.

Alright, thanks Arv, thought it had been deleted there for a while. smile.gif

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Posted 15 June 2009 - 05:21 PM

Nice tutorial Damien icon14.gif
Thanks for the thanks, lol.

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Posted 02 July 2009 - 08:21 PM

Hey Arv!

I would like to suggest a link in your OP for the following thread, currently located in the MP forum:

URBAN WARFARE: Survival Guide

It has grown very quickly into an info powerhouse and think it will continue to grow. icon14.gif

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Posted 03 July 2009 - 11:16 AM

Awesome, thanks for the heads up Chris!

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