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[REL][GTAIV]Spawn an Infernus!

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  • Ted93

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Posted 07 March 2009 - 06:57 PM Edited by Ted93, 08 March 2009 - 04:58 PM.

Alright, this is my first script based mod so seriously don't expect anything flashy or complicated it does what it says and that is it.

Now that we are over with that I would like to say that I created this mod just because I didn't really want a massive car spawner weighing down my computer and I just wanted an Infernus so here it is. I thought I would share this with other people as some people might have the same view as me.

The people over at GTAGarage have now approved the mod so yay! it's online!

This mod probably won't change that much so I won't be updating it often but things I probably will update is the message it says when the Infernus is spawned and maybe any errors.

There will be more to come from me! I am still learning!


  • Squishybubs

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 07:27 AM

It's nice to see a first time mod. Hope it goes well. This thread made me smile. :-)

  • TheRealPcGamer

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 07:36 AM

Hmm altough not as complete as the all-car-spawner, but it's great enough. icon14.gif

  • Ted93

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 09:23 AM Edited by Ted93, 08 March 2009 - 05:04 PM.

Ok now I have made a flip script that flips your car for you, won't add it though as most people already have one in one sense or another.

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