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What's the difference between babies and sand?
I don't eat sand

Life is like a box of chocolates, it dosen't last as much for fat people

Two dudes are walking the street and see something on the floor:
-What is that?
-i think is chocolate
-it's jelly
They eat some of it and try to determine what is it
-it's peanut butter?
-no, must be jelly
A woman pass by them and asks:
-What you doin with that piece of sh*t?
-it's sh*t!!! Gross! Thank god why didn't step on it

A kid enters a hardware store and asks :
-you got candy?
- no, i don't sell candy,
later the same kid enters again
,You got candy?
- no kid, i don't
This happens during all the day and the clerk is visibly angry, the kid enters and asks again :
-you got candy now?
-NO!!! I don' sell candy and if you ask again i gonna nail your foot to the ground ,you little sh*t!!.
The kid exits the store, some time passes until he enters again and asks:
-you got nails?
-no , im out of nails
- you got candy?
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