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The Sopranos

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Posted A week ago Edited by Loosestring, A week ago.

Geez, I didn't know there was a topic for The Sopranos down there. Just watched The Sopranos last summer and...


The Sopranos is my first love but the Wire is sort of smarter in a social, economic, political and philosophical way. However, the Sopranos is harrowing just like the Wire and the writing can be just as intelligent and beyond The Wire when it wants...

... this is exactly my comparison between The Wire and The Sopranos.


Just watched Pine Barrens

Holy sh*t that was a good episode


"Pine Barrens" is surely the peak of American TV. I see "Pine Barrens" and raise the stakes...


  • The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti - Great focus on Chrissy and plus points for Chrissy's nightmare about Emil Kolar.
  • Boca - Nothing like a heated yet comedic relief tension between Tony and Uncle June.
  • Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office... - A fresh and jump-start of a new season.
  • Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood - I don't know but the FBI agents trying to bug Tony's house sub-plot was a nice watch.
  • ...To Save Us All from Satan's Power - One of the greatest thing with the Sopranos was flashback/dream episodes like this.
  • Army of One - Great finale to my favourite season, nice criticism on the hypocrisy of mob guys.
  • Christopher - One of the very few examples that those episodes with a focus on Sil are enjoyable to watch.
  • The Test Dream - Featuring my favourite dreaming sequence of Tony.

And some of my favourite scenes include...


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