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Saitek X52 and GTA IV

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Posted 08 February 2009 - 08:44 PM

(i posted this as a reply on the sticky thread above, but i though it should have it's own thread here)

Got my Saitek X52 to work on GTA yesterday! lots of fun flying the heli

too bad you can't have analog throttle though... would be much neater

also, for rudder i'm using the Saitek rudder pedals, which can emulate the mouse... since you can use the mouse to control the heli rudder in GTA, i assigned the pedals to work as the mouse X axis, so now i have graduated rudder input...

the problem is that using or emulating the mouse during flight causes all other inputs to be disregarded and a crosshair appears (when on internal view) to let you know that the heli is in some 'autopiloted' state, until you release the rudder and re-apply joystick input

what i was wondering is if there is some way to disable this 'autocorrection' the heli does when using the 'mouse' along with the joystick (i do this because the pedals are a secondary joystick, and the Xbox controller emulator will only pick up one) also, apart from the mouse action, there is no analog rudder input anywhere else... even on the console versions, since it should be controlled by the shoulder buttons

also, i wanted to know if there's a way to have analog throttle as of yet

anyways, here's the .ini file for the emulator for those who would do something similar...
i had trouble finding the right enumeration for the axes, but now i got them right

Left Analog X=1
Left Analog Y=-2
Right Analog X=6
Right Analog Y=-4
D-pad POV=1
Left Shoulder=11
Right Shoulder=12
Left Thumb=7
Right Thumb=8
Left Trigger=14
Right Trigger=13

BTW, the axes enumeration for a Saitek X52 is:

1. X axis
2. Y axis
3. Throttle axis
4. Lower Rotary
5. Upper Rotary
6. Twist Grip
7. Slider
8. MiniMouse X
9. MiniMouse Y



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Posted 17 March 2009 - 10:22 PM

I just got the x52 FCS myself ... without the pedals though. I got it because the old logitech wingman digital 3d that i used before sadly broke down.

Now then to my question (and big headache): Do you (or anyone else) know if the X52 profile editor lets you use other x52 buttons as endpoints in an axis/slider? I´m asking this because that is how I solved the "rudder issue" (and "throttle issue") on that old Logitech. I mapped a total of 4 buttons to R/L shoulders and R/L triggers in xbox360cemu.ini and then i used Wingman profiler to turn those buttons into rudder and throttle by programming the axis/slider with those joystickbuttons as endpoints. The result was: that I now had all functions available to me on the stick and without the hazard of the "xbox360emulator being interupted every time i used the rudder or throttle" which it would have been if i had mapped keyboard or mouse commands to the axis/slider.

The rudder and throttle were ofc still digital (on/off). noone to blame there but Rockstar devil.gif but still the setup was a vast improvement to the alternatives with which i would probably not even get of the ground biggrin.gif

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