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Posted 20 March 2009 - 05:25 PM



I will be hopefully trying to host events across Liberty City for people that like to use the Sanchez or NRG 900 as a means of racing and stunting.

There will be a league table made on this fourm to show how many points people have from stunting and racing.

There will be table for Sanchez stunts.
One for Sanchez Races.

NRG 900 stunts
NRG 900 races

And an overall league table.

(btw, i dont know how to make a table so could could someone be in charge of that)

This will be hosted in a Free Mode match. There will be 8 people on Sanchez's and 8 on NRG 900'S.

If anyone has any suggestions please post here, thanks.

Btw this is on PS3 only but hopefully hopefully it will be popular enough and it could expand onto Xbox 360.

But just to say it again could you please post suggestions on how you could make it better, thanks.

PSN: Mark987

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