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Gang Ring 2 Xbox 360 Version

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Posted 02 March 2009 - 03:51 AM

The Idea
I had this idea we could do this (gang ring) for gta iv.It would be 6 gangs and each gang would have 11 turfs/districts.
In your set gang your gang captains/mademen/or underboss(s) only have 5 lives.That means for instance your secondary leaders join a freemode and another gang joins and kills him he is (whacked) one life down.But if your boss gets whacked 10 times your gangs knocked out and your turf is spilt out to remaining gangs.Their is aloud alliances in this ring.
Their are a total of 66 districts on the map.That means their 6 gangs 11 turfs each.Gangs can challenge you for your turf if you dont accept they take it. You dont have to have that match at that selected time. You and the other leader can set a time on another day.You would have to take a pic or something on who won or mi will send someone to watch game if needed.You do this on any selected game mode you and other gang leader pick. Here is map each color represents diffrent game the early you sign up the better turf you get Murk Family is black.
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Its something like the mafia would do take turfs from each other make alliances and have enemys.The overall reason i made this is because gangs on forums are always claiming to have the same turfs and instead of arguing lets have it organize.
Registering Sheet
<Gang Name>
Gang Leader:<Gang leader>
No. of Members:<number>

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