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MGL Fatal Error 74.84 Invalid case: 57

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Posted 31 March 2009 - 08:57 PM


I've been playing GTA 1 (CD i bought quite a while ago) on Windows XP for a while and i haven't had much problems to complain about. But today i need some help because i'm stuck editing my San Andreas map. Ever since i found out how to use Junction25, editing a little mission.ini, changing cars with GTACars, i've loved it but i've never had the courage and time to create my own map so i took my favorite city in the original game, and enjoyed making it better. The original San Andreas Map is 410 ko, after adding new bridges, roads, jumps, buildings and so on, my latest working version of my modified San Andreas map is 706 ko.

Since this version, if i try changing anything in Junction25, save it, and then play my map in the game, it crashes after about 20 to 30 seconds of playing and displays this: MGL Fatal error 74.84 invalid case: 57. When i run the game with my last 706 ko version of the map, it will work fine. I've tried editing different things, to see if it was one particular change on the map that i might have done wrong, but it happens whatever i mod: a road in sailor's wharf, or a fence in sunview,... So i'm starting to think that maybe i'm not doing something wrong in my mod, but it might be that the game won't run with a map that exceeds 706 ko.

Anyway, if anyone knows something, or has ran bigger maps without problems, i would appreciate some help. If not, thanks for reading. I'd really like to go on modding my favorite map, but right now i'm stuck.


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